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Topic: Road safety

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In the News (Sun 17 Feb 19)

  Road safety - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The field of road safety is concerned with reducing the numbers or the consequences of vehicle crashes, by developing and implementing management systems ideally based in a multidisciplinary and holistic approach, with interrelated activities in a number of fields.
Road user error has been recognised as a principal causative factor of collisions from the beginning, since the percentage of crashes directly attributable to animals or mechanical failure is very small.
Most road safety measures are designed to increase the safety of drivers, but many road traffic casualties are not drivers (in the UK only 40% of causalties are drivers), and those measures which increase driver safety may, perversely, increase the risk to these others, through risk compensation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Road_safety   (2599 words)

 Encyclopedia: Road safety   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
With nearly 1 million persons killed and over 20 million injured in road accidents each year, road safety is an issue of immense human proportions.Over 75 percent of these casualties occur in developing and transition countries, though they account for only 32 percent of motor vehicles.
Road accidents continue to rise, particularly in Asia, where pedestrians and two-wheelers are particularly vulnerable.
The GRSP is not a funding agency and does not finance road safety interventions of the type normally financed by governments, bilateral and multi-lateral donors.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Road-safety   (357 words)

 Road Safety - DPI - NT Government - Australia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The NT Road Safety Strategy is centred around a systems approach which emphasises the importance of safer network, safer road users, safer vehicles and an effective emergency response.
Road safety funding is largely provided by the Territory Insurance Office from contributions to the Motor Accidents Compensation Scheme.
The Road Safety Council of the NT, through the Road Safety Branch of the Department of Planning and Infrastructure, participates in the national process to develop improved vehicle standards.
www.ipe.nt.gov.au /whatwedo/roadsafety   (614 words)

 Facts about topic: (Road safety)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Many of the earliest innovations in road safety are credited to William Phelps Eno (additional info and facts about William Phelps Eno), sometimes known as the "father of traffic safety".
He is credited with conceiving the stop sign (additional info and facts about stop sign), the traffic circle (A road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island), the one way street, and many other features of traffic control that are taken for granted today.
There needs to be a so-called Chain of Responsibility (additional info and facts about Chain of Responsibility) to bring supervisors and management into the safety loop, and not leave it all to the man at the coalface.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/r/ro/road_safety.htm   (885 words)

 Roads & Highways: Road Safety
Data is the cornerstone of all road safety activity and is essential for the diagnosis of the road crash problem and for monitoring road safety efforts.
Road safety audit is the systematic checking of the safety aspects of new highway and traffic management schemes, including modifications to existing layouts.
Road safety research aims to improve knowledge about factors contributing to road crashes, effects of different countermeasures, and development of new and more effective safety measures.
www.worldbank.org /transport/roads/safety.htm   (2168 words)

 Road Safety Audits
A road safety audit is a formal safety performance examination of an existing or future road or intersection by an independent audit team.
Road safety audits can be used in any phase of project development from planning and preliminary engineering, design and construction.
Safety audits are comprehensive and attempt to consider all factors that may contribute to a crash.
www.roadwaysafetyaudits.org   (687 words)

 Road Safety Strategy 2010 | Introduction
Road Safety to 2010 provides a direction for road safety in New Zealand and describes the results the government wants to achieve by 2010.
Road Safety to 2010 is an important component in achieving the New Zealand Transport Strategy goal of an affordable, integrated, safe, responsive and sustainable transport system.
Road Safety to 2010 follows the release of the “first-step” initiatives in 2002, which were informed by the consultation on the proposed Road Safety to 2010 strategy.
www.landtransport.govt.nz /strategy-2010   (213 words)

 Global Road Safety Partnership
Partners collaborate on road safety projects and press government to deliver on those interventions which only government mandate and accomplish (e.g., research, major infrastructure improvements, road safety database analysis, etc.).
Undertaking-with finance provided by the business members of the coalition-small-scale interventions and demonstration projects which show that road safety can be improved in achievable and cost-effective ways.
The local GRSP partners emphasize a collaborative and holistic approach to road safety with all stakeholders contributing resources by actually financing and implementing the required interventions.
www.grsproadsafety.org   (585 words)

 Online TDM Encyclopedia - Evaluating Safety and Health Impacts
Road risk is a general term for the costs to society of road traffic crashes.
Many road safety experts prefer the term crash to accident, because “accident” implies a random event, while “crash” emphasizes that such events have a cause (driver error, mechanical failure, poor roadway design, etc.) and so are preventable.
For example, individuals may compete for safety by shifting from walking to driving, or purchasing ever-larger and heavier vehicles, but this is economically inefficient if it does not result in an overall reduction in crash costs, and it is inequitable if it simply shifts risks to more vulnerable or lower-income people.
www.vtpi.org /tdm/tdm58.htm   (1817 words)

 US State Department Road Safety Overseas
The majority of road crash victims (injuries and fatalities) in developing countries are not the motor vehicle occupants, but pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists and non-motor vehicles (NMV) occupants.
U.S. citizens are urged to review the Road Safety segment of Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs Consular Information Sheets at /travel/cis_pa_tw/cis_pa_tw_1168.html and the country-specific links below for any country in which you intend to drive or travel by road as a passenger.
The issue of international road safety continues to be a matter of growing concern to governments, international organizations, non-government organizations and private citizens.
travel.state.gov /travel/tips/safety/safety_1179.html   (2501 words)

 EUROPA - European Commission - Road Transport - Road Safety   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Some categories of road users or population groups are particularly at risk : young persons between 15 and 24 year of age (10.000 fatalities / year), pedestrians (7.000 fatalities), motor-cyclists and moped users (6.000 fatalities), and cyclists (1.800 fatalities).
The unacceptable behaviour of road users is the first cause of mortality : excessive speed (15.000 fatalities), consumption of alcohol or drugs, fatigue (10.000 fatalities), non-wearing of seat belts or of protective helmets (7.000 fatalities) [these figures are not cumulative because of the interaction between several causes].
Last but not least, since a huge number of entities have a role to play towards road safety the Commission has proposed that everyone in authority, with decision-making powers, or acting in an economic, social or representative function should give a solemn undertakings and subscribe to a European Road Safety Charter.
europa.eu.int /comm/transport/road/roadsafety/index_en.htm   (423 words)

 WHO | Road safety: a public health issue
At the inquest into the world’s first road traffic death in 1896, the coroner was reported to have said “this must never happen again”.
A wide range of effective interventions exist, and experience in countries with long histories of motorized travel has shown that a scientific, “systems approach” to road safety is essential to tackling the problem.
WHO and partners are also launching a one-year global road safety campaign, which aims to promote action to prevent road injuries.
www.who.int /features/2004/road_safety/en   (465 words)

 Road Safety   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Road Safety Education Campaign is committed to ensuring children can travel safely to and from school — in cars, on buses, over pedestrian crossings, walking, and on bikes...
Last year, 12 percent of road deaths were pedestrians, and the Road Safety Education Campaign has begun to realise its objective of equipping every primary school in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with road safety flags for children to use on pedestrian crossings.
The Road Safety Education Campaign is keen to support cycle safety programmes, such as the Franklin Kidsafe Week in October, which will be dedicated to promoting safe cycling and the safe use of cycle helmets.
www.roadsafety.co.nz   (430 words)

 Road Safety
Sixteen years ago Road Safety brought the "Black Box" used in airplane cockpits to the highway, promoting safe driving habits, eliminating aggressive driving behaviors and reducing operating costs in thousands of emergency and fleet vehicles where seconds can make the difference between life and death.
Because Road Safety’s system has been so effective in emergency vehicles, numerous users have requested that the technology be adapted for another high risk group - Teen Drivers.
Road Safety has adapted its highly successful technology into the RS-1000 "fl box" to monitor and improve the driving habits of teenagers.
www.roadsafety.com   (501 words)

 Road Safety Course   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
John Barrell, is a Technical Director of Babtie Ross Silcock, with extensive experience in road safety, traffic calming and project management, from both a local authority and a consultancy perspective.
The aim of the courses is to give an overall view of key road safety issues and will include formal lectures, case studies and practical cases, including site visits.
What is the Road Safety Audit procedure, and what are aims and objectives, roles and responsibility; history of road safety audit, road safety audit and design standards, road safety audit tasks, various stages of safety audits ;common identifiable problems.
www.ncl.ac.uk /torg/courses/roadsafety.htm   (473 words)

 Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Road safety continues to be one of the nation's most serious public health issues and it affects everyone, whether you drive, walk or cycle.
Knowing how much (or little) you can drink before you drive, the speed limits on your local streets, where you can stop, revive and survive on a long journey, or how to teach young children road safety skills are just a few basic things all road users need to learn.
Understanding and practising road safety is everyone's concern - it could save your life, or someone else's.
www.roadsafety.qld.gov.au   (301 words)

 Road Safety Trust   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Road Safety Trust is a Crown Entity that receives its funding from a share of the proceeds of personalised licence plate sales.
The Trust is empowered to fund community safety initiatives, training, education, overseas travel, attendance at conferences and private sector technological developments beneficial to road safety.
The Trust’s areas of priority are those contained in the Road Safety to 2010 strategy.
www.roadsafety.govt.nz   (108 words)

 WHO | World report on road traffic injury prevention
Road traffic injuries are a major but neglected public health challenge that requires concerted efforts for effective and sustainable prevention.
It underscores their concern that unsafe road traffic systems are seriously harming global public health and development.
It contends that the level of road traffic injury is unacceptable and that it is largely avoidable.
www.who.int /world-health-day/2004/infomaterials/world_report/en   (279 words)

 2006 ICOTY Vehicle Nominees, 2006 Entry-Level Luxury Buyer's Guide, Eastern Ireland: Myth and Melancholy, 2006 ...
Few hotels in North America display the sense of treasured memories that are knit into the very fabric of this impressive building.
ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine is gearing up for its 10th Annual International Car of the Year Awards and plans on heating up the Motor City this January.
The excitement of the dogs paralleled my own, as they lunged forward into their harnesses, anxious to be moving.
www.roadandtravel.com   (947 words)

 Child road safety   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
An action plan prepared in consultation with the Child Road Safety Sub group of the Road Safety Advisory Panel.
A manual based on a road safety education scheme originally run in Drumchapel, a housing estate in Glasgow with an exceptionally high child pedestrian accident rate.
Road safety downloads and activities for children upto the age of 12.
www.dft.gov.uk /stellent/groups/dft_control/documents/contentservertemplate/dft_index.hcst?n=6265&l=1   (223 words)

 Road Safety   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Devon County Council's Road Safety Team works in partnership with other organisations including the police, health authorities and other local authorities, to improve road safety.
The Road Safety Team is committed to monitoring and reviewing its work to ensure that we are making the greatest possible impact on casualty reduction.
Devon extends its partnerships with road hauliers to reduce diesel spills and improve safety for bikers and other road users.
www.devon.gov.uk /roadsafe/road_safety_young.html   (442 words)

 UK Road Safety - Fleet Driver Training - Driving Instructor Training - Roadsafety Programmes
Such an improved approach to road safety and driving by the individual will lead to an enhanced public image of a company or organisation by the public, saving in running costs and safeguarding individuals and company or organisations assets.
Above all the safety of the individual driver, passengers and the general public is improved.
At UK Road Safety we believe that the key to success in developing an Instructor of high quality able to deal with the future developments in Driving Instructor Training and Education is, providing a structured high quality flexible
www.uk-roadsafety.co.uk   (968 words)

 Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership
In Lincolnshire, the scheme is operated by Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, using Police Officers (crash investigators trained as advanced motorcyclists), based within the partnership.
The review shows that in the first three years of the strategy there has been a 17% drop in the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads and a 33% reduction in the number of children killed or seriously injured.
Interactive web pages designed especially to help children aged between 10 and 11 years old learn about road safety are the latest addition to the Highways Agency's website.
www.roadlincs.com /CONTENT/STAYINGALIVE   (307 words)

 Road Safety
DfT estimates of the values for prevention of road casualties and road accidents - for use in the appraisal of road schemes.
DfT road safety research projects covering the behaviour of drivers and other road users, and measures that can be taken to promote greater road safety.
PACTS is a registered charity and associate Parliamentary Group, who seek to advise and inform members of the House of Commons and of the House of Lords about air, rail and road safety issues.
www.dft.gov.uk /stellent/groups/dft_rdsafety/documents/sectionhomepage/dft_rdsafety_page.hcsp   (467 words)

 Road Safety 2005 - VTI – Sveriges ledande transportforskningsinstitut
The conference was organized by the National Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), with active involvement of GRSP (Global Road Safety Partnership), FERSI (Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes), TRB (Transportation Research Board), CSIR of South Africa and ECTRI (European Conferences of Transport Research Institute).
This conference was the 13th in a series of road safety conferences starting in 1987 with emphasis on two continents, Europe and North America.
The main objective of the Conference was to explore emerging research and developments in the area of Road Safety.
www.vti.se /templates/Page____3566.aspx   (264 words)

 Global Road Safety
To learn about some successful road safety programs in regions such as Bogota, Columbia, Costa Rica, Vietnam, and Sweden, and to find out how some countries are engaged in multi-sector initiatives, read stories from the field.
The Global Road Safety Steering Committee has been working closely with Ambassador Al-Hinai, Oman's Permanent Representative to the UN, and has brought together global players together to raise awareness and build political will.
Prior to the April 2004 road safety meetings, United Nations members were briefed on the global impact of road traffic injuries and initiatives to address the issues.
www.globalroadsafety.org   (699 words)

 Road - Transport Canada   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Transport Canada helps to improve the safety of drivers and their passengers, especially children.
We also play a leadership role in the development of the national motor carrier transportation system, and we play a partnership role in ensuring Canada's highway infrastructure is safe and efficient.
Air bag safety - Safety information relating to air bags and instructions on how to deactivate them.
www.tc.gc.ca /road/menu.htm   (739 words)

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