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Topic: Richard Allen (Reverend)

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  reverend richard allen -african american religious leader
Born a slave in 1760 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Richard Allen was the property of Benjamin Chew, a well-known attorney as well as a Chief Justice of the Commonwealth in the years 1774 to 1777.
Allen had decided that this church was to be racially segregated from whites.
Richard Allen lived as a free man in a nation where slavery was an accepted normal aspect of the society and economy.
www.sdsd.essortment.com /richardallenme_rnys.htm   (838 words)

  Richard Allen (reverend) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Richard Allen (14 February 1760 - 26 March 1831) was an African American pastor and the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
In 1816 Richard united the African American congregations of the Methodist Church in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, founding the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia.
Allen, Jones, and James Forten were the acknowledged leaders of the free fl American community of that day.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Richard_Allen_(reverend)   (481 words)

 Richard Allen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Richard Allen (politician), Member of Provincial Parliament (1982-1995) and cabinet minister (1990-1994) in Ontario, Canada.
Richard Allen (Reverend), the former slave, and founder and first Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
Richard Allen Davis, convicted murderer whose criminal record resulted in California's "Three strikes law".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Richard_Allen   (196 words)

 AME Church History
In 1799, Richard Allen was ordained minister of the church by Bishop Francis Asbury of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Richard Allen was born on February 14, 1760 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, a slave to a Quaker lawyer, the Honorable Benjamin Chew, Chief Justice of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from 1774-1777.
In 1799, Richard Allen was ordained minister of the church by Bishop Francis Asbury of the Methodist Episcopal Church.In 1816, Asbury consecrated Allen bishop of the newly organized African Methodist Episcopal Church.
www.camelotcastle.org /history.htm   (1134 words)

 Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church
Richard Allen was born into the slave-owning, Philadelphia household of Benjamin Chew in 1760.
Allen said, "the Methodist is so successful in the awakening and conversion of colored people [because of his] plain doctrine and having a good discipline." To a mostly unlettered flock, an easy-to-understand doctrine would help to stimulate spontaneous worship and permit extemporaneous sermonizing — a specialty of Allen.
Allen sued the speculator for false accusation and perjury.
www.ushistory.org /tour/tour_bethel.htm   (4684 words)

 Allen Park Michigan
Allen is the name of a number of places in the United States ofAmerica.
There are also Allen Park, Michigan, Allenton, Michigan, Port Allen, Louisiana, and some places named Allentown.
National and regional parks are found in many other countries, and vary greatly in the...
www.altvetmed.com /face/18738-allen-park-michigan.html   (526 words)

 Richard Allen Biography | Encyclopedia of World Biography
Richard Allen (1760-1831), American Methodist bishop, rose from slavery to freedom to become the first African American ordained in the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Richard Allen was born on Feb. 14, 1760, the slave of a Quaker lawyer in Philadelphia who sold him to a planter near Dover, Del. While laboring on his new master's farm, he showed an interest in religion, was converted, and joined a Methodist society.
In 1786 Allen was invited to preach occasionally at St. George's Church in Philadelphia.
www.bookrags.com /biography/richard-allen   (545 words)

 History of the A.M.E. Churchj
Richard Allen was born on February 14, 1760 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, a slave to a Quaker lawyer, the Honorable Benjamin Chew, Chief Justice of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from 1774-1777.
Richard Allen, Absalom Jones, William Gray and William Wilcher were appointed to find a lot to build a church where the worship of God could be carried on without interference.
The demolition of the brick church began on August 7, 1889, and on August 24 ground was broken for the new church at 9:15 a.m.
www.ame-today.com /history/index.shtml   (848 words)

 The AME Church History
Richard Allen was born on February 14, 1760, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Richard Allen, Absalom Jones, William Gray and William Wilcher were appointed to find a lot to build a church where the worship of God could be conducted without interference.
Richard F. Norris, currently pastor of St. Matthew's A.M.E. Church in Philadelphia and a candidate for bishop in the church, completed a massive $3.5 million restoration of Mother Bethel in 1991.
www.graceamechurch.org /church_history.htm   (797 words)

 Bethel AME Church - Moorestown, New Jersey
In the year 1787, Reverend Richard Allen and Reverend Absalom Jones withdrew from the St. George Methodist Church in Philadelphia because of “unkind treatment” and restrictions placed upon worshipers of African descent.
In 1816, Richard Allen called together 16 representatives from Bethel African Church in Philadelphia and churches in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.
Reverend Richard Allen was the founder and the first Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
www.bame.org /index.cfm?action=whatisame   (238 words)

 Boston African American National Historic Site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Reverend James Lee and a group of his followers, frustrated by the fact that May Street Church continued to be controlled by White Methodists at the Bromfield Street Church, left Snowden's congregation to form the First Independent Methodist Church.
This split was partially influenced by the development in Philadelphia of the African Methodist Episcopal Church under the leadership of the Reverend Richard Allen.
The African Methodist Episcopal Church, an all-Black branch of Methodism precipitated by Richard Allen's split from the St. George's Church in Philadelphia in 1787, was beginning to spread throughout the North.
www.nps.gov /boaf/blackchurch4.htm   (356 words)

 Allen, Christian
Finally the Reverend became so embroiled in controversy that he left the Sandwich church and, it was more than 20 years before another minister would come there--in the meantime, the Friends got their foothold in America.
There were at least four John Allens who made the arduous crossing and sorting them out isn't easy; it's extremely difficult, 400 years later, as many writers can't seem to copy things correctly, or were deliberately "dreaming" or as some say, "praying for an answer" and recording their "answered" prayers as fact.
William Allen was especially obnoxious to the authorities as the meetings were often held in his home; part of his fine being £40 for holding 20 meetings at his house.
www.fortunecity.com /marina/mudhouse/2435/id252.htm   (5533 words)

 African methodist Episcopal Sunday School Union   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Two years later in 1818 Richard Allen, the founder and first consecrated bishop, realized that it was necessary to initiate a method of disseminating information if there were to be growth of this embryonic church.
It was not until 1882 that the Reverend Charles S. Smith of Bloomington, Indiana, projected a plan that brought into existence the Sunday School Union, at which the first Sunday school literature by African Americans was published.
Reverend Henry A. Belin, Jr., who became the secretary-treasurer in 1972, was responsible for the building of a much-needed publishing house at 500 Eighth Avenue, South, which was dedicated In November of 1977.
www.tnstate.edu /library/digital/ame.htm   (565 words)

 Rev. Richard Allen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Richard Allan and his three siblings were born into slavery in Pennsylvania.
In 1787, while kneeling in prayer at St. George's Methodist Episcopal Church, Allen, Jones and other fl worshipers were pulled from the church by St. George's church officials.
Allen, a Methodist, and Jones, an Episcopalian, opened Bethel Church.
members.aol.com /klove01/richalln.htm   (269 words)

 Allen House
Allen was created a life peer as Baron Allen of Abbeydale of the City of Sheffield in 1976.
Allen was married to his late wife, Marjorie, for 64 years.
R G D Allen was born in Worcester and educated at the Royal Grammar School Worcester, from which he won a scholarship to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.
www.artistbooking.com /trips/4/allen-house.html   (1262 words)

 National Obituary Archive(NOA) - Arrangeonline.com
Richard Allen Rankin, 51, of Staunton, died on Monday October 16, 2006 in his home.
Richard possessed a genuine sense of pride in freedom, both his own and that of his country.
A Celebration of the Life of Richard Allen Rankin will be held on Friday October 20, 2006 at 2:00 P.M. in the Chapel of the Hamrick Funeral Home, 18 West Frederick Street, Staunton with Reverend Steven Greer, officiating.
www.arrangeonline.com /obituary/obituary.asp?ObituaryID=69639116   (435 words)

 Blogger: Email Post to a Friend
The Reverend John C. Gillison, representing the clergy, observed that “giants were courageous” and that Bishop Nichols was looked upon by the clergy and the laity of the Church as a giant.
The Reverend Samuel Bouie, the current pastor of Emanuel observed that Bishop Nichols had left his “footprints” on Emanuel which had 14 members when Bishop Nichols was assigned to the pastorate of that congregation and grew it to over 2500 when he was elected to the Episcopacy.
Richard Allen Lewis, representing the General Officers, noted, “Bishop Decatur Ward Nichols spent more that 65 of his 104 years during the “dash” that appears on his tombstone between his birth date and the date of his death, working for the Lord as a bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
www.blogger.com /email-post.g?blogID=8252882&postID=110719022717236332   (2627 words)

 Rt. Rev. Richard Allen
Richard Allen was born February 14, 1760, to slave parents in Philadelphia.
Allen was freed after his master converted to Methodism.
Allen had some remarkable compliments for his owner and master-“He was more like a father to his slaves than anything else.
members.tripod.com /david-alexander/id115.htm   (1939 words)

 AME 1st District
Richard Allen was born a slave to Benjamin Chew, Chief Justice of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from 1774-1777.
He was later sold to a Delaware farmer named Stokeley Sturgis, and it was at his keep that Richard Allen was converted to Methodism by Reverend Freeborn Garrettson, and joined the Methodist Society.
To counteract the "baleful influence" of St. Georges's, Allen and Absalom Jones came together to form the FAS on April 12, 1787.
www.1stdistrict-ame.com /history.asp   (295 words)

 Common-place: Tales from the Vault
Richard S. Newman teaches at the Rochester Institute of Technology and is soon to be finished with his next book, Black Founder: Richard Allen, African Americans and the Early Republic, from NYU Press.
Allen purchased as much property around Bethel Church as he could, including a strip of land the width of a fence just north of the modern-day church.
Allen’s tale of departing a segregated white church and starting his own congregation roughly a mile away is well known.
www.common-place.org /vol-05/no-04/tales   (1609 words)

 Women's Missionary Society - History
The first woman missionary of the AME Church was Sarah Allen, wife of Richard Allen - the founder and first Bishop of the church.
Many of them returned in very poor physical condition, and Sarah Allen organized the women of the church to mend their clothes and provide hot nourishing meals when they came to make their reports.
Some of the current activities of the Allen Temple Church WMS include assistance in local shelters for the homeless, fellowship banquets, visiting the sick and shut-in, and other caring activities.
www.allentempleamechurch.org /wms.htm   (450 words)

 AME   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Reverend Richard Allen, along with others who withdrew from Philadelphia’s St. George’s Methodist Church, founded the A.M.E. church in 1794.
Allen was a former slave from Delaware who was able to buy his freedom.
Allen felt that Methodism had given him a sense of self worth and discipline, and he hoped that it could do the same for other African Americans.
www.georgiasouthern.edu /~dharden2/AME.html   (432 words)

Bishop Richard Allen was a man who did not acquiesce to the prevailing social and religious winds that were blowing against equal treatment for all of God’s people.
Richard Allen and those who followed him to Bethel were courageous and had the wherewithal to take a stand against racial and religious prejudice.
Reverend Davis was ordained an Itinerant Deacon and Elder in 2000 and 2002 respectfully by Bishop Cornal Garnett Henning, Sr., Presiding Prelate of the 8th Episcopal District.
www.the-christian-recorder.org /tcr-online/2005/03/christian-recorder-online-3205.html   (2384 words)

 Allen Lewis ( - ) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Allen Jones, Pour les LËvres, pl. 6 from Eleven Pop Artists, Vol.
Allen Jones, Miss America, pl. 11 from Eleven Pop Artists, Vol.
Allen Jones, "Janet is wearing...", plate 8 from the portfolio Eleven Pop Artists, Vol.
www.wwar.com /masters/l/lewis-allen.html   (1607 words)

 Accolades Interfaith
Even though the reverend has been a friend of the bride's family for many years, and we had just met you a few months ago, the two of you worked wonderfully together.
Rabbi Allen, you made it very clear that you do not marry just anybody; both partners must have a belief in G-d and both must be in love with each other or you will not perform the ceremony.
Rabbi Allen is a warm and compassionate man who believes that God is alive and active in all bona fide religious persuasions.
www.rabbiallen.com /accolades-interfaith.htm   (7867 words)

 Morris Brown African Methodist Episcopal Church - Charleston,SC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Reverend Richard Harvey Cain, who was then pastor of Emanuel, purchased the property where the church now stands at 13 Morris Street from a Lutheran Congregation in 1867 and became the first pastor of the new congregation.
Reverend Cain proved to be a leader in religious and civic circles.
The Reverend Joseph A. Darby, Board Chairman of the South Carolina Coalition of Black Church Leaders and First Vice-President of the South Carolina Conference of Branches of the NAACP, was assigned to the pastorate of Morris Brown on December 5, 1998.
netministries.org /see/churches/ch07979   (820 words)

 The October Surprise . . . a special feature program from The Other Americas Radio. Richar
Richard Secord was one of the chief planners for the so-called "failed" Desert One rescue attempt; Mr.
Cynthia Dwyer, who was in Iran and who had not yet been taken hostage at the time, told Reverend Moore, an American Presbyterian minister who was there and interviewing her at the time by phone, that the CIA had sabotaged the rescue attempt.
Honegger: Richard Werthlin, who was Ronald Reagan and George Bush's 1980 presidential campaign pollster, had determined that an "October surprise," which was a successful attempt by Jimmy Carter to release the hostages and bring them home before the 1980 election, would be the death knell to a Reagan-Bush presidency.
www.skepticfiles.org /socialis/surprise.htm   (3336 words)

Allen A.M.E. Church is in the 5th Episcopal District which is composed of 14 states west of the Mississippi.
Allen A.M. Church is in the Puget Sound Conference which consist of churches located in Seattle, Tacoma, Bremerton, Spokane, Everett and Yakima, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Billings and Great Falls, Montana; and Fairbanks, Alaska.
Allen A.M.E. Church's local society is The Ellen Kellum Women's Missionary Society.
allename.org /EKWMS.htm   (1213 words)

 Richard H. Caine - United States Congressman
Reverend and Dear Brethren: - The changes made in the annual conferences compelled the appointment of a large number of brethren to preside over others, in conformity to the laws of the Church.
Philadelphia, PA Right Rev. Bishop Daniel A. Payne, D. D.- Reverend Colleague: The importance of the Christian work committed to the care of the ministry and Bishops of the A. Church is increasing daily and the demands made upon those who are called to direct its affairs are constantly increasing.
Allen Chapel, Rev. James H.A. Johnson, pastor, is engaged in a series of meetings.
negroartist.com /writings/richardhcaine.htm   (16224 words)

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