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Topic: Road Warrior

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

 Reason Magazine - Road Warrior
Specifically, this would mean that, like telecom companies, road providers should have owners; be financially self-supporting; be treated the same by government, whether investor-owned or government-owned; receive their revenue directly from users (rather than through the government); and operate to common standards, to make interconnection simpler.
Roth also reviews the world's experience to date with direct road pricing and is realistic about the political difficulties of introducing pricing where people have become accustomed to thinking of road use as "free." Road pricing generally means charging road users at the time and place of use--in other words, charging tolls.
Second, Roth recommends that states create dedicated road funds to collect the various road-user charges--some of which might still be gasoline taxes and registration fees--and disburse funds to the road corporations.
www.reason.com /news/show/29992.html   (1399 words)

 The Road Warrior
Road Warrior is, simply, a GREAT action movie; in my estimation it ranks up there with The Terminator (1984) and Die Hard (1988) as one of the three best action movies of all time.
Tearing down the road at highway speeds, Max and a couple of others fights off dozens of attackers armed with arrows, grappling hooks, and their own vehicles.
The first movie is definitely darker and quirkier and more human, but the Road Warrior is technically brilliant, exciting, and a hell of a lot of fun.
www.prisonflicks.com /theroad.htm   (1802 words)

 Road Warrior Animal Wrestleinfo
The Road Warriors won their first tag team championship in WCWG when they won a tournament to become the National Tag Team Champions.
The Road Warriors first title loss was to the team of Buzz and Brett Sawyer but they regained the belts after Buzz Sawyer was fired.
In addition to the Road Warriors, WCW boasted some of the toughest tag teams in the world such as the Steiner Brothers, Doom (Ron Simmons and Butch Reed), and the SST (Samoan Swat Team of Samoan Savage and Fatu).
www.wrestleinfo.com /RoadWarriorAnimal.html   (1741 words)

 IronMan: The Legend of the Road Warriors
Still, the Warriors showed that they could stand on their own in singles matches by wrestling Flair, who was (and still is) considered one of the best world champions of the modern era.
Again, the Warriors should've had the victory after the "Device" was applied (this time on Williams) but Kevin Sullivan and Danny Spivey interfered by attacking Nikita, causing their team to lose the match by DQ and lose the NWA titles.
The Warriors got the better of this encounter but this is one of the few feuds of the Warriors that really ended undecisive because both Doom and the Warriors got their share of wins and losses.
www.midsouthwrestling.com /Road_Warriors.html   (7126 words)

 ABQjournal: Road Warrior
Road Warrior D'Val Westphal, the Journal's news editor, tackles commuter issues for West Siders on Tuesdays and the rest of the Albuquerque Metro area on Saturdays.
ROAD WARRIOR: AFTER SCHOOL AS DANGEROUS AS WEEKEND NIGHTS FOR TEEN DRIVERS: If you thought Friday and Saturday nights were the most dangerous times for your new driver to be on the road, think again.
ROAD WARRIOR: IT'S ROAD BOND TIME: When Bernalillo County voters go to the polls Nov. 7, they'll be hit with a $9.4 million question.
www.abqjournal.com /traffic   (602 words)

 Salon Wanderlust | Road Warrior: Esther Dyson
Road Warrior will also present Informed Sources, a place for readers to ask -- and answer -- their business travel questions and our own selected Tip of the Week.
To launch Road Warrior, we interviewed Esther Dyson, one of the preeminent visionaries of the digital age -- and a quintessential road warrior who logs a quarter-million frequent-flier miles a year from her home in New York.
In the spirit of road warriorness, I conducted this interview with Dyson electronically: I e-mailed her a set of questions one afternoon from San Francisco and a few days later her responses appeared in my in box -- time-stamped 4 a.m.
www.salon.com /wlust/road/1997/11/cov_04road.html   (1288 words)

 Road Warrior Animal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For many years he teamed with Road Warrior Hawk.
Unfortunately, Road Warrior Hawk died on October 19, 2003.
Road Warrior Animal Speaks On Hawk's Death, WWE and More
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Joseph_Laurinaitis   (925 words)

 Are You Road Warrior Material?, Business Travel Article - Inc. Article
Suzanne LaFata discovers some commonalities between her road warrior friends and finds that having a certain set of qualities makes life on the road much easier for some professionals.
Road warriors have relatively neat homes that aren't filled with bric-a-brac or cluttered with old newspapers and magazines.
Road warriors recognize that there generally is a store on almost every corner.
www.inc.com /resources/travel/articles/20050701/roadwarrior.html   (640 words)

 Road Warrior by Michelle V.
Road Warrior by Michelle V. Jack pressed down on the gas, edging up the speedometer.
A sign by the side of the road told him it was twenty miles to the next town.
Another sign by the road said they were now only ten miles from the town.
sg1michelle.homestead.com /road.html   (1573 words)

 The Road Warrior Catalog
Though we only provide GMG parts in the Road Warrior Catalog we are a totally separate company.
The Road Warrior Catalog is only a tool for you to use on your website.
The only work around we have is for you to manually re-enter the order into your catalog as though you were the customer and then use a test credit card number of 4000000000000002 to get catalog to generate the file needed to send to GMG for drop shipping.
www.roadwarriorcatalog.com /faq.htm   (1142 words)

 SLAM! Sports - Wrestling - Road Warrior Hawk dead at 45
Unlike most wrestling managers, Ellering was a legitimate manager for the Road Warriors, booking their matches, lining up their flights, setting up hotel reservations and keeping track of their expenses.
From there, the Road Warriors hit the road and never looked back, winning the AWA, NWA and WWF tag titles during their career, along with the NWA World Six-Man titles with Dusty Rhodes on two occasions, and once with Genichiro Tenryu, and the NWA International tag title.
The Road Warriors later re-teamed in 1996, and agreed to re-join the WWF in 1997.
slam.canoe.ca /Slam/Wrestling/2003/10/19/230771.html   (449 words)

 Amazon.com: The Road Warrior (Special Edition): Video: Mel Gibson,Bruce Spence,Michael Preston,Max Phipps,Vernon ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Yet, ROAD WARRIOR isn't the type of sequel that requires the viewer to have seen the previous picture.
ROAD WARRIOR was the movie that basically introduced Mel Gibson to U.S. movie audiences and it was the film that made him a star.
In ROAD WARRIOR the filmmakers were able to do many of the things they weren't able to in MAD MAX.
www.amazon.com /Road-Warrior-Special-Mel-Gibson/dp/0790741512   (2758 words)

 Mad Max 2 - Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior Filming Locations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The road out past Silverton, towards Mundi Mundi plain, was used in many shots, primarily the opening chase, and the final truck wreck.
The compound was at the base of the middle pinnacle, which is the one closest to the road.
The road to the pinnacles was used in the rig delivery, the road up towards the compound was actually created for the film, and is still there today.
www.madmaxmovies.com /making/madmax2   (1150 words)

 Road Warrior Hawk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The muscular Road Warriors burst onto the wrestling scene in 1983 sporting mohawks, dog collars, spiked shoulder pads, and face paint.
The Road Warriors wrestled across the globe, capturing the All Japan Pro Wrestling tag team titles, as well as every existing American version of the world tag team titles in the (WWF, the NWA and the AWA).
He was also involved in the 1987 Feud of the Year which was the Road Warriors and the Super Powers (Nikita Koloff and Dusty Rhodes) vs. the Four Horsemen.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Road_Warrior_Hawk   (1225 words)

 The Yamaha Road Star Warrior
For the Warrior, Yamaha took the standard air-cooled Road Star V-twin motor and bored it out 2mm to bump displacement to 1,670cc, up 68cc.
Head out onto the road, and the first thing you notice is the seating position, with your legs and arms stretched out ahead and a forward bend to your back.
With a long wheelbase of 65.7 inches, the Warrior is rock steady on straight roads.
www.ama-cycle.org /features/RSwarrior.asp   (659 words)

 reviewjournal.com -- News - THE ROAD WARRIOR: Commuters fear repeat of Route 160 woes
The change in speed limit aimed to cut down on the increasing number of fatal accidents that have occurred on the stretch of road as urban sprawl overtakes the once rural area.
Blue Diamond is the narrow rural southwestern valley road wracked with deadly wrecks amid the growth of the new Mountain's Edge community and Pahrump.
There's also the fear that proactive road work could be followed by a downsizing of development, leaving a road to nowhere in place.
www.reviewjournal.com /lvrj_home/2006/Jul-16-Sun-2006/news/8217123.html   (1112 words)

 Yamaha Road Star Warrior 1700 - Road Test & Review — Motorcycle Cruiser
As a result, the Warrior is a creative melding of the conventional and innovative, with an eye on the performance of the chassis as much as simple acceleration.
Unlike the Road Star, which just pulls back the spark when you hit the redline, the Warrior ends the party more gently in the first two gears (starting at 5700 rpm), using a combination of fuel injection and spark timing.
The Warrior, at 12.71 seconds and 103.0 mph through the quarter-mile, easily runs away from the Road Star (14.85 seconds, 86.6 mph) and bests Kawasaki's Mean Streak (13.90 seconds, 94.2 mph) but gets left behind by Harley's V-Rod (11.92 seconds, 112.8 mph) and the big, bad Honda VTX1800C (12.30 seconds, 105.45 mph).
www.motorcyclecruiser.com /roadtests/yamaha_road_star_warrior_1700   (4085 words)

 Christian Road Warrior   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
We will contact you with a fellow Christian Road Warrior or other member in our network who will be assigned to you.
A fellow Road Warrior, Innkeeper or Ranger will make contact to encourage you, pray for you and hold you accountable during your trip.
Christian Road Warrior is based on one simple promise, “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in your midst.” We believe that this is the most foundational aspect to any ministry.
www.christianroadwarrior.com   (626 words)

 Road Warrior - Sports & Fitness - SHOP.COM
Road Warrior 16' Deck Boat O/B and I/O Trailerable Boat Cover Silver Polyester
Road Warrior 16' Low Profile O/B Trailerable Boat Cover Silver Polyester
Road Warrior Silver Polyester Boat Cover fits T1' Tournament Ski
www.shop.com /op/sprod-32844-~Road+Warrior-k24-g1   (979 words)

 Road Warrior: Mad Max 2
Speaking of tough guys, it's time for "The Road Warrior." It's kind of a western, where Mel Gibson is the stranger who rides in to help the peace-loving townfolk protect themselves from the evil bandidos.
Mad Max and his loyal shotgun-toting dog, in the great opening to "The Road Warrior." This movie was actually called "Mad Max 2" in every country EXCEPT America and Canada.
Which leads me to this, the famous concluding sequence of "The Road Warrior," which is simply the greatest chase sequence ever filmed.
www.angelfire.com /mn/nn/RoadWarrior.html   (2561 words)

 Wi-Fi Networking News Archives
This piece profiles a trucker who is better connected on the road than most people are in their homes: He subscribes to a Wi-Fi service for Internet access at truck stops, Sprint PCS for data access where Wi-Fi isn’t available as well as for voice services, and XM Satellite radio.
That is, you have plenty of commuters who don’t meet the road warrior profile, but have every bit as much need for data access during their daily shuttling.
The road warrior’s toolkit includes stumbling programs: Mark Frauenfelder, just back from four months on a tiny island, writes about how a real road warrior (in which category he places me) carries software and gadgets to help find Wi-Fi networks.
wifinetnews.com /archives/cat_road_warrior.html   (4927 words)

 Road Warrior PC - Home
Since 2001, Atlanta based Road Warrior PC has been offering Dependable and Affordable On-Site computer and network services for all of your business and residential needs.
At Road Warrior PC, we are in the business of complete Technology Solutions.
Copyright © 2005 Road Warrior PC Inc. RoadWarriorPC.com is a Trademark of Road Warrior PC Inc. All Rights Reserved.
www.roadwarriorpc.com   (213 words)

 TCS - Road Warrior
The new Road Warrior design addresses those needs, and an updated Road Warrior B, released in August 2005, added the capability of installing a custom configuration of the software on a system, so now Road Warrior can do everything the old Image Machine could do, plus several other features it did not have.
Before Customize Software was added it was possible to fit Road Warrior with its driver search capability and Windows, plus the Child16 image, on a 2 Gig drive, and if we dropped Windows it fit on a 1 Gig drive.
We got those images after the new version of Road Warrior had been distributed, so I created a new RW8 image, which had everything RW6 had, plus has the two new Super images.
helpingtulsa.org /howto/roadwarrior.htm   (885 words)

 The Road Warrior Catalog
By having the Road Warrior Catalog you will now be able to have all your orders drop shipped right to your customers door, in your name.
The Road Warrior Catalog (RWC) is an online ecommerce catalog containing thousands of motorcycle parts and accessories.
With the Road Warrior Catalog dealers can sell directly to their retail customs over the internet.
www.roadwarriorcatalog.com   (231 words)

 G4 - Feature - Gear for the Road Warrior
Life on the road with your notebook can raise other issues, too.
Being on the road with your computer not only brings the risk of thievery, but battery depletion can create a major problem, too.
Charge the PowerPad ahead of time, and when you're on the on the road, hook it up to your laptop for additional battery power anywhere.
www.g4tv.com /techtvvault/features/33073/Gear_for_the_Road_Warrior.html   (522 words)

 reviewjournal.com -- Columnists: Omar Sofradzija
Omar Sofradzija writes "Road Warrior," a column on traffic and transportation in Las Vegas, and he answers reader's traffic questions and concerns in "Road Warrior Q&A".
With The Road Warrior and "Chopper Tom" of Channel 3.
"Road Warrior" Sofradzija won second place for special topic column writing in the prestigious Best of the West contest.
www.reviewjournal.com /columnists/sofradzija.html   (746 words)

 Road Warrior - Hamburg Township
Contact Us The Michigan Department of Transportation maintains extensive road and travel information at its website www.michigan.gov/mdot.
See what current road conditions are now for these selected areas.
ROAD DELAYS: MDOT's "SmarTraveler" Road Advisory page -- the latest in road delay news.
www.hamburg.mi.us /supervisor/road_warrior.html   (225 words)

 The Road Warrior - Moviefone
IMDb: Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981) But most of all, I remember The Road Warrior.
The Road Warrior - Trailer - Showtimes - Cast - Movies - New York...
The Road Warrior - Cast & Crew, movie showtimes, plot, synopsis, exclusive features, trailers, clips, theater listings, reviews, message boards, dvd, videos, rentals and more on Moviefone.
movies.aol.com /movie/the-road-warrior/5176/main   (162 words)

 Salon Wanderlust | Road Warrior: Roger Black
elcome to week No. 2 of Road Warrior: Adventures of the Business Traveler, Wanderlust's compendium of tips and tales from people who spend the better part of their lives on the road.
Last week we launched Road Warrior with Esther Dyson's travel sagacities and stories -- including the night she slept in cardboard boxes in the Moscow airport and the time the engine outside her Tarom airline window caught fire.
Informed Sources, where road warriors share their queries and advice.
www.salon.com /wlust/road/1997/11/11road.html   (2133 words)

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