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Topic: Richard the Third

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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

  Amazon.ca: Books: Tragedy of King Richard the Third   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Richard emerges from the chaos which surrounds the reign of Henry VI, already dramatised by Shakespeare earlier in his career, determined to become king by removing his elder brother Edward IV by convincing him that their brother Clarence is plotting against the crown.
Richard's political and sexual charisma are truly chilling, and his seduction of Lady Anne, over her husband's corpse is one of the most disturbing scenes in Shakespeare.
Richard III is the impersonation of ugliness and pure evil: he is a man both morally and physically malformed, who gives everything for the sake of a vain and insignificant moment of power.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/0140707123   (1341 words)

RICHARD DAWKINS, elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in May, 2001, is a gifted writer, who is known for his popularization of Darwinian ideas as well as for original thinking on evolutionary theory.
He has invented telling metaphors that illuminate the Darwinian debate: His book The Selfish Gene argues that genes-molecules of DNA-are the fundamental units of natural selection, the "replicators." Organisms, including ourselves, are "vehicles," the packaging for "replicators." The success or failure of replicators is based on their ability to build successful vehicles.
Richard Dawkins is an evolutionary biologist and the Charles Simonyi Professor For The Understanding Of Science at Oxford University; Fellow of New College; author of The Selfish Gene, The Extended Phenotype, The Blind Watchmaker, River out of Eden (ScienceMasters Series), Climbing Mount Improbable, Unweaving the Rainbow, The Devil's Chaplain, and The Ancestor's Tale.
www.edge.org /3rd_culture/bios/dawkins.html   (523 words)

Shakespeare's "The Tragedie of Richard the Third", one of the Bard's earlier works which along with "Henry VI 1 and 2" chronicles of the War of Roses between the Houses of Lancaster and York.
The role was one of Richard Burbage's most notable throughout his career and in the early 19th century, became the signature role of famed English actor, Edmund Kean.
His Richard is visibly deformed with a noticable hunch, a lift on one shoe, and a withered left arm frozen heart-high against his chest with expressive spidery fingers.
profwill.spymac.net /2004Reviews/R3.html   (1001 words)

 The Tragedy of King Richard the Third
Richard III (the Duke of Gloucester) still has his eye on the throne even though his brother, Edward IV occcupies it.
Under the guise of protection, Richard has both Edward V (the Prince of Wales) and his brother the Duke of York stay in the Tower of London, a place where Gloucester, Henry VI and George have all been killed...
Richard arranges to be publicly offered the crown which he pretends to be reluctant to take...
absoluteshakespeare.com /plays/richard_III/richard_III.htm   (610 words)

 The Richard III and Yorkist History Server   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Includes the full text of Shakespeare's Richard III and The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey as well as significant excerpts from writers from Richard III's time to the present day.
Richard's character and the mystery of the Princes are deciphered by a modern-day detective.
Pollard, A.J. Richard III and the Princes in the Tower, 1991.
www.r3.org /biblio.html   (1442 words)

 Richard The Third
Particularly in the show-stopping final scene of Act 3, in which Buckingham stage-manages Richard's hostile take-over of the throne, White is marvelous.
But she speeds through Richard's speeches with desperate haste, as though she had to spit them out in time to catch the next bus.
As Richard fibs and cheats his way into power, Cronauer constantly telegraphs her character's insincerity, draining scenes of their dramatic tension.
www.theatrescene.net /ts/articles.nsf/0/d0d8b1b8ae01027385256eb400347f98?OpenDocument&Click=   (778 words)

 Richard III Society--Shakespeare in Performance
Richard Burbage, a contemporary of William Shakespeare, was the first actor to triumph in the role of Richard.
When Burbage arrived and was asked who he was, he indignantly shouted "Richard the Third!" The servant returned a few minutes later with a message from Shakespeare: "William the Conqueror came before Richard the Third!" Burbage's answer was not recorded.
McKellen sees his Richard as a 1930s fascist, and his use of a modern setting helps distance the theatrical character of Richard III from the historical king of the same name.
www.r3.org /mckellen/drunk.html   (1796 words)

 History of Middleham featuring connection with King Richard the Third   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
One of the earliest most influential inhabitant of the castle was Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick also known as `The Kingmaker` who during the Wars of the Roses held both Edward IV and Henry VI prisoner at Middleham.
Richard became King in 1483 much to the joy of the inhabitants of Middleham.
This jewel belongs to the period of Richard III and is almost certainly a reliquary containing perhaps a fragment of wood reputed to come from The Cross, or some other relic associated with Christ.
www.middlehamonline.com /page4.htm   (813 words)

 PS - Richard the Third, the Second
Vickie doesn’t know it, but Richard once enjoyed a reputation as being hard-hearted—back in the old days he sent half of his extended family to their deaths so that he could be king—but one phrase from Vickie and he’s all tears, overwhelmed by beauty.
Richard tried to let her down easy, giving her the “It’s not you, it’s me” speech, the “We’ve grown in different directions” talk, and promising they could still be friends.
Richard has spent centuries trying to eradicate every ounce of competitiveness and violence from his nature, partly to atone for the harm he caused earlier, and partly because it was a way to keep a low profile once he realized that—for whatever perverse reason—he was going to live an artificially long time.
www.philadelphiastories.com /stories/richardiii.html   (3832 words)

 richard the third summaries: essaysman.com- the man with all of the essays, term papers, book report, research papers
Margaret is angry at the turn her life has taken, and calls Richard the kinds of colorful names only Shakespeare could come up with, including “lump of foul deformity” and “poisonous bunch-backed toad.” Margaret plays an important role, displaying all the anger that Richard’s victims just have felt.
On essaysman.com there are hundreds of free essay abstracts written by your fellow college students on richard the third summaries.
All of the essay abstracts on richard the third summaries can be instantly downloaded from essaysman.com.
essaysman.com /term-papers/4369/richard-the-third-summaries.html   (463 words)

 The Richard III Foundation, Inc.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
The Richard III Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit educational organization that was founded to promote research and scholarship into the life and times of King Richard III, his contemporaries and era
Richard III was the last Plantagenet king to fight in battle.
The picture of Richard III is the sole property of The Richard III Foundation, Inc. It cannot be duplicated without written permission from the CEO/President.
www.richard111.com   (607 words)

 Tim And Richard - Part The Third
Richard's closeness, his trembling, the heat from his body, was all he could think about.
A crunching sound on the gravel in the distance made him jump away from Richard and turn towards its origin.
Richard felt sick with the fear that had burst on him, then vanished, leaving him empty.
www.angelfire.com /ia/mshadow/tr3.html   (545 words)

 Richard III: bibliographic descriptions - Shakespeare in quarto
Containing, his treacherous plots against his brother Clarence: the pittiefull murther of his iunocent [sic] nephewes: his tyrannicall vsurpation: with the whole course of his detested life, and most deserued death.
A cutting from a bookseller's catalogue is pasted on the verso of the third front flyleaf.
Author and title are lettered in gold across the second spine compartment, place and date of publication are lettered in gold across the third spine compartment.
www.bl.uk /treasures/shakespeare/richard3bibs.html   (1674 words)

Was Richard the Third Evil Richard the Third was thought to be an evil mastermind here are three main reasons as to why.
Sir Winston Churchill said, “No one in Richard’s lifetime seems to have remarked these deformities.” (Richard III Foundation) The myth of his “deformities,” were just that myths, and there was no evidence to prove otherwise.
Richard was overall a good king; it is a shame that the last of the Plantagenet kings has a flened reputation because of the incidents that surrounded him, and the myths of deformity.
www.swiftpapers.com /essay/WAS_RICHARD_THE_THIRD__EVIL-30892.html   (198 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: RICHARD III   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Richard is a stunning archvillain who schemes, seduces, betrays and murders his way to the throne, yet is capable of eliciting sympathy for his plight at the end.
Richard III is one of the most fascinating villains of history and in literature.
rickard iii does this one better and has four good scenes: the wooing of lady anne; the wooing of richard by buckinham to accept the crown; king richard suing queen elizabeth to persuade her daughter to marry the newly crowned regent: these three are pretty commonly accepted as the best scenes.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0671722840?v=glance   (2017 words)

 Biblio: Richard the Third:Arkangel-Audio by Shakespeare William: Details
Bloodthirsty, spiteful, ambitious, and deformed, but gifted with wit, charm, and acumen, Richard III is Shakespeare's first major character and his second most substantial, after Hamlet, in terms of sheer lines.
Shakespeare drew on several portraits of Richard by Tudor historians, none of which was sympathetic to him.
RICHARD III was probably written in 1591, and published in 1597, appearing later in the more reliable First Folio, 1623.
www.biblio.com /books/isbnnu/7062304.html   (360 words)

 The Richard the Third Net Ring
Richard the Third was King of England for a mere two years, during which enough happened (or didn't happen) to keep people arguing heatedly for hundreds of years.
Despite the amount of written material, though, little on Richard is available on the net beyond the (excellent) sites of the various Richard III societies and branches thereof.
Sites dealing at all with Richard the Third are eagerly welcomed; they need not be devoted exclusively to Richard, (although that would be wonderful).
ricardiana.tripod.com /ring.html   (517 words)

 Richard III
Nor none of vs I belieue is so vnwyse, ouersone to truste a newe frende made of an olde foe, or to think that an houerly kindnes, sodainely contract in one houre continued, yet scant a fortnight, shold be deper setled in their stomackes: then a long accustomed malice many yeres rooted.
Graye, the kynges other brother by his mother, sayinge that hee with the lorde Marques his brother and the Lorde Riuers his vncle, hadde coumpassed to rule the kinge and the realme, and to sette variaunce among the states, and to subdewe and destroye the noble blood of the realm.
And he thanked the Duke, and prayed the messenger to beare it to his Nephewe the lorde Richard with the same message for his comfort, who he thought had more nede of coumfort, as one to whom such aduersitie was straunge.
darkwing.uoregon.edu /~rbear/r3.html   (15660 words)

 Mrs. Yvonne Richard, Third Grade Teacher   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Richard graduated in 1998 from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Elementary and Early Childhood Education.
Richard taught fourth grade in Cleveland County, North Carolina from January 2000 to November 2001.
Richard enjoys gardening and biking in her free time.
www.kgcs.k12.va.us /pes/pstaff/yrichard.htm   (66 words)

 Richard Bickham, Third Generation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
This is the third Richard BICKHAM, however, he was never known as Richard Bickham III, or even Richard Bickham Jr., in any records found thus far.
Richard was received on certificate from Haddonfield MM He was licensed for an Inn or Tavern in Deptford, Gloucester County, New Jersey, in March 1776.
The Condition of the above Recognizance is such, THAT WHEREAS the above-bounden Richard Bickham is Licenced by the Court of Quarter-Sessions for the County of Glouchester, to keep a Public-House and Inn, at the Place where he now dwelleth, in the Township of Deptford in the County of Gloucester.
home.earthlink.net /~chalfort/bickham/id12.html   (969 words)

 Richard Nolan and Third Rail
Third Rail - Rondy Rush/Sweet Jane- 45- stereo-Rat Records RR 5283 - 1976 45 RPM 7" release by seminal Boston New Wave/Punk band, Third Rail.
Band was led by Richard Nolan, and included Fred Pineau (later in The Atlantics).
Join The Bad Art Ensemble’s, nationally known musicians, who join forces to cast aside their formal training to delight and astound their ten year cult audience at The Plough and Stars.
d-n-i.com /third-rail   (434 words)

 skoool.ie :: exam centre
Henry is killed by Richard, and Edward who is Richard’s brother assumes the title of king of England. ; Edward has two sons and a daughter who is called Elizabeth after her mother.
Richard is crowned King of England, and marries Lady Anne.
Richard’s violence and anger reaches across the country and few people are safe from his wrath and erratic temperament.
www.leavingcert.net /skoool/examcentre_sc.asp?id=1048   (806 words)

 Richard the Third   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
However, it should be noted that the author proves to be very sympathic in nature toward Richard and although he does his best to clear all the Shakespearean myths about Richard, it could be said that he probably went too far in some cases in creating a Richard that may be too good.
Sure, Henry Tudor could have done it and host of many, but like Edward II, Richard II and Henry VI, these princes were rightly considered as the direct threat to reigning ruler's throne which was bit shaky to begin with.
I think Kendall was one of the movers of the Richard the Innocent Man concept regarding the Princes' murders.
www.duchs.com /isbn/0393007855   (262 words)

 MJNI.COM The Worldwide Michael Jackson Fan Club   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
On November 11, 1972, Richard Nixon was re-elected in what was one of the largest landslides in US politics.
The screenplay rewrites for Richard the Third must be blazing into pre-production by now.
As for those in the media who joined Sneddon's Quest, collectively, you too are sharing in the destiny of the Richard The Third crown.
www.mjni.com /support/articlesdetail.aspx?articleID=8   (976 words)

 Richard the Third - Reviews on RateItAll
The character of Richard is one of Shakespeare's finest achievements, despite, in all likelihood, bearing little resemblance to the historical figure.
There is some evidence that Shakespeare wrote the play to curry favour with the ruling Tudors, and in so doing, transformed Richard into one of the most engaging monsters in literature.
To digress slightly, there is an excellent filmed version of this play, set it in a fictional 1930's Britain, with Richard and his cronies as usurping fascists.
www.rateitall.com /i-54580-richard-the-third.aspx   (259 words)

 "Richard the Third and Stalin
In it she shows how generations of historians have repeated the British "party line," the myth -- first put abroad to justify Henry VII's usurpation of the throne in 1485 -- that Richard III murdered the "two princes in the tower."
In the course of her argument she makes a few remarks which I find highly relevant to discussions about the USSR during Stalin's time.
"Richard the 3rd and Stalin" / http://www.shss.montclair.edu/english/furr/rich3rd.html / HTML'd 2 Feb 96 / furrg@alpha.montclair.edu
www.chss.montclair.edu /english/furr/rich3rd.html   (788 words)

 [No title]
This definitive biography provides the historical record of the ruthless schemer, plotter--and murderer--who was the subject of one of Shakespeare's great plays.
Richard III took the throne in 1483 and was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Fields in 1485.
Product information and prices are provided by merchants and/or third party sources.
www.shop.com /op/aprod-p19042161   (114 words)

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