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Topic: Rivers of Oceania

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In the News (Wed 23 May 18)

  River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Lena, the principal river of northeastern Siberia
The Maas, the principal river of the southern provinces of the Netherlands and eastern Belgium
The Susquehanna River, the principal river of Pennsylvania and the Chesapeake Bay
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rivers   (2559 words)

 SCOPE 42 - Biogeochemistry of Major World Rivers, Chapter 12, Minerals in Rivers
Rivers and creeks are motors of the petrogenetic cycle of the Earth.
Naidu and Mowatt (1983) analysed sediments of the Mackenzie River (66% illite) and of the Yukon River (41% illite).
The clay mineral association of rivers from the temperate climatic belt and from the cold regions depends to a larger extent on the bedrock composition of their drainage areas, as in case of the tropical lowland rivers.
www.icsu-scope.org /downloadpubs/scope42/chapter12.html   (5796 words)

 Informat.io on River
Often the building of dams affects the whole of the river, even the part above the dam, as migrating fish are hindered (see fish ladder), waterflow is no longer bounded by seasonal changes and sediment flow is blocked.
The Susquehanna River, the principal river of Pennsylvania
The Tigris, one of the twin principal rivers of Mesopotamia
www.informat.io /?title=River   (2408 words)

 Science Plans S2S   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Rivers draining the high-standing islands in the East Indies and the Philippines alone are estimated to discharge about more than half of the southern Asian fluvial sediment load (Figure 6).
During sea-level lowstands, the Waipaoa River presumably reached the shelf edge, although the exact point of discharge is not obvious as the course of the ancestral river has not been traced entirely across the shelf.
Because both the Fly and Waipaoa rivers are subject to episodic events, the Fly to ENSO variations in precipitation and the Waipaoa to cyclone activity, it is critical that the dispersal system be monitored for the full duration of each study.
www.marginsreview.wustl.edu /SPS2S.html   (9667 words)

 International Rivers Network
River World from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) highlights river issues around the globe, and is dedicated to the conservation and improved management of our waterways.
The Haw River Assembly is a non-profit citizens' group founded in 1982 to restore and protect the beauty and health of the Haw River and Jordan Lake in North Carolina.
Idaho Rivers United is a statewide, non-profit river conservation group devoted to the protection of Idaho's rivers, streams and riparian areas and the recovery of Idaho's wild salmon and steelhead.
www.irn.org /index.php?id=links/damfighters.html   (1812 words)

 Oceania Mythology - Australia
The broad sinuous reaches of the Ord and Victoria rivers of the north-west were made by the fl-headed python who came out of the sea from the direction of Timor and pushed forward, making the ranges, until he reached the Barkly Tablelands where he passed underg4round.
The broadening of the Murray river as it flows into the entrance lake in South Australia was caused by the swishing tail of the primal Murray God as he was pursued by the sky hero Ngurunderi.
In the myth told by the Mara of the roper River area to R. Berndt, Kunapipi exploited the charm of her daughters to ensnare young men whom she killed and ate.
www.janesoceania.com /oceaniamyths_australia/index.htm   (12136 words)

 River Portal @ RiverLocale.com (River Locale)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
American Rivers - American Rivers is a national non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and restoring America's rivers and to fostering a river stewardship ethic.
River Revival - Directory of some grassroots activists and non-governmental organizations engaged in dam decommissioning and river restoration activities, with notes on their particular interests.
Rivers of the Earth - Rivers of the Earth ranked by river length, river system length, drainage basin area, and average discharge rate.
www.riverlocale.com   (4730 words)

 Star Wars RP, Planet Naboo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Oceania was thriving after several hits that were referred to as plagues.
Those plagues that hit were a round of bugs that ate the plant life, a rain hit the entire planet in a matter of days covering it in a redness we discovered to be an algae.
That is all that is left of my people from Oceania as reports had it that the planet in a sense imploded because of the destruction of the life and resources of the planet.
groups.msn.com /StarWarsRPPlanetNaboo/yourwebpage.msnw   (1787 words)

 New Zealand Rivers
The longest river is The Waikato at 425 km long, and is the location of the Huka Falls.
The Whanganui is another prominent river in the North Island and is the longest navigable river.
These rivers usually have a strange light blue colour, due to the glaciated eroded particles of rock suspended in the water which reflect sunlight.
www.virtualoceania.net /newzealand/photos/rivers   (200 words)

The area drained by a river and its tributaries is called its watershed.
Rivers may be crossed by fordss, bridges, ferries or tunnels.
De La Plata - the widest river in the world.
www.knowledgefun.com /book/r/ri/river.html   (981 words)

 Title 38 from the Pitt Rivers Museum History, 1884 - 1945   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Oceania priorities not reflected in the global top 10:
Gambier Islands objects match the overall PRM collections up to 1945 in that tools are by far the largest category and indeed that stone tools are a large majority of all tools.
An unusual result even for Oceania with Food related items and vessels being the most commonly accessioned objects from Palau (and a majority of those are food vessels!) along with ornaments
history.prm.ox.ac.uk /page_38.html   (633 words)

 Title 24 from the Pitt Rivers Museum History, 1884 - 1945   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
We have therefore just kept the statistics under the heading Samoa (for information there are 5 objects which are definitely from Western Samoa (and none definitely from American Samoa) which supports this argument.
Oceania has a much higher percentage of ethnography than there is globally (and probably than there is from any other continent).
Oceania total =272 [note that 1628 objects are either archaeological or ethnographic - see separate section below]
history.prm.ox.ac.uk /page_24.html   (1886 words)

 The Circle of the Dragon: Dragons of Fame: Oceania
Oceania spans over Australian, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia.
History: Aranda was said to inhabit rivers where the current was deep, thereby preventing the creature from disturbing the surface.
When humans would come into these rivers alone, usually to fish, Aranda would grab them and swallow them whole for a snack.
www.blackdrago.com /famous_oceania.htm   (1520 words)

 IRN: International Day of Action for Rivers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Environment Victoria’s Healthy Rivers Campaign and Waterkeepers Australia held a "Yarra Yabber Tour" of the Yarra River.
The tour of the Yarra, which flows through the centre of downtown Melbourne, focused on environmental issues associated with the river system, its ecology, fish and hydrology.
The event focused build awareness about rivers and the meaning of water for life.
www.irn.org /dayofaction/index.php?id=2005/oceania.html   (349 words)

 Intute - World Guide - Satellite Images - Rivers Theme
Flooding of the Ob and Irtysh Rivers, Russia
Ural Mountains and mouth of the Ob river (Obskaya Guba), northern Russia
Ganges river delta, Bangladesh, and the Bay of Bengal
www.intute.ac.uk /sciences/worldguide/satellite_rivers.html   (210 words)

 September Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
They are: youthful, mature, old, and rejuvenat River Area r must be adapted to the current of the moving water.
Pollution Human pollution of rivers is common, and very few rivers in the world today are clean of man-made substances.
Carbon dioxide is heavier than air, and the released carbon dioxide flows down the river valley.
www.septemberspot.com /links_1-9.html   (3511 words)

 Oceania - Painting the Islands Vermilion
Thus in June 1871 John Henderson, who had been in Fiji for about a year, was still without his land.
'I was turned off', he lamented, 'and my natives had to jump in the River and run for life so I t4ries again to gain possession but of no use'.
The initial twenty-eight investors who had purchased land were still waiting for their share of 'the several islands, parts of islands, and other territory in Fiji' along with 'the soil and beds of all seas, rivers, creeks, and inlets thereto appertaining'.
www.janesoceania.com /oceania_vermilion/index.htm   (4485 words)

 UNESCO Water Portal newsletter No. 118: Water in oceania
The PLACA Junior 2005 was awarded to the Angel Maria Herrera High School located in Cocle, Panama and its 'Save the Zarati River Social Outreach Campaign', for the social work conducted by the students participating in the educational Centre, which promoted young people's commitment to protecting nature and sustainable development.
The average runoff from Australia is only some 350 km³ a year: except for the Murray Darling, most of the rivers are short and drain the eastern coast.
The rivers of Oceania are short and fast-flowing and produce an average annual runoff of about 2,000 km³.
www.unesco.org /water/news/newsletter/118.shtml   (1780 words)

 Species Summary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Oceania and Asia: Rivers of Australia and southwestern Papua New Guinea (from Fortescue River near Dampier Archipelago in Western Australia, eastward in rivers through the Northern Territory and Queensland south to the Murray-Darling system; also the Finke River, affluent to Lake Eyre; Bensbach River (Ref. 6993) and Digoel River in New Guinea.
Occur often far up rivers, but also in estuaries and in Lakes Alexandrina and Albert near mouth of a river (Ref. 188).
Most commonly inhabit streams coursing through relatively dry eucalyptus-scrub or desert areas, preferring sluggish or quiet waters (Ref. 5259, 44894).
www.fishbase.org /Summary/SpeciesSummary.php?ID=1612   (401 words)

 A White Water Rafting Directory of Rivers and Raft Trips
Riversearch.com lists the best whitewater rafting outfitters operating excursions on the finest rivers in the world.
If you are looking for an excellent white water rafting expedition, an excuse to travel abroad, a mini-vacation close by, or an exciting activity for your family vacation, you have come to the right website.
White water rafting is suitable for almost everyone, and as a result of Riversearch's rigorous screening process, the rivers and companies listed on this site offer the highest quality of service, safety, and enjoyment you'll find anywhere.
www.riversearch.com   (127 words)

 oceania and australia maps countries landforms rivers and information pages
OCEANIA, the smallest continent, is one of the most diverse and fascinating areas on the planet.
Oceania also includes Micronesia, a widely scattered group of islands that run along the northern and southern edges of the Equator.
If you would like to submit an addition, change or correction, or suggest a new link, please forward it to our map department and we will give it our immediate attention.
worldatlas.com /webimage/countrys/au.htm   (362 words)

 Open Directory - Regional: Oceania: New Zealand: Recreation and Sports: Fishing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
New Zealand Angling and Casting Association (Inc) - National Association supporting, encouraging and looking after the interests of recreational fishers whose prime interest is shore and small boat fishing.
Trout Fishing in New Zealand - Review of fly fishing for trout including tackle, techniques, rivers, lakes, fishing season, and flies to use.
Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club - Includes membership information and rates, fishing and tournament reports, catch records, and links to weather sites and coastal web cams.
dmoz.org /Regional/Oceania/New_Zealand/Recreation_and_Sports/Fishing   (248 words)

 Human Migration   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
These small people were known as the Twa people (or Pygmies).
These earliest humans migrated following the Nile River, north, south, east, and west, creating the first civilization.
Many thousands of years before Christ, great, great cultures bloomed in the bark rich valleys of the Yang-tse-kiang, the Ho, Indus, Euphrates, Nile, and Congo rivers, while Oceania, Central America, and the highlands of the Andes were centers of human settlements.
whgbetc.com /meta/human-migration.html   (291 words)

BESTs will be teams of 3-4 persons working on a final report on a topic of their choice chosen from the table below.
East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Melanesia, Oceania
The instructor will work with the teams on an individual basis during weekly team face-to-face meetings, and during a second, weekly WWW chat session (weekly time to be announced in class).
darwin.bio.uci.edu /~sustain/state/projects.htm   (386 words)

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