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Topic: Rocket Power

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In the News (Tue 18 Sep 18)

  Rocket Power
Rocket Power is an animated series which debuted on the Nickelodeon TV channel in August of 1999.
A made for TV movie, Rocket Power: Race Across New Zealand, was shown on Nickelodeon in 2002 and featured activities such as zorb riding and floating down underground streams.
Other projects related to Rocket Power and developed under the aegis of Klasky-Csupo and/or Nickelodeon have included Beach Bandits, a popular problem-solving video game, and Maximum Rocket Power Live, a live-action dramatic arena play that briefly toured the U.S. Midwest in 2002.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ro/Rocket_Power.html   (336 words)

 Fly Rockets - How Rockets Work
Many High Power Rockets use "dual deployment" where two parachutes are used in the rocket; a smaller drogue chute, or a streamer, deploys at apogee and a larger main chute deploys later at a pre-designated, lower altitude.
Once the rocket is ready on the launch pad an electrical igniter (two wires with a head made of a easily ignited type-of propellant mixed with magnesium or titanium) is installed all the way up until the head of the igniter stops at the head of the motor.
Model rocket motors marked with a time delay of 0 (e.g., "C6-0") are booster engines for two stage rockets and are designed to ignite the next stage engine immediately once their own thrust is finished.
www.flyrockets.com /work.html   (2801 words)

 Nuclear-Heated Steam Rocket Using Lunar Ice
A steam rocket, with energy supplied by some external means such as a solar collector or nuclear reactor, would develop between 100 and 230 seconds of specific impulse (Isp) using the water directly as propellant.
Rocket engine specific power is a measure of the power required per ton of vehicle to lift payload against lunar gravity.
The cryofuel rocket compares poorly to the NSR because it requires an additional infrastructure to generate electricity in space, to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis, and to condense the gases into the premier cryogenic rocket fuels liquid oxygen (LOX) and liquid hydrogen (LH2).
www.neofuel.com /moonicerocket   (4929 words)

 Fly Rockets - Levels of Rocketry
Rockets found in the sport range from simple, slow, low flying rockets to high-tech, super sonic, high altitude rockets.
While Amateur Rockets are not specific to size, most rocketeers reserve the category for rockets flying on motors sized O and larger.
No rocket can have any sort of guidance system, the rocket must point within 20 degrees of straight up and absolutely no animals can be launched in a rocket.
www.flyrockets.com /levels.html   (446 words)

 Nickelodeon & Klasky-Csupo's "Rocket Power"
According to a New York Post interview with Klasky-Csupo, Rocket Power was created after noticing that their own kids are getting involved with extreme sports; Rugrats, as most of you know, was also based on their own kids, though they were still babies when Rugrats was created in 1989.
Rocket Power was also based on Arlene Klasky's own childhood experiences in the beach towns of Orange County, CA, where surfing was, and still is, popular.
Sam Dullard is to Rocket Power as Chuckie Finster is to Rugrats; they both wear glasses; they both have turned-up noses; they're afraid of taking risks, and when they do, often get in trouble; and they both have single parents (though Chuckie's is a dad and Sam's is a mom).
www.rugratonline.com /kc5.htm   (505 words)

 Rocket Power - Nickelodeon - A Wikia wiki
Rocket Power - Nickelodeon - A Wikia wiki
Regina "Reggie" Rocket (Shayna Fox), Otto's big sister by two years, an aspiring publisher who while no less competitive and skillful as an athlete happens to be of calmer disposition (she once withdrew from a competition she had trained hard for simply to serve punishment at home, in Rainy Days and Sundaes).
Raymond "Ray" (sometimes "Raymundo") Rocket (John Kassir), the widowed fortysomething father of Otto and Reggie and the owner of the Shore Shack (a beachside diner where the gang often chow down).
nickelodeon.wikia.com /wiki/Rocket_Power   (1525 words)

 Rocket Power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rocket Power was an American animated television series which debuted on Nickelodeon in August of 1999.
Reggie Rocket (Shayna Fox), Otto's big sister by two years, an aspiring publisher who while no less competitive and skillful as an athlete happens to be of calmer disposition (e.g., withdrawing from the triathlon in "Rainy Days and Sundaes").
Rocket Power, like Rugrats, has a story line which has a mother not included as a main/minor character because of some reason (car accident, sudden death, etc.).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rocket_Power   (1965 words)

 Games : Rocket Power: Beach Bandits (GCN)
Rocket Power Beach Bandits offers plenty of skateboarding, in-line skating and some old-fashioned running and jumping.
The focus in Rocket Power Beach Bandits is doing cool tricks with ease, so don't expect a deep trick system akin to that found in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, et al.
Rocket Power Beach Bandits is sure to please fans of the cartoon series.
www.nintendo.com /games/gamepage/gamepage_main.jsp?gameId=853   (523 words)

 Joseph Ashton brings Otto Rocket alive in Nickelodeon's Rocket Power
Joseph Ashton is the voice of “Otto Rocket” in NICKELODEON ROCKET POWER.
Otto Rocket is the series 9-year-old hero and the driven competitor is a natural born leader.
ROCKET POWER is one of the most popular programs on the air today, and ranks among the Top 10 highest rated TV shows for kids ages 6-11, including broadcast and cable.
www.josephashton.com /rocket_power.html   (380 words)

 Rocketry Online
The K1499N-P is perfect for use as a short, high-performance booster in a multi-stage rocket, developing nearly 430 pounds of thrust.
LDRS is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek acronym; it stands for "Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships", and the name aptly captures the extreme nature of the event: at LDRS, you'll see flights of some of the biggest, fastest, and just plain coolest rockets around.
Rockets of High Power is available immediately and just in time for the holiday season and the start of the new year.
www.rocketryonline.com   (1093 words)

 Rocket Power - PopMatters Television Review
Nickelodeon's Rocket Power (from the producers of fine fare like Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys) is chock-full of "attitude," and while certainly not a flop, it is every bit as soulless as the late, unlamented Poochie.
Much like Disney's recent live-action theatrical painfest Meet the Deedles, Rocket Power is little more than a daily collage of every activity that appears next to the word extreme in the lexicon of the current fifteen minutes.
Twister Rodriguez documents the Rockets' exploits with his ever-present camcorder, and Sam Dullard is a brainy, doughy kid with glasses who ordinarily wouldn't be given the time of day by the others except that he knows computers (and isn't it lucky for him that the internet's cool right now?), which makes him tolerable.
www.popmatters.com /tv/reviews/r/rocket-power.html   (713 words)

 Rocket Power. - Questions, Answers, Fun Facts, Information
Stimpleton hates kids but his wife Violet is always nice to the kids in the Rocket Power Gang and she invites them to come in her house.
If a rocket is launched vertically upward with a speed of 11.2 km/sec, it will be able to escape the earth.
Now suppose that the rocket is launched almost horizontally with the same speed.
www.funtrivia.com /en/ForChildren/Rocket-Power-4093.html   (1346 words)

 Model Rocket Retailer - Complete selection of models and accessories by RocketFun.com
This electronic model rocket capsule records a rocket's altitude with LCD readings in both feet and meters.
The Viking is an easy to build, high performance model rocket featuring self-adhesive decals and a bright streamer for soft, gentle landings.
Advanced rocket fliers will find Skill Level 3 kits an exciting test of their abilities, while Skill Level 4 kits are recommended only for expert rocketeer's.
www.rocketfun.com   (845 words)

 Rocket Power Extreme Arcade Games ships - PC News at GameSpot
The game is based on the popular Rocket Power Nickelodeon TV show, and it lets players join characters from the show in four different action games.
Players can assume the role of Otto in a hockey shoot-off, Sam riding on a pogo stick to collect robot parts, or Reggie as she tries to protect her sandcastles in a battle against Lars and Sheri.
Rocket Power Extreme Arcade Games will soon be available in stores for an approximate retail price of $29.99.
www.gamespot.com /pc/action/rocketpowerextremeag/news_2816854.html   (427 words)

 Maximum Rocket Power
Maximum Rocket Power may be coming back soon.
Sadly, Chris has lost interest in Rocket Power, so therefore Maximum Rocket Power is dead.
I recently got an AOL account and Angelfire wasn't functioning because of some Parental Control settings, but it's up and running now and I used this opportunity to update Maximum Rocket Power.
www.angelfire.com /tv2/maximumrp/main.html   (1661 words)

 Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue for PS - Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue PlayStation - Rocket Power: Team Rocket ...
Team Rocket Rescue puts the Rocket Power kids into sporting events, such as skateboarding and BMX riding.
Posted Aug 26, 2005 9:17 pm PT Tell the world what you think of Rocket Power.
In each area, you'll battle robot minions, use the new wave runner and zip-line glide, and play extreme sports, such as skateboarding and inline skating.
www.gamespot.com /ps/sports/rocketpowerteamrocketrescue/index.html   (428 words)

 Rocket Power - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Rocket Power es un dibujo animado que hizo su aparición en el canal de televisión Nickelodeon en agosto de 1999.
Otto Rocket, un atlético chico de 10 años de edad (11 en los últimos capítulos), cuyo carácter frecuentemente obsesivo, compulsivo y extremadamente competitivo lo lleva en ocasiones a adoptar actitudes difíciles que frecuentemente lo meten en problemas.
Este carismático hombre de cuarenta y tantos años de edad es el dueño de La Cabaña de la Playa ("Shore Shack"), un popular restaurante en la playa en donde los chicos comen con frecuencia.
es.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rocket_Power   (716 words)

 "Rocket Power" (1999)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
This is just my opinion, but personally I think that "Rocket Power " is the worst show ever made, or at least the worst show that I've seen.
"Rocket Power " is a show that wants to support his mediocrity calling itself "cool " just because it have a lot of surfers 's slang " and that they live in the beach.
To give you a idea how bad is this show, it makes look a thing like "From Justin to Kelly " like a masterpiece (Imao) This show plain sucks.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0244926   (328 words)

 Rocket Power - Pazsaz Entertainment Network
Rocket Power premiered on Nickelodeon on August 16, 1999.
Otto Rocket, his sister Reggie, and their pals Twister and Sam excel at just about every aggressive sport you can imagine.
Their hometown Ocean Shores, CA is the ultimate place for shooting the curl, skating the half-pipe or blading on the boardwalk.
www.pazsaz.com /rpower.html   (489 words)

 Games : Rocket Power: Zero Gravity Zone (GBA)
The Rocket Power team tests its extreme skills yet again in the hot new Zero Gravity Zone.
Control all four members of Rocket Power: Otto, Reggie, Twister and Sam.
Power-ups and surprise unlockables extend the Rocket Power experience, even for vets of the series.
www.nintendo.com /gamemini?gameid=m-Game-0000-1692   (172 words)

 National Association of Rocketry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
July 30, 2006: Celebrate the NAR's 50th Birthday with a special rocket launch.
Since 1957, over 80,000 serious rocket modelers have joined the NAR to take advantage of the fun and excitement of organized rocketry!
June 2-3, 2007: National Sport Rocket Launch (NSL) at the Acadamy of Model Aeronautics National Aeromodeling Center in Muncie, Indiana.
www.nar.org   (268 words)

 Rocket_Power   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
It is a reenactment of the episode Rocket Repairs!
The section of the Rocket Power Experience is simple: Share any RP related moments you have at my
If any of you have audio clips of Rocket Power you'd like to share, I would like to have them, full credit given.
www.geocities.com /bullrose5/Rocket_Power.html   (89 words)

 Rocket Power
In case you're an idiot (or you haven't seen RP), these are drawings from Rocket Power.
Well not only would it be more profane and would be TVMA, but that is probably what the RP gang would look like.
We had to do "surrealism", so I drew the RP gang and my favorite horse, Dakota, skating.
twister-power.tripod.com /fanart/id6.html   (160 words)

 IGN: Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue
Based on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon, this installment of the POCKET POWER video game series boasts 16 levels of play and stunning variety in its gameplay.
Graced by awesome, 3D graphics, epic levels, and a wide variety of cartoon environments, the game can be played by one or two players.
Find out what other IGN readers have to say about Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue.
psx.ign.com /objects/016/016423.html   (319 words)

 Rocket Power (a Titles and Air Dates Guide)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Joseph Ashton as the voice of Oswald "Otto" Rocket
Shayna Fox as the voice of Regina "Reggie" Rocket
Any sales or other uses of this document are expressly forbidden, without the specific consent of the author(s).
www.epguides.com /RocketPower   (960 words)

 Rocket Power!
Check out the transcript to our totally rippin' "Rocket Power" chat!
Rant 'n rave about "Rocket Power" right here!
Be a radical painter with the "Rocket Power" crew!
www.nick.com /all_nick/tv_supersites/rocket_power   (112 words)

 IGN: Rocket Power: Beach Bandits
Find out what other IGN readers have to say about Rocket Power: Beach Bandits.
Rocket Power Beach Bandit Ships - September 24, 2002
Most recent posts on the Rocket Power board:
ps2.ign.com /objects/482/482735.html   (266 words)

 Rocket Power Extreme
This site is not an official Rocket Power site and is owned and maintained by Lenny Poppenhagen and Bryan Granholm.
I added a new section, FORUM Go in there and register for free and sign up and post topics on whatever you want such as Rocket Power, Jimmy Neutron, Hey Arnold, As Told By Ginger or just suggestions or even w/e you want.
I finally found the link to as told by ginger extreme after over a year.
www.geocities.com /king13p/Rocketpower.html   (198 words)

 Power Up! A Rocket Power Fanlisting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
This is a fan listing for the Nickelodeon/Klaspy Csupo show "Rocket Power!" If you are a fan of the show, feel free to roam about this site and if you are interested, you may add your name to the list of fans.
If you have any questions/comments, feel free to contact me at my email address.
fan.valvigirl.net /power   (86 words)

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