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Topic: Rodina

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  Rodina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rodina or Motherland-National Patriotic Union (Rodina - Narodno-Patriotičeskij Sojuz, Партия "РОДИНА") is one of the four parties that control seats in the Russian legislature.
However, in February 2005 four Rodina deputies, including Dmitry Rogozin, went on a public hunger strike and locked themselves in their offices at the State Duma to protest the social benefit reforms being pushed through by Putin's Government.
Many suspected this was a tactical decision on Rodina's part to ease pressure from the Kremlin, although a small number of party members in Moscow had been vocal in their criticism of Rogozin's more outlandish nationalist rhetoric.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rodina   (668 words)

 Russia, Politics, Rodina - JRL 3-24-06
Rodina leader Dmitry Rogozin will be ousted at a party congress Saturday and replaced with Alexander Babakov, a wealthy businessman who heads the party's presidium and is closely associated with the Kremlin, senior Rodina members said.
Rodina has since emerged as a strong political force, and Rogozin clearly upset the Kremlin and fellow party members by adopting a passionate opposition voice -- particularly by hitting the streets with the Communists and Yabloko to protest the monetization of state benefits last year.
Rodina was also barred from seven races for regional legislatures on March 12, but it ran in a vote for the Altai republic's legislature and placed second, just behind United Russia.
www.cdi.org /russia/johnson/2006-72-10.cfm   (1031 words)

 World Threats
A rival party took Rodina to court and got the Rodina Political Party stricken from the ballot before the election by citing the Rodina television commercials as inappropriate and thus unlawful.
Rodina proposed a one-time windfall tax, such as on education and medicine, deemed necessary for the public good.
Rodina's time yet may not have come, but I suggest that it indeed may be coming.
www.worldthreats.com /russia_former_ussr/Rodina_party_ready.htm   (1151 words)

 Who Really Won In Moscow
It is not unreasonable to suggest that Rodina purposely ran its television ads to create controversy with the foreknowledge (and acceptance) that it could be banned from running candidates in the election.
Rodina is a different kind of party -- it is a party of motion and action.
Rodina could turn the tables on the LDPR by saying that Zhirinovsky is truly a clown and when push comes to shove, always supports the status quo in favor of the Kremlin.
www.spacedaily.com /news/democracy-05h.html   (1080 words)

 Russia Profile - Russia Profile’s Weekly Experts’ Panel: “Rodina-gate” and Moscow’s City Duma election   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
During the election campaign, the nationalist party Rodina ran a very controversial television ad that has been widely condemned as racist and purposely designed to incite racial tension in a city that is populated by millions of members of ethnic minorities.
Rodina was designed as a “taxi party” by the Kremlin to steal votes away from the Communists in the 2003 parliamentary vote.
Rodina was edged out of the Moscow Duma election campaign not for the reasons contained in the legal brief brought against it – inciting interethnic antagonism in its campaign television ad – but because it dared to stand in open opposition to the Kremlin.
www.russiaprofile.org /politics/article.wbp?article-id=B68F3907-1293-47DF-99B1-B6BF90311171   (2526 words)

 Moscow Election Cleared of Rodina - Kommersant Moscow
Rodina’s spokesmen were served with official summons in two hours after the start of the trial.
Rodina may get around 14 percent at the Moscow Duma’s election December 4, 2005, according to Levada Center, vs. the 43 percent to be won by United Russia.
Rodina is just a pawn in the cunning games played by Luzhkov’s team and the Kremlin, said Sergey Baburin, leader of People’s Will party and former election ally of Rodina.
www.kommersant.com /page.asp?id=630171   (465 words)

 TNI Publications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
If Rodina had been in the race, the Communists would not have cleared the 10 percent barrier for representation in the City Duma.
The second big winner was Rodina, which showed the Kremlin that it is the only serious political force in the country.
Rodina is not an opposition movement but an alternate party of power waiting in the wings.
www.tni.org /archives/kagarlitsky/winners.htm   (733 words)

 Russia: Nationalist Party Barred From Moscow Election - RADIO FREE EUROPE / RADIO LIBERTY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Rodina is the third biggest party in parliament.
Petrov says that a large number of Rodina votes would go to the LDPR if the party was pushed out of the electoral race.
Even human rights campaigners who slam Rodina for what they say is an explicitly xenophobic electoral advertisement are expressing some uneasiness about the circumstances in which the court issued its ruling.
www.rferl.org /featuresarticle/2005/11/b058b58d-c196-4cb1-b0f8-6db948f452c7.html   (734 words)

 Is Rodina a New Ally for the Turkmen Opposition?
Although it initially positioned itself as a supporter of the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin, Rodina is now moving over to the opposition on many issues, and is critical of the Russian government’s foreign policy.
Rodina faction leader Dmitry Rogozin gave a number of interviews in which he said Russia’s oil revenues and the Stabilisation Fund would more than suffice to allow the authorities to earmark funds to help the Russian pensioners or even to bring them back to their historical homeland.
Rodina’s stance is not opportunistic – on previous occasions the faction has mounted campaigns both in the Duma and in the press to defend the interests of compatriots abroad.
www.iwpr.net /?p=trk&s=f&o=261335&apc_state=henh   (1019 words)

 The Rodina Statue, Volgograd, Russia
The masterpiece of the monument is Rodina “Motherland” in Russian – a freestanding 8,000-ton steel and concrete statue that rears 257 feet high.
The grim-faced Rodina, her scarf billowing behind her, brandishes a 95-foot-long sword at the enemies of the motherland while her other arm extends in invitation to her sons ands daughters to follow her and defend Russia.
But in the hearts of most Russians, it was the insanely brave stand at Stalingrad that epitomized the lengths to which Rodina’s children were willing to go to defend her.
www.theculturedtraveler.com /Archives/MAY2003/Volgograd.htm   (828 words)

 The St. Petersburg Times - News - Rodina Surprises in Sakhalin
In Sakhalin, Rodina - standing under the name "Rodina-Sakhalin and the Kurills" - won 20 percent of the party list vote, narrowly ahead of United Russia with 18 percent and the Communists with 16 percent.
Rodina came fourth in the region with 9 percent of the vote.
In the republic of Marii-El, United Russia won the party vote with 34 percent, ahead of the Communists with 18 percent and the Agrarians with 13 percent.
www.times.spb.ru /index.php?action_id=2&story_id=1847   (462 words)

 NewsFromRussia.Com:Congress of the Rodina party discusses its development strategy
The 5th extraordinary congress of the Rodina (Motherland) party is held in Moscow on Saturday.
According to Rodina press service, about 1,000 delegates and guests of the congress will discuss Rodina development strategy, its ideological and economic programs, and determine the party's position on the issues of national policy.
According to the official Rodina web site, the socialist-patriotic Rodina party has branches in the majority of the 89 subjects of the Russian federation and numbers about 100,000 members.
newsfromrussia.com /main/2005/06/11/60273_.html   (308 words)

 Russia, Government, Politics, Rodina Party - JRL 11-17-05
The creation of the Rodina bloc was universally viewed as an attempt on the part of the Kremlin to weaken the Communist party (KPRF) by appealing to the same voters.
The 9% of the vote collected by the Rodina in December 2003 was characteristically close to the 12% lost by the KPRF, as compared to the previous Duma election (12.6% in 2003 vs. 24.3% in 1999).
The two sides of the Rodina ¬ loyalty to Putin and opposition to the government ¬ finally collided in January 2005, when the Duma began debating the implementation of the law on monetization of benefits, which just took effect and caused widespread public protests.
www.cdi.org /russia/johnson/9297-17.cfm   (1538 words)

 Russian Nationalist Party Appeals Election Ban - RADIO FREE EUROPE / RADIO LIBERTY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Rodina's campaign advertisement, criticized as xenophobic, was the reason behind the election ban
On 26 November, the lower court banned Rodina from taking part in the 4 December elections because of a campaign advertisement that critics say is xenophobic.
The lawsuit to ban Rodina from the election was filed by another nationalist party, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, which accused Rodina of inciting ethnic hatred.
www.rferl.org /featuresarticle/2005/12/6810d9b9-e4cc-485e-8904-22a6828a1068.html?napage=2   (166 words)

 Russia Blog: Rodina is in Trouble   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Russian Supreme Court has upheld the decision of a Moscow City court banning the Rodina party from the city elections.
Rodina proved that it was the publisher’s mistake, that the phone number appeared on the brochures, but the court reaffirmed the Moscow City court decision, adding that the video “promoted racism and national hatred”.
Federal elections are just couple years away, and maybe this apparent setback for Rodina wasn’t just the result of a mistake, but a very clever calculation, which will gain them an enormous amount of votes in Russia in two years from now.
www.russiablog.org /2005/12/rodian_is_in_trouble.html   (375 words)

 RIA Novosti - Russia - Rodina files appeal over election ruling
Although the LDPR is not itself known for being overly tolerant, the party, led by the colorful Vladimir Zhironovsky, accused Rodina of inciting inter-ethnic tension in an television advert in the run-up to the December 4 vote.
Rodina leader Dmitry Rogozin said his party would remain a lawful participant in the election campaign until the Supreme Court had considered its appeal and issued a ruling, which must happen within five days after the appeal has been filed.
Members of Rodina's youth wing, For the Motherland!, threatened to take to streets if the court decision was not quashed.
en.rian.ru /russia/20051201/42280352.html   (397 words)

 NCSJ - Rodina party's support for NGO bill
As the chairman of the opposition party Rodina ("Motherland"), I was surprised to learn that Russia has "spent this year [2005] positioning itself as a leader of the world's pro-tyranny camp" ["Champion of Freedom?
The writer is chairman of the Rodina Party and a deputy in the state Duma of the Russian Federation.
In 2005, President Bush set before the nation the goal of "ending tyranny in our world." In 2006, he is scheduled to attend the first meeting of Group of Eight leaders in Russia, which spent this year positioning itself as a leader of the world's pro-tyranny camp.
www.ncsj.org /AuxPages/010906WPost_Rodina_NGO.shtml   (720 words)

 The St. Petersburg Times - News - Rodina Slams Kremlin As Court Blocks Appeal
The lawsuit against Rodina was initiated by the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party and backed by the city elections committee.
Rodina leader Dmitry Rogozin lashed out at the Supreme Court’s decision as “politically motivated” and accused the Kremlin of being behind it.
He said the ruling was a sign that the authorities were afraid of Rodina, which is widely seen as a Kremlin-created party that was set up to steal votes from the Communists in the 2003 State Duma elections.
www.sptimes.ru /index.php?action_id=2&story_id=16305   (514 words)

 Analysis: Kremlin Strikes Right And Left
Rodina's semi-opposition stance toward the Kremlin appears to be longer of interest for the original patrons of the party.
Sergei Baburin, heading factions within Rodina called People's Will-Socialist United Party of Russia openly split with Rogozin, was evicted by the party earlier in the month, but was given a favorable hearing in parliament to have his factions registered in the lower house under the Rodina name as well.
This is a harsh blow to Rogozin's political ambitions and his faction of Rodina.
www.spacedaily.com /news/russia-05u.html   (975 words)

 Rodina Library - Bulgaria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Rodina Library is one of the oldest libraries in Bulgaria and the oldest one in the region of StaraZagora.
In the beginning of the XXI century the Rodina Library is challenged to be recognized as a local public informational centre.
The Rodina Library is the first cultural institution in Stara Zagora where there is an access for disabled people thanked to the project “Open doors” realized with the kind support of project Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, MATRA Program of the Netherlands government, United States Agency for International Development, United Nations Development Program.
www.rodina-bg.org /en   (384 words)

 Russia Profile - Resources|Political Parties|Rodina
The party Rodina was created out of the “Party of Russian regions” (PRR), which was formed in 1998 as a public organization, and was transformed into a political party in 2002.
In the elections to State Duma, which took place on December 7th, 2003, Rodina received a sensational number of votes, receiving more than 9% of the vote and was able to form the third largest faction of deputies in the State Duma.
During a congress that took place on July 6th, 2004 Rodina approved a new edition of the party’s Statutes and a new slogan - “For Motherland and Justice.” The leader of the Rodina faction in the State Duma, Dmitri Rogozin, was chosen the sole chairman of the party.
www.russiaprofile.org /resources/political/majorparties/rodina/index.wbp   (576 words)

 Rodina Party Ready to Rule Russia -- 12/22/2005
It recently has become fashionable in some American and European circles to suggest that Russia is reverting to the lost era of the former Soviet Union.
In the recent elections for the Moscow city council, Rodina appeared as if it were destined for nearly 20 percent of the vote.
A rival party took Rodina to court and got the party stricken from the ballot before the election by citing the Rodina television commercials as inappropriate and thus unlawful.
www.cnsnews.com /ViewCommentary.asp?Page=\Commentary\archive\200512\COM20051222b.html   (1188 words)

 Motherland - MN-FILES - MOSNEWS.COM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Motherland (Rodina) party was formed in August 2003.
In the parliamentary elections on December 7, 2003 Rodina received 9.02% of the vote and 38 deputies formed its faction.
After the presidential elections the differences between the union’s co-chairmen led to a split-up, with Dmitry Rogozin remaining head of Rodina and Sergey Glazyev leaving to form a party of his own.
www.mosnews.com /mn-files/motherland.shtml   (581 words)

 albawaba.com middle east news information::Experts: Rodina popularity expected to grow despite ban   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
According to Kommersant newspaper, Rodina - Russia's fastest-growing political party -was expected to gain at least 14 percent at the Moscow Duma’s election.
According to the party web site, Rodina lawyers were initially denied entry to the courtroom, and police forcefully disbanded a protest organized by party advocates in front of the courthouse.
Rogozin criticized the court's decision, describing it as a "provocation" and a "farce." In an interview on Ekho Moskvy radio, he stated it was the result of fears that his party was gaining ground on United Russia, the party supported by City Hall as well as the Kremlin.
www.albawaba.com /en/countries/Cyprus/191874   (513 words)

 ***** RODINA - HOLDING JSC. *****
At the present time temporarily the activity of Rodina - Real Estate Agency is ceased because of saturation on the market and reconstruction of "Rodina - Engineering" Ltd in the diversification activity "Alternative energetic".
"Rodina –Engineering" works with a team of qualified professional staff in the project and constructional design and it ensures to develop the projects in maximum short period, precisely, with imagination, aesthetics and originality.
The company works with Construction Control companies that watch and participate active with thoughts and consultations in all stages of building the objects that is guarantee for qualitative execution and quality of invested materials.
www.rodina-popovo.bg /rodina-eng/index_eng.html   (290 words)

 Rodina in Opposition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Rodina Party is a combination of left-wing socialist and right-wing nationalist ideas.
Still, I wonder if Rodina is really in the opposition, or if it is part of a larger restructuring of the Russian political landscape by the Kremlin.
Time will only tell whether Rodina will be a “managed opposition,” allowing the Kremlin a radical voice when it wants, or if Rodina will actually attempt to take power.
www.nationalvanguard.org /story.php?id=3287   (459 words)

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