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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Riga Accommodation, Riga Hotels, Riga Tours - BOOK ONLINE on riga-hotels.lv
Riga has also been, and still is, key to the Baltic market and the East-West meeting point.
Riga, the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the Baltic states, was founded around the year 1201.
In the Old City of Riga there is a mixture of the bohemian cosiness of Prague, the cool elegance of Paris and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Berlin.
www.riga-hotels.lv   (1417 words)

  Riga municipality portal
Riga is located along the Baltic Sea at the southern coast of the Gulf of Riga, on the Rigava coastal plain.
The historical core of Riga is situated on the right bank of the Daugava River, about 10 kilometers from where the Daugava flows into the Gulf of Riga.
Climate in Riga is influenced by its proximity to the sea; therefore it is moderately warm and humid.
www.riga.lv /EN/Channels/About_Riga   (0 words)

  Riga - Wikipedia
Riga war vor allem Sitz der Erzbischöfe von Riga, aber auch eine immer bedeutender werdende Handelsstadt, die der Hanse angehörte.
Auch der Generalkommissar für den Generalbezirk Lettland hatte seinen Sitz in Riga.
Bei Riga befindet sich der größte baltische Flughafen Riga sowie ein Fährterminal mit Verbindungen v.a.
de.wikipedia.org /wiki/Riga   (1304 words)

 Riga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Riga (Latvian: Rīga), the capital of Latvia, is situated on the Baltic Sea coast on the mouth of the River Daugava, at 56°58′N 24°8′E.
Riga is the largest city in the Baltic states and serves as a major cultural, educational, political, financial, commercial and industrial center in the Baltics.
The modern founding of Riga is regarded by historians to have begun with the arrival in Latvia of German traders, mercenaries and religious crusaders in the second half of the 12th century, attracted by a sparsely populated region, potential new markets and by the missionary opportunities to convert the local population to Christianity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Riga   (2162 words)

 Peace of Riga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Peace of Riga (also known as the Treaty of Riga, Polish: Traktat Ryski) signed in Riga on 18 March 1921, between Poland on one side, and the Russian SFSR and Soviet Ukraine on the other, ended the Polish-Bolshevik War.
By 1921, Piłsudski was not the head of state, and only participated as an observer during the Riga negotiations, which he called an act of cowardice (Davies, 1972, p.399).
The exhausted Poles, pressured by the League of Nations, decided to sign the Peace of Riga on March 18, 1921, splitting the disputed territories in Belarus and Ukraine, between Poland and Russia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Peace_of_Riga   (949 words)

 Riga International Airport
Riga International Airport is the largest in the Baltic countries.
It is shorter to travel from Riga to the important cities of Lithuania or Estonia than it would take from Vilnius or Tallinn.
Riga International Airport is constantly fulfilling the conception of development.
www.randburg.com /lv/airport.html   (479 words)

Riga, the capital of the Republic of Latvia, lies on the banks of the Daugava river not far from where the river flows into the Gulf of Riga.
Riga is not only the largest city in the Baltic States, but also the most important centre of industry, finance and transport in the Baltic region.
Although the city of Riga was not devastated during the war, it opted to conform to the political power of that time with the aim that the privileges and independence of the city were maintained.
www.randburg.com /lv/riga.html   (1732 words)

Riga was first recorded as a town in the chronicles.
Riga was under the rule of the Polish-Lithuanian state.
Riga and the Kurland Dukedom became part of Russia.
www.eunet.lv /Riga/history.html   (606 words)

 The Web's Best Riga Tourist Guide
However you look at it, Riga is regaining its reputation as a fun-filled, forward-looking city.
Riga ruled the Baltics as a whole—hence the centuries of war fighting for control of this city.
This is a city, thankfully, where you can still turn a corner or walk into a room and feel that you have stepped back into the 1890s or the 1920s.
www.balticsworldwide.com /tourist/latvia   (941 words)

 The organ of Riga Dom Cathedral   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The masters of Riga have changed, the clergy at the Riga Dom have changed, and the language and traditions of services have changed.
Riga had obtained an instrument, with good reason prouding itself upon to this very day - an organ built by the famous German organ building company E.F.Walcker and Co, being the greatest and most modern in Europe at that time.
Playing the Riga Dom organ, finding common with the lines of flandwhite keys of the four manuals and with the pedal keyboard, or discovering the neccessary and most appropriate stop combinations to each passage of a composition - that is a superb and wonderful experience to every organist.
www.lmuza.lv /organ/organs/Riga_Dom.html   (604 words)

 Riga, Treaty of. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
By the Treaty of Riga of 1920, between the USSR and Latvia, the USSR recognized Latvian independence.
The Treaty of Riga of 1921, between the USSR and Poland, followed a truce concluded late in 1920.
The war between Poland and the USSR (1920) had been precipitated largely by the demand of Poland that its eastern border of 1772 be restored.
www.bartleby.com /65/ri/Riga-Tre.html   (175 words)

 Search Results: Riga Hostels
Located in the old town centre, Riga Hostel is one of the best options you can find if you are a young and independent traveller on a budget.
Elizabeth's Youth Hostel is located in the centre of Riga, the nearest hostel to the train and bus station is 5 minutes walk away...
The four-star hotel 'Riga' is a landmark building of the city, located in the very centre and the most beautiful part of the capital...
www.reservations.bookhostels.com /2camels.com/findabed.php?ChosenCountry=Latvia&ChosenCity=Riga   (746 words)

 Riga Commercial Free Port   (Site not responding. Last check: )
On 21 November, 1996 the President of the Republic of Latvia declared the Law on Riga Commercial Free Port.
Riga Commercial Free port occupies a land area of 438 ha.
In order to operate in the Free port, it is necessary to receive a license and conclude an agreement with SSC "Riga Commercial Port".
www.rto.lv /RigaCommercialFreePort.htm   (319 words)

 Riga apartments for rent. Accommodation in Riga. Centre & Old Town
Currently we are offering more then a hundred, fully-equipped, cozy Riga apartments (center of the city) and in the historical part and the touristic center of Riga - in the Old Riga.
Centuries-old German buildings are strewn throughout the historic quarter of Vecriga (Old Riga), and taking the lift up to the spire of St Peter's Church for an aerial view of the neighbourhood is one of the highlights of a visit.
Riga Castle dates from 1330, when it was built as the headquarters of the Livonian Order.
www.apartments-riga.com   (533 words)

 Riga, Serviced apartments in Riga, Best Riga hotel, Riga hotel deals
This sunny and cosy apartment is located in the heart of Old Town and is a perfect starting point for your walks through the historical district of Riga.
When you want to place yourself in an active historical atmosphere, then book an exciting holiday visiting delightful Latvia`s most enchanting city, Riga, with many opportunities to sightsee or just chill out while catching an awe-inspiring panorama, with lifelong memories which`ll always bring a smile to your face.
Whatever the agenda for your visit to Riga, you can`t ever regret it, and even more so now that we`ve chosen the most pleasant accommodation in the very desirable parts of town, exclusively for those of you seeking a bargain.
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 Riga, Latvia News - Topix
Latvia's new President Valdis Zatlers was sworn in at an inauguration ceremony at parliament on Sunday July 8, followed by a multi-denominational ceremony at Riga Dome Cathedral.
RIGA From The Economist print edition East European economies are still powering along - but the region is ill-prepared if the weather turns nasty Peter Schrank IMAGINE some souped-up old bangers driven...
The Galerija Centrs shopping arcade in downtown Riga is a fitting symbol of Latvia's transformation from a former Soviet republic to the fastest growing state in the European Union.
www.topix.net /lv/riga   (554 words)

 [Alternatives] : Mr. Bush and the Riga axioms
This support was grudging and tactical; elements of the influential Riga group thought it would be better to let Hitler and the Soviet Union destroy each other and it was perhaps this thinking that led to the unconscionable delay in the Western Allies opening up the Second Front.
Bush said in Riga that Yalta was "one of the greatest wrongs of history" because it traded the freedom of small nations for the goal of stability in Europe, he was not merely echoing Cold War dogma.
At Riga, he has served notice to the world that he is ready to take the good fight against "tyranny" beyond Iraq.
www.alternatives.ca /article1812.html   (998 words)

They were allowed to come to Riga to work for limited periods of time but could not live in the city permanently.
Kurland "mitnaggedim"spoke German and in 1881 half of Riga Jews considered their spoken language to be German.
Visitors to Riga for any length of time had to register their passports with the police.
www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org /riga/rigapage.htm   (753 words)

 The Web's No. 1 Riga Hotel Guide
The Radisson’s conference facilities are some of the best in Riga, and they have been the site of a number of world-class meetings.
A leading hotel for over 100 years, Hotel Riga survived the entirety of the 20th century and is improving quality all the time.
This sturdy, 40-room log hotel is 21 kilometers from Riga on Lake Lilaste, an outstanding escape from the rat race of city hotels.
www.balticsworldwide.com /tourist/latvia/hotels.htm   (2628 words)

 Hotels in Riga
Nineteenth century hotel situated in the centre of Riga, 50 metres from the Opera House, 400 metres from St Peter?s Church.
Modern hotel situated one kilometre from Riga?s old town, cathedral and castle, and 15 kilometres from the airport.
This small, two-floor budget hotel is situated among the boulevards of Riga?s New Town, three kilometres from Old Riga with its cathedral and Bastejkalns Park.
www.expedia.co.uk /daily/hotels/Latvia/Riga.asp   (838 words)

 RD turisma portals
Impossible not to be loved in Riga, because of its given inspiration to everyone – both for them which are delighted with ancient and which craves for new impressions.
One-time tickets will be sold in outlets, and passengers will have to punch the tickets in one of the tram’s electronic punching devices.
One-time tram tickets will be sold at RÄ«gas satiksme ticket offices, in outlets across Riga city as well as by tram drivers.
www.rigatourism.com /riga   (200 words)

 Riga  Latvia - In Your Pocket   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If you’re a non-smoker you’ll be happy to know that the Latvian government has implemented legislation banning smoking in all public places unless a separate area with proper ventilation is provided.
Stag nights have become an almost ordinary affair in the Latvian capital and most of the local populace has learned to accept the sight of Englishmen in dresses and other odd outfits in Old Riga.
If you’re a gun enthusiast, and by that we mean a person who has seen gratuitous violence in films and thought it was cool, you can live out you’re craziest ‘shoot ‘em up’ fantasy at a Soviet bunker right here in Riga..
www.inyourpocket.com /latvia/riga/en   (337 words)

 Ostelli a Riga - Conferma Prenotazioni Online
Questa pagina mostra una lista di tutti gli ostelli in Riga.
It is central to everything you need to see in Old Riga: only two minutes walk to the very centre of old town, with all sorts of entertainment - nightclubs, restaurants, casinos, pubs etc. Showers and WCs are located near to each room.
We are Situated in the Walls of the Medieval Castle of Old Riga.
www.hostels.com /it/lv.ri.html   (654 words)

   Latvia - In Your Pocket   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When Billy Idol screamed the words to his classic song Hot in the City at the Riga Arena in July, few people, including the aging rocker himself, realised just how steamy the city would get.
As the mercury settled around 35C for over a week (that’s like a stroll on the surface of the sun to a Latvian), everyone hit the closest beach to cool off.
Unfortunately, the Bay of Riga is quite shallow and its tepid water was hardly refreshing to anyone who had hoped to find relief in the usually frigid waters of the Baltic.
www.inyourpocket.com /Latvia/Riga_home.shtml   (242 words)

 BBC NEWS | UK | Stag parties warned of Riga scam
Officials in the Latvian capital Riga say men are being enticed into the bars with the promise of free alcohol.
The British embassy in Riga is warning those visiting the city of the scam and has contacted the local authorities.
In June officials in Riga - which has recently become a popular destination for revellers and stag parties - said they were considering banning strip clubs from the historic city centre.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/uk/6164119.stm   (392 words)

 Photos Riga Latvia - Rigas Fotos - Patricia LTD
We have photos of both Riga City and Latvia countryside.
These photos are copyright (c) 1999-2008, by Patricia LTD, Riga Latvia.
All rights are reserved and written permission to use these photos is required.
www.rigaphotos.com   (179 words)

 Riga - Finnbo 2002
On Christmas eve 2001, Alexis Nicou got the idea that he would help children that have a hard time.
This led to that a school class from a orphanage in Riga, the capital of Latvia, was invited to live in the country and share a part of the Swedish summer.
To play, bath and have a good meal as Swedish children can do.
www.klonk.se /finnbo   (141 words)

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