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Topic: Rhythm style

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Rhythm and Blues - MSN Encarta
Typically, the rhythm section consists of a drum kit, bass (electric or acoustic), piano (sometimes organ instead of or in addition to piano), and guitar, while the horn section features saxophones, trumpets, and occasionally trombones (though confusingly almost never, despite its name, horns).
In popular music, new styles were created to meet the changing tastes of this demographic group, leading to the development of the urban sounds of R&B. Big band jazz figures such as Count Basie and Lionel Hampton successfully brought more vibrant rhythms into their repertoires, prompting a more energetic style of audience participation.
The profound sociological changes of the war period were accompanied by two significant technological developments: the invention of the electric guitar in the late 1930s and the discovery of the German-invented tape recorder by the music industry at the end of the war.
uk.encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761557760/Rhythm_and_Blues.html   (1198 words)

 A Comparative Study of Rhythm Guitar Styles
This style was born in the late 1940's with the rise of Western Swing - a hybrid of western-themed songs with jazz rhythm and harmony.
Though this style of rhythm guitar could be played on a flattop instrument, an archtop guitar was typically used.
His guitar style is based on the three note voicings shown in Examples 2, 3 and 4, but he would often choose to sound only one or two notes of the three note voicings.
www.freddiegreen.org /technique/mp_compare.html   (2161 words)

 [No title]
This style is characterized by the partners being allowed to break away or open up from each other and therefore offering opportunity for interpretive and creative movement within the structure of the dance.
Again, this style is standardized through the use of the same multi-level syllabus on an international basis and is generally taught as a competitive rather than social style of dance.
This style is developed and executed specifically to the Country style of music and characterized by a relaxed style and popular turns used in all of these dances interchangeably.
www.danzport.com /styles.html   (742 words)

 Havana Social Club - Ballroom Dancing - Types of Dance   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Below are descriptions of both styles of dance and definitions to many of the dances offered at the Havana.
Mambo was brought to America in the 1940's and 50's and eventually adapted as an American style ballroom dance.
Samba is noted for it's distinct style of movement, which incorporates both Latin hip motion and the signature "Samba Bounce".
www.havanasc.com /types_of_dance   (785 words)

 Jump Rhythm Jazz Project: Technique
The chief aim of the style is to communicate the pleasures of moving in a musically expressive way - of being able to create dancing that makes visible the syncopated, dynamically rich rhythms of swinging jazz, the blues and Latin jazz.
In simplest terms, swing in jazz is formed from the interplay between downbeats and offbeats and between a "cool" energy of motion and the explosive gestures that spring from it.
Because of this emphasis on jazz expressivity, on mixing sparkling edge-on rhythms to convey dramatic intent, the Jump Rhythm Jazz Style veers from the contemporary tendency to exploit dancing as an advertisement for gymnastic virtuosity.
www.jrjp.org /technique.html   (554 words)

Rhythm can be described as timed movement through space; an easy, connected path along which the eye follows a regular arrangement of motifs.
Rhythm depends largely upon the elements of pattern and movement to achieve its effects.
The parallels between rhythm in sound/ music are very exact to the idea of rhythm in a visual composition.
char.txa.cornell.edu /language/principl/rhythm/rhythm.htm   (800 words)

 Rhythm Tap - Dance Tutors (UK)
The term ‘rhythm tap’ is used to differentiate between this expressive style of dance and the Broadway or show style of tap.
Rhythm tap often tends to be more grounded or banging, while show tap is lighter and uses more calculated movements of the arms and legs, as it is more closely linked to the ballet and jazz dance traditions.
Rhythm tapping might be coupled with any genre of music or instrument and is often performed a cappella.
www.dancetutors.co.uk /RhythmTap.html   (657 words)

 A History of Rhythm'n'Blues
A new style was born in New York thanks to saxophonist, vocalist and bandleader Louis Jordan, who became one of the best-selling artists of his time.
Memphis was, mainly, the epicenter of a mellow and elegant style of rhythm'n'blues.
The fusion between sacred and profane music of the fls was finally embodied in a new vocal style, "doo-wop" (so called from the phonetic nonsense often used for the vocal harmonies), that emerged in the 1950s as a natural consequence of the developments of the previous decades.
www.scaruffi.com /history/rb.html   (5682 words)

 rhythm - Definitions from Dictionary.com
The sense of temporal development created in a work of literature or a film by the arrangement of formal elements such as the length of scenes, the nature and amount of dialogue, or the repetition of motifs.
Procedure or routine characterized by regularly recurring elements, activities, or factors: the rhythm of civilization; the rhythm of the lengthy negotiations.
Rhythm, harmony, and melody are elements of music.
dictionary.reference.com /browse/rhythm   (1185 words)

This is actually the most effective way to play rhythm on stage because of the "proximity effect," which involves the booming sound of rosewood-bodied guitars bluegrass players often use, as well as the fact that such a guitar is often heard better eight inches or so away from the mic than right in it.
You constantly walk a tightrope as a rhythm player, keeping your own good innate sense of time (playing where you know the beat is), and listening to your bandmates to follow their groove and set it up at the same time.
The best-sounding rhythm licks, like a Del McCoury G-run or a Jimmy Martin or Ed Mayfield run, are executed as downstrokes with a flatpick, emulating the older thumbpick rhythm style.
www.flatpick.com /Pages/FAQ/rhythm.html   (1294 words)

 Dixieland Jazz Style Summary
This firstborn style was derived from the styles of the Spiritual, Blues, Cakewalk- Rag piano styles, and polyphonic Marches (i.e.
Thus the importation of a piano style to the rhythm section, indirectly imported a band's march style to the section while at the same time adapting their instrumentation from the orchestra.
The polyphonic style of the frontline horns during their ensemble choruses, can be directly traced to the polyphony occurring in the marches of the late 19th century.
members.aol.com /StevieSax/DixielandJazz.html   (1961 words)

Interpersonal Style examines visible behavior, it is not a psychological assessment.
Physical styles personalities tend to be Activators with a driving and dominant sense of urgency toward goals.
Emotional styles tend to be Facilitators, outgoing, energetic and involved in the crossroads.
www.kalarhythms.com /ip/ip.thestyles.htm   (886 words)

 Learn to Dance, Arthur Murray Dance Studio
However, the acrobatic style used for exhibitions is not the same as the quietly rhythmic Lindy enjoyed by most dancers on the ballroom floor.
This dance is often said to have the rise and fall of Waltz, the contra-body motion of Tango, and the rhythm of Rumba.
The primary difference between the two styles is an exaggerated brushing action done side to side during the two slow counts of the basic.
www.dancedfw.com /dance.html   (2171 words)

 [No title]
Samba is noted for it’s distinct style of movement, which incorporates both latin hip motion and the signature “Samba Bounce”.
A style of syncopated Cuban music influenced by American swing and is danced on an anticipated beat with an accent on counts two and six.
All styles may be danced in single, double, or triple timing depending on the rhythm and tempo of the music.
www.hertzmann.com /dance/rhythms.html   (443 words)

 Styles - The Bluegrass Guitar Home Page
The most important role of the guitar in Bluegrass is a rhythm instrument.
It is a technique named after Maybelle Carter of the Carter Family, who popularized this style in the group's recordings in the 1930's.
His mastery of the two-pick style in Bluegrass was never equalled.
bluegrassguitar.com /styles.html   (943 words)

 Bob Brozman: Deep Rhythm Lesson
The European concept of rhythm is normally conceived as being in one meter (a set number of beats per measure) at a time: 2, or 3, or 4, etc. African-based music normally has as the fundamental meter: both 2 and 3 at the same time.
The music of the Indian Ocean islands seems to be the strongest "reactive" style of rhythm in the world, because the accented "And" at 33% is so close to the quietly played downbeat.
This opens the doors to 2-against-3 syncopation possibilities, and this type of rhythm is employed and enjoyed by many of the world's cultures, for example across Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Asia.
www.bobbrozman.com /tip_rhythm.html   (1686 words)

 The Traditional Jazz Educators Network - A Traditional Jazz Styleguide
There is disagreement as to whether this style evolved (or "devolved") from the "early New Orleans style" in the 40s, or actually predated the "early New Orleans style" but escaped public notice until the 40s.
The approach is either a jam session in a swing style with collective improvisation opening and/or closing the performance; or the horns scored in harmony in a big-band-type arrangement (with space for solos).
Style: Solo construction and phrasing, and rhythmic feel, are in a "mainstream jazz" style reflecting some postwar jazz developments.
www.prjc.org /tjen/styleguide.htm   (2681 words)

 Rhythm LA - Home
Rhythm LA is a full service, multi-media production house based in Los Angeles, California.
Rhythm LA was formed in January 2000 by producer Jake Alba developing multi-media content.
When selecting your production team and director it is important to define your cinematography style.
www.rhythmla.com   (470 words)

 Definitions of Style - Rhythm and Blues   (Site not responding. Last check: )
While the term remains in use as a category designation by some radio programmers and record retailers, the epoch of rhythm and blues (or RandB) truly spans the late 1940s to the early 1960s.
As the term suggests, RandB was a combination of the swinging rhythm of jazz and other “race” music with the lyrical content, sonic gestures, and format of the blues.
Its early days were dominated by high-energy bandleader-musicians such as Louis Jordan and Johnny Otis, but RandB at its height was largely a vocal form.
www.cbmr.org /styles/rhythmblues.htm   (321 words)

 Salsa and Bachata Dance by Rhythm Identity Salsa Malaysia
Rhythm Identity will be conducting workshops for anyone interested.
Rhythm Identity members can be found conducting Salsa and Bachata classes and workshops at various locations in Malaysia.
Salsa classes in Klang Valley are currently lead by Jaxen, 2005 Malaysian Salsa Champion together with his sister, Shantie who is famous for her ladies' styling as well as her vibrant and energetic way of dance.
www.rhythm-id.com /index.html   (377 words)

In the first instalment of this series, I made the point that one of the main attractions of sampled rhythm loops is often not the intricacies of the rhythm pattern itself, but the sonic character of the loop.
Yet conventional rhythm track recording wisdom dictates that bass drums are recorded dry and snares have gated reverb applied, while hi-hats and other top-line percussion benefits from a touch of ambient reverb.
If you can't multitrack the various elements of the rhythm separately to tape, sample the hi-hat parts with the necessary EQ and effects and run this loop alongside the bass and snare part, as supplied by the drum machine.
www.soundonsound.com /sos/may98/articles/DrumProgramming.html   (2945 words)

 Rhythm & Blues Selection, Rhythm & Blues Music Set Music, record album collectibles coasters style set
As a Primer, it's an attempt to illustrate the music, the labels and the artists of a particular style but it cannot lay claim to be a theoretical, academic or scholarly treatise.
The Primer is dedicated to promoting Rhythm and Blues, but it's clear to anyone with a passing interest in the music that it really doesn't stick to any clear definition of the genre.
Rhythm and Blues was and still is a term used for a number of post-war American popular music forms.
www.tunescompany.com /music/record_album_Collectibles_coasters_style_set/Rhythm_&_Blues_Music_Set/Rhythm_&_Blues_Selection.asp   (928 words)

 Learn Today - Dance Tonight
In the Rhythm style some of the dances are: Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha, Mambo, and Swing.
A very rhythmical style of music, Salsa is played by large bands with a full Latin percussion section, piano, horns, and often many singers.
Foxtrot resembles the signature styles of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.
www.thedancespot.com /dancemainpage.html   (792 words)

 Welcome to The Dance Scene
The rhythm was gradually slowed down over time as songwriters of ballads and love songs chose to compose in a slower and more comfortable tempo.
The American Style Tango is a progressive dance moving along the line of dance and uses body movement.
The style is to bounce steadily and smoothly in 2/4 meter.
mywebpages.comcast.net /dancescene/dancestyles.htm   (1401 words)

 Rhythm Factory Stoke on Trent's Funkiest Dance School - Dance Teachers & Choreographers   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Paul is the Principal of Rhythm Factory and the main choreographer.
Crunk Fusion is a unique dance style and Rhythm Factory is proud to have Natalie as one of our choreographers.
Vickie Mifflin has been dancing with Rhythm Factory for 5 years, she is currently studying dance in Higer Education and Vicky is looking to go to university to obtain a Degree in Dance.
www.rhythm-factory.co.uk /teachers.htm   (253 words)

 Guitar Lesson Learn to Play Rhythm Guitar Videos DVDs
Rhythm guitar lessons - learn all the essential rhythm techniques, including power chords, barre chords, triad shapes, muting, chord progressions, pick harmonics, and more.
Learn all the essential rhythm techniques, including power chords, barre chords, triad shapes, muting, chord progressions, pick harmonics, and more.
He discusses his rhythm style showing chordal licks, double stops, and chord structure, and breaks down many of his best riffs and solos, from his earlier Jane's Addiction days, as well as recent Red Hot Chili Peppers recordings.
www.musicridge.com /guitars_rhythm.htm   (641 words)

 Extreme Dancesport | Dance Styles | American Style | Rhythm Dances
Rumba has a rich history — it started as both a family of music and a dance style that originated in Africa and came to the new world with the slave trade.As a result, rumba is highly polyrhythmic and very complex, and has spawned many different dance styles.
These styles include the salsa, the African rumba(popularized with the Spanish "Gypsy kings" in the 1990s), and the Cuban rumba, which was later imported to the States.
With its free-wheeling style and adaptability to new kinds of music, swing has never gone out of style — even disco-era dances like "the Hustle" can be traced back to swing.
www.extremedancesport.com /dance_styles/american_style/rhythm_dances/rhythm_dances.html   (571 words)

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