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Topic: Richard Church (poet)

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Informat.io on Church Disambiguation
In this generic sense, "the Church" is a sociological facet of a state's ruling class, comparable to "the Academy" or "the Executive".
A Church is widely known as a building used for public religious services, usually referring specifically to those for Christian worship, it also popularly refers to the group/body of persons that share faith based in Christianity.
A logical definition of the word "church" (in the context) is the senate/congress or team, that works to bring solutions to problems, in the forms and methodologies of Christ.
www.informat.io /?title=church-disambiguation   (708 words)

The first record of the name was Robert Church in Somerset in the year 1273, and the name flourished in the south of England for the next three or four centuries.
Migrants bearing the Church surname, or a variant spelling of this name, include Richard Church who settled in Plymouth in the year 1630, freeman of the Colony in 1633.
Richard Church settled in Virginia in 1630; John Church settled in the Barbados in 1635; they also settled in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Maryland, and Newfoundland, between 1766 and 1880.
www.angelfire.com /nc2/owen/Church   (879 words)

 Church History in America
The putative first Church to step foot upon the new world was Richard Church from Oxford, England, (1608-1668) who arrived at the fledgling Plymouth colony in 1630 aboard the fleet with Winthrop; a carpenter, he built the settlement's first Puritan meeting house of worship.
Benjamin Church, (1639-1718) led the Massachusetts colonists' militia in the 1676 war against the Wampanoag chief King Philip (Metacomet, the son of Massasoit), ending the Indian uprising in the region, where raids on the frontier settlements destroyed many towns with captives taken.
Benjamin Church, (1734-1778?) graduate of Harvard, physician, poet, author and grandson of the illustrious colonel, was accused during the early days of Revolutionary hostility in Boston, of collaborating with the British; tried in a court-martial with General Washington presiding, he was sentenced to life in prison.
churchtree.tripod.com /churchhist.html   (962 words)

 The Church of the Transfiguration
Born a poet, and steeped in all that was noblest in Greek and Roman literature, with keen sympathy for the new Romanticism which the poet Wordsworth represented, Keble had found poetry a means of expression for feeling stirred by the many aspects of human life.
With the secession of Newman to the Church of Rome, the leadership of the Movement fell to Dr. Pusey, the Regius professor of Hebrew at Oxford and a canon of Christ Church Cathedral.
The Church was designed according to the principles of the Cambridge Camden Society which John Mason Neale had founded ten years before in Cambridge and whose purpose was to foster the revival of the principles of Gothic church design and decoration.
www.littlechurch.org /oxford.html   (3858 words)

 EPICA: Ecumenical Program in Central America and the Caribbean
It has always been difficult for the poor and the oppressed to participate in the Church, even though they constitute the majority of the people in Central America; and it is especially difficult for the poor to participate in a way that includes their class interests, culture, and religious expression.
The participation of the Church, through these Christian base communities, in the liberation movements of the people is at the heart of the Church's mission of evangelization and its efforts to build the Kingdom of God.
The challenge for the Church of the poor is to deepen the participation of the Christian base communities in the popular movements, and through these communities to develop all the liberating potential of the Central American people.
www.epica.org /Library/church/richard3.htm   (2955 words)

 Kent - Search View - MSN Encarta
The Tudor poet and playwright Christopher Marlowe was born in Canterbury and attended the King's School.
Bates and Richard Church are among other 20th-century writers who have lived in the county.
The monastery (Christ Church) founded by Augustine at Canterbury became the centre of the Christian Church in England.
uk.encarta.msn.com /text_761564276__1/Kent.html   (2374 words)

 Ancestors of David Kipp Conover - Person Page 156
Richard Nickerson was the son of William Nickerson.
Richard North was born circa 1595 at Ramsey, Essex, England.
Richard North was born circa 1595 at Romsey, Hampshire, England.
www.conovergenealogy.com /ancestor-p/p156.htm   (12758 words)

 Dylan Thomas
Once Dylan had decided to be a poet, impure and unsimple, and to do little else, he drafted and nearly completed most of the best poems in his first volume, 18 Poems, and nearly half of those in Twenty-five Poems, and The Map of Love.
Church, a poet himself, preferred Dylan's simpler efforts and criticised him for the Surrealism of his current and more obscure poems `caught up in the delirium of intellectual fashion of the moment´.
Richard Church may have been wrong in criticising Dylan's early poems as Surrealist, but he certainly seems to have put Dylan's prose on the right path.
meandmypage.tripod.com /Art/DT.html   (7294 words)

 Church Coulter Godless Liberalism Who Wrote   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Southern Episcopal Church - The Southern Episcopal Church was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1962 by Burnice Hoyle Webster, a Nashville physician, who became the first presiding bishop.Founded as a reaction to what some church members saw as ongoing liberalism, both in the political and the theological sense in the Episcopal Church USA.
Presbyterian Reformed Church (Australia) - The Presbyterian Reformed Church was formed in Australia in 1967 as a result of a growing trend of theological liberalism within the mainstream Presbyterian Church.
Richard Church (poet) - Richard Thomas Church (1893 - 1972) was an English writer, known as poet and critic; he also wrote novels and verse plays, and three well-received volumes of autobiography.
li86.3rdfaze.info /churchcoultergodlessliberalismwhowrote.html   (599 words)

 Dana Gioia Online - The Cult of Weldon Kees
To poets in a society that increasingly defined literature in terms of either narrow academic professionalism or market-driven commercial publishing, Kees's integrity and independence proved clarifying.
Like his friend and contemporary, Elizabeth Bishop (who once took him to visit Ezra Pound in St. Elizabeths), he represented the poet as an individual standing at a remove from both institutional cultural life and the literary marketplace—not entirely scorning either but refusing to be defined in their terms.
Poets and theorists not only share no common sense of purpose; they increasingly lack a common language in which to discuss their differences.
www.danagioia.net /essays/ekees.htm   (5044 words)

 Poetry Daily Prose Feature: Dana Gioia, "The Cult of Weldon Kees" from Disappearing Ink: Poetry at the End of Print ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Like his friend and contemporary Elizabeth Bishop (who once took him to visit Ezra Pound in St. Elizabeths Hospital), he represented the poet as an individual standing at a remove from both institutional cultural life and the literary marketplace — not entirely scorning either but refusing to be defined in their terms.
Most poets first encountered his work not in a classroom or textbook but in private reading or through the recommendation of a friend.
Poets and theorists not only share no common sense of purpose, but they also increasingly lack a common language in which to discuss their differences.
www.poetrydaily.org /essagkee.htm   (5139 words)

 Church (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Church (Christianity), a body of people who share the Christian faith.
Church (building), a building used for religious services, usually referring specifically to those for Christian worship.
Church, a religious organization, usually within Christianity, or the worldwide body of Christians.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Church_(disambiguation)   (470 words)

 Richard Rose -- Zen Master, Poet, Philosopher, Friend
Richard Rose was one of the most profound and unusual spiritual teachers this country has ever produced.
After five years, however, he left--disenchanted with religious life and its constant admonitions to be content to believe church doctrines, not to seek a personal experience of God.
He was a simple, humble man who had the determination, inspiration and dedication it takes to discover the final answer to the mystery of life.
www.richardrose.org   (672 words)

 Timotheos Prologizes: June 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
We are here assembled, to “banish and drive away from the Church all erroneous and strange doctrines, contrary to God’s Word;” to preserve and enforcea pure worship and godly discipline; and to diffuse, among all ranks of people, the knowledge of Christ, and the practice of true godliness.
Although the Episcopal Church was explicitly and repeatedly warned through each of the Anglican "instruments of unity" (including our own Presiding Bishop's unanimous statement along with the other primates) not to proceed, we proceeded.
Or you could say that the church was born with the resurrection--just as each baptism is a new birth by being joined to Christ's death and resurrection.
timotheosprologizes.blogspot.com /2006_06_01_archive.html   (10184 words)

 William & Nina Matheson Books, Inc. - Catalogue 14 Modern Poetry
Poet Dave Smith's copy with his name and full Kalamazoo address on the inside front wrapper (using the early form of name David J. Smith).
Poems written by African-American poet Kali at the age of six and seven, published when she was eight.
Poet Dave Smith's copy with his name and full Poquason, VA address on the front pastedown (using the early form of name David J. Smith).
www.mathesonbooks.com /CAT14.htm   (9332 words)

 [No title]
Andersen was able to identify with the heroes of fairy tales and regarded them as a guide by which to live.
The author describes her frustrating search for indications in the boy Shelley of the poet who was to come.
Investigates the world as depicted in nine of Judy Blume's juve nile novels, concentrating on (1) the nature of the environment in the novels, (2) the major problems of the main character, and (3) the values presented.
www.unm.edu /~lhendr/txtfiles/1a-z.txt   (15747 words)

 Richard Thomas Church (1893-1972), Poet, critic and novelist
Richard Thomas Church (1893-1972), Poet, critic and novelist
Throughout his career as a civil servant and later as a professional journalist, Church devoted himself to writing poetry and prose.
His literary strength was poetry, in which he came to prominence in 1926 with Portrait of the Abbot.
www.npg.org.uk /live/search/person.asp?LinkID=mp05156   (174 words)

 Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library: Recent Acquisitions 1995
One of the rarest and most inventive of all Baroque calligraphy manuals, this book by the writing master is known in a single edition, posthumously published by Segaro's son in 1624 from plates engraved 17 years before by a prior of the Church of Santo Spirito in Florence.
A fine letter by the aged poet to his close friend, the novelist Samuel Richardson.
The poet, travel writer, playwright, autobiographer, translator, and editor James Kirkup was born in 1918 in the county of Durham.
www.library.yale.edu /beinecke/brblinfo/brblguide_1995.html   (3329 words)

 William & Nina Matheson Books, Inc. - Catalogue 10 Modern Poetry, Part 4 : Pl through Sz
Poet Edgell Rickword's copy with his ownership signature on the half-title.
The colophon indicates that 500 copies were printed, 30 in cloth signed by the poet and 50 others hard-bound.
Blurbs by I. Richards and William Alfred on the dust jacket rear panel (copies seen without blurbs on the back panel of the dust jacket).
www.mathesonbooks.com /ABE10Pla.htm   (6608 words)

 JRULM: Special Collections Guide: Richard Church Papers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Papers of Richard Thomas Church (1893-1972), poet, novelist and literary critic, one-time President of the Royal Society of Literature.
Church published numerous volumes of poetry from 1917 onwards, mainly of a Georgian flavour, as well as adult and children's fiction and three volumes of autobiography.
The collection contains personal correspondence, correspondence with publishers, agents and other authors, business and financial papers, diaries, original manuscripts and typescripts of his major works, manuscript and typescript copies of essays and talks, typescripts and cuttings of reviews, and travel papers.
rylibweb.man.ac.uk /data2/spcoll/church   (100 words)

The actual value of their stipends had fallen somewhat in the years after 1540, since this was an inflationary period in which the church's income failed to rise as rapidly as prices, but they continued to enjoy much more comfortable circumstances than the rectors, vicars, and curates of parishes.
The new cathedrals (Gloucester, Peterborough, Chester, Bristol, and Oxford), together with the former monastic cathedrals, are the cathedrals "of the new foundation"; all of them received new statutes during the sixteenth century.[2] The number of clergy serving cathedrals of the new foundation was determined by their statutes.
Often regarded as one of the chief instruments of the revival of religious life in the Restoration church, he was a founder of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and was also active in the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.
www.geocities.com /katacheson/andreweslehmberg.html   (7049 words)

 Richard Moore: Poet, Poetry, Picture, Bio
Of Richard Moore's ten published volumes of poetry, one was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and another was a T. Eliot Prize finalist.
Richard Wilbur has this to say about Moore's seventh collection of poems, Bottom Is Back, Orchises Press, 1994: "The best and most serious poetry is full of gaiety, and it is only dreary poets and their too-earnest readers who consider light verse demeaning.
Richard Moore's comments to THT's editor: "Your kind words about my poem, 'Depths,' by the way, made me wonder if you knew that it is in a precise metrical scheme from antiquity.
www.thehypertexts.com /Richard_Moore_Poet_Poetry_Picture_Bio.htm   (1794 words)

 Richard Crashaw - Poems, Biography, Quotes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Richard was the only son of William Crashaw, a puritan preacher in London who had officiated at the burning of Mary, Queen of Scots.
In defiance of his father's views on religion, Crashaw went to a High Church college at Cambridge, Pembroke.
He later became a fellow of Peterhouse College but was forced to resign because of his Roman Catholic leanings.
famouspoetsandpoems.com /poets/richard_crashaw   (108 words)

 BRITISH POETRY COLLECTIONS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Letters are exchanged with other poets, artists, architects, designers in glass and photographers, all in pursuit of the construction of his poetry in concrete form.
Most of the correspondence is with composers, novelists, poets, dramatists, editors, journalists, lawyers, theatrical managers, literary agents, and publishers.
Among the correspondence to Ross are typescripts of letters from Sassoon, poet Robert Graves, and novelist George Moore.
www.indiana.edu /~liblilly/lilly/mss/subject/britpoet.html   (1883 words)

 The Mayflower
Richard Warren is an ancestor to many famous Americans.
Richard Warrens: (wife and 5 daughters came later on the ship "Anne".
This family is Richard Warren from the Mayflowers family.
www.angelfire.com /la2/gen/pilgrimsandpuritans.html   (1121 words)

 Seasons - Celebrations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
at the Church of the Covenant, 67 Newbury Street, Boston; and Sunday, December 19, at 3 p.m.
Based on the famous story by the Welsh poet, A Child's Christmas in Wales is a full-stage production depicting a young boy's remembrances of Christmas in his tiny Welsh fishing village during the early 20th century.
The Dickens tale, adapted by Adrian Hall and Richard Cumming, first graced the stage at Trinity Rep in 1977 and has since become an integral part of the company's repertoire.
www.bostonphoenix.com /supplements/seasons/99/features/C_EVENTS.html   (2850 words)

 Derek Parker Collection
Parker is a prolific writer and has been published in many forms, including verse, essays, and monographs, but he is perhaps best known for his work with the British Broadcasting Corporation and for his career as an editor.
Among the contributors were a number of significant poets and critics active in Britain in the late 1960s, notably, W. Auden, Gavin Bantock, John Heath-Stubbs, Elizabeth Jennings, Edward Lucie-Smith, Hugh MacDiarmid, A. Rowse, and Sacheverell Sitwell.
Correspondence from Parker, Charles Causley, Richard Church, and the Prime Minister's Office in an effort to insure a Civil List Pension for poet Jack Clemo represents another project.
www.hrc.utexas.edu /research/fa/parker.html   (1330 words)

 Sunday North Bulletin Board   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
For singing roles, be prepared to sing any song and demonstrate ability to move.
Richland -- St. Richard Church, 3841 Dickey Road, will hold two book discussion groups on "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rich Warren.
West Deer -- Bull Creek Presbyterian Church, Tarentum-Culmerville Road, is looking for vendors and crafters for flea markets to be held June 17, July 15 and Aug. 19.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/06155/694949-54.stm   (1020 words)

 sfgenealogy.com - Native Sons of the Golden West - Deaths, 1885-1916
Richard Church Rust, Superior Judge of Amador County and Grand President of the Order of Native Sons of the Golden West during the year 1900-1901, passed to the Grand Parlor on High, Wednesday, November 27, at his home in Jackson, surrounded by his family and conscious of his passing to the Great Beyond.
Richard Church Rust was born near Marysville, Yuba County, fifty-two years ago.
The casket was taken to the home of Frank Rolph, brother-in-law of the deceased, where the last sad rites were said, according to the ritual of the Episcopal Church, of which deceased was a member, the Rev. Benson officiating.
www.sfgenealogy.com /caldatanook/nsgw/nsgw2.htm   (5574 words)

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