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Topic: Rivers of Poland

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  MSN Encarta - Print Preview - Poland
Poland’s borders are marked by the Sudety mountains (Sudetes) in the southwest, the Carpathian Mountains (Karpaty) in the southeast, the Odra and Neisse (Nysa) rivers in the west, and the Bug River in the east.
Poland’s varied mineral deposits are concentrated mainly in the southern upland regions and adjacent areas.
Rivers that are particularly affected include the Wisła, the Bobr, the Nida, the Wisłoka, and the Bug.
encarta.msn.com /text_761559758___2/Poland.html   (1403 words)

 POLAND - LoveToKnow Article on POLAND   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Poland, indeed, was far less able to cope with the Turks than compact, wealthy Hungary, which throughout the 15th century was one of the most efficient military monarchies in Europe.
Poland had established a sort of suzerainty over Moldavia as early as the end of the I4th century; but at best it was a loose and vague overlordship which the Hospodars repudiated whenever they were strong enough to do so.
Poland, as the next neighbor of Hungary, was more seriously affected than any other European power by this catastrophe, but her politicians differed as to the best way of facing it.
7.1911encyclopedia.org /P/PO/POLAND.htm   (18908 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Poland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Poland revolted from the empire, and the Polish Church began a reform in accordance with Gregory's decrees.
The Church of Poland took part, it is true, in the Synod of Constance, at which Hus was burnt, but had not the strength to oppose effectively the reactionary tendency of the nobility, which sought to use heresy as a counterpoise to the influence of the Church.
The head of the Catholic Church in Poland was the Archbishop of Gnesen, primate of the kingdom and legatus nalus.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/12181a.htm   (17027 words)

 Poland. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Poland’s main rivers (including the Vistula, the Oder, the Warta, and the Western Bug) are connected to the Baltic Sea and are important traffic lanes.
In 1697 the elector of Saxony was chosen king of Poland as Augustus II by a minority faction supported by Czar Peter I. Augustus allied himself with Russia and Denmark against Charles XII of Sweden.
The Sovietization of Poland was accelerated; in 1949, Soviet Marshall Konstantin Rokossovsky was made minister of defense and commander in chief of the Polish army.
www.bartleby.com /65/po/Poland.html   (4078 words)

 Western Bug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The part between the lake and the Vistula River is sometimes referred to as Bugo-Narew.
Bug is 772 km long (587 km in Poland) and is the 4th longest Polish river.
Bug is connected with the Dnieper river by the Dnieper-Bug Canal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bug_(Rivers)   (99 words)

 Poland-Geography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
As an independent country (i.e., until the year 1772), Poland was bounded on the north by the Baltic Sea, on the east by the Russian Empire, on the south by the dominions of the Tatars and Hungary, on the west by Bohemia and Prussia.
Volhynia in the basin of the rivers Styr, Horyn, and Slucz.
Poland was, for the most part, populated by Poles; after the union of Lithuania with Poland were added Ruthenians and Tatars, and furthermore, though in no considerable numbers, Jews, Germans, Armenians, Gipsies, and Letts.
www.massaccess.com /aron/Poland-Geography.html   (979 words)

 For the Children   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Poland’s name “Polska” is derived from the word “Polanie” or “plains people” one of several Slavic groups that settled the Northern European plain between the Oder and Vistula Rivers.
Poland’s army won many battles but the struggles were bitter and lasted for months resulting in the devastation of towns and villages.
Poland, with her traditions of tolerance and freedom, was considered politically dangerous.
pacb.bfn.org /projects/children/history.html   (999 words)

 Ashoka Fellow Profile - Jacek Bozek
However, Jacek is expanding his work to other rivers in Poland and is working to export his model to the remaining natural river eco-systems throughout the continent.
Poland is an important migratory stop for many of Europe's rarest birds that rely on the rivers and surrounding forests for breeding grounds.
Attempts to modify the course of the river or to change the amount of water flowing into a particular area could be detrimental to the many animal and plant species that rely upon the river for their survival.
www.ashoka.org /fellows/viewprofile3.cfm?reid=125061   (1405 words)

 MSN Encarta - Poland
Because Poland’s forests are dominated by conifers, which are particularly vulnerable to acid rain and other forms of air pollution, many of them are now extensively damaged.
At the time of the 1988 census Poland had a population of 37,878,641.
Poland’s highest population densities are in the southern upland areas; the lowest densities are in the northwest and northeast.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761559758_2/Poland.html   (1096 words)

Small rivers in the upper partitions of the riverbed should be re-naturalized such that they are maximally allowed to flood areas were they do no harm and their destructive powers are decreased.
Rivers and their banks were transformed into concrete canals (the best examples can be seen in the Zakopane or Podbeskidzie region), and/or a 'netting' was constructed using rocks and iron and placed on the river bottoms and banks.
Regulation of the rivers, and the associated cutting of trees close to the rivers, caused the increased risk of floods-especially on the lower parts of the rivers.
www.zb.eco.pl /gb/24/flood.htm   (4202 words)

 Information on Poland
Poland stretches between 49°00’N (Opolonek mount) and 54°50’N (Rozewie peninsula), and between 14°07’E (Odra river near the town of Cedynia) and 24°08’E (Bug river near the town of Strzyzow).
Poland’s southern one-third comprises various upland areas with intervening lowlands and a belt of mountains in the very south and southwest.
The Vistula (Wisla) and Oder (Odra) rivers are Poland’s biggest by far and traverse it lengthwise from the south to the north.
www.krakow-info.com /1poland.htm   (734 words)

 Curriculum Unit: Survey of Poland
Poland's flag is red and white, and its symbol is the white eagle with a gold crown, which faces West.
Geography: (Maps of Europe and Poland.) T: The capital and largest city is Warsaw, which is situated on the Vistula River, the longest in Poland.
T. will mention what the people she met wanted her to bring back to her students- Poland is a friendly and hospitable country which wants to continue contact with the U.S. and other countries, and it wants to learn more about countries worldwide.
www.umich.edu /~iinet/crees/outreach/Nash.htm   (671 words)

 Poland -> Land and People on Encyclopedia.com 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Mixed marriages in migration from the Ukraine to Poland.
Emerging leader of the tax avant-garde: Poland's proposal to institute a flat tax on individual and corporate incomes.
Poland, Auschwitz.1989.Groups of Jewish " twins " treated by the dreaded camp Doctor Mengele, revisiting the Auschwitz camp.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/section/Poland_LandandPeople.asp   (707 words)

 Rivers That Flow North   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
And even in an era where traveling by river is uncommon we speak of "downriver" and "upriver", and we know that "upriver" (or "up the creek") means against the current, while downriver, with the current, is much easier going.
For a good example of a large, famous river that loops around in all sorts of directions, look closely at a map of the Ohio River, which flows mainly west-southwest for 981 miles from Pittsburgh until it meets the Mississippi at Cairo, Illinois.
Other north-flowing rivers in that area are the Unare and Cuyuni, the Magdalena in Colombia, the Berbice and Essequibo rivers in Guyana, the Corantyne or Corantin on the border between Guyana and Suriname, the Mana in French Guyana.
www.geocities.com /loisnotlane/rivers.html   (3905 words)

POLAND political - size: 589 x 635 pixels
POLAND shaded relief - size: 624 x 400 pixels
POLAND political - size: 1048 x 1244 pixels
info-poland.buffalo.edu /web/geography/maps/link.shtml   (433 words)

 “The Labrador of Four Rivers” - Warsaw Poland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Before he came to Poland, he was posted to Prague and Bonn.
So that his daughter wouldn’t feel alone in a new place, he and his wife decided to buy her a small dog.
We brought her all the way from Karlovy Vary.” “I guess it’s the only dog of this breed that ever took a bath in four rivers: the Vltava, the Rhine, the Vistula and the Potomac,” adds the Chargé d’Affaires.
warsaw.usembassy.gov /poland-pl/pies.html   (501 words)

 Dunajec   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Dunajec is a river running through northern Slovakia and southern Poland.
It is a tributary of the Vistula river.
Its length of 274 kilometres runs through Slovakia for 27 kilometres and through Poland for 247 kilometres, making it Poland's 14th longest river.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/D/Dunajec.htm   (129 words)

 WAWEL - Postcards from Poland
The city's captivating scenery is extremely popular among art students.
Wisla (Vistula) is one of the two main rivers in Poland.
Send us your pictures with a description or an accompanying story to wawel@ucla.edu in the jpg format.
www.studentgroups.ucla.edu /pasawawel/eng_postcards.htm   (106 words)

 Iowa Voyagers: Poland: Cities and Rivers
Via the majestic Vistula River, you’ll plumb the heart of Poland aboard the luxurious Frederic Chopin.
From Krakow, you’ll embark on an adventure that promises an unforgettable glimpse into the character of this country, from its medieval castles and vibrant market squares to its haunting monuments and the tragedy of World War II.
The hidden cultural delights of Kaliningrad, Russia, offer another dimension to your tour before you bid farewell at the Baltic port of Gdansk, “The Amber City.”
www.iowalum.com /voyagers/2005/poland.html   (105 words)

 Palac Budzistowo, Kolobrzeg, Poland
Click here to see the home page of Budzistowo Palace
Budzistowo Palace is located by Parseta river - one of the cleanest rivers in Poland, 3 km away from the sea.
The palace is situated in the centre of the old settlement "Altstadt" and combines monumental place with luxurious modernity.
www.comcat.com /~romwo222/Kolobrzeg/PalacBudzistowo   (238 words)

 Still Searching After All These Years...
This section is dedicated to the anonymous Jewish victims of the Holocaust; robbed of their culture, their families, their property and their lives; whose blood fill the frozen rivers of Poland; their eternal cry shutters the skies of that land; their ashes scattered in the cursed earth and their holy memory dwells in our heart.
Pinkas HaNitzolim II -- Register of Jewish Survivors II List of Jews in Poland (58,000 Names)
LUSZINSKI from Gombin, (Gabin) Poland, Survived in Belgium
www.zchor.org /searchin.htm   (678 words)

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