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Topic: Risk management

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  Nonprofit Risk Management Center
The 2008 Risk Management and Finance Summit for Nonprofits will be held September 7–9, 2008 at the Marriott City Center in Minneapolis, MN.
Mark your calendar today and plan to attend this annual gathering of leaders committed to bringing risk management to life in their organizations.
The Nonprofit Risk Management Center is pleased to announce that ChoicePoint, headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, is the Center’s newest Corporate Sustainer.
www.nonprofitrisk.org   (500 words)

  Risk Management
Risk management is a discipline for living with the possibility that future events may cause adverse effects.
This is not an example of Continuous Risk Management because risks are not continuously assessed and new risks are not continuously identified.
Risk management can be used to continuously assess what can go wrong in projects (i.e., what the risks are), determine which of these risks are most important, and implement strategies to deal with these risks.
www.sei.cmu.edu /risk/index.html   (882 words)

 Victor O. Schinnerer - Risk Management
To better manage risk in an organization, risk managers and their staffs are encouraged to borrow videos for viewing and for use in staff training.
A comprehensive or focused on-site risk review may be conducted to examine the client organization's risk exposures, identify existing risk management components, determine any areas that may require little or no change, and recommend strategies for addressing any risks identified by the reviews.
This service is staffed by highly experienced risk management professionals and is available to each institution's risk manager, and any other authorized caller approved by the insured, to provide immediate access to risk management information when the need arises.
www.schinnerer.com /risk_mgmt/hospitals_healthcare/index.html   (638 words)

 Financial Risk Management (FRM)
Risk management, as it is understood today, largely emerged during the early 1990s, but the term “risk management” was used long before this.
With regard to the market risk faced by derivatives dealers, the report recommends that portfolios be marked-to-market daily, and that market risk be assessed with both value-at-risk and stress testing.
Without risk limits, someone would have to track the risks being taken by individual traders and apply their own subjective judgment as to how much is too much.
www.riskglossary.com /articles/risk_management.htm   (3992 words)

 Risk Management Lexicon   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The simulation is based on risks which are identified and quantified as probability distributions at a detailed level of the project such as the activity level of a schedule or a low-level WBS cost element.
Risk neutrality may be defined as making decisions based on the expected value of alternative actions, such as a large company with many projects or an insurance company may do.
Risk aversion is common, however, among organizations for which the impact of the risk is substantial (e.g., bankruptcy, loss of a prized customer) and extra contingency may be required in this case.
www.risksig.com /lexicon.htm   (4422 words)

 Risk Management
Risk management is a program management tool to assess and mitigate events that might adversely impact the program thereby increasing the likelihood of success.
Risks must be well understood, and risk management approaches developed, before decision authorities can authorize a program to proceed either in state owned and operated facilities or in community settings.
Two risk areas bearing on schedule risk are (1) the risk that the schedule estimates and objectives are realistic and reasonable and (2) the risk that program execution will fall short of the schedule objectives as a result of failure to mitigate risks.
www.incidentmanagement.us /section_1.htm   (812 words)

Risk management is to direct and control the possibility of loss.
The risk is the only parameter the risk manager may effectively change to control risk.
The difficulty with this approach, is that few risk managers have a conscious model of their systems, so few can translate their actual trading systems to computer code.
www.seykota.com /tribe/risk/index.htm   (4007 words)

 Risk management – health and safety in the workplace
Risk management involves you, the employer, looking at the risks that arise in the workplace and then putting sensible health and safety measures in place to control them.
As an employer, the law requires you to assess and manage health and safety risks - for most businesses this is not difficult to do and HSE has published Five Steps to Risk Assessment to help you.
This is not the only way to do a risk assessment, there are other methods that work well, particularly for more complex risks and circumstances.  However we believe this method is the most straightforward for most organisations.
www.hse.gov.uk /risk/index.htm   (220 words)

 Maricopa County Risk Management Main Page
Risk Management will establish an Enterprise Risk Management program to identify and address areas of risk that adversely effect either County operations or citizen perceptions of County services.
Although Risk Management's costs increased $595,925 (2.8%), due primarily to the increased costs of insurance premiums, the Cost of Risk (Risk Management's costs compared to the total County expenditures) was a very good 0.94%.
Risk Management's emphasis on responsible claim handling and a strong proactive loss prevention and safety program is designed to keep this increase to a minimum.
www.maricopa.gov /riskmgt/default.asp   (763 words)

 Enterprise Risk Management from Cognos Software
The principle tasks — identifying key indicators and measuring/reporting against them — are made far easier with the use of a superior business intelligence system that can consolidate data throughout the enterprise, allowing management to monitor key risk indicators through scorecarding, dashboards and other reporting vehicles.
And Cognos provides the kind of integration of data, tools and reporting that allows management to better understand how risk in one part of the enterprise may cause ripple effects through other areas and jeopardize the company as a whole.
In order to mitigate risk in the enterprise, management must first be able to measure and monitor it.
www.cognos.com /enterprise-risk-management.html   (392 words)

 Risk Management - Management - Management Portal
The author challenges four "icons" that have grown insidiously and perniciously within the discipline of risk management: first, that "risk" is bad; second, that the primary goal of risk management is to benefit shareholders; third, that risk management is the responsibility of specialists; and, fourth, that risk can be transferred.
Managing Risk provides a comprehensive description and analysis of modern risk management, including the regulatory aspects, organizational issues, potential problem areas, and tools to control and manage the many different kinds of risks: market risk, credit risk, and operational risk.
It also discusses: structuring and managing the risk management function in a firm; practical measurement issues in the field; risk management in both financial and non-financial institutions.
www.themanager.org /Knowledgebase/Management/Risk.htm   (535 words)

 SAS Risk Management
SAS Risk Management gives you the visibility and foresight to recognize and leverage risk-related opportunities, as well as an early warning system for detecting potential hazards.
SAS Risk Intelligence for Financial Services draws from a comprehensive portfolio of advanced risk and compliance capabilities to provide a single point of control for effectively governing critical enterprise risk and compliance activities.
SAS Risk Management for Energy and Utilities combines award-winning software and best-practice services to transform masses of data about your operations, suppliers, risks, assets and profitability into strategic business intelligence – the fuel for competitive advantage.
www.sas.com /solutions/riskmgmt/index.html   (436 words)

 Hazardous Materials Transportation RISK MANAGEMENT
Today, uniform regulations to manage the risk associated with transportation of hazardous materials are essentially in place worldwide.
The Department of Transportation continues to strive to identify and manage potential hazards, the probability of occurrence of incidents in transportation, and the consequences of such incidents.
Risk Management Self-Evaluation Framework (RMSEF) - a tool to aid all parties (regulators, shippers, carriers, emergency response personnel, etc.) in assessing and managing risk.
hazmat.dot.gov /riskmgmt/risk.htm   (475 words)

 Risk Management
The relationship of risk and the project life cycle: the amount of uncertainty and risk is highest at the start of the project and lowest at the end of the project
A qualitative analysis of risks and conditions is done to prioritize their affects on project objectives.
Risks that arise as a result of implementing the contingency plan are called secondary risks.
www.yancy.org /research/project_management/risk.html   (1603 words)

 Risk Management
Risk assessment and risk management plans for behavioral health and social service agencies.
Risk can be unexpected and unpredictable events such as loss of funds through a malpractice allegation, change in state or federal policies, violation of client rights, patient or staff abuse, injuries from restraints, theft or an injury to a consumer or visitor who trips on a slippery floor and decides to sue.
A risk management plan is a process of thinking systematically about all reasonable risks, problems or disasters before they happen and setting up procedures that will avoid the risk, or minimize its impact, or cope with its impact.
www.schaferconsulting.com /riskmanagement.htm   (412 words)

 USDA Briefing Room - Farm Risk Management
A number of risk management tools are available, including yield and revenue insurance, futures and options, contracting sales and purchases, enterprise diversification, debt-level management, credit availability, and off-farm employment.
This report looks at the risk management potential for such programs, which are not linked to production of particular commodities, and the obstacles to implementing such an approach (June 2006).
Frequently asked questions and answers about farm risk management address the kinds and causes of farm risk and government programs designed to mitigate risk.
www.ers.usda.gov /Briefing/RiskManagement   (472 words)

 Elders Risk Management   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Risk Management is about establishing control over the uncertainties that plague agribusiness, from volatile commodity prices to the vagaries of the weather.
Elders Risk Management has access to futures and options markets around the world with the ability to trade a wide variety of exchange traded contracts.
We specialise in working with clients to utilise a wide variety of price risk management tools for agricultural commodities thereby reducing the uncertainty of future cash flows.
riskmanagement.elders.com.au /index.asp   (147 words)

 Project Management Lifecycle Risk Assessment
Fundamentals of Risk Management (ITtoolbox Project Management)- This paper will help you understand what risk is, its levels, the types of risk, a framework for effective risk management, the responses to risk, and the risk of inaction.
Identifying Risk Exposure: Questions for the Project Manager (ITtoolbox Project Management)- This white paper is designed to provide project managers a set of questions to ask about their project to help categorize risk through the practice of asking questions.
Risk Management in Software Development Projects (HRA Consulting)- This article describes a straightforward approach to risk management: how risks might be assessed and managed and how experience might be fed forward to help future project managers.
projectmanagement.ittoolbox.com /topics/t.asp?t=308&p=308&h1=308   (1012 words)

 FAS 133 Energy Risk Management Consulting Experts, Strategy & Finance ~ Energy Risk Management Consultants & Expert ...
Risk Limited is an acknowledged leader in providing risk management services to many of the most successful corporations.
Risk Limited is devoted to excellence in providing professional services and advice.
Risk Limited professionals were educated at leading business schools and trained at some of the world's most prestigious corporations and financial institutions.
www.risklimited.net /index.html   (283 words)

 Experts in Energy Risk Management Consulting, Strategy & Finance ~ Energy Risk Management Consultants & Technology ...
Risk Limited is an acknowledged leader in providing risk management services to many of the most successful corporations.
Risk Limited is devoted to excellence in providing professional services and advice.
Risk Limited professionals were educated at leading business schools and trained at some of the world's most prestigious corporations and financial institutions.
www.risklimited.com /index.html   (269 words)

 Operational Risk Management Software: OpenPages ORM
Managing a multitude of internal and external risks is one of the most significant challenges facing global organizations today.
Risk self-assessment capabilities enable organizations to document and evaluate their risk frameworks, including processes, risks, events, key risk indicators and controls.
ORM delivers a policy-driven and process-centric way to manage risk through control self-assessments, end-user surveys, automated workflow and executive dashboards that provide management with the visibility, control and decision support required to understand and manage risks throughout the organization to optimize business performance.
www.openpages.com /solutions/enterprise_risk_management/operational_risk_management.asp   (566 words)

 Risk Management
Risk Management is one of five initiatives established for FDA to address five critical challenges facing the agency.
Risk management decisions will be supported by rigorous scientific analysis that weighs, when appropriate, not only the risk-to-benefit profile of the product itself, but also the risk versus the benefit associated with Agency actions.
FDA's Risk Analysis Team is running the simulator to test the impact on risk of BSE infectivity in cattle under alternative compliance strategies.
www.fda.gov /oc/mcclellan/riskmngt.html   (4185 words)

 SAS Risk Management for the Insurance Industry
They need to employ enterprise risk management that allows them to base strategic business decisions upon strong positions that can be measured qualitatively and quantitatively.
Allow risk managers, senior managers and analysts to access and communicate risk measures across the enterprise, fueling better decision making so that everyone could retain a strategic vision without losing sight of the granular details.
SAS Risk Management enables you to perform firm-wide risk management with an open, flexible and extensible means of measuring and managing a market in a way that best matches your needs.
www.sas.com /industry/ins/risk/index.html   (529 words)

 Risk Management "Risk As A Resource"   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The implementation of a thorough, disciplined risk management approach is now required of all NASA programs and projects.
Although formal risk management is essential, the Agency encourages program managers to tailor the risk management approach so that it fits the unique needs of the program.
Risk Balancing Profile Tool -- "Although a 'rule-based' fixed requirements driven approach in the past served the Agency well in the safety and mission assurance disciplines, those days are now over."
www.hq.nasa.gov /office/codeq/risk/risk.htm   (408 words)

 Bobsguide - Risk Management Software including Value at Risk
The source of this demand is not only regulators and shareholders, but also internal risk managers who are trying to maximize their institutions return...
Moodys KMV Portfolio Manager is used by the worlds leading institutions to measure portfolio risk and concentrations, manage economic capital and explore optimization and trading opportunities.
Moody's KMV Risk Advisor is a powerful, credit-grading solution that combines and analyzes an array of objective and judgmental factors in a highly flexible framework to formalize a bank’s or corporation’s rating process.
www.bobsguide.com /guide/risk.html   (1333 words)

 Risk Management - Aon
A well-designed insurance and risk management program allows you to use your financial and human capital to pursue your vision, unhindered by the need to maintain high reserves to cover potential losses.
Our risk management professionals apply a client-focused approach that leverages our global network of resources, world-class technology and specialized expertise to address your business issues.
Aon's risk management professionals collaborate with you to identify your businesses’ specific needs and effectively evaluate the complexity of your organization, including your industry profile and geographic scope, to design integrated solutions delivered through a seamless distribution network to meet your marketplace challenges.
www.aon.com /risk_management   (197 words)

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