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Topic: Rite of passage

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  Rite of passage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rites of passage are often ceremonies surrounding events such as childbirth, menarche or other milestones within puberty, coming of age, weddings, menopause, and death.
According to Van Gennep, rites of passage have three phases: separation, liminality, and incorporation.
Rites of passage are diverse, and are often not recognized as such in the culture in which they occur.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rite_of_passage   (717 words)

 Alexei Panshin's Rite of Passage
Rite of Passage presents a picture of a breathtakingly realistic society -- one which is familiar because its citizens are so completely human, yet constantly surprising in the ways it has had to adapt to its unusual environment.
Mia's titular "rite of passage" has her spending a few weeks in very different society: on a primitive colony planet, with pre-industrial technology and culture roughly equivalent to Europe circa 1800.
Rite of Passage is an unusual science fiction novel because of its detailed focus not on any extraordinary events, but on essentially normal people living normal lives in an imperfect, but essentially functioning, acceptable society.
www.adherents.com /lit/bk_Pans_RiteOfPassage.html   (2117 words)

 Rites of Passage Institute
Rites of Passage as a developmental and transformational process is culturally-specific, not universal.
Rites of Passage as a process also recognizes that entry into adult life involves the realization of social obligations and the assumption of responsibility for meeting them.
Rites of Passage as a developmental and transformational process will not only provide self-development and cultural awareness, but will foster a sense of belonging; adolescents and adults will become part of community life- not persons alone, lacking support, sanction, and purpose.
www.ritesofpassage.org /rites.htm   (1107 words)

 Wilderness Rites of Passage
It was an initiation, a rite of passage, a new birth in the womb of the natural world.
The anthropologist, van Gennep, used this deep structure to describe traditional rites of passage, and Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell use it as the basis for the archetype of the Hero's Journey.
One of the goals of wilderness rites of passage is to support participants in returning home with a new or renewed commitment to living in a more sustainable way and caring for the earth as well as a new sense of self.
www.johnvdavis.com /wild/ernwrop.htm   (1623 words)

 Conservation Ecology: Rediscovering rites of passage: education, transformation, and the transition to sustainability
Foundational concepts of rites of passage are described in terms of their relevance to youth, outdoor education, and the Rediscovery program in particular.
Rites of passage have thus played a crucial role in helping ensure the survival of individuals and their community as a whole.
Rites of passage are a category of rituals that mark the passage of a person through the life cycle, from one stage to another over time, from one role or social position to another, integrating the human and cultural experiences with biological destiny, birth, reproduction, and death.
www.ecologyandsociety.org /vol5/iss2/art30   (10755 words)

 Rite of Passage - Welcome   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Rite of Passage is a collection of doulas working together to make a difference in our community.
Rite of Passage is the Windsor practice that provides evidence-based information and advocacy for the birthing woman’s choices.
Exclusive to Rite of Passage is our “Consumer Awareness Workshop”™ a half-day monthly presentation filled with evidence based information about the procedures and interventions birthing women may face.
www.riteofpassage.ca /default.htm   (181 words)

 Amazon.ca: Rite of Passage: Books: Richard Wright   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The boy's "rite of passage" is a bleak, heartrending awakening to a harsh world.
Overall I liked "Rite of passage." I thought it was a pretty good book, and would recommend it to any upper level middle school age kids.
Rite of Passage is a book written by Richard Wright one of the worlds greatest authors.
www.amazon.ca /Rite-Passage-Richard-Wright/dp/0060234199   (1096 words)

 The Center: Rite of Passage Experience, ROPE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Rite of Passage Experience™, ROPE®, is a comprehensive youth and community development initiative.
Although the Rite Of Passage Experience™, ROPE® has prescribed elements that could be considered a program, the programmatic elements work together, not as a prescription, but as a structure for fostering a collaborative evolutionary process within a community.
Review the stages of implementing the Rite of Passage Experience™ in your community from the initial contact with The Center to the training of ROPE® Teams and engaging youth.
www.rope.org /rope   (646 words)

 Process of Socialization: Rites of Passage
Rites of passage in many cultures are used to mark the socially recognized transition to sexual maturity.
While boys do not experience such clear physiological markers of transition to adulthood as menstruation, their rites of passage to this new status in some cultures are more severe than for girls.
All of these rite of passage rituals were intended to be painful in order to increase the importance of the transition to adulthood.
anthro.palomar.edu /social/soc_4.htm   (939 words)

 Amazon.com: Rite of Passage: Books: Richard Wright,David Diaz   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The book Rite of Passage was really interesting and exciting because it's about a boy who has lived with the same family all his life until he's taken away by a different family.
Rite of Passage is a short book that takes place over the period of one day.
I thought that Rite of Passage was definately not one of Wright's best works, and certainly wasn't of comparative quality to the rest of Wright's works.
www.amazon.com /Rite-Passage-Richard-Wright/dp/006447111X   (1821 words)

 A L E T H E I A: Rite of Passage
I had been there few times before and something intuitively told me, that it would be an ideal place to do my rite of passage into the Gild.
My rite of passage was like from the book, mythical occasion in itself.
I had joined the Rune-Gild, and I had done so with a very appropriate rite of passage.
kotkavuori.blogspot.com /2006/01/rite-of-passage.html   (1536 words)

 Rite of Passage - Improving the lives of youth
Rite of Passage - Improving the lives of youth
Rite of Passage is a leading provider of programs and opportunities for at-risk youth.
At Rite of Passage, we incorporate a cognitive behavioral treatment model as our underlying theoretical framework.
www.riteofpassage.com   (163 words)

 The Rite of Passage Reviewer's Bookwatch - Find Articles
THE RITE OF PASSAGE is a rhapsody on life, eternal life, life on earth, but includes parts of the author's own life as well.
At the epilogue, on pp.93-94, the author exhorts readers that their 'emotional passage of life's journeys', 'are not in vain solitaire rides'.
The 'rite of passage', the way we live our life, has both a literal and a metaphoric -meaning.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0RGU/is_2004_Dec/ai_n8696812   (425 words)

 Rite of Passage Journeys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
One of the intentional objectives of a Rite of Passage Journeys program is to create a community of journeyers.
When I began this work 25 plus years ago, most of the young people who came to us for a rite of passage, had spent some time out of doors in free play, or in scouts, 4H or at family or church camp-outs.
While there may have been some apprehension on the part of the participants, it was almost always about their ability to complete the physical challenges they thought lay ahead, not about what they might find outdoors.
www.icajourneys.org /home.html   (460 words)

 Rite of Passage and Robert Heinlein
To the extent that at this particular moment, the obvious reading of this otherwise gratuitous passage had to be that we could use more atomic testing, it was a serious statement.
However, in spite of the plausible deniability that was built into the passage, I had to believe that its intended message was further support for setting off more bombs.
It's even been called "the best juvenile Heinlein never wrote" by good ol' Charlie Brown, as though Rite of Passage were a book that Heinlein could have written, should have written, or might have written, but somehow never got around to writing.
www.enter.net /~torve/critics/HeinleinRoP/rahrop1.htm   (1301 words)

 Rite of Passage - Improving the lives of youth
About Us At Rite of Passage, it is our mission to provide an environment where all youth feel safe, learning thrives, and accountability for behavior is a source of pride.
We believe that changing behavior first requires an atmosphere of trust and safety and that all student needs are met.
This is why Rite of Passage’s facilities are licensed, accredited and meet the highest standards and requirements of our industry.
www.riteofpassage.com /about-us.htm   (154 words)

 A rite of passage, with tears and fidgeting - The Boston Globe
A rite of passage, with tears and fidgeting - The Boston Globe
A rite of passage, with tears and fidgeting
Others have scrapped the grown-up rite of passage altogether, and instead hold end-of-the-year family picnics.
www.boston.com /news/education/k_12/articles/2006/06/19/a_rite_of_passage_with_tears_and_fidgeting   (783 words)

 Paradoxology: Without a Rite-of-Passage...
Still, the Rite 13 seems to take the place of the confirmation that used to be the rite of passage for people of my generation.
Interestingly, there's no mention of any religious-type rites apart from some oblique sense to a rite of passage being like putting the old to death and moving into a new life.
The last rite of passage is a sending forth as a missionary on behalf of the congregation -- carrying out into the world the faith they have gained.
desertpastor.typepad.com /paradoxology/2004/09/without_a_riteo.html   (4228 words)

 rite of passage labor and postpartum doula services, serving charleston, sc
Doula is a Greek word meaning "servant." It has presently become a term for those who support women and their families in the birth and postpartum period.
Doulas love birth and babies and honor this time as an important rite of passage in a family's life.
Birth doulas are trained and experienced in childbirth, although they may or may not have given birth themselves.
www.riteofpassagedoulas.com   (408 words)

 The Vision Quest   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
the universal elements of a rite of passage in constructing a program designed for people living in our modern society.
Our staff are guides, serving to mirror and support participants by helping them first to prepare for their solo and then to understand and integrate their experience.
The vision quester returns to our de-mythologized society powerfully moved by having lived close to the healing power of nature and to his or her own living spirit.
www.ritesofpassagevisionquest.org /visionquest.html   (1059 words)

 It Can't Be Wrong If It Feels So Rite
Triskelion plus Rite of Passage don't do much by themselves; you merely spin your wheels as the Triskelion pings itself to death.
With a Rite of Passage in play, it can always ping itself to add a +1/+1 counter since its power is smaller than its toughness.
Imagine this board: Rite of Passage, Thrashing Wumpus, Spike Feeder, and mana.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=mtgcom/daily/mg124   (1248 words)

 RedOrbit - Space - Scientists Witness a Supernova Cosmic Rite of Passage
Scientists Witness a Supernova Cosmic Rite of Passage
NASA -- Scientists using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory have witnessed a cosmic rite of passage, the transition from a supernova to a supernova remnant, a process that has never seen in much detail until now, leaving it poorly defined.
A supernova is a massive star explosion; the remnant is the beautiful glowing shell that evolves afterwards.
www.redorbit.com /news/space/317179/scientists_witness_a_supernova_cosmic_rite_of_passage/index.html?source=r_space   (738 words)

 Scrubs: My Rite of Passage - TV.com
Elliot says "och, verdammt nochmal, nimm meine Leute nich' auf den Arm, Carla." The translation in the subtitle is correct except they should have added "oh dammit" at the beginning.
When Perry takes a bite of the "heroin sandwich" he is holding it with he's bare hand but when the camera angle changes, he is holding the sandwich with a napkin in his hand.
Tell the world what you think of My Rite of Passage, write a review for this episode.
www.tv.com /scrubs/my-rite-of-passage/episode/548585/summary.html   (604 words)

 Rite of Passage -- Richard A. Wright Arnold Rampersad
Rite of Passage -- Richard A. Wright Arnold Rampersad
The startling events that follow, during Johnny's nightlong confrontation with alienation and loneliness, will inexorably push him past the frontiers of childhood and into an unknown, violent world beyond.
Rite of Passage, Richard Wright's never-before-published story of Johnny Gibbs's fall from grace, is as pertinent to the fate of many young people today as it was when it was first conceived nearly fifty years ago.
www.frontlist.com /detail/006447111X   (119 words)

 Stargate SG-1: Rite of Passage - TV.com
See all Rite of Passage Cast & Crew »
Tell the world what you think of Rite of Passage, write a review for this episode.
See all Rite of Passage Community Reviews (1) »
www.tv.com /stargate-sg-1/rite-of-passage/episode/46103/summary.html   (220 words)

 Clever Magazine, Winter, '06  "Rite of Passage  "  (www.clevermag.com)
Eric knew something was wrong the minute he walked through the door.
It’ll be like a rite of passage, something to show her that she’s starting a new stage in her life.”
No portion of Clever Magazine may be copied or reprinted without express consent of the editor.
www.clevermag.com /fiction/rite.htm   (1588 words)

 Vision quest - Vision Quest: Ancient Rite of Passage with Grandfather Bear Heart
A vision quest is a rite of passage in some Native American cultures.
A sacred rite of passage and a quest for vision, guidance, and renewal in nature conducted throughout the United States, includes enrollment information,
Vision Quest: Ancient Rite of Passage with Grandfather Bear Heart
of-rhode-island.timesengine.com /?q=of-rhode-island-vision-quest   (240 words)

 FastFind.Me.Uk - rite of passage - Search Results
Get 10 most relevant rite of passage results.
Shop and compare great deals on rite of passage and other related products at MonsterMarketplace.
Search local business listings for rite of passage in your area.
rite-of-passage.fastfind.me.uk   (324 words)

 Rite Of Passage
Find rite of passage and more at Lycos Search.
Read about rite of passage in the free online encyclopedia and dictionary.
JoltSearch is an excellent resource for quality sites on Rite Of Passage and much more!
qzsearch.biz /rite-of-passage.htm   (169 words)

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