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Topic: Richard Cromwell Carpenter

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  Benjamin Mountfort - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As a young adult he moved to London, where he studied architecture under the Anglo-Catholic architect Richard Cromwell Carpenter, whose medieval Gothic style of design was to have a lifelong influence on Mountfort.
Carpenter was, like Mountfort, a devout Anglo-Catholic and subscribed to the theories of Tractarianism, and thus to the Oxford and Cambridge Movements.
George Gilbert Scott, the architect of Christchurch Cathedral, and an empathiser of Mountfort's teacher and mentor Carpenter, wished Mountfort to be the clerk of works and supervising architect of the new cathedral project.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Benjamin_Mountfort   (2651 words)

The Cromwell then proceeded to cross the Bahama Banks and to gradually work up the coast, but suffered a severe check to her operations by running intoa severe hurricane near the Bahamas, in which she lost all her masts and barely escaped utter annihilation the tempest.
Cromwell in readiness to annoy the enemy down the Sound by Jan. 7, 1779, if practicable and if a crew could be obtained speedily for this purpose, the dividend of prizes to be the same as allowed to privateers.
One of the members of the crew of the Cromwell kept a Log on the second and third cruises of that vessel in 1778, which is given verbatim herein, as contributing to and portraying conditions and reality of daily experiences of the venturesome voyages of that time.
www.langeonline.com /Heritage/Maritimehistory.htm   (3864 words)

 Richard Corbett of Elton, His Diary
Richard's father died on 8th April, and Edward the eldest surviving son, six weeks later on 20th May, whilst we learn from the notes that Francis, the fifth son, sied in the earlier part of the same year.
This leaves Richard as the eldest unmarried son who would, in that capacity, see to all the many affairs of his father's estates, and be free to travel about the country attending to all the details of rents and sales of lands etc., that were to be made.
Richard with his fine cambric bands and cuffs, and his fringed gloves and ribbons, broad belt, cane, sword and top boots was a real cavalier of the times - none of your Puritans with their plain and simple attire.
website.lineone.net /~corbett_group/First/People/diary.htm   (8395 words)

 Richard Clark Vanderford (4031), b. Jan. 17, 1843 in Ligonier, Noble County, Indiana, d. July 4, 1923 in Los Angeles, ...
Richard enlisted as a private in Company C of the 30th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers at Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Richard was on sick furlough recovering from the wound he received at Shiloh.
Richard was in the Main Street U.S.A. General Hospital in Covington, Kentucky recovering from his wound received at Stones River.
www.vanderfordfamily.com /html/4031.htm   (475 words)

 Hissem_John Heesom Line
Richard would have been a young man, perhaps in his twenties, at the beginning of the Civil War when Lancashire was conquered by Parliamentary forces in 1643.
Carpenters were considered to be highly skilled craftsman and made anything from furniture to entire houses.
Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia was built in 1770 to house the carpenter's guild.
balder.prohosting.com /shissem/Hissem_Thomas_Heysham_Line.html   (17362 words)

 Earliest Arrivals
Richard Norman came to Cape Ann employed by the Dorchester Company in 1624, apparently not as a permanent settler, but as part of a fishing fleet.
Richard Norman was a carpenter (probably a shipwright).
Various land grants to Richard are of non-freeman portions, so he was not a member of the church.
home.fuse.net /flund/firstsettlersL.htm   (1334 words)

 Bienvenidos a la Parroquia de San Pablo
The architect was Richard Cromwell Carpenter (1812 -1855).
The years had taken their toll and the high winds and salt in the air had made it necessary to renew much of the wood and decorative features.
The completed tower and octagon were additions to the original building, and a date from about 1873, having been designed by the architect’s son, R.H. Carpenter.
myweb.tiscali.co.uk /stpaulsbrighton/WelcomeParish.htm   (431 words)

 hfa2005U - hfa02.htm
Richard HINMAN-35677 was born about 1650 and died before 1 Aug 1721.
He was engaged by Sir Richard to lead a group of colonizers to America on behalf of the Earl of Warwick, who had obtained a patent from King Charles I. Mr.
Francis didn't get along well with Robert, the son of Sir Richard, and for several years was in and out of court many times against one of the Saltonstalls.
www.hinmanfamily.com /hfag02.htm   (1189 words)

 Captain John and Sarah Whipple
John was apparently apprenticed as a carpenter to a Mr.
She and her husband Richard, who lived next door to Williams, were the grandparents of two of John's step grandchildren through his eldest son.
John Junior's second wife was the widow of Richard Scott's son, the immediate neighbor to the south of the Whipple property.
www.whipple.org /charles/johnandsarah   (18131 words)

 CRSBI: St Nicholas Brighton, West Sussex   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
After the Dissolution the advowson was granted to Thomas Cromwell, then Anne of Cleves, and eventually to the Bishop of Chichester.
The rebuilding and restoration of 1852-54 was undertaken by Richard Cromwell Carpenter.
In 1873 it ceased to be the parish church of Brighton.
www.crsbi.ac.uk /ed/sx/brigh   (961 words)

 The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music - Mary Chapin Carpenter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Mary Chapin Carpenter's debut album is a pleasant although not particularly memorable country album, mostly full of the kind of gentle ballads about life and love that Chapin does so well, all delivered in her lovely, wholesome voice.
You can't help but think that Carpenter went through some kind of heartbreak while writing for this album; most of the songs are of the this-love-ain't-working ("What You Didn't Say", "Can't Take Love for Granted") or the I'm-gettin'-over-you variety ("Going Out Tonight", "The More Things Change").
Yet another excellent effort by Mary Chapin Carpenter, who shows that she is certainly not afraid to use music to tackle big issues.
ectoguide.org /artists/carpenter.mary.chapin   (1452 words)

 Cornelius Lloyd
One hundred years ago Richard Bennett Lloyd brought from England a blazon of the arms of the Lloyds, under which he wrote, September 14,1775, that they were the arms of the family that went from Wales to the province of Maryland.
Some feel she was Anne Hall, as a Richard Hall left bequests to Matthew, Anne and some of their children in his will of 1645.
He is said to have married Frances White who many believe to be the daughter of Richard White and Catherine Weston, but since he did not claim land for her upon his arrival, it is more likely he married after he came to the colonies.
mosesrawlings.freeservers.com /corneliuslloyd.html   (7796 words)

 Catholic Culture : Liturgical Year : May 04, 2005 : Beatified Martyrs of England and Wales (Eng) (Wal, Mem)
Richard Gwyn, the first of the Welsh martyrs, a schoolteacher from Llanidloes in Mid-Wales who died at Wrexham in 1584;
Nicholas Owen, Jesuit lay brother and master carpenter, who constructed many priests’ hiding-holes in houses throughout the country, some of them so cunningly concealed they were not discovered until centuries later (1606).
John Southworth, missionary in London, was put to death under Cromwell and is venerated in Westminster Cathedral, and the final martyrs died in the aftermath of the Titus Oates plot in 1679.
www.catholicculture.org /lit/calendar/day.cfm?date=2005-05-04   (725 words)

 Williams College | Campus Life
"The English architect Gervase Wheeler, formerly a pupil of Richard Cromwell Carpenter (1812-1855), arrived in the United States c.
Also from this period is his Henry Boody House (1848-49) in Brunswick, ME. Having briefly been employed in the office of Connecticut architect Henry Austin (1804-1891), Wheeler established a Hartford, CT, office in 1849 from which he sent A. Downing drawings for publication in the Horticulturist.
Writing to Richard Upjohn from Brunswick, ME, in 1851, Leonard Woods remarked that prospective clients should be on guard about Wheeler.
www.williams.edu /dean/campus_life/goodrich/extndhistory.html   (1587 words)

 Richard A. Dysart   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Richard Dysart served for four years in the Air Force during the Korean War...
A Child Is Missing (1995) (TV) (as Richard Dysart)....
The Falcon and the Snowman (1985) (as Richard Dysart)....
www.imdb.com /Name?Richard+Dysart   (304 words)

 Hissem_Bowes Family
Note also that Richard Bowes, born circa 1585, of the Sir Martin Bowes line, was the Lord of the manor of Hagthorpe, a one-time Hutton property.
During the civil War, Richard Bowes was a parliamentarian and protected the church, with the help of his Rector, Thomas Dowley, from being damaged by Cromwell's troops.
In 1621 the manor of Babthorpe was conveyed by Sir William Babthorpe to Richard Bowes.
balder.prohosting.com /shissem/Hissem_Bowes.html   (18169 words)

 Chapter Ten: Coal
The situation was a little better in the Forest of Dean, probably because it was a royal forest where the King could exert some semblance of discipline to the forest clearing: the King limited logging for fuelling the royal forges there around 1300, and charcoal was brought in from woods outside the royal forest.
The final savage forest-clearing came while England was ruled by the fanatically Protestant revolutionary government of Oliver Cromwell in the 1650s, between the execution of Charles I and the restoration of Charles II.
Transport problems began at the working face of the coal seam: there was a pile of coal and waste rock lying behind the hewer, and it had to be moved to the pit head at the top of the shaft.
www.geology.ucdavis.edu /~cowen/~GEL115/115CH11coal.html   (7178 words)

Cromwell's foreign policy was governed by the need to expand English trade and prevent the restoration of the Stuarts.
Richard Whitaker was in Halifax Co. before 1744 - his probable GG Grandfather Jabez was married to Mary Bouchier, bef.
Two letters from Richard to his daughter Elizabeth show that he was away at the time of her death.
www.bradfordgenealogy.org /CROWELLGENEALOGY.html   (10970 words)

He was the eldest child of Thomas Mountfort and his wife, Susanna Wale Woolfield.
Benjamin grew up in Birmingham, where his father was a perfumer and manufacturing jeweller, and in 1844 was articled to the architect Richard Cromwell Carpenter, of London.
Carpenter was an influential Gothic Revival church architect, and a member of the Cambridge Camden Society (later the Ecclesiological Society), for which he produced a series of model designs.
www.dnzb.govt.nz /dnzb/Essay_Body.asp?PersonEssay=1M57&QuickSearch=true   (1045 words)

 Barr, Settlement of the Ancient Town of Pelham (1946)
Richard Nicholls, the first of the English Governors, under a royal grant dated March 9, 1666, described this tract as: ".
Richard Nicholls, the first English Governor of New York confirmed Pell's treaty with the Indians on October 8, 1666, by issuing to him a royal patent--being the first and only official recognition Thomas Pell received either from Connecticut or from the Throne--for his daring and successful mission against the Dutch---namely his settlement of Pelham.
In the days of Oliver Cromwell, French was the official language of the Court, and diplomatic communications were usually in Latin.
www.historicpelham.com /Barr.htm   (13312 words)

 [No title]
Then, the record in Virginia showing his name as James Lindsey [Lindsay] helped to properly identify him and then the marriage information for his parents were found which gave a reason for him having a middle name of Lindsey.
Richard is shown as being between the age of 60 to 70 and a female is 50 to 60.
William Gillespie was her guardian for several years based on records from Blount County, Tennessee.
jimmcmcl.home.att.net /Chapter8.htm   (4959 words)

 Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Richard Burton received the 6th of 7 Oscar nominations as Henry V111 in this costumed-lavish production.
Burton has the right temperament for the part of the tortured king, obsessed with the idea that he must have a son as a daughter cannot rule England.
John Colicos is excellent as Cromwell, whose lies would condemn Boleyn;nevertheless, a supporting actor's nomination was given to Anthony Quayle as Cardinal Wolsey.
us.imdb.com /title/tt0064030/combined   (510 words)

 The Wingfield Immigration Register (WIR)
Richard Wingfield, of Ospringe, Kent, husbandman, age 26, to serve 4 years in Jamaica.
The plantation where Gilbert and family went was documented as "Morocosick Bridge," which is to the north and northeast of today's roadbridge for the I-627 over the Mattaponi, 3 miles southeast of Salvia (modern spelling "Maracossic Creek") that forms a border between King and Queen County and Caroline County.
Augustine Wingfield may have been son of Augustine Wingfield, Sr., who was commissioner for Oliver and Richard Cromwell's government in England.
www.wingfield.org /register.htm   (4270 words)

 Benjamin Mountfort and the Gothic Revival - Early Christchurch - Heritage - Christchurch City Libraries
Benjamin Mountfort grew up in Birmingham and studied architecture with Richard Cromwell Carpenter.
Carpenter was an important member of the Gothic Revival and was a strong influence on Mountfort's architectural style.
On 20 August Mountfort married Emily Newman and travelled with his new wife on board the Charlotte Jane to Canterbury, arriving on 16 December 1850.
library.christchurch.org.nz /heritage/earlychristchurch/BenjaminMountfortandtheGothicRevival.asp   (497 words)

 John W. Cromwell (John Wesley), b. 1846. The First Negro Churches in the District of Columbia.
Smith and Durham were colleagues of Richard Allen; William Cornish was in the antislavery struggle; Hunter and Turner served as chaplains in the Union Army; and Payne, Wayman, Shorter and Turner became bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
The building being without pews and the people too poor to buy them, Payne, who had learned the trade of a carpenter, bought tools, threw off his coat, and, with the aid of the society furnishing the lumber, in a few weeks seated the basement of the church.
        41 J. Parker, pastor of the E Street Baptist Church, was moderator, and Lalmon Richards, of the North Baptist Church, was clerk of this council.
docsouth.unc.edu /church/cromwell/cromwell.html   (14368 words)

 Isaac Luck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Luck seems to have been the less dominant half of the partnership as credit for their joint work is generally given to the better known Mountfort.
Like Mountfort, Luck was committed to the Gothic revival style, particularly when adherent to the Anglo-Catholic, Oxford Movement ideals inspired by such architects as Augustus Pugin and Richard Cromwell Carpenter.
This article about an architect is a stub.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Isaac_Luck   (168 words)

 William Cooper Nell. The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
This ruler of the fls, this King Richard IV.; is a man of good understanding, and he exercises it to a good purpose.
James, a servant of Richard Lechmere, of Cambridge, brought an action against his master for detaining him in bondage.
I may further state, that in October, 1773, an action was brought against Richard Greenleaf, of Newburyport, by Cæsar (Hendrick), a colored man, whom he claimed as his slave, for holding him in bondage.
docsouth.unc.edu /nell/nell.html   (14877 words)

 St. Mary the Virgin, New Maryland & All Saints, McKeens Corner, NB
Its open bell cote and camberbeam (arched-beam) support in the porch, were borrowed directly from the work of Richard Cromwell Carpenter, another architect of the Cambridge Movement.
With a bell gable given original and rational expression on the interior, the whole church demonstrates a High Victorian desire for verticality and bulk, distinguishing it from Carpenter's fondness for rustic humility.
Its polygonal apse (domed roof that is neither square nor round) is especially innovative and probably the first of its kind in the province.
fredericton.anglican.org /buildings/st_maryv.html   (818 words)

 Terry Mason's Family History Web Site.
Major lines: Allen, Beck, Borden, Buck, Burden, Carpenter, Carper, Cobb, Cook, Cornell, Cowan, Daffron, Davis, Downing, Faubion, Fauntleroy, Fenter, Fishback, Foulks, Gray, Harris, Heimbach, Henn, Holland, Holtzclaw, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, Jones, King, Lewis, Mason, Massengill, McAnnally, Moore, Morgan, Overstreet, Price, Peck, Rice, Richardson, Rogers, Samuel, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Wade, Warren, Weeks, Webb, Wodell, Yeiser.
Ruth Downing was born in 1774 in, Harford, Maryland.
Richard Wells died in 1782 in, Harford, Maryland.
www.tmason1.com /pafg22.htm   (392 words)

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