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  Great Rift Valley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It has been created through the rifting and separation of the African and Arabian tectonic plates that began around 35 million years ago in the north, and by the ongoing separation of East Africa from the rest of Africa along the East African Rift, which began about 15 million years ago.
The Gulf of Aden is an eastward continuation of the rift - before the rift opened, the Arabian Peninsula was attached to the Horn of Africa - and from this point the rift continues as part of the Mid-oceanic ridge of the Indian Ocean.
As the lakes in the Eastern Rift have no outlet to the sea, these lakes tend to be shallow and have a high mineral content as the evaporation of water leaves the salts behind.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Great_Rift_Valley   (780 words)

 Rift Valley Fever Facts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Rift Valley fever is a fever-causing viral disease that affects livestock and humans in Africa.
Rift valley fever is a fever-causing disease that affects livestock (including cattle, buffalo, sheep, and goats) and humans in Africa.
The disease is caused by the Rift Valley fever virus.
www.astdhpphe.org /infect/rift.html   (834 words)

 Rift (geology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rifts are distinct from Mid-ocean ridges, where new oceanic crust and lithosphere is created by seafloor spreading.
Lake Baikal, the bottom of the lake is the deepest continental rift on the earth.
The Reelfoot Rift, an ancient buried failed rift underlying the New Madrid Seismic Zone in the Mississippi embayment
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rift   (279 words)

 Dark Rift Game Review Nintendo 64   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
While Dark Rift is a competitive entry in the admittedly weak N64 fighting category, this is not the kind of "category-killer" title that one expects from the N64.
The story of Dark Rift is memorable, as in "memorably uninspired." Someone in the creative production department at Kronos has made an absolutely laughable attempt to link a science fiction story to the onscreen action, and it just doesn't work.
Dark Rift is yet another fighter that makes claims of being "3D." The only 3D element that affects gameplay in the slightest is the ability to side-step oncoming opponents and projectiles.
www.homestead.com /rhinoxsis/zGdark.html   (426 words)

 The Rio Grande Rift
The rift is formed where a section of the Earth’s crust arched, weakened, and spread apart due to heat from basaltic magma welling up from the mantle 29 million years ago.
West of the rift the crust of the Colorado Plateau is approximately 45 kilometers thick; east of the rift the crust beneath the Great Plains is 50 kilometers thick; beneath the rift zone the crust is only 35 kilometers thick (Chapin and Cather, 1994).
The onset of rifting coincided with a period of intense volcanism associated with the early rift basins – as is common in other rift valleys of the world.
home.att.net /~sgeoveatch/rio_grande_rift.htm   (1766 words)

 Great Rift Valley on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The present configuration of the rift, which dates from the mid-Pleistocene epoch, is probably a result of a rifting process associated with thermal currents in the earth's mantle (see rift valley); there is evidence of earlier rift structures.
The complete guide to The Rift Valley; The Great Rift Valley provides the eastern backbone of the African continent, an epic trail of jaw-dropping scenery, stunning safaris and changing cultures.
An outbreak of Rift Valley fever in Northeastern Kenya, 1997-98.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/G/GreatR1if.asp   (665 words)

 RIFT VALLEY FEVER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Rift Valley fever (RVF) is an arthropod-borne (primarily mosquito), acute, febrile, viral disease of sheep, cattle, and goats (4).
Rift Valley fever is caused by a three-stranded RNA virus in the Phlebovirus genus of the family Bunyaviridae (11).
Rift Valley fever in Egypt: Observations of the spectrum of human illness.
www.vet.uga.edu /vpp/gray_book/FAD/RVF.htm   (1961 words)

 Kenya, Africa - The Rift Valley, Kenya   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
This geologic phenomena, dubbed the Great Rift Valley by the Scottish explorer John Walter Gregory, divides Kenya neatly down the length of the country essentially separating east from west.
Today's Rift Valley is characterized by uninhabitable desert and fertile farmland, flat arid plains and steep escarpments.
Each of the lakes in the Rift Valley string have a slightly different water composition ranging from freshwater to extremely alkaline, highly saline to brackish.
www.jambokenya.com /jambo/location/rvalley.htm   (349 words)

 Rift Valley Adventures - Student educational trips and tours in Kenya, Australia, Mauritius and Reunion.
Rift Valley Adventures - Student educational trips and tours in Kenya, Australia, Mauritius and Reunion.
Rift Valley Adventurers are set apart by their passion for exploration, discovery, and adventure.
Rift Valley Adventures offers a wide range of educational trips for all age groups and schools worldwide.
www.riftvalleyadventures.com   (273 words)

 Something Happened Here: Africa's Great Rift   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Western Rift, which is believed to have occurred from south to north, is also delineated by a series of lakes.
Almost all of the Rift, between latitudes 35 North and 20 South, lies between the 30th and 40th longitudes east of Greenwich.
The rift valleys of Africa are the most recent evidence of the pulling forces that affect the African "plate." In the future, East Africa may split off just as the Arabian peninsula and Madagascar did earlier.
fga.freac.fsu.edu /academy/afrift.htm#activity1   (3374 words)

 Rift Basin Architecture & Evolution
The reasons for this interest include: (1) Rift basins are found on all passive (Atlantic-type) continental margins and provide a record of the early stages of (super)continental breakup.
The three sides of the triangle are the border fault, the rift-onset unconformity between prerift and synrift rocks, and the postrift unconformity between synrift and postrift rocks (or, for modern rifts, the present-day depositional surface).
Thus, the end of rifting, the initation of inversion, and probably the initiation of seafloor spreading are diachronous along the central Atlantic margin (i.e., during earliest Jurassic time in the southeastern United States and Early to Middle Jurassic time in the northeastern United States and Maritime Canada) (Withjack et al., 1998).
www.ldeo.columbia.edu /~polsen/nbcp/breakupintro.html   (3417 words)

 Rift Valley Fever - Vads Corner
Outbreak of Rift Valley Fever in Kenya and Somalia
Rift Valley fever virus: a seroepidemiologic study of small terrestrial vertebrates in South Africa.
Rift Valley fever virus vaccine trial: study of neutralizing antibody response in humans.
www.vadscorner.com /rvf.html   (784 words)

 what is the rift valley
Africa's Great Rift Valley is a 6,000-mile crack (fissure) in the earth's crust, stretching from Lebanon to Mozambique.
Evidence that this process, called rifting, is still in progress comes from the many active and semi-active volcanoes, located along the Rift.
Evidence of volcanic activity along the rift is provided by the presence of numerous boiling hot springs.
www.cotf.edu /ete/modules/rift/rvwhatisriftvalley.html   (146 words)

 Rift Valley fever - a disease that can spread with the wind
Rift Valley fever (RVF) - one of the priority diseases identified for attention by FAO's Emergency Prevention System (EMPRES) - is a mosquito-borne virus disease affecting ruminant animals and humans.
RVF was first described in the Rift Valley of Kenya in the early 1930s but it is now endemic in restricted sites throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa.
Epidemics of the disease typically occur in cycles of five to 20 years.
www.fao.org /NEWS/1998/rvf-e.htm   (340 words)

 Nathan: Projects: The Rift Nethunt
The Rift was a net-based scavenger hunt designed to highlight the features of the new machine and new technologies, as well as showcase the many things these are used for in various industries and many of SGI's partners and customers.
The Rift was a three week-long series of wordplay, puzzles, and VRML playgrounds, combining sci-fi fantasy and cyberculture sensibilities with technological and historical innovation.
One of the most noteworthy aspects of The Rift was the community that developed around it.
www.nathan.com /projects/1995/rift.html   (402 words)

 Rift Valley Fever | CDC Special Pathogens Branch
Rift Valley fever (RVF) is an acute, fever-causing viral disease that affects domestic animals (such as cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, and camels) and humans.
These cases represent the first Rift Valley fever cases identified outside Africa.
RVF virus primarily affects livestock and can cause disease in a large number of domestic animals (this situation is referred to as an "epizootic").
www.cdc.gov /ncidod/dvrd/spb/mnpages/dispages/rvf.htm   (1013 words)

 Amazon.com: Dark Rift: Computer & Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Where to begin, Dark Rift was an early realease on the Nintendo 64 and while its steep price of 74 dollars it now can be bought for around ten bucks or five at some places like GAME FORCE.
The lighting is excellent, fireballs and specials and weapons that glow such as eve's saber tint green off her body and other characters do the same.
Dark Rift always reminded me of the very first Tekken with weapons and less combos, and while the combos can be difficult to execute with a little practice they are easy to pull off.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00002STFJ?v=glance   (1247 words)

 Extensional Tectonics at Rutgers
Rift basins are a fundamental manifestation of continental extension, are prime repositories for sediment accumulation, and account for significant accumulations of hydrocarbons.
This rift system formed during the initial stages of the breakup of the supercontinent of Pangea.
1993: Structure, Stratigraphy, and Evolution of the Norfolk Rift Basin by Douglas Leith Musser: Unpublished M.S. Thesis, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.
www.rci.rutgers.edu /~schlisch   (4915 words)

 Online Dictionary for French English, Spanish English, Italian English, and more.
riftedriftingrifts < rift > : 1.
To cleave; to rive; to split; "to rift an oak or a rock; to rift the clouds." [Trans.
A valley with steep sides; formed by a rift in the earth's crust.
www.ultralingua.net /?service=ee&text=rift   (154 words)

 t r u t h o u t - William Rivers Pitt | Exploit the Rift
All of a sudden, however, that discipline has started to crack, and the outlines of a full-fledged civil war within the ranks of the GOP are beginning to become manifestly clear.
The public rift started several weeks ago, when Majority leaders Frist and DeLay dragged the rest of the party along on the demented sleigh-ride that was the Schiavo affair.
The 'movement conservatives' - read: fundamentalist evangelical activist Christian base of the GOP - believed they were the ones who single-handedly delivered electoral victory to Bush in the last election, and were set upon being paid back for their efforts.
www.truthout.org /docs_2005/052505X.shtml   (1746 words)

 tanzania's great rift valley
Created by the rifting and tectonic forces of East Africa and Saudi Arabia millions of years ago, the Great Rift Valley is actually divided into two forks, the eastern rift and the western rift.
Evidence of volcanic activity along the rift is seen by the presence of numerous boiling hot springs.
The rift also formed a series of shallow soda lakes in Kenya, which attract thousands of flamingoes and pelicans.
www.ngorongorocrater.com /Attractions/greatrift.php   (277 words)

 USGS Photo Glossary:
Aerial view of the northeast rift zone of Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawai`i.
A rift zone is an elongate system of crustal fractures associated with an area that has undergone extension (ground has spread apart).
On the great shield volcanoes in Hawai`i, a rift zone consists of many different features associated with the rise and eruption of magma from narrow dikes, including eruptive fissures, cinder and spatter cones, spatter ramparts, pit craters, lava flows, ground cracks, and normal faults.
volcanoes.usgs.gov /Products/Pglossary/RiftZone.html   (99 words)

 Graphic Illusions Studios :: The Rift™   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Rift™ tells the tale of three ordinary humans who, like us, go through the same motions of everyday life.
The Rift™ is a book that delivers characters that you will care about, thoughtful dialogue, a sense of mystery and wonderment.
In The Rift Universe Vampires have slightly increased strength and the ability to hypnotize humans.
www.gistudios.com /Rift   (742 words)

 Walter J Williams' THE RIFT: Contents
The Rift is the product of a colossal amount of research, a novel that takes place during and after a catastrophic earthquake along the New Madrid fault in the central U.S. This page confers to you, the reader, a host of strange and astounding abilities.
But I think the most striking thing about The Rift is the way you've managed to accurately depict the kind of psychological turmoil and chaos that survivors go through in the wake of a major natural disaster.
America's heartland has fallen into the nightmare known as the Rift-- a fault line in the earth that wrenchingly exposes the fractures in American society itself.
www.thuntek.net /therift   (2209 words)

 Chasm: The Rift for PC Review - PC Chasm: The Rift Review
Originating from a small programming team in Russia, Chasm: The Rift is a standard 3D shooter that falls technologically in between Doom and Quake - and scarily enough, isn't that bad.
You've heard the story before: another dimension has opened up, and nasty mutated critters have bounced through to wreak havoc, steal beer, and be a general nuisance.
Most gamers will feel Chasm is a case of been there, done that - but if you've been lagging behind on the hardware upgrade front, this might be a worthwhile chance to play something that feels more like what you're missing.
www.gamespot.com /pc/action/chasmtherift/review.html   (675 words)

 [No title]
Rift is a variety band that can, and will, play anything you want to hear.
Whoever thinks that Rift doesn't rock, is just a jealous dweeb.
I am also a guy who likes to see hot chicks on the dance floor, and they seem to come out in droves when Rift plays.
www.riftband.com   (319 words)

 UALR Arkansas Earthquake Center - The Reelfoot Rift - Rodinia, Laurentia, Rifts, Mississippi Embayment, New Madrid ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
This rift was detected using geophysical instruments and was named the "Reelfoot Rift." The Reelfoot Rift extends from Illinois soutwest toward the Gulf of Mexico.
Even though the Reelfoot Rift is called "inactive", the Reelfoot Rift continues to infuence the central United States region.
The Mississippi Embayment Synclinorium is another interesting Arkansas geologic feature that is believed to have developed when ocean sediments accumulated in the Reelfoot Rift.
quake.ualr.edu /public/reelfoot.htm   (185 words)

 The Official 2006 ZOOGZ RIFT Website
"Rift's music is a hilariously vulgar, surreal, and self-consciously brainy package which enriches my life.
It's pungent stuff, for those not afraid to laugh at the grotesque in life.
Rift doesn't need encouragement; he knows he's right.
zoogzrift.4mg.com   (545 words)

 www.epic40k.co.uk - Warp Rift, Battlefleet Gothic Magazine
Warp Rift is put together by a small team of dedicated Gothic fans, but it needs your contributions to continue.
Warp Rift is designed to be downloaded, and then printed out, so that you can take it on long journeys or read in your breaks.
Warp Rift Lite is identicle to Warp Rift, except that it is graphic free and fl and white.
www.epic40k.co.uk /bfgmag   (676 words)

 Rift - OneLook Dictionary Search
Rift : Online Plain Text English Dictionary [home, info]
Phrases that include Rift: rift valley, great rift valley, rift valley fever, rift zone, great rift, more...
Words similar to Rift: breach, break, rifted, rifting, rupture, severance, chasm, disagreement, estrangement, falling out, fissure, opening, schism, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=Rift&ls=a   (257 words)

 BBspot - Overclocker Creates Rift in Space-Time Continuum
Santa Cruz, CA - A rift in the space-time continuum was created today when overclocker Jamie Aperman ran a 750 MHz Coppermine Pentium III at 1.6 GHz.
Overclocking has long been blamed for causing global warming, but this is the first occasion that the fabric of space-time has been damaged.
Intel researchers have long warned of such damage to the space-time continuum, and added clock multiplier locks to their CPUs before they were required by Congress.
www.bbspot.com /News/2000/5/clock_rift.html   (418 words)

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