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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  Road ID®
If you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete or just a person who doesn't sit on the couch all day, Road ID is for you.
The inspiration for Road ID was born in the fall of 1999.
For me, the inspiration was a fl, King Kong size pick-up truck that I nearly came face to face with on a long Saturday run.
www.roadid.com   (348 words)

  Road Editions
This book is a writer’s journey around Greece, with as signposts the hospitality provided at the most exceptional accommodation the country has to offer to discerning travellers.
The editors of ROAD Editions are especially proud of this map of Thrace, one of the largest an best designed maps of ROAD Editions.
ROAD was founded specifically to cover the significant gap in precision map and travel guide availability existing at the time.
www.road.gr /road_en/index/default.htm   (380 words)

  Road transport - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Roman roads used deep roadbeds of crushed stone as an underlying layer to ensure that they kept dry, as the water would flow out from the crushed stone, instead of becoming mud in clay soils.
Toll roads peaked in the mid 19th century, and by the turn of the twentieth century most toll roads were taken over by state highway departments.
Roads won't again be competitive with rails and barges until the first half of the 20th century when the internal combustion engine replaces draft animals as the source of motive power.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Road_transport   (2237 words)

Engineered roads in the age of horse drawn transport aimed for a maximum gradient of 1 in 30 on a macadamized surface since this was the steepest a horse could exert to pull a load up hill which it could manage easily on the flat.
Road building and maintenance is an area of economic activity (compare military spending) that remains dominated by the public sector (though often through private contractors).
Roads (except those on private property not accessible to the general public) are typically paid for by taxes (often raised through levies on fuel), though some public roads, especially highways are funded by tolls.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/r/ro/road.html   (1821 words)

 Silk Road Encyclopedia Article @ KilnFired.com (Kiln Fired)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Silk Road on the Sea extends from South China, to present-day Philippines, Brunei, Siam, Malacca, Ceylon, India, Persia, Egypt, Italy, Portugal and Sweden.
The heyday of the Silk Road corresponds to that of the Byzantine Empire in its west end, Sassanid Empire Period to Il Khanate Period in the Nile-Oxus section and Three Kingdoms to Yuan Dynasty in the Sinitic zone in its east end.
Accompanying the crystallization of regional states was the decline of nomad power, partly due to the devastation of the Black Death and partly due to the encroachment of sedentary civilizations equipped with gunpowder.
www.kilnfired.com /encyclopedia/Silk_Road   (4806 words)

 Curb (road) Encyclopedia Article @ InteriorBeauty.com (Interior Beauty)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Typically made from concrete, or earlier from long stones (often granite), the purpose is two-fold: first as a gutter for proper drainage of the roadway, and second for safety, to keep motorists from driving onto the shoulder, median, sidewalk, or pavement.
As a traffic control measure, they keep motorists on the road, and prevent them from driving around other traffic as if it were a hard shoulder.
Since curbs add to the cost of a road, they are generally limited to urban and suburban areas, and are rarely found in rural areas except where certain drainage conditions (such as mountains or culverts) make them necessary.
www.interiorbeauty.com /encyclopedia/Curb_(road)   (660 words)

 Record of American Democracy (ROAD) Project
ROAD data will enable more detailed studies of split ticket voting and of the factors leading to divided government at many levels, for any or all states.
The ROAD data should make possible many new studies of legislative redistricting, and associated analyses and forecasts of political and racial fairness, compactness, the consequences of equal population constraints on gerrymanderers, and related issues.
Finally, this is the first data set to be generally available to the academic community that is on par in terms of quality and quantity with the data politicians and political strategists have been using for decades to target campaign resources.
data.fas.harvard.edu /ROAD   (1180 words)

 MDT Traveler Information - Travel Alerts/Road Condition Reports   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Road condition updates will be provided as major changes occur.
Road condition information and construction delays may also be accessed by calling 511 or 1-800-226-7623.
The information shown on the maps and reports is based upon the last **known** condition of the roads and is provided solely as a public service.
www.mdt.mt.gov /travinfo   (97 words)

 WeirdSpace Encyclopedia: Road Runner
A cartoon would start with an attempt to catch the Road Runner going wrong, the end would be an attempt to catch the Road Runner going wrong and in between there would be more attempts to catch the Road Runner going wrong.
The Road Runner cartoons were a success (Beep Prepared from 1961 was even nominated for an Academy Award) and Chuck Jones who was the director on the cartoons continued to make cartoons with Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner until he left Warner Bros. in 1963.
One was The Plymouth Road Runner, a performance model of car produced by the Plymouth division of Chrysler between 1968 and 1980.
www.weirdspace.dk /Looney%20Tunes/Road%20Runner.htm   (711 words)

 road - Wiktionary
Modern roads are usually paved to accommodate wheeled vehicles.
The term road is used with the preposition on.
Something is on the road, but in the street.
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/Road   (117 words)

 Encyclopedia of Hitchhiking, Road Travel and Subcultural Movement -digihitch.com
The Beat Movement was the most influential literary source of road culture in history, as authors like Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady chronicled their lives on and off the road.
The flowering era of the road, these are the seekers, artists, students, charlatans and musicians who hitchhiked into the age of Aquarius.
digihitch is a hitchhiking and road culture portal for all who are drawn to the road.
www.digihitch.com /encyclopedia.html   (622 words)

 Fuji Road Bicycles (Bikes) Racing, touring, fun and fitness Bicycle Man
On a road bike you may sometimes want to stand on hill climbs to get your weight off the seat.
They are more rugged than road racing bikes, and have a longer frame to balance loads and soak up road vibration.
Paula, my Mom rides a Fuji road bike and complains that her average speeds are only in the 15 mph range.
www.bicycleman.com /fuji/road_bikes/road_bikes.htm   (816 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Road Rash NLA for PlayStation 1 at Epinions.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
My first encounter with Road Rash was on the Sega Genesis console years ago.
The Road Rash series of games may not be the most realistic in the world, but they certainly are fun.
Road Rash for Playstation was the first in the series to make it to the next generation platforms, and doesn't disappoint.
epinions.com /game-Software-All-Playstation-Road_Rash/_redir_att__~1   (435 words)

 Amazon.com: Road: Music: James Keelaghan   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Before you know it, a song about life on the road ("Love What a Road") is suddenly transformed into a forgettable lite-rock ride in the minivan of life.
Keelaghan is a gifted storyteller, and "Road" has a wide range of musical tales: from the haunting "Captain Torres" to the rambunctious "Number 37" to the evocative "My Old Man".
Road itself is a sweet cut, that manages to combine the singer's deftness at story telling, reminiscent of Harry Chapin at his best, with stunning tight lyrics and a lovely tune that leaves you wanting more...
www.amazon.com /Road-James-Keelaghan/dp/B00000IQ0W   (1063 words)

 Road - HINDI Movie - Preview, Songs, Stills, Review,wallpapers,downloads...- nowrunning.COM MOVIE WACHOUT
The what-next feeling never goes away as the lead pair's life on the road gets overtaken by a very normal-seeming stranger Babu (Manoj Bajpai) who thumbs a ride from Arvind and Laxmi and then takes them through a traumatic maze of adventures.
In Road, the actors seem to fully belong to the world that they inhabit.
Road gives him an opportunity to move away from his debut role in Company to portray a state-of-the-art leading man with intelligence, subtlety and humour.
www.nowrunning.com /comingsoon/road/road.asp   (682 words)

 Planet-Bollywood - Film Review - Road   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hopefully Road does the same, but it seems a little unlikely.
Road falters on several accounts but the most obvious is the script/screenplay.
Road will take you on a rollercoaster ride, with plenty of ups and downs, but only some will find it truly enjoyable.
www.planetbollywood.com /Film/Road   (928 words)

 Welcome to California
Access road conditions by telephone: 800.427.7623 or 916.445.7623
This information system provides current road conditions within the California State Highway System.
The information provided covers incidents that cause significant delays to the normal flow of traffic including, but not limited to, full closures; 1-way traffic controls; lane closures; construction; maintenance projects and emergencies.
www.dot.ca.gov /hq/roadinfo   (172 words)

 Road - Transport Canada   (Site not responding. Last check: )
World Road Congress - Transport Canada and the Canadian National Committee (CNC) are organizing a Canadian Trade Mission to participate in the 23rd World Road Congress, which will take place in Paris, September 17-21, 2007.
Road conditions – Links to provincial and territorial road conditions.
Road safety tips including tire safety, driving with large vehicles and using cell phones – These safety tips will keep you safe on the road.
www.tc.gc.ca /road/menu.htm   (896 words)

 Welcome to California
This information system provides current road conditions within the California State Highway System.
The information provided covers incidents that cause significant delays to the normal flow of traffic including, but not limited to, full closures; 1-way traffic controls; lane closures; construction; maintenance projects and emergencies.
The center is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.
www1.dot.ca.gov /hq/roadinfo   (161 words)

 bikefriday.com | Road ____Custom Road, Sport, & Tri travel bikes class travel bikes   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bike Friday road bikes provide all the celerity and performance of their big-wheeled cousins with the incredible advantage of hassle-free traveling.
Many to choose from, including triathlon class road bikes, specialized road bikes and women's road bikes.
Available in both road and triathlon geometrys, with hi-performance components to match.
www.bikefriday.com /bikecat99.cfm?cat=2   (280 words)

 PUBLIC ROADS On-Line (Summer 1996) - Road Movies
Roads are so much a part of our lives that they are, naturally, also a part of our cultural life.
Although roads, and particularly the interstate system, are shown briefly in hundreds of films in which they provide, as in real life, transportation for the characters, roads are featured prominently in many others.
Thunder Road (1958): Bootleggers versus the Feds, with Robert Mitchum.
www.tfhrc.gov /pubrds/summer96/p96su42.htm   (1788 words)

 Abbey Road - Encyclopedia FunTrivia
Save for a few re-recordings, editing sessions and the new song "I Me Mine," which came out on “Let it Be,” “Abbey Road” was the Beatles’ last album to be recorded before Paul announced the group's separation on April 10th, 1970, nine days after "I Me Mine" was recorded.
They wanted to fly to Mount Everest and have their picture taken in front of the mountain, but they were too mad at each other to have their cover photo taken farther than down Abbey Road, the street on which their recording studio was located.
Who said, "Belgium is a nation, not a road?" (goto)
www.funtrivia.com /en/Music/Abbey-Road-12430.html   (1385 words)

 Work zones and detour information - Wisconsin Department of Transportation
RESTRICTED Century Ave/Airport Road EB and WB restricted to one lane in each direction on the WB lanes from Laura Ln to Northbrook Dr. with temporary signals at the intersection with Parmenter.
The road will remain open to traffic through staging, but delays can be expected.
RESTRICTED WIS 100 (Ryan Road) is restricted to 11 Ft. lanes From S. 60th St. to 68th St. There is also a lane shift through this area.
www.dot.wisconsin.gov /travel/road/workzones.htm   (3753 words)

 National Traffic and Road Closure Information
Safe Travel USA - Weather and Road Conditions for the Upper Midwest
Road Summit Travel Information for Various US Locations
Midwest Road Conditions from the National Weather Service (CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD, WI, WY)
www.fhwa.dot.gov /trafficinfo   (151 words)

 Road Movies: Media Resources Center UCB
Phillip, a footloose 31-year old journalist on the road from the United States to Europe, suddenly finds himself with a new traveling companion: a 9-year old girl named Alice.
Corrigan, Timothy."Wenders' Kings of the Road: The Voyage from Desire to Language." New German Critique, vol.
Asthey drive their truck over rough California roads, night after night, their rough life gets even tougher when they get involved with murder and the mob.
www.lib.berkeley.edu /MRC/roadmovies.html   (5188 words)

 Road & Track Magazine - ROADandTRACK.com
See photos of the latest cars on the scene.
Plus, get insider buzz on what you might see on the road in the future.
Which of these concepts would you most like to see on the road:
www.roadandtrack.com   (706 words)

 American Motorcyclist Association: Riding
Find a road riding event in your area.
Enjoy peace of mind on the road with AMA's MoTow Motorcycle Roadside Assistance.
An 8,500-member volunteer network of motorcyclists to help you on the road.
www.amadirectlink.com /roadride/road.asp   (102 words)

 www.usacycling.org -- Road
USA Cycling announced today the elite teams that will represent the United States at the 2006 UCI Road World Championships September 19-24 in Salzburg, Austria.
Both the time trial and road race will be called by Phil Liggett.
USA Cycling is a family of organizations that promote and govern different disciplines of the sport, and that work as one to build the sport of bicycle racing, assist with athlete development and sustain international competitive excellence.
www.usacycling.org /road   (293 words)

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