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Topic: River Tywi

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In the News (Thu 24 May 18)

  BBC - South West Wales Nature - FeaturesTywi Journey
The Tywi rises within 15 miles of the Teifi in the Cambrian Mountains and a mere six miles along its 75 mile length its swift flow is interrupted the Llyn Brianne reservoir.
The shad spawn in only a few rivers in the UK (including the Wye and the Usk) but are becoming rare in rivers due to fishing, pollution and their inability to negotiate weirs.
The Tywi, like the Teifi, was formerly home to a fleet of coracles of a design unique to the river that were used to fish for salmon and seatrout.
www.bbc.co.uk /wales/southwest/nature/features/pages/tywi.shtml   (0 words)

  Llandeilo Website - Introduction
The Afon Tywi (Welsh) or River Towy (English) rises on the lower slopes of Crug Gynan in the Cambrian Mountains (Grid Reference SN802631) at an elevation of 1,601 feet and, as it flows through the Tywi Forest, forms the border for several miles between Ceredigion (formerly Cardiganshire) and Powys.
From this source on the wild and romantic Cambrian Mountains in mid-Wales, not far from the sources of the Severn and Wye rivers, the Tywi flows south for 68 miles to reach the sea in Carmarthen Bay.
But unlike its longer neighbours, the Severn and Wye, who are soon seduced by the siren song of neighbouring England to the east, the Tywi remains loyal to the country of its birth for the whole length of its southwards journey to the sea.
www.llandeilo.org /intro.php   (773 words)

  Fishing Wales
Llyn Brianne Reservoir is situated in the headwaters of the River Tywi.
The River Tywi is a very important salmon and sea trout fishery attracting large numbers of visitors from around the country to fish.
The estimated value of the fisheries is £10.2 million and the annual expenditure on angling and associated activities is in excess of £750,000.
www.fishing.visitwales.com /fe_news/news_details.asp?newsid=106   (334 words)

 Archaeology in Wales - Archaeoleg CAMBRIA Archaeology
180 Tywi Tidal Flood Plain character area is subjected to regular flooding and consequently has few historic landscape components apart from drainage ditches and fences, and navigation aids in the channel of the Tywi.
184 Morfa Melyn character area is that small portion of the flood plain of the River Tywi upstream of Carmarthen that is subjected to occasional tidal inundation.
It consists of ancient settlement pattern of dispersed farms, enclosed pasture and small stands of woodland, with 19th- and 20th-century linear and nucleated settlement along the A40 road.
www.acadat.com /HLC/HLCTowy/Towyvalleymap.htm   (1637 words)

 Rivers of the United Kingdom
The list of Rivers of the United Kingdom is a link page for the rivers of the United Kingdom, organised geographically.
For simplicity, they are divided by the nation in which the mouth of the river can be found, and sea into which it flows.
river, canal, firth, estuary, tributary, river delta, floodplain, British Waterways
www.teachersparadise.com /ency/en/wikipedia/r/ri/rivers_of_the_united_kingdom.html   (177 words)

 Historical Notes
To the south it is dominated by three bluffs overlooking the river, the eastern of which was occupied by the hill fort at Merlin’s Hill.
The area east of the River Cothi, lay within the commote/hundred of Cetheiniog, which was held of the independent Welsh lordship of Cantref Mawr until 1284 when the two areas were united with the establishment of the county of Carmarthen.
The most important of which is the east-west corridor along the southern limits in the Tywi valley along the boundary between the alluvium and the solid geology of the north side of the river.
www.llanegwad-carmarthen.co.uk /aboutllanegwad.htm   (1682 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/River Towy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The flow in the River Tywi would have been unable to sustain such an abstraction were it not for the release of water from the upland reservoir.
Finally the Tywi flows into Carmarthen Bay in a combined estuary with the River Tâf and River Gwendraeth, east of the Pendine Sands.
The total length of the River Tywi is 108 km (68 miles).
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/River_Tywi   (305 words)

 Archaeology in Wales - Archaeoleg CAMBRIA Archaeology
The River Tywi in this area is active and subject to course changes across the valley floor, and the wooded nature of the valley was commented upon by early writers including Leland in the 1530s (Smith 1906), who appear to be describing the floodplain.
During the Medieval period the river formed one of the major boundaries of Carmarthenshire, separating Cantref Mawr on the north bank from Cantref Bychan on the south bank (Rees, 1932).
However, the settlement pattern is dominated by farms dispersed along a river terrace to the south of Llanwrda, on the lower slopes of both sides of the river.
www.acadat.com /HLC/HLCTowy/area/area208.htm   (982 words)

 Angling News : Fishing Reports For wales
This influence is a combination of the flow regime imposed on the river Tywi by Llyn Brianne and the weather conditions at the time in the region.
This is particularly noticeable when the flow of the Tywi, upstream of the confluence, is low and the flow in the Doethie is high.
Sea trout are usually able to traverse the falls and are known to spawn in the Ystradffin, a tributary of the Tywi near the bird reserve at Dinas.
www.anglingnews.net /reports.asp?country=wales&rnumber=530&repno=4446   (1556 words)

 ccw.gov.uk - Countryside Council for Wales   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The river Tywi is of European importance for its populations of two species of fish, the allis and twaite shad.
This river is one of only a few outstanding localities in the UK for these fish, which include the Wye and the Usk already nominated as candidate SACs.
In particular, the allis and twaite shad have become rare in rivers, where they spawn, due to fishing, pollution and a deterioration in their habitat.
www.ccw.gov.uk /news/index.cfm?action=Press&ID=394&lang=en   (593 words)

 River Gwendraeth Information
The River Gwendraeth is a river in Carmarthenshire in west Wales.
The valleys of both rivers flow through a mixture of modestly steep mining communities and through the verdant agricultural land of Carmarthenshire, The most notable place of interest is Kidwelly Castle perched above the estuary of the Gwendraeth Fach.
The Gwendraeth estuary widens rapidly before joing with the estuaries of the River Tywi and the River Tâf to form a three brached estuary.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/River_Gwendraeth   (184 words)

 1099 River lamprey Lampetra fluviatilis - SAC selection species account
The Derwent represents river lamprey Lampetra fluviatilis in an oligotrophic river in northern England.
The river lacks any significant artificial barriers to migration, has good water quality and the necessary habitat types (extensive gravel beds and marginal silt beds) to support the river lamprey’s full life-cycle.
The Wye is an extensive river system crossing the border between England and Wales, and the river lamprey Lampetra fluviatilis population is widely distributed in the catchment.
www.jncc.gov.uk /ProtectedSites/SACselection/species.asp?FeatureIntCode=S1099   (946 words)

 Clint Albertson, SJ
Clint Albertson, SJ Hardknott Fort (Mediobogdum [fort] in the middle of the bend [of the River Esk]) halfway down Hardknott Pass in Cumbria in the Lake Country.
There are a sprinkling of Roman forts around the S and W coasts of Wales, mostly on river estuaries, for ease of communication and supply by sea.
In actuality it was the upstart emperor Magnus Maximus, a Roman commander in Britain who led his troops onto the continent in the fourth century in a bid for the imperial crown, but was defeated and killed by Theodosius.
jesuit.lmu.edu /albertson/roman/06.html   (291 words)

 BBC NEWS | Wales | Creamery fined over river sewage
The River Tywi is internationally renowned for its wildlife and is considered to be one of the finest sea trout fisheries in the whole of Europe
After the hearing Peter Jordan, environment protection team leader for the south west, said: "The River Tywi is internationally renowned for its wildlife and is considered to be one of the finest sea trout fisheries in the whole of Europe.
The shad spawn in only a few rivers in the UK, including the Wye and the Usk, but are becoming rare in rivers due to fishing, pollution and their inability to negotiate weirs.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/wales/2312903.stm   (382 words)

 Llandeilo Information
Llandeilo is a town in Carmarthenshire, west Wales, situated at the crossing of the River Tywi by the A483 on an elegant stone bridge.
In the great storm of 1987, the floods were so severe that the River Tywi overwhelmed the railway bridge crossing the river at Llandeilo.
A school boy was tragically drowned when a train tried to cross the bridge and the bridge collapsed dropping the train into the raging river.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Llandeilo   (558 words)

 TTG CAMS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This CAMS comprises the catchment areas of the rivers Tywi, Taf and Gwendraeth Fawr and Fach.
The Tywi is recognised as the premier sea trout river in England and Wales, whilst the Taf is also noted for its stocks of migratory fish.
The development of the Tywi, Taf and Gwendraeth CAMS is designed to be an open and transparent process which results in a shared strategy for managing water resources.
www.carmarthenshire.org.uk /ttg_cams.htm   (778 words)

 Sept 2000
The River Tywi is recognised as the best sea trout fishery in England and Wales and also has a sizeable salmon fishery, both of which have been under threat in the upper catchment from the effects of acidification.
This was as a direct result of the acidic conditions in the river and the associated high levels of toxic metals, particularly aluminium.
The Environment Agency is eager to continue with the liming of the reservoir to sustain the benefits to the river.
www.mria.org.im /sep00.htm   (1046 words)

 WSTAA - Welsh Salmon and Trout Angling Association - News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This river is acknowledged as a very difficult one to catch fish on especially in the height of summer.
A week or so ago, during the heatwave, when the river was a trickle between lagoons, at seven in the morning I met a man. Dressed in waders and carrying a medium-size spinning rod, he looked oddly out of place.
Gone is the better part of this year’s juvenile recruitment, from a little river struggling to recover from a century and a half of gross abuse.
www.wstaa.org /news-show-secure.asp?reference=27   (3836 words)

 'Acid Rain' Rivers remain a problem in Wales :: News :: The Land Regeneration Network
Since then several attempts have been made to restore water quality and aid the recovery of affected rivers, particularly the headwaters of the River Tywi, one of the most prestigious salmon and sea trout rivers in the UK.
Building on previous the successes in the upper Tywi catchment We are now testing a new approach which is based on research undertaken in America.
The new approach uses limestone grit, a bi-product of the quarrying industry, which remains inactive on the river bed until periods of heavy rain, when they are mobilised and help to treat the acidification.
www.grc.cf.ac.uk /lrn/news/shownews.php?showcat=&page=1&item=782&month=01&year=2005   (666 words)

 Llynbrianne Dam
Why up at the dam!, well the building of it was of concern to the local residents for it was constructed ten miles upstream on the head waters of the river Tywi, upon which the town of Llandovery sits and many asked the question "what if it should burst" ?.
The dam, built by Wimpey Construction was the largest of its type in western Europe at the time and was constructed in such a way that the mountain bears the majority of the pressure of the millions of gallons of water; which eventually flooded the five valleys.
The purpose of such a huge construction scheme in such a wild and beautiful place, was to hold a volume of water big enough to maintain a constant level in the river Tywi, which would then allow the city of Swansea, by means of lower river extraction a greater water supply.
www.red-dragon-wales.com /SpecialPlaces/Llynbrianne.htm   (581 words)

 River Tywi
In low levels the river becomes less enjoyable as a lot of the drops become boulder chokes and there are just too many portages.
The previously mentioned 5+ is ugly, but easily spotted as the river clearly steepens - also a doddle to portage as there is a footpath on river left.
If you didn't like the first section then keep your eyes open for a footpath river left after the weirs which allows you to escape to the RSPB car park which sits conveniently between the two hills that take the river out of sight of the road.
ukriversguidebook.co.uk /tywidam.htm   (575 words)

 Afon Tywi o'r Awyr / The River Tywi from the Air
Mae’r ystumllyn hwn yn ADGA (SSSI) a chafodd ei greu gan lifogydd yn 1802 a achosodd i’r Afon Tywi dorri cwrs newydd.
A short channel which is no longer visible connected the Bishop’s Palace to the river and was used by barges carrying coal from the Gwendraeth coal field to the boilers in the palace.
Roedd y rheilffordd yn croesi’r Tywi dros y Bont Wen (sydd wedi’i pheintio’n llwyd erbyn heddiw) gan ymestyn mor bell â phorthladdoedd y llongau fferi yn Sir Benfro.
www.ngflcymru.org.uk /vtc/ngfl/geography/carmarthenshire_river/tywi.html   (0 words)

 Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in Lake Catchments, in River Water Abstracted for Domestic Use, and in ...
course of the River Tywi are predominantly rural and that the
the River Tywi, the average flow of the Cothi is 540 Mliters/day.
paratuberculosis in river water and the flow and height of the River Tywi and rainfall in the catchment between August 2002 and April 2003.
aem.asm.org /cgi/content/full/72/6/4067   (6335 words)

 ccw.gov.uk - Countryside Council for Wales   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Residents bordering the Afon Tywi, farmers, and local anglers have recently been taking part in a survey to note sightings of this popular and once common river mammal.
Current otter breeding sites on the Tywi need long-term management and new sites need to be created where possible to sustain and develop the current population.
But whilst the river population is on the increase, the problem of otter road deaths remains.
www.ccw.gov.uk /news/index.cfm?action=Press&ID=739&lang=en   (581 words)

 Conwy Richards - Coracle Types - The River Towy / River Tywi
For anyone wanting to build a coracle then the Tywi is recommended and of a type that is very safe and stable on the water and easy to use with a little practice.
On the Upper River Towy close to Llangadog Bridge in the mid-nineteenth century lived the wealthy family the Stepney-Gulstons who owned at least three coracles and have left photographs of their activities on the river from about 1871.
Also the paddles are from the River Teifi also the bulkhead design under the seat made from verticle supports as opposed to a planked horizontal design normally seen on the Tywi.
www.coracle-fishing.net /text-files/types-towi.htm   (0 words)

 Holiday Cottage and lodge in South Wales, Carmarthenshire,
Dinnefwr Castle (sometimes anglicized as Dynevor) is a Welsh castle overlooking the River Tywi near the town of Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, West Wales.
It lies on a ridge on the northern bank of the Tywi, with a steep drop of several hundred feet to the river.
As a spate river, the Towy produces excellent daytime sport to anglers spinning or fly-fishing when the river is running off after rain.
www.holidaycottagewales.com /activities-family-holidays-carmarthen.htm   (0 words)

 River Tywi
In low levels the river becomes less enjoyable as a lot of the drops become boulder chokes and there are just too many portages.
The previously mentioned 5+ is ugly, but easily spotted as the river clearly steepens - also a doddle to portage as there is a footpath on river left.
If you didn't like the first section then keep your eyes open for a footpath river left after the weirs which allows you to escape to the RSPB car park which sits conveniently between the two hills that take the river out of sight of the road.
www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk /tywidam.htm   (0 words)

 River Tywi, Llandovery Carmarthenshire Wales
The Afon Tywi (Welsh) or River Towy (English) is the longest river which entirely runs through Wales.
The total length of the River Tywi is 68 miles.
The Tywi is noted for trout and salmon fishing.
www.walesdirectory.co.uk /tourist-attractions/Rivers/Wales7562.htm   (0 words)

 River Tywi
This contains lime which is automatically released into the river to neutralise it's acidity before it enters the reservoir.
OTHER NOTES: This is another river that won't appeal to everyone other than the 'collector' of small mountain streams in the middle of nowhere.
It can be combined in a day with the Camddwr, which is similar and also feeds into the reservoir from the next valley across.
www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk /uppertywi.htm   (0 words)

 Carmarthen hotels; Hotels in Carmarthen, Hotels and spas, UK Hotels, Welsh hotels, Hotels in Wales, West Wales. Three ...
The hotel is situated on the southern boundary of the Carmarthenshire seaside village of Ferryside.
Ferryside grew from the now non-operational Ferry crossing on the river Tywi, on the ancient pilgrims route to St David's Cathedral.
The Three Rivers Health Suite, opened in 1997, was built to exceed the quality of facilities offered by any other private establishment in South West Wales.
www.threerivershotel.co.uk   (473 words)

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