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Topic: River Cherwell

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In the News (Thu 13 Dec 18)

  River Cherwell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Two miles further on, the Cherwell reaches the settlement of Nell Bridge and passes under a main road leading to the village of Aynho which is a mile to the east on a low hill overlooking the river.
From Aynho, the River Cherwell meanders in its valley overlooked by hilltop villages.
To the west of the lock is the village of Shipton on Cherwell.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/River_Cherwell   (2085 words)

 Cherwell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cherwell (district), an administrative district of England in Oxfordshire
Cherwell (newspaper), a student newspaper of the University of Oxford
This is a disambiguation page: a list of articles associated with the same title.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cherwell   (88 words)

 My Holidays on Inland Waterways - Cruise XII   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
To the ordinary boating man doing the River Thames, the Cherwell is only a name, and when I explored this tributary, I had navigated the Thames practically in every way from Thames Head, near Cirencester, to the Nore, and all its creeks, canals, and docks, by motor boat and other types of craft.
To our surprise the river here assumed a wider form, with a considerably greater depth of water, which is accounted for by the water being held up at this point.
The Cherwell rises some three miles from Charweltown in Northamptonshire, a few miles, by the way, from the source of the River Nene, and flows in all some 45 miles south, and through Oxfordshire, passing Banbury on the way, till it joins the Thames as already described.
easyweb.easynet.co.uk /jim.shead/MHIWc12.htm   (806 words)

 Cherwell School: School Prospectus
Cherwell became an upper school and grew steadily in size, with a particularly large increase in its Sixth Form (students aged 17 and 18).
The Cherwell School seeks to work as a positive and productive partnership of students, staff, parents and governors; to play a positive part in the wider community; and to contribute to the discussions and debates, which shape the educational environment of the school.
The Cherwell staff will do their utmost to teach you well and provide for you an education which suits your needs and an environment in which it is stimulating to learn.
www.cherwell.oxon.sch.uk /info/prospectus.htm   (6150 words)

 River Thames and boaty things
The Catuvellauni tribe established themselves on the north bank of the Thames as far as the River Cherwell, and by conquering the Trinovantes, in what is now Essex, took control of the north bank of the Thames Estuary.
As the importance of the River as a means of transportation grew, improvements were needed and by the end of the seventeenth century the first Pound Locks (the types in use today) were being built and the Thames became a major navigation route.
Ironically, it was the the growth in the railways that increased the use of the River for pleasure.
www.the-river-thames.co.uk /history.htm   (2550 words)

 Cherwell - Search Results - ninemsn Encarta
Cherwell, river, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire, central England, a tributary of the Thames, which is sometimes known above the River Thame as the...
As an only child, Betjeman seemed destined to enter the family firm, but, in his verse autobiography Summoned by Bells, he wrote, “I knew, as soon as...
Banbury (town), town, Oxfordshire, south-central England, on the River Cherwell.
au.encarta.msn.com /Cherwell.html   (94 words)

 Untitled Document
A larger channel of the river Cherwell which has swung around the far side of Magdalen College School grounds merges to produce a much wider channel near the punt-type ferry.
Continue on about 300 metres past this ferry until you reach the point where a section of the river splits off to the right, followed by the footpath.
Yet, only a century ago, this narrow shallow channel was the main channel for the river Cherwell.
www.brookes.ac.uk /schools/social/geog/rivers/html/page5.html!   (118 words)

 The River Thames - Miscellaneous   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
At Oxford, the famous university town, it is met by its chief western tributary, the River Cherwell.
From here the river flows through the English countryside, passing such well-known sites as Henley, where the annual regatta is held; the royal residence at Windsor Castle; the college town of Eton; Hampton, famous for its beautiful Hampton Court palace built during the reign of Henry VIII ; and then on to London.
The river flows for 25 miles (40 kilometers) through Greater London, past the Tate Gallery, Lambeth Palace, the houses of Parliament, the Royal Festival Hall and National Theatre complex, Southwark Cathedral, and the Tower of London.
maxpages.com /riverthames - !http://maxpages.com/riverthames   (383 words)

 Untitled Document
Looking at the river Thames here makes one realise how much more water flows in it compared with the Cherwell.
If you wanted to know how much water flows in a river then you would need to measure the width and depth of the river (to obtain the cross- sectional area of the channel) and then multiply this value by the velocity (speed) of the flow of water.
The resulting value is called the river's discharge and is usually measured in cubic metres per second (cumecs) or traditionally, million gallons per day.
www.brookes.ac.uk /schools/social/geog/rivers/html/page8.html!   (134 words)

 Part2: Down the Oxford and Thames to Reading   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
The river was very calm and hardly any current but, as we waited to get into Shipton Weir Lock the winds started to gust.
The journey through Oxford on the river is much more pleasant than on the canal; no derelict boats on the Thames.
Mooring on the river is not as convenient as on the canals, but not anywhere near as difficult as we thought it would be.
pages.prodigy.net /brinnand/spring99/part2.html   (1320 words)

 May Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Madrigals are still sung from the roof of the tower of Magdalen College, with thousands gathering on Magdalen Bridge to listen.
Traditionally, revellers have jumped from the bridge into the River Cherwell below as part of the celebrations.
The river, however, was then only three feet deep in places and more than half of those who jumped needed medical treatment.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/May_Day   (3317 words)

 Cherwell District Council - Ditches and Watercourses
A definitive map showing the main rivers is provided by the Environment Agency and held in the Engineering Services Section at Cherwell District Council.
Cherwell District Council as Land Drainage Authority has an overall responsibility for other watercourses.
Where Cherwell District Council is the riparian owner the Engineering Services Section is responsible for ensuring that all necessary maintenance is undertaken.
www.cherwell-dc.gov.uk /yourcouncil/watercourses.cfm   (281 words)

 The English Civil War Society of America Home Page
Later, when the weather cleared, they saw Waller's army drawn up in Hanwell Warren on the west side of the River Cherwell, about a mile in front of the King's forces, which were on east of the river.
This gap in the Royal Army was a large and dangerous one, which has been estimated as about a mile and a half between the center (just over the River Cherwell at Hay's Bridge) and the lead of the rear guard (which was just at the crossroads past the village of Wardington).
Although while the Royalists failed to capture the bridge, they were very successful in quickly crossing the ford and taking full possession of the mill at Cropredy, but otherwise, since the King did not have full possession of the bridge, their attack is considered to have failed.
www.ecwsa.org /histbattleofcropredybridge.html   (4001 words)

 Punting in Oxford
Great family entertainment in Oxford is, of course, punting on the Thames and Cherwell Rivers.
Confusing the issue of two rivers is the fact that the Thames is also called the Isis within Oxford's boundaries.
Punting (and chauffeured punting) on the River Cherwell from the boathouse past the Botanic Gardens and Christ Church Meadow.
www.myoxford.net /oxford/kids-punting.htm   (255 words)

 BBC NEWS | UK | England | Oxfordshire | Five in hospital over bridge jump
The police have criticised revellers who took part in the jump from Magdalen Bridge into the River Cherwell.
The bridge was closed during the celebrations for three years until 2001 after one young reveller was left paralysed.
A year later safety barriers were erected and stewards stopped people from jumping into the river.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/uk_news/england/oxfordshire/4503027.stm   (464 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
Chub in excess of 4lb are not uncommon and if it's your lucky day you may hook one of the Barbel which inhabit this stretch.
The River Cherwell also runs from Lower Heyford to The Rock of Gibraltar Pub.
Close to the Blunhan Hambarn stretch, this is a willow fringed fishery with an average depth of 4-5 feet.
tringanglers.club24.co.uk /Tring_Waters.htm   (923 words)

The River Cherwell skirts the east edge of Cropredy.
The river here is nothing but a small stream.
The bridge marks the location of a major battle in the English civil war in 1644.
www.drsteveanderson.com /canal2005/pages/IMG_1206.html   (97 words)

 BBC NEWS | UK | England | Oxfordshire | River leapers evade security
At least four people jumped into the River Cherwell on Thursday morning after they evaded security guards to climb over a two-metre safety fence.
Between 1998 and 2000, the bridge was closed for the celebrations over safety concerns.
Previous years saw the bridge closed to stop people jumping in the river, but also over concerns about the strength of parapets on the bridge, which have now been strengthened.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/uk_news/england/oxfordshire/2991093.stm   (314 words)

 Oxfordshire Specimen Angling Fishing Website
Fishing on the River Evenlode for chub and specimen roach
Fishing on the River Cherwell for specimen chub and barbel
Fishing on the River Windrush for chub, barbel and roach
www.oxfordshirespecimenangling.co.uk   (107 words)

 Oxford | Emma Watson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
Oxford was first occupied in Saxon times as a fording point over the River Thames and the River Cherwell.
It is located along two rivers, with rowing taking place on the Isis and punting on the Cherwell.
The best-known of these is the Oxford Union, famous for its debates, which attract speakers ranging from the Dalai Lama to Diego Maradonna, and Stephen Hawking to Paddy Ashdown.
www.emmacommunity.com /?oxford   (854 words)

 Sean Hannity Discussion - Duuuuh!
They had been warned not to jump off Magdalen Bridge at first light yesterday because of the unusually low water levels in the river Cherwell which made it extremely dangerous.
The river was particularly shallow because of the dry winter and spring.
Several thousand people had crowded on to the bridge at first light, leading to one man impaling his knee on a railing spike.
www.hannity.com /forum/printthread.php?t=5635   (1288 words)

 Jewish Communities in S E England - prior to 1290   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
1231 – New Jewish cemetery to the East of the town centre, on the west bank of the River Cherwell, was acquired by the Jews.
A new Jewish cemetery to the east of the town centre, outside the East Gate, on the west bank of the River Cherwell, was in use from 1231 until 1290.
It is now part of Magdalene College and was transferred to the opposite side of the road, now the Botanical Gardens.
www.jewishgen.org /jcr-uk/pre-1290/1290communities/se1290.htm   (976 words)

Burnett River and the Burnett River Catchment including Perry River, Nogo River, Boyne River, Stuart River and Auburn River, Barker Creek, Barambah Creek, Three Moon Creek, Baywulla Creek, Reid Creek, Boonara Creek, Barambah Creek, Cadarga Creek and St. John Creek.
Kolan River and the Kolan River Catchment including Gin Gin Creek and Kolan Coast.
Burrum River and the Burrum Catchment including Elliott River, Gregory River, Isis River, Cherwell River, Elliott and Burrum Coast.
www.burnettmarynrm.org.au /river_catchments.html   (180 words)

 Headington map - Tagzania
river cherwell punting oxford england uk united kingdom travel panorama user PeterW
river cherwell meadows oxford england uk united kingdom travel panorama user PeterW
Focus of May Morning celbrations over River Cherwell.
www.tagzania.com /item/13422   (228 words)

 The River Thames Guide - Things to Do -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
The University of Oxford Botanic Garden is the oldest in Great Britain.
For over 370 years it has stood on the banks of the River Cherwell in the centre of Oxford.
In that time it has evolved from a collection of medicinal herbs for seventeenth century physicians to the most compact diverse collection of plants in the world.
www.riverthames.co.uk /thingstodo/1248.htm   (97 words)

 BFW River Reports
If you have information, a catch report or just some discussion concerning a certain river, please add it to this section.
Please add the river you fish if it doesn't appear on the list.
All messages posted are at the risk of the author.
p081.ezboard.com /fbarbelfishingworldfrm2?page=2   (68 words)

 DBE Photo Gallery - Spotlight on Oxford
Also included are a few photos from the wonderful site we often use: Freefoto.com.
These photos show the spectacular beauty of the colleges and spires, and the splendor of the river scenes.
Magdalen College (pronounced "Maudlin") was founded in 1458 on the River Cherwell.
www.dbeinla.org /photos9.html   (293 words)

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