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Topic: River Lagan

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  River Lagan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The River Lagan is a major river in Northern Ireland which runs 40 miles (60 km) from the Slieve Croob mountain in County Down to Belfast where it enters Belfast Lough, an inlet of the Irish Sea.
In 1989 the Laganside Corporation was established by the Government to redevelop the areas surrounding the Lagan in Belfast.
This, improvements to the sewerage system and massive dredging of the river by mechanical excavators has lead to a marked improvement in water quality and the environment around the river.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/River_Lagan   (429 words)

 Lagan River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lagan is one of four main westcoast rivers in Sweden.
It is with 244 kilometers the longest rivers in southern Sweden.
Lagan, Sweden, located by the river some 15 kilometers north of Ljungby.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lagan,_Sweden   (145 words)

 Boats return to Lagan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
HISTORY was made in Lisburn last week when boats were seen on the River Lagan for the first time in 40 years.
Councillor William Beattie, the chairman of the council's Lagan Corridor Project team, said he was proud of the progress the team had made.
Lagan Corridor Programme manager Linda Crymble underlined how the Council had been attempting to improve what she admitted was an `undervalued' part of the borough.
www.lisburn.com /history/memories/boats_return_to_lagan.htm   (565 words)

 Lewis: Co. Antrim
The principal wheat district extends along the shore of Lough Neagh and the course of the Lagan river, stretching as far north as Cairdcastle, in approaching which its extent is greatly reduced by the projection of the mountainous districts.
Most of the rivers strictly belonging to the county rise in the mountains on the coast, and owing to the rapidity and shortness of their currents are unnavigable.
The parish is situated on the river Bush, and is intersected by a small river called the Wellwater, which rises in a bog on the eastern side, and, with its tributary streams, flows throught the parish into the river Bush on the western side.
www.trainweb.org /i3/lewis_ant.htm   (11212 words)

 Restoration of a self-sustaining Atlantic salmon population to the river Lagan, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Atlantic salmon became extinct in the River Lagan, which enters the Irish Sea through the port of Belfast, Northern Ireland, between 1750 and 1800, the extinction coinciding with a period of major population growth, industrialisation and finally the construction of a navigable waterway based on the river.
The degree of success, first in generating returns to the river, and secondly in the development of some natural spawning, indicates that most of the assumptions made in interpreting the initial feasibility study, particularly about the extent and quality of the juvenile habitats, were correct.
The general public impression of the river Lagan before salmon re-introduction and surrounding publicity was of a polluted, unhealthy river, and this impression influenced opinion to the extent that many were generally not prepared to believe in the possibility of salmon restoration.
www.cfb.ie /salmonid_workshop/robert_rosell.htm   (3868 words)

Interestingly, the river Farset has been superseded by the River Lagan as the most important river, and languishes under Bridge Street in obscurity.
Belfast is situated at the mouth of the River Lagan[?] at Belfast Lough and is surrounded by hills (Black Mountain and Cavehill - The famous Napoleon's nose is a basaltic outcrop here which forms the border with neighbouring Glengormley).
The Lagan riverfront has been regenerated, and much of the city centre is pedestrianised.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/be/Belfast.html   (224 words)

 Heritage Contacts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
A portion of the Lagan Meadows is in fact an island - 18.5 acres of Moreland's Meadow are cut off on one side by the meanderings of the River Lagan, and on the other by a cut of the old canal system adjacent to the towpath and the rest of the property.
At the downstream end of the cut was the second lock on the Lagan Navigation system, but the lock-keeper's house was at the opposite end of Moerland's meadow where canal and river diverge.
There was a weir across the river to control the flow of water into the canal - the reponsibility of the lock-keeper.
www.belfastcity.gov.uk /heritage/heritagedatabase/HeritageDetails.asp?id=337   (559 words)

 Irish Nationalism - View Single Post - The Lisburn area in the early Christian period   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Although the kings of Dál Fiatach were usually located south of the Lagan in modern Co. Down, there were occasions in which they had their headquarters north of the river.
Except for their ninth century extension across the river Lagan, Dál Fiatach were usually south of the river.
This is the borderland area as we have defined it, with a small extension south of the Lagan.
www.irish-nationalism.net /forum/showpost.php?p=46120&postcount=1   (4671 words)

 Lagan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Laganside Corporation, public body formed to regenerate the Lagan in Belfast
Lagan, town, Sweden, a town in Ljungby Municipality
Lagan, Russia, a town in the Republic of Kalmykia, Russia
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lagan   (114 words)

 Lagan on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
LAGAN [Lagan], river, c.40 mi (60 km) long, rising in Slieve Croob, SE Northern Ireland.
The port of Belfast and its shipbuilding yards are located at the mouth of the Lagan; a canal joins the river to Lough Neagh.
Lagan, a Leader in 311 City Services and CRM Solutions for Local Government, Inks First U.S. Contract with the City of Hampton, Virginia.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/L/Lagan.asp   (816 words)

 Art for sale at the Gallery of Irish Artist Roger Cummiskey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The River Gods of Ireland, or Heads of the Rivers, were commissioned by the famous Architect, James Gandon (1743-1823).
This type of design was once a common architectural motif and generally incorporated those elements closely associated with the flow of the river in the crowns of the stone heads.
The Atlantic Ocean, The River Bann, The River Barrow, The River Blackwater, The River Boyne, Lough Erne, The River Foyle, The River Lagan, The River Lee, The River Liffey, The River Nore, The River Shannon, The River Slaney and the River Suir.
www.rogercummiskey.com /gallery/rivergods.htm   (374 words)

 Guardian | Reaching across the divide in Northern Ireland sparks an enterprise revolution
Northeast Ireland's industrial revolution was launched in the late 19th century from the river Lagan.
In the early 21st century the river coursing through the centre of Belfast towards the Irish Sea is the focal point for a new revolution in social economy, where a charitable community organisation eschews grant aid and stands on its own two feet instead.
Lagan Watersports provides courses in canoeing, kayaking, power boating and sailing for 4,250 children and adults from the deprived working-class areas based around the river.
www.guardian.co.uk /print/0,3858,5337659-103588,00.html   (1043 words)

 Ireland's Saturday Night   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
De Hoop, one of the main rowing clubs on the river Amstel, organise the highly successful veterans regatta in October at which Belfast Rowing Club have been amongst the winners in recent years.
The Lagan Head, now in the second year under the direction of Garth Young, continues to benefit with support from Lagan-side Corporation.
There is every likelihood that a good result at Lagan Head for Queen's kick starting a run of form which will eclipse last year's second in the Iirish senior eights championships.
www.irelandssaturdaynight.co.uk /the_buzz/story.jsp?story=378597   (308 words)

 Lisburn City Council   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
This was the first time in over forty years that there had been boats on the river in Lisburn and set the scene for several more boating events throughout the year.
One of the principal functions of the BMAP is to establish a planning framework for the plan area supported by land use planning policies for the period up to 2015.
A key part of the Lagan Corridor strategy is continuing to educate and promote awareness of the river.
www.lisburncity.gov.uk /economic_dev_01_02/lagan.htm   (548 words)

 Rivers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The map of Northern Ireland shows that rivers follow one of a small number of patterns in terms of their direction or destination of flow.
Rivers draining to Lough Foyle, the North Coast, the Antrim Coast or the Irish Sea.
The principal Co Down lowland rivers which drain to the Irish Sea are the Lagan, Ballynahinch, Newry and Quoile Rivers and their tributaries.
www.habitas.org.uk /flora/habitats/rivers.htm   (230 words)

 Craigavon Historical Society
The shipment of coal from Coalisland was the main reason for the construction of canals in the first place to distribute this mineral to the main centres in Ireland.
The Lough Neagh landing places with quays were Maghery at the mouth of the Blackwater, Newport Trench and Ballyronan on the west side, Antrim on the Sixmilewater river at the north-east corner, Aghagallon on the south-west and Derryadd on the south.
Ellis Cut at Kinnego was the direct result of the Lagan Navigation canal in 1794 and serviced the flourishing County Armagh town of Lurgan.
www.geocities.com /craigavonhs/rev/luttoninlandport.html   (2932 words)

In 1753, the Irish House of Commons passed an act for making the River Lagan navigable between Belfast and Lough Neagh in order to increase the trade of Belfast and furnish the inhabitants of Belfast, Lisburn, Moira, Hillsborough and other areas along it's route with necessary materials for life cheaper and more plentiful.
This contributed to the death of the waterway as a few years later, the upper reaches were officially closed the traffic and for those people involved with the canal, a way of life had ended.
It seeks to ensure the sensitive and optimum planning and development of the Lagan Corridor, by utilising the river and it's adjacent lands, in a sensitive, practical and co-ordinated approach through the first two decades of the 21st century.
www.btinternet.com /~donrayofhopeunesco/sb/Lagannav.htm   (891 words)

 InternationalReports.net : Northern Ireland 2002
At that time, it must have seemed a daunting task, for the river was virtually dead and the inner city land that straddled both sides of the Lagan River were marked by miles of smelly mud banks and countless numbers of derelict buildings.
The riverside pathways, the posh apartments fronting the River Lagan, the gleaming office accommodation (including the 14,000 square meter British Telecom headquarters, and new public open spaces, with its many fun and funky art works, have all brought Belfast home to its original birthplace, the River Lagan.
Laganside also regularly sponsors community events, festivals and exhibitions, which take place in the Laganside area to ensure that neighboring communities are always aware that the Laganside development is for them and for their city.
www.internationalreports.net /europe/nireland/2002/howthe.html   (843 words)

 Physical Geography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Belfast is located between County Down and County Antrim in the River Lagan Valley.
The River Lagan is surrounded by mountains and flows from Belfast Lough (Lake), an inlet of the Irish Sea in the east to Lough Neagh, the largest lake in the British Isles, in central Northern Ireland.
The city was originally sited at the lowest convenient crossing of the Lagan, where it joins the Farset, from which its name originates.
www.macalester.edu /courses/GEOG61/jahammer/physical.html   (384 words)

 Newshound: Links to daily newspaper articles about Northern Ireland
THE river Lagan which runs from its source in the Mourne mountains down to the centre of Belfast and into the Irish Sea has become the focus of post-ceasefire reconstruction in Northern Ireland.
Dominating the city's skyline beside the Lagan next to the recently opened Hilton Hotel is the ultimate symbol of the new supposedly peaceful and prosperous Northern Ireland - the Conference Centre, a flying-saucer shaped building where President Clinton urged all 108 Assembly members to take risks for peace last Autumn.
To many nationalists across the river Lagan, the roar of the Orange masses in the park on that day exuded menace.
www.nuzhound.com /articles/mcd74-11.htm   (1137 words)

 River Lagan
This is a very good river to fish, being well maintained and kept well stocked.
The river is perhaps the best brown trout river in the Province and catches can be fruitful in the streches from Donaghcloney to Blackskull.
The river over the last number of years has seen a comeback in Sea Trout.
www.irishfisheries.com /waterways.asp?P=2&W=18   (190 words)

 BBC News | NORTHERN IRELAND | Search resumes for missing student
A train driver crossing the railway bridge near the Waterfront Hall found shoes, a wallet and papers lying around the banks of the River Lagan on Tuesday.
Using the weir system, the water level on the Lagan was lowered on Friday morning.
Officers are now searching the area around the River Lagan, Belfast harbour and Belfast Lough in an operation which involves an underwater search team.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/low/northern_ireland/958660.stm   (287 words)

 IWAI - Waterway Walks - Lagan Canal
This then is the summit of the Lagan Canal, after this was a flat section, indeed the next lock on the system is not until Aghalee.
The majority of the cargo handled was coal, for the adjacent gas works, though other cargoes included linen, corn, flour, timber, farm produce etc. Tolls were charged on cargoes but in 1813 to encourage greater use of the waterway it was decided to waiver charges on potatoes, hay and straw, moving downstream.
The Lagan navigation was a reasonably successful enterprise, but the company were persuaded to take over the Ulster Canal and this proved a drain on its finances.
walks.iwai.ie /ulster/lagan2.shtml   (2121 words)

 Lisburn City Council : Press Releases   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Visitors will be able to take a unique cruise along the River Lagan passing through the only working Lock on the Lagan Navigation at Lagan Valley Island in Lisburn City Centre.
The live commentary will bring passengers back in time to the days when the River and Lock were the working life of many while enjoying views of the City that have not been seen since the Lagan Navigation closed in the 1950's.
Seeing a boat being lowered back into this stretch of the River Lagan will be a momentous occasion, we hope that it is the first of many boats returning to the River,” said Councillor Jim Dillion, Chairman of the Economic Development Committee.
www.lisburncity.gov.uk /news_and_events/press_releases?id=132   (348 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - The River Lagan, Northern Ireland
BBC - h2g2 - The River Lagan, Northern Ireland
Slieve Croob stands at 534 metres above sea level but from the western slopes of this mountain flows the river that provied the life blood for Belfast's industrial boom 80 kilometres away where it flow into Belfast Lough.
The first bridge over the Lagan in Belfast was built in 1682.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/hub/A2817218   (187 words)

 Belfast - Wikitravel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Situated at the mouth of the River Lagan on Belfast Lough, Belfast is surrounded by low hills and has a population of 278,000 (2001).
On the river, beside the Big Fish, the Lagan Weir controls the flow of the River Lagan.
Across the bridge from the Lagan Weir is the Odyssey centre.
wikitravel.org /en/Belfast   (2892 words)

 Shorts International Film Festival
For a panorama of its spectacular setting on the River Lagan, surrounded by hills, go to the Waterfront Hall at Laganside.
The yellow cranes across the river are Samson and Goliath, signposting the shipyard where Titanic was built.
Lagan Valley Regional Park is a walker's paradise on the city's doorstep.
www.filmfestivals.com /cinemagic/2000/guide.html   (358 words)

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