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Topic: Robert Lange

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Robert Lange is a young contemporary painter whose work resides in the small genre of photo-realism.
Robert studied under rigid traditional teachings at Pinkerton Academy, in Derry New Hampshire, yet found himself learning new perspectives at the world renown art college, Rhode Island School of Design.
Robert was awarded a 4 year full merit-based scholarship based upon his outstanding portfolio.
www.charlestonartcompany.com /charleston_artists_lange.php   (336 words)

 Robert Lange
Robert "Mutt" Lange is an extremely successful record producer of popular music.
He has produced very successful albums for bands such as Def Leppard, AC/DC, Bryan Adams and most recently his wife Shania Twain.
Lange is known for his publicity-shyness, having bought the rights to many of the photos taken of him over the years.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ro/Robert_Lange.html   (152 words)

 Brown v Lange (4/27/01) sp-5400
Brown argues that Lange's attorney's failure to inquire as to Brown's intention to defend the action constituted a breach of the duties of professional conduct.
I agree that Brown's call to Lange's attorney did not amount to a Rule 55 "appearance" but disagree with the court's conclusion that Lange's attorney had no duty to notify Brown of his intent to apply for entry of default.
Brown called Lange's attorney's office within the allowable time for filing an answer; he was not represented by counsel but expressed a clear interest in defending the case.
www.touchngo.com /sp/html/sp-5400.htm   (5707 words)

 Macomb Daily : Robert Lange 08/25/06
Robert "Bob" Lange, 69, of Las Vegas, formerly of Mount Clemens, died Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2006, at home after a 2-year battle with cancer.
He was predeceased by his parents, Barney and Stella Lange; brother, David Lange; and cousins, Billy and Joanne Purcell, all of Mount Clemens.
Lange donated his body to The Merin, a division of Touro University.
www.macombdaily.com /stories/082506/obi_20060825005.shtml   (243 words)

 Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Although country fans probably think of Robert John "Mutt" Lange as Shania Twain's husband, rock n' roll fans from the late 70's and 80's think of Mutt as one of the greatest rock n' roll producer's ever.
Lange did have one other album out of the 70's that was of considerable importance.
Also, in December of 1986, Lange was also involved in a car wreck which resulted in leg injuries that required three weeks of hospitalization.
theoscarsite.com /whoswho7/lange_r.htm   (1430 words)

 Robert Lange - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Robert John "Mutt" Lange (born November 16, 1948, Mufulira, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia)), is an award-winning record producer and songwriter of popular music.
His marriage to Stevie Vann Lange broke down in the 1970s, although they still remain close friends, and Stevie is indebted to Mutt for how he helped mature her voice.
Lange is strictly tee-total, but as a treat, they had non-alcoholic champagne at their wedding.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Robert_Lange   (1047 words)

 Office of Public Affairs at Yale - News Release   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
In this capacity, Lange was a strong advocate for the protection of human subjects and a close partner with investigators for the development of their research protocols.
In the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Lange continued to teach Physics of Diagnostic Radiology and Physics of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to residents, fellows, faculty and staff.
Lange is survived by his wife, BJ Lambert; sons, Christopher E. Lange of Shelton, Conn. and Louis M. Lange of Manchester, Conn.; grandchildren, George and Brian of Manchester; and sisters, Martha Sivley of Decatur, Alabama and Carole McLaughlin of Vero Beach, Fla.
www.yale.edu /opa/newsr/04-10-13-03.all.html   (484 words)

 Yale Bulletin and Calendar
There will be a memorial service on Friday, Nov. 5, for Robert Lange, associate clinical professor of diagnostic radiology at the School of Medicine and a strong advocate for the protection of human subjects in research studies, who died Oct. 6 in New Haven at age 69.
According to colleagues, he could explain how a toaster or an MRI sequence worked with equal facility at whatever level of knowledge the student required; he "unfailingly" solved the mysteries of statistics for beginning or ending projects; and he was always available.
Lange is survived by his wife, B.J. Lambert; sons, Christopher E. Lange of Shelton, Connecticut, and Louis M. Lange of Manchester, Connecticut; grandchildren, George and Brian of Manchester; and sisters, Martha Sivley of Decatur, Alabama, and Carole McLaughlin of Vero Beach, Florida.
www.yale.edu /opa/v33.n8/story23.html   (624 words)

 Robert John Lange - Wikipedia
Lange wuchs mit zwei Brüdern auf, von denen er den Spitznamen Puppy (Welpe) bekam, der später zu Mutt (Köter) wurde.
Lange heiratete die ehemalige Hocus-Sängerin Stevie Vann (bürgerlich Stevie van Kerken) und zog mit ihr nach Großbritannien.
Die Band trennte sich von Lange mit der Begründung, sich von ihm zu stark in der Umsetzung ihrer Möglichkeiten eingeschränkt gesehen zu haben: „Viele Leute glaubten, Mutt Lange sei das, was AC/DC ausmacht, und das ging uns auf den Wecker.
de.wikipedia.org /wiki/Robert_John_Lange   (1012 words)

 Lange Genealogy Report
LUDWIG1 LANGE was born December 12, 1808 in Gehrden " The Kingdom of Hanover", Germany, Origanly Prussia, and died February 05, 1886 in Kerr Co., Texas.
LUTURINE "LEUTWINE"2 LANGE (LUDWIG1) was born December 27, 1841 in Gehrden "The Kingdon of Hanover" Germany, and died June 16, 1914 in Kerr Co., Texas.
ROBERT JONATHAN3 LANGE (HENRY L.2, LUDWIG1) was born 1860 in Kerr Co., Texas, and died 1936 in Kerr Co., Texas.
lady3248.tripod.com /langegenealogy.htm   (7990 words)

 Robert John "Mutt" Lange - AOL Music
Robert John Lange's South African born father was a mining engineer, his mother came from a prosperous family in Germany.
Although country fans probably think of Robert John "Mutt" Lange as Shania...
Download, listen and watch Robert John "Mutt" Lange music, mp3's, song lyrics, music videos, Internet radio, live performances, concerts, and more on AOL Music.
music.aol.com /artist/robert-john-mutt-lange/96414/main   (154 words)

 Lange - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lange is a name derived from the German word lang, meaning "long".
Lange is usually pronounced in English as [lɛŋ], whilst in German and Dutch, it's pronounced [lɑŋə].
Julius Lange, inventor of Lange Coupler, used in microwave techniques.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lange   (148 words)

 The Hawk Eye Newspaper   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Robert "Bobby" C. Lange, 69, of West Burlington, died at 3:17 p.m.
Born Aug. 1, 1937, in Bur–lington, he was the son of Robert and Verna Ruth Gibbs Lange.
Survivors include two sons, Todd Lange of Stronghurst, Ill., and Kyle Lange of West Burlington; one daughter, Holly Bridgham of Voluntown, Conn.; seven grandchildren; one great–grandson; and one sister, Marjorie Siefken of Burlington.
www.thehawkeye.com /daily/stories/ob9_1121.html   (237 words)

 Colorado Ski Museum - Ski Hall of Fame - Vail, Colorado - ROBERT B. LANGE BIO
Bob conceived the idea to manufacture boots in 1955 because he was tired of his leather Molitor ski boots not fitting the way he thought they should.
At the 1968 Olympics in Grenoble, 72% of the competitors wore Lange boots and five won medals.
Bob is a member of the Ski Business Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Ski Industries of American Founders Award.
skimuseum.net /hof/lange.html   (202 words)

 Charleston - VISUAL ARTS | Supersize Me - Robert Lange Studios hosts a large-scale show that's big on quality - Arts - ...
RLS Gallery namesake and owner Robert Lange with his oil on linen 'Bathed in Cotton'
Boyd's "Red Stakes" is cleaner, complementing Lange's work by adding a sheen to a multi-hued marshscape.
Kevin LePrince's "Life in the Sticks" seems thrown in to lure SEWE visitors, and its grungy image of wildlife is a peck above the more traditional depictions of birds in repose available throughout the city this week.
www.charlestoncitypaper.com /gyrobase/Content?oid=oid:10182   (799 words)

 THE DEF LEPPARD FREQUENCY | Def Leppard Band Members | Mutt Lange   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
With Mutt Lange's production and co-writing, both albums would become Def Leppard's most successful to date..
Mutt has worked with Def Leppard on a few tracks since, but has for the most part moved on to help produce several very successful artists like Bryan Adams, The Corrs, Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys and most notably his wife, country music super star,
Robert John "Mutt" Lange, music producer and song writer
www.defleppardfrequency.com /BandMemberMuttLange.html   (312 words)

 Roth IRA Web Site Home Page
Robert Keebler of Virchow, Krause and Co. in Green Bay, Wis., says the answer to question "convert or not?" will not be as easy as it sounds.
This is an excellent summary of the new tax cut bill and its many pension provisions.
The potential for tax-free growth is so compelling that all taxpayers who have substantial IRA balances and qualify for conversion should consider whether to convert at least a portion of their IRAs.
www.rothira.com   (4132 words)

 SUCON'04 - Speaker List
Robert Griesemer is a staff engineer at Google where he is working on internal systems projects.
Robert received his PhD from the Federal Institute for Technology (ETH) in Zurich in 1993 and then spent a year at ICSI in Berkeley, California.
Thomas Lange holds a diploma in Computer Science from the University of Bonn.
www.suug.ch /sucon/04/speakers.html   (3083 words)

 Charleston - VISUAL ARTS | Upscale - Artist/gallery owner Robert Lange expands his space and his range - Arts - Visual ...
Maybe it was last year's Big Works show that convinced Robert Lange he needed to expand his French Quarter gallery.
Instead of spreading outward, Lange's moved upward, with a huge new 2,500-square-foot second-story space in the building next door.
While the talented Lange works hard to stay in the spotlight, other artists beaver away with minimal exposure.
www.charlestoncitypaper.com /gyrobase/Content?oid=oid:13053   (971 words)

 Find Robert Lange   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Get a detailed, one-time people finder report that searches dozens of public records databases, or sign up for a membership and find relatives, old friends, classmates, or an old girlfriend or boyfriend.
It was the first five-assist game in the NHL since Robert Lange (Detroit, 11/26/05).
Public Record information for Robert Lange is available.
www.peoplefinderpages.com /robert-lange.html   (453 words)

 Go to Page 2
(ROBERT JONATHAN3, HENRY L.2, LUDWIG1) was born March 01, 1907 in Texas, and died January 1980 in Comfort "Kendall Co., " Texas.
Children of ROBERT LANGE and MARY PANKRATZ are: i.
MINNIE (PATTON)4 LANE (HELEN ALEXANDER (LANGE)3 PATTON, AUGUSTA JOHANNA2 LANGE, LUDWIG1) was born March 22, 1893 in Texas, and died February 14, 1960 in Ventura, California.
lady3248.tripod.com /langegenealogy2.htm   (8548 words)

 International Vegetarian Union - Robert John"Mutt" Lange   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Lange, Robert John"Mutt" Record Producer, Songwriter and Musician Husband of Shania Twain source: People Magazine article on Shania Twain said Mutt and Shania are vegetarians
Robert John 'Mutt' Lange, Producer/songwriter, source: Shania Twain in Nov 2002 TV Guide, other interviews, url: http://www.shania-twain.com
To buy Books, CDs or Videos by these celebrities, with commission to vegetarianism, go to:
www.ivu.org /people/music/lange.html   (65 words)

 Lange Law Firm - Robert J. Lange   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
1980-PR Lange and Anderson, P.A. Associations - Professional
Lange Law Firm, P.A. Highland Bank Building, 5270 West 84th St, Suite 300, Bloomington, Minnesota 55437-1385
Copyright©2000 Lange Law Firm, P.A. All rights reserved.
www.willandtrust.com /new/robertlange.html   (90 words)

 Robert J. Lange attorney in Bloomington, MN, Minnesota, U.S.A.
Robert J. Lange attorney in Bloomington, MN, Minnesota, U.S.A. Attorney Profile for Robert J. Lange
View firm profile of Lange Law Firm, P.A. Location
Robert J. Lange practices in the following areas of law: Contested Wills; Estate Planning; Personal Injury; Civil Litigation
www.lawyers.com /Minnesota/Bloomington/Robert-J.-Lange-740461-a.html   (224 words)

 Robert John Lange   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The Corrs Live in Dublin (2002) (TV) (song "Breathless") (as R.J. 'Mutt' Lange)
Discuss this person with other users on IMDb message board for Robert John Lange
Find where Robert John Lange is credited alongside another name
www.imdb.com /name/nm0486172   (356 words)

 Textbooks by W Robert Lange - Direct Textbook   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Textbooks by W Robert Lange - Direct Textbook
Bark thickness, k, factors for four Montana coniferous tree species (Research note) by Robert W Lange
Accuracy of the topographic abney in long-distance sighting (Research notes) by Robert W Lange
www.directtextbook.com /author/w-robert-lange   (276 words)

 Casino News & Articles - April 7, 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
U.S. Rep. Robert "Bobby" Scott of Virginia, the ranking Democrat on the subcommittee, questioned the potential effectiveness of the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act.
Freezing out the competition in the latest Arctic Freeze Out Tournament clash was Robert Varkonyi, the 2002 World Series of Poker Champion, who staged a dramatic come-from-behind victory against hostile players and a less than friendly environment.
Kurt Lange, president and chief executive of Poker Academy Software says that players can learn the ropes in real-time and improve their game play.
casinocashjourney.com /casino_news_apr_07_06.htm   (11139 words)

 DistroWatch.com: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.
RL: We have many projects brewing some more brewed than others I guarantee you as long as Linux grows we will be there every step of the way to offer up the fastest distro on the planet that really works.
I'll be sure to visit madpenguin regularly from now on.
• Issue 131 (2005-12-19): GNOME vs KDE, Xen, Ubuntu dumbed down, interview with Robert Tolu of GenieOS
www.distrowatch.cz /weekly.php?issue=20050808   (8858 words)

 DistroWatch.com: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.
RL: We have many projects brewing some more brewed than others I guarantee you as long as Linux grows we will be there every step of the way to offer up the fastest distro on the planet that really works.
I'll be sure to visit madpenguin regularly from now on.
• Issue 112 (2005-08-08): OpenSUSE 10, Vidalinux, Robert Lange of VectorLinux, Konqueror and Kate
distrowatch.com /weekly.php?issue=20050808   (9071 words)

 Casino News & Articles - September 15, 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The Nevada Gaming Commission approved the use of wireless gaming devices in Nevada on March 23, 2006, becoming the first state in the USA to allow mobile wireless gaming in public areas of land casinos.
“We believe the key business model objective of RBL was validated during the field trial which was to increase the volume of wagers and hold from traditional sports book levels,” said Robert Parente, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
Results can be viewed through the main view screen or in a table view to quickly compare all hands.
casinocashjourney.com /casino_news_sep_15_06.htm   (11929 words)

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