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Topic: Ring name

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  Your Name Ring Personalized with
Especially Popular are Double Named Rings for Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
Next to the "Names, Dates or Message", indicate the text you would like inscribed on this ring.
In order to fit in all messages into the ring, it is recommended not to exceed 22 alphabets/numbers/symbols in a single ring.
www.unusualdesign.com /name/ring.html   (684 words)

  Solar System Exploration: Planets: Saturn: Rings
Named alphabetically in the order they were discovered, the rings are relatively close to each other, with the exception of the Cassini Division, a gap measuring 4,700 kilometers (2,920 miles).
The main rings are, working outward from the planet, known as C, B, and A. The Cassini Division is the largest gap in the rings and separates Rings B and A. In addition a number of fainter rings have been discovered more recently.
Beyond that are two far fainter rings named G and E. The rings show a tremendous amount of structure on all scales; some of this structure is related to gravitational perturbations by Saturn's many moons, but much of it remains unexplained.
solarsystem.nasa.gov /planets/profile.cfm?Object=Saturn&Display=Rings   (446 words)

  Ring name - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A ring name is a stage name used by a professional wrestler, or in some cases, a martial artist or boxer.
Ring names were developed as a defense mechanism to keep kayfabe and allow wrestling performers to hide their true identities from the wrestling fanbase, or because their real name is considered unattractive, dull, amusing for the wrong reasons, or projects the wrong image.
Ring names are often trademarked by the promotion that creates a character or gimmick for a performer, and it is not uncommon to see one performer use a variety of ring names throughout his career, even if his overall persona or gimmick remains similar.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ring_name   (346 words)

 Ring Theory: Rings, Ideals, Integral Domains, Fields - Numericana
Ring of polynomials whose coefficients are in a given ring.
The characteristic of a non-unital ring is defined as the least positive integer p such that a sum of p identical terms always vanishes (if there's no such p, then the ring is said to have zero characteristic).
The radical Rad(I) of an ideal I is the set of all ring elements which have at least one of their powers in I. The radical of an ideal is an ideal.
home.att.net /~numericana/answer/rings.htm   (1318 words)

 Mother's ring & name rings by MyNameRing.com - mother's ring & name rings
In addition to our personalized mother's rings and name rings, we have initial rings, personalized wedding bands, baby rings, and toe rings.
With the name of each of your children around the band, it is a more personal alternative to traditional mothers rings with only birth-stones.
With a heart between your names they truly are as unique as the two of you!
www.mynamering.com   (306 words)

 welcome to the nwo's and ETW's home --
He is one of the hardest-hitting guys ever to step into the ring.
He made his name known when he invaded RCW and defeated their
Biography: This superstar is still to make his name known in the ETW.
www.freewebs.com /nwoetw/rosters.htm   (554 words)

 PlanetMath: ring
is a ring with unity, a unital ring, or a unitary ring.
This is version 14 of ring, born on 2001-10-19, modified 2006-11-22.
Object id is 354, canonical name is Ring.
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/Ring.html   (255 words)

 László A. Magyar: Digitus medicinalis - the etymology of the name
As regards the name ring finger, the ring is the most powerful, magic symbol, that of the aion-snake of eternity, the symbol of the intertwining of life and death (18): it can attach significance to any of our fingers.
The question arises, namely whether the finger could wear the ring because it had from the outset been endowed with magic power, or just the other way round, it was endowed, with magic power because it wore a ring.
The names of fingers according to their position on the hand can also be related to magic, since by the rules of magic thinking, generally the thing is marked by a number which is not advisable to address by its real name.
semmelweis.tripod.com /digitus.html   (1888 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Sean Waltman   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Lawrence Boris Simon (born 1933), better known by his ring name Boris Malenko, is a former American professional wrestler who wrestled for the AWA and NWA in the 1960s in 1970s.
To play upon his previous gimmick of 1-2-3 Kid, he was given the name Syxx, supposedly as he was the sixth member of the nWo, or as a joke on his old name (1+2+3=6 or also 1x2x3=6).
His X-Pac ring name has become the impetus of what is now termed X-Pac heat in wrestling.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Sean-Waltman   (7340 words)

 red ring nematode - Bursaphelenchus cocophilus Cobb
The red ring nematode parasitizes the palm weevil Rhynchophorus palmarum L., which is attracted to fresh trunk wounds and acts as a vector for B.
The major internal symptom of red ring infection is the telltale red ring for which the disease was named.
The red ring nematodes primarily invade the parenchymatous tissue of the palm in a band where the red ring develops.
creatures.ifas.ufl.edu /nematode/red_ring_nematode.htm   (1495 words)

 Relic information selected
The Cambridge ring consisted of a pair of twisted wires which were taken round the Lab and they plugged into one of these devices.
This fat transformer is still used for generating the power supply for the board from the ring and this is a transistor and as you can see it has a large heat sink on because it handles the power to supply the rest of the board.
The Cambridge ring consisted of a pair of twisted wires which were taken round the Lab and they plugged into one of these devices - this allowed some device which accepted or gave information to be attached to the Ring.
www.cl.cam.ac.uk /cgi-bin/relicd?name=&machine=Ring&class=any&uid=   (2992 words)

 History at Ring Precision Component Parts
Ring Precision Components, a business unit of the Producto Corporation, was founded in 1945 under the name of the Ring Punch and Die Company on the strength of a patent obtained by one of the founders.
The assigned patent dealt with a means of retaining punches and dies in their respective plates, using a lock-washer ring, hence the name Ring.
Today Ring Precision Components is one of the eight major punch companies in the United States manufacturing precision tooling components for the metal stamping and forming, plastic injection molding and rubber molding industries.
www.ringprecision.com /history.html   (407 words)

 Boxing ring - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A modern ring is square, set on a raised platform and bound around with four parallel rows of rope attached to posts at each corner of the ring.
The name ring is an atavism from when contests were fought in a roughly drawn circle on the ground, the name ring continued with the Jack Broughton rules (1743) specifying a small circle in the centre of the fight area where the boxers met at the start of each round.
The first square ring was introduced by the Pugilistic Society in 1838, the ring was specified as 24 feet square and bound by two ropes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Boxing_ring   (312 words)

 Ring of Honor Cast Pictures - Ring of Honor Cast and Crew - TV.com
Nelson Erazo is an American professional wrestler by the in-ring name of Homicide.
Chris Scoville is an American professional wrestler by the in-ring name of Jimmy Jacobs.
John Jirus is a professional wrestler and has wrestled in Ring of Honor and a couple of matches in the WWE B show Velocity.
www.tv.com /ring-of-honor/show/35259/cast.html   (1202 words)

 Southeastern Changes Name to Ring Power Crane
With Ring Power Corp.’s extensive name recognition, Ring Power Crane is expected to benefit from the association.
Ring Power Crane, now a division of Ring Power Corp., represents Manitowoc in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and the Bahamas; Manitex in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas; Broderson in North Carolina; and Potain in Florida.
Ring Power Corp., No. 27 on the RER 100, is a Caterpillar dealer for northern and central Florida, and has 12 Cat Rental Stores.
rermag.com /Southeastern_Ring_Power/index.html   (125 words)

 Family Ring- Name Band
All rings are regular fit designs (comfort fit not available).
Name additions at a later date are NOT possible.
If names will not fit the ring size ordered, we will contact you.
www.momsjewelrybox.com /Name-Jewelry/RI-46004.htm   (183 words)

 Name of Jesus Ring - In The Name Of Jesus Chastity Rings®
Name of Jesus Ring - In The Name Of Jesus Chastity Rings®
Name Of Jesus Ring - In the name of Jesus Chastity Ring
The small ring is size 7 and the large is size 11.
www.camerojewelry.com /religiousstull/silver/nameofjesusring22SW.htm   (99 words)

 Baby Name Ring - Origin and Meaning of Ring
The boy's name Ring \r(i)-ng\ is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "ring".
Ring is a very rare male first name and a very popular surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census).
Displayed below is the baby name popularity trend for the boy's name Ring.
www.thinkbabynames.com /meaning/1/Ring   (103 words)

 14K Gold & Sterling Silver Jewish Name rings, name ring
If the name is short the rest of the circumference of the ring will be a flat band.
On this ring any characters of a Western language is raised on a textured background for contrast enhancement.
The inscription, which may be any text and special characters is distributed around the inside of the ring including a small area used for hallmark and karat stamping.
www.zionjudaica.com /Name_Rings-151.asp   (999 words)

 The ring-necked pheasant - DesertUSA
The genus name Phasianus (fay-sih-AY-nus) is from the Greek word "phasianos" meaning "of the Phasis River," which is located in the country along the east coast of the Black Sea.
The species name colchicus (COL-kih-kus) is Latin for Colchis, an area in Greek mythology which was a province and city at the eastern end of the Black Sea and the Phasis River.
The name, "ring-necked," comes from the white ring or collar that surrounds the neck of the male.
www.desertusa.com /mag00/sep/papr/phante.html   (1023 words)

 Life Ring Names for your boat
The boat name and hailing port are cut to overlay on the ring easily and perfectly.
The sample shows where the straps are located on a standard 24-inch life ring.
Life ring buoy and life ring name are mailed separately.
www.yachtsee.com /lifering   (103 words)

 Ring Sports United
Ring Sports United is a club, not just a place.
A club where every form of unarmed combat that takes place in a ring is taught, learned and practiced.
Everything taught at RSU has been 'ring tested' over the past twenty plus years, so whether you are here for fitness or to compete, you're in a technically correct training program.
www.ringsportsunited.com /about.htm   (306 words)

 Signature Script Name Ring
Ring sizes 3-4 have a limit of 5 letters.
Ring sizes 5-6 have a limit of 7 letters.
Ring sizes 7 and up have a limit of 9 letters.
www.personalizationmall.com /Product.aspx?storeid=38&categoryid=1327&productid=4084&sdest=product&sdestid=4086   (133 words)

 Singular Manual: General syntax of a ring declaration   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The names are used as parameters in transcendental or algebraic extensions of the coefficient field.
The name of the imaginary unit is given by the last parameter.
declares a quotient ring as the basering modulo ideal_expression.
www.msri.org /about/computing/docs/singular/sing_30.htm   (440 words)

 Wedding Ceremonies Weddings Ceremony Readings Ring, Childrens Vows   (Site not responding. Last check: )
(Groom's Name) I thank you for this beautiful ring, I accept it as a symbol that we are one with each other.
This ring will remind me of you, 1 will wear it with love, all of my life.
(Bride's Name) I thank you for this beautiful ring, I accept it as a symbol that we are one with each other.
www.weddingsweddings.com /ring_vows.html   (327 words)

 Ring Lardner, Jr. - Moviefone
The son of a famed humorist, screenwriter Ring Lardner, Jr.
Ring Lardner Jr., the son of the famous journalist and humorist, Ring...
Ring Lardner Jr, who has died aged 85, was the last surviving member of the...
movies.aol.com /celebrity/ring-lardner-jr/98770/main   (114 words)

The kernel of a ring homomorphism is an ideal.
The first argument is a ring R and the second argument is an element of R. When evaluated on R and such a second argument, the function represents the ideal in R generated by the second argument.
This is a symbol representing the ring of integers.
www.win.tue.nl /~amc/oz/om/cds/ring3.xml   (1164 words)

 Name Bands- Personalized Rings
Each family member name is separated by a solid heart.
Name additions at a later date are NOT possible.
Each name or date is separate by a solid heart.
www.favoritejewelry.com /Mothers-Name-Ring/Mothers-Name-Ring.htm   (254 words)

 Sapphire and Tourmaline Ring - Bijoux Extraordinaire
The ring has a shimmering satin finish that reminds us of freshly fallen snow in the wintery evening twilight.
The ring was crafted to be a family heirloom offering many years of enjoyment and wear.
The ring is hand-crafted in 18kt white gold.
www.jewelryexpert.com /catalog/Winter-Twilight-Ring.htm   (445 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If nil, the name is echoed in the minibuffer when switching window configurations." :type 'boolean :group 'winring) (defcustom winring-name-generator 'winring-next-name "*Function that generates new automatic window configuration names.
When a new window configuration is created with `winring-new-configuration', and the user did not specify an explicit name, this function is called with no arguments to get the new name.
Optional NAME is the name to use; if not given, then `winring-name-generator' is `funcall'd with no arguments to get the generated name.
barry.warsaw.us /elisp/winring.el   (1773 words)

The ring addition is binary addition, the ring multiplication is binary multiplication.
This symbol represents a unary function, whose argument should be a ring S (for instance constructed by ring).
This symbol represents a unary function, whose argument should be a ring S. It returns the map sending an element of S to its additive inverse.
www.win.tue.nl /~amc/oz/om/cds/ring1.xml   (1153 words)

 Family Crest coat of arms Rings and Jewellery, Jewelry, coat of arms from Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, ...
The Claddagh Rings are approx 0.68 in height (Gents) and 0.54 inch in height (Ladies).
A: The simple way is to bring an existing ring owned by the person the new ring is for to a jeweller who can size the ring in seconds for no charge.
Rings can be easily re-sized in a local jeweller for a small charge if necessary.
www.irishnation.com /familycrestrings.htm   (1160 words)

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