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Topic: Rick Steiner

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Fall 2001 | Profile: Rick Steiner, '70
Not long after, Steiner and Landesman were cast as one of the show's eight producing entities that raised a total of $10.5 million.
Steiner and Landesman followed that success with Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods, their only show that has not yet fully returned its investment; The Secret Garden, based on the classic children's book; and Broadway's longest-running musical revue, Smokey Joe's Café.
Steiner currently is working on a musical based on the western Shane, but he knows that he never will repeat the success of The Producers.
www.chicagogsb.edu /magazine/fall01/profiles/steinerprofile.htm   (709 words)

Several years older, Rick's age gave him a head start in the pro ranks, and he soon developed a reputation as a true hard hitter, using mat wrestling, suplexes, and his jaw-shattering "Steiner-line" to punish his opponents.
When Rick and Scott decided to sacrifice their singles goals for a run as a tag team, they knew they could be tough.
Even more important, however, was the reputation that the Steiner Brothers earned, considered by and large to be the greatest team of their generation...maybe of all time.
www.bootydaddy.com /about/steiners_reunite_article.htm   (1119 words)

 Scott Steiner
Steiner's efforts for the group were soon rewarded, as he was placed in the US Title Tournament at Spring Stampede '00.
Steiner continued his assault, though, and at Mayhem, defeated Booker T in a "Straight Jacket Steel Cage" match to finally gain the prize that he sought.
Steiner tried to use the weapons available to him, but Booker T was too energized, backflipping out of a Powerbomb attempt to land and hit the Bookend, finally ending Scott Steiner's reign of terror atop WCW.
www.accelerator3359.com /Wrestling/bios/ssteiner.html   (5804 words)

 Rick Steiner
In June '99, Rick was scheduled during a Monday Nitro to face Sting in a cage for the TV Title.
Steiner vanished from television for the next month, even as Hall threw the TV Title in the trash later, retiring it ("Hacksaw" Jim Duggan later brought it back for a few months, with little to show for it).
Rick then climbed the turnbuckle to go for his Bulldog, but was hit in the back of the head by Shane Douglas and his cast.
www.accelerator3359.com /Wrestling/bios/rsteiner.html   (5067 words)

Rick Steiner is an explosive force in WCW, whether he's pulverizing opponents as part of a tag-team, or facing his enemies alone.
Rick's history on the mat spans back to his days as a fighting Wolverine at the University of Michigan, where Steiner placed fourth in the NCAA wrestling championships.
Rick began his career at WCW as Sting's tag team partner, later joining forces with his younger brother Scott to form the invincible Steiner Brothers.
www.angelfire.com /mo/theOutsiderspage/wrestler/rsteiner.html   (156 words)

 OAFE - WWF: Rick Steiner review
Rick Steiner uses the same chest and arms we've just seen with Papa Shango and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, and the same legs as Animal.
Steiner moves at the ankles, knees, hips, waist, wrists (one pin, one peg for each), elbows, biceps, shoulders and neck.
But back in their heyday, the Steiner Brothers came to the ring in their varsity letter jackets, a holdover from one of Rick's earlier gimmicks.
www.oafe.net /yo/wwers.php   (758 words)

 Pro Wrestling Insider - Pro Wrestling News Inside & Out
Rick says that he was going to run under the name “Rick Steiner” because people knew the name.
Steiner calls Rotunda a great guy and says he was fortunate to work with him.
Rick says that he and his brother had an amateur background so there was respect early.
www.pwinsider.com /ViewArticle.asp?id=22038&p=1   (1664 words)

 Rick Steiner Speaks on WWE Return, His Brother, Final Nitro, more - TWNPNews.com Headline
Rick Steiner was an amateur wrestler at the University of Michigan before phoning Verne Gagne when an interest in the pro side was sparked.
Steiner: Well, we come back from Fayetteville and we're going back to Charlotte, and it was Sting and I, my brother, and I think Pillman...and then there was the Samoan Swat Team, Heyman, and I think one other person was in that car.
Steiner: For the veterans, the guys that had been up there, been around Shane, and been up to WWF before, it was like, "Yeah, the same old bullshit.
www.twnpnews.com /messages2/6000/6530.shtml   (2099 words)

 411Mania.com Fan Forums: Rick Steiner's bullying backfires
Rick Steiner, one of pro wrestling's resident bullies, found those facts out the hard way when he allegedly took liberties in the ring with the 24-year-old Walker at a recent independent show in Ocala, Fla.
Steiner, who has a longstanding reputation in the business of being a bully inside the ring and working overly stiff with less polished opponents, apparently didn't know that Walker's nickname was "The Shooter" and that the youngster was highly skilled in mixed martial arts and submission wrestling.
Steiner and Rhodes battled to the back and into the concession area, leaving Walker and Stevens in the ring, clueless as to how to salvage the disjointed match.
www.411mania.com /ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Number=5123052   (1085 words)

 Pulse Wrestling: [MISC] Rick Steiner Appointed to School Board
The Atlanta Journal Constitution website is reporting that former WCW and WWF tag team champion, Rick Steiner has been appointed to the Cherokee Council School Board...
Steiner will stay in the post until the end of 2006, when the seat is up for re-election.
Steiner praised the district's anti-bullying program and said he would encourage the district to use retired teachers as volunteer tutors.
wrestling.insidepulse.com /articles/44561   (496 words)

 Midland Daily News - Warriors' homecoming
Rick Steiner grabs the head of the referee while in an opponent’s headlock as brother Scott, right, waits for his turn to enter the ring during the main event tag team match at Bay County Community Center on Saturday.
Rick Steiner is just grateful for all the opportunities he's received because of wrestling, traveling the world and seeing places he might not have otherwise.
Meanwhile, Rick is trying to wind his career down so he can spend time with his three sons.
www.ourmidland.com /site/news.cfm?newsid=16294636&BRD=2289&PAG=461&dept_id=472542&rfi=6   (891 words)

 RingInsider.com - Radio Review: Rick Steiner
Then, Rick Steiner was scheduled to come on, but didn't answer his phone.
Rick Steiner talked about his NWA/WCW days, his WWF run with Scott Steiner in the early 90s that ended in Scott threatening Vince to get out of their jobs during the steroid trial.
Rick detailed why he worked hard with others towards the end, and talked about some who got caught in his line of fire.
www.ringinsider.com /headlines/75528754.shtml   (298 words)

 IGBO News - Earl Haney and Rick Steiner Win Fellowship Award
Rick has been involved with the Holiday Invitational Tournament for the past 15 years and has held various officer positions in the Best Bowling League.
Rick continues to support and has been in-charge of a fundraising event called MILMAIDS, which raises funds for the Holiday Invitational Tournament and a local aids clinic.
Earl has been instrumental in the growth of his Sunday league and has made most of the bowlers more aware of what IGBO is. He runs a very large straight league in Grand Rapids and is out to the league but it doesn’t matter which is building bridges between the two communities.
www.igbo.org /news/100005_2005fellowshipaward.cfm   (343 words)

 WWE: Inside WWE > Title History > United States > 20010205 - Rick Steiner
Already a proven tag team competitor, Rick Steiner proved his singles' worth when he defeated Shane Douglas on a February 2001 edition of Monday Nitro.
Steiner went on to hold the title for a little over a month before losing it to Booker T at the Greed pay-per-view.
All World Wrestling Entertainment programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans, wrestling moves, and logos are the exclusive property of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. ECW is a trademark of WWE Libraries, Inc. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.
www.wwe.com /inside/titlehistory/unitedstates/3044541412   (168 words)

 Scott Steiner Tribute cooldudesandhotbabes.com
Steiner is still suffering from drop foot syndrome but can wear a brace much like a knee brace.
The WWF wants to bring Steiner in only if he is healthy enough to work the schedule that they want him to.
Steiner has been working for the WWA group and has appeared on their past two pay per views.
www.cooldudesandhotbabes.com /scottsteiner.html   (760 words)

 Former WWE and WCW wrestler, Rick Steiner, elected to school board..
Rick Steiner has been apponted to the Cherokee County School Board by a vote of 4-2.
Steiner has the position for a year until it comes up for reelection.
Rick also held a teaching certificate for k-12 education and worked as a substitute teacher in Minnesota.
www.wrestleview.com /news2005/1132338784.shtml   (189 words)

 Rick Steiner write-in school board campaign - Did not use his legal name
When Rick Steiner was elected to the Cherokee County school board last year he used his wrestler name and not his legal name, Robert L. Rechsteiner.
He and volunteers collected about 22 percent of that so far, but he did not want to chance falling short of the July 11th deadline so he qualified Monday as a write-in candidate instead.
Here's a news article explaining exactly why Steiner was disqualified from the race and forced to employ a "back-door" plan to get on the ballot.
www.wrestleview.com /news2006/1151512503.shtml   (255 words)

 Rick Steiner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Over the next seven years, the Steiner Brothers cemented their place as possibly the best American tag team of the 1990s with strong runs in the WCW (twice) and the WWF as well as frequent tours with New Japan.
The duo's success was only periodically setback by Scott's injuries, but for the most part they were a premier tag team for that stretch of time and had some really good matches to boot.
After Scott's heel turn in `97, Rick's career was thrown into disarray and he spent his late 30s in the midcard getting pushes or being out.
www.geocities.com /wrestlingscout/Legends/Ricksteiner.html   (342 words)

 (TNA) Slammiversary: Team 3D vs. Rick Steiner/Animal - TWNPNews.com Headline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Steiner gets sent to the ropes and Ray catches him, and drops him with a snap choke.
D-Von slams Rick Steiner in to the turnbuckle and punches him.
Rick tagged in and Animal and Steiner double clothesline Team 3D.
www.twnpnews.com /messages/17532.shtml   (309 words)

 Rick Steiner is back? - BellaOnline Forums
Scott Steiner was promised a lot of things as well to come into the WWE when he did and they didn't deliver so I know he won't let that happen twice.
The Steiners and 3D are bound to have some classic matches on their hands.
Yes the Steiners were good back in the day but they are far from the tag team they once were.
forums.bellaonline.com /ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=313487&fpart=2   (728 words)

 The Walnut Group: Rick Steiner
Steiner has served on numerous business boards and also the boards of the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, The Ensemble Theater, and the School for Creative and Performing Arts.
Steiner holds a BA in Economics from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago.
He and his wife Jan have two children, Ace Harris Steiner and Duke Albert Steiner, and reside in Cincinnati, Ohio and Bemidji, Minnesota.
www.thewalnutgroup.com /bioSteiner.php   (170 words)

 Wrestling Observer - headlines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Rick talked about working stiff with wrestlers towards the end of WCW's reign, in paticular Konnan, who mentioned it on WrestleZone Radio in January of '03.
Steiner said it's true to an extent, but he wasn't the only one.
Steiner discussed his friendship with Goldberg and shed some light on the rumors going around about his frustration with management, as well as possibility of him re-signing after WrestleMania XX.
www.wrestlingobserver.com /wo/news/headlines/default.asp?aID=9380   (474 words)

 Obsessed With Wrestling
Scott Steiner is the younger brother of Rick Steiner, and they formed a dominant tag team known as The Steiner Brothers..
Scott Steiner once again fell to a back injury, was stripped of the United States title and was put on the shelf..
Scott Steiner began eliminating the competition to his title one by one and entered a 2-month feud with Sid Vicious..
www.obsessedwithwrestling.com /profiles/s/scott-steiner.php   (5798 words)

 Warned.net - Former WWE Wrestler Rick Steiner has won a seat on the Cherokee County   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Former WWE Wrestler Rick Steiner has won a seat on the Cherokee County
He was appointed by a 4 to 2 vote.
The piece quoted Steiner as saying, ""Last time I was in front of a microphone five years ago, I was hollering and screaming and ranting and raving.
www.warned.net /RickSteinerSeat.html   (98 words)

 News: Lex Luger, Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner
Scott Steiner has been quiet for the most part since leaving WWE last year, however, he's been getting the interview bug as of late.
Scott Steiner will be on the Get In The Ring radio show tonight from 7 to 8.
Rick Steiner is currently running for a spot on his local school board down in Georgia.
www.lordsofpain.net /news/2005_/articles/1132161234.php   (215 words)

 Rick Steiner (I)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Rick Steiner (I) Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases IMDbTV Message Boards Showtimes and Tickets IMDbPro IMDb Resume
Discuss this name with other users on IMDb message board for Rick Steiner (I)
Find where Rick Steiner is credited alongside another name
www.imdb.com /name/nm0825992   (190 words)

 PWPIX.NET - Pro Wrestling Pix
Sting, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and Rick Steiner: 144 05-04-06 TNA iMPACT!
Leticia, Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner and Jim Cornette: 48 05-17-07 TNA iMPACT!
Kip James (with Roxxi Laveaux and BG James) and Brother Devon vs. Homicide and Rick Steiner (with Scott Steiner): 168 08-09-07 TNA iMPACT!
www.pwpix.net /superstars/r/ricksteiner   (135 words)

 YouTube - Rick Steiner vs. Danny Dollar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Rick Steiner and Danny Dollar battle it out in Wilmington, NC.
Rick Steiner vs Scott Norton (NWO Nitro 12/22/97)
Rick Steiner & Turbanators vs Bull Buchanan, Dru D'Lite & DD
youtube.com /?v=ahJA1wGfyj4   (183 words)

 WWE stock news, NWA-TNA signs Rick Steiner, and more
In a proxy vote sent out to WWE shareholders, the company has let a vote decide whether they should officially change their name from World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. to World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
J Sports and Entertainment is proud to announce the signing of “The Dogface Gremlin” Rick Steiner to appear on the first episode of NWA-TNA: Total Nonstop Action, which broadcasts live from Huntsville, Alabama on June 19th.
Steiner will join 19 others in the main event of the first broadcast of NWA-TNA: Total Nonstop Action, entitled "Gauntlet for the Gold," in which two participants will begin the match, with an additional entrant joining the contest every ninety seconds.
www.lordsofpain.net /news/2002/articles/1023312970.php   (449 words)

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