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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Romania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The union of Transylvania with Romania was ratified in the Treaty of Trianon in 1920.
Romania now has one of the most liberal taxation systems in Europe, and it is expected that this, along with increased foreign investment, will boost economic growth in the coming years, as well as lower corruption and bring to light the grey economy.
Romania is a member of the Organisation de la Francophonie, with Bucharest being the host of the Summit of Francophony in 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Romania   (5175 words)

 Romania national football team - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Romania was one of only four countries (with Brazil, France, and Belgium) to participate in the first three World Cups.
Romania then had a solid run through the 1990s, advancing to Round 2 or better in three consecutive World Cups.
The period was highlighted by the 1994 World Cup where Romania, led by Gheorghe Hagi, made the quarterfinals and upset Argentina 3-2 before losing to Sweden on penalty kicks.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Romania_national_football_team   (225 words)

 Romania (12/05)
Romania's location gives it a continental climate, particularly in Moldavia and Wallachia (geographic areas respectively east of the Carpathians and south of the Transylvanian Alps) and to a lesser extent in centrally located Transylvania, where the climate is more moderate.
Romania was an ally of the Entente and the U.S. in World War I, and was granted substantial territories with Romanian populations, notably Transylvania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina, after the war.
Romania is a country of considerable potential: rich agricultural lands; diverse energy sources (coal, oil, natural gas, hydro, and nuclear); a substantial, if aging, industrial base encompassing almost the full range of manufacturing activities; an educated, well-trained work force; and opportunities for expanded development in tourism on the Black Sea and in the mountains.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ei/bgn/35722.htm   (7268 words)

Romania became the 32nd member State of the Council of Europe on 7 October 1993.
Romania is represented in the Parliamentary Assembly by a
The contribution of Romania is € 1 573 671.47 (i.e 0.8276%).
www.coe.int /T/e/com/about_coe/member_states/e_rou.asp   (240 words)

 Romania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Romania is situated in the southeast of Central Europe.
It shares land borders with, to the east, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, to the north, Ukraine, in the west with Hungary, in the south-west, the states of the former Yugoslavia and, in the south, with Bulgaria.
Romania is a sizeable country (the twelfth largest in Europe) with a total area of 237,500 squared kilometres of which water comprises 7,160 squared kilometres.
scic.cec.eu.int /Main/enlargement/lan_pres/rom_02.htm   (580 words)

 Index of Economic Freedom 2006 - Romania
Romania's monetary policy is focused on diminishing double-digit inflation, redenomination of the luel (which occurred in July 2005), and financial liberalization.
Romania's trade policy score is 0.5 point worse this year; however, its fiscal burden of government score is 1.4 points better, and its government intervention, monetary policy, and capital flows and foreign investment scores are 1 point better.
From 1995 to 2004, Romania's weighted average annual rate of inflation was 14.99 percent, down from the 20.35 percent from 1994 to 2003 reported in the 2005 Index.
www.heritage.org /research/features/index/country.cfm?id=Romania   (1075 words)

Crouch is the U.S. Ambassador to Romania where he has worked to expand democracy in the region, increase cooperation between the United States and Romania in the global war on terror, and foster Romania’s incorporation into Western security institutions including NATO and the European Union.
Romania released a new draft of their proposed adoption law.
On February 10, during discussions with the Embassy of Romania we were told that the law would be sent to the Parliament from the Cabinet sometime in February and that the Parliament is slated to pass the law in May. Afterwards, a six month implementation period would commence.
www.jcics.org /Romania.htm   (4320 words)

 Rome and Romania, Roman Emperors, Byzantine Emperors, etc.
The final fall of Ravenna to the Lombards in 751 led to the intervention of the Franks in Italy, at the urging of the Pope.
With the decline of Romania, Venice largely pursued its affairs at the expense of Contantinople and only came to be pushed out of the area altogether by the Ottomans.
By the settlement with the Crusaders, Venice was ceded 3/8 of the Empire, and the Doge henceforth styled himself quartae partis et dimidiae totius imperii Romaniae Dominator ("Lord of a quarter and a half [of a quarter] of the whole Empire of Romania").
www.friesian.com /romania.htm#firts   (14302 words)

The national flag of Romania is defined by an act of the Parliament of Romania (Law No. 75 of July 16, 1994, available for download here http://www.presidency.ro/static/ordine/Lg.75_1994.pdf) as a blue, gold, and red tricolour of vertical bands of equal size, with blue at the hoist.
Modern Romania was formed in 1859 by the personal union under Prince Alexander John Cuza of the Danubian principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia, under the name of "United Principalities".
In 1867, when Charles of Hohenzollern- Sigmaringen became Prince of Romania, the national flag, as well as the military ensigns, were changed to the vertical arrangement, with blue at the hoist.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/ro.html   (3274 words)

 Southeastern Europe Country Analysis Brief
While Bulgaria and Romania avoided the warfare and bloodshed that devastated the Balkans region in the 1990s, they were both significantly affected by the economic embargo placed on Yugoslavia, suffering several billion dollars' worth of losses due to disrupted trade, transport, and investment.
Romania and Bulgaria are expected to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in May 2004, and aspire to European Union ascension in 2007.
Romania is working to develop a second reactor at the facility, and hopes to commission the new reactor by 2006.
www.eia.doe.gov /emeu/cabs/romania.html   (2575 words)

 Romania travel guide - Wikitravel
With a Black Sea coast to the east, it is surrounded by Bulgaria to the south, Serbia to the southwest, Hungary to the northwest, Moldova to the northeast and Ukraine in both the north and the east.
Travelling inside Romania or to and from Romania by train is a fascinating experience, because they are one of the glimmering gems of this country.
Romania's railway network is one of the largest (the 4th in Europe) and most dense in Europe, with trains servicing every town and city in the country, and the vast majority of the villages.
wikitravel.org /en/Romania   (4777 words)

Romania is a green beautiful country, located in the south-central part of Europe.
Today McDonald’s Romania is running 50 restaurants located in Bucharest and other 20 major cities throughout the country and employs more than 2600 young people who are proud and energetic and supportive to the McDonald’s Brand.
RMCC was set-up in Romania on 16th November 1998.
www.mcdonalds.com /content/countries/romania.html   (461 words)

The Carpathian Mountains divide Romania's upper half from north to south and connect near the center of the country with the Transylvanian Alps, running east and west.
Ferdinand, king of Romania - Ferdinand, 1865–1927, king of Romania (1914–27), nephew of Carol I. The second son of...
Romania's nitrogen and methanol industries: with one of the largest fertilizer and methanol industries in eastern Europe, Romania has had to adapt to the changing circumstances produced by the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0107905.html   (1049 words)

 Foreign & Commonwealth Office Country Profiles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In October 2005, Romania and the IMF were unable to agree on further economic restructuring measures under the 2004 Stand-By Agreement.
Romania closed its accession negotiations in December 2004 and the Treaty of Accession was signed in 25 April 2005.
Romania is scheduled to join the EU on 1 January 2007, provided it can address the outstanding issues identified in the European Commission's May 2006 Comprehensive Monitoring Report.
www.fco.gov.uk /servlet/Front?pagename=OpenMarket/Xcelerate/ShowPage&c=Page&cid=1007029394365&a=KCountryProfile&aid=1019744931956   (2965 words)

 Government of Romania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Prime Minister Calin Popescu – Tariceanu considers that Romania has obtained an official confirmation at the highest level, of its EU accession on January 1st 2007, on the Brussels European Council of June 15-16th.
The European liberals sustain Romania’s EU Accession on the1st of January 2007, the president of the European Liberal Party (ELDR), Mrs.
A partnership for the taking over of Andalusia’s experience in the European funds management by the development region of Romania will be achieved between the N –E Moldova Development Region and Andalusia region, Prime Minister Calin Popescu – Tariceanu has announced at the end of the meeting with Mr.
www.gov.ro /engleza   (2137 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Country profiles | Country profile: Romania
Romania, a slower developer than other former Communist countries of eastern Europe, took a major step away from its past when it was one of seven countries to join Nato in late March 2004.
However, in April 2005 Bucharest signed the EU accession treaty and Romania could join the union in 2007, as long as reforms and the campaign against corruption press on.
Although Mr Iliescu and the Social Democrats had overseen Romania's entry into Nato and brought the country within sight of EU membership, they were regarded by critics as having dragged their feet on reform and as not tough enough against corruption.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/europe/country_profiles/1057466.stm   (887 words)

 Romania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Romania, a Balkan Country straddling the Carpathian Mountains, offers surprising variety, ranging from alpine peaks and Black Sea beaches to the misty Danube River.
Western Romania bears the imprint of the Austro-Hungarian empire whereas Constanta is heavily Roman and Turkish, and Bucharest has a Franco-Romanian character all its own.
Romania hides nothing from you and the people are mostly friendly and curious - remember it's not long that they've been allowed to talk to foreigners, and many travellers find themselves given a bed and treated like kings.
www.romclub.org.au /~romclub/florin/ro.htm   (425 words)

 CIA - The World Factbook -- Romania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In 1940, Romania allied with the Axis powers and participated in the 1941 German invasion of the USSR.
Although Romania completed accession talks with the European Union (EU) in December 2004, it must continue to address rampant corruption - while invigorating lagging economic and democratic reforms - to fulfill the requirements for EU accession, scheduled to take place in 2007 or 2008.
Romania began the transition from Communism in 1989 with a largely obsolete industrial base and a pattern of output unsuited to the country's needs.
www.cia.gov /cia/publications/factbook/geos/ro.html   (1413 words)

 PMI - Romania
PMI Romania Chapter is honored to invite you to attend at the "The Project Management Conference" organized with BRM Business Consulting, the educational division of Romanian Commodities Exchange, which will be held on the 27 - 29 of June 2005 in Bucharest.
PMI Romania Chapter is honored to invite you to attend at the Symposium "The Project Management Make the Difference" which will be held on the 7th of May 2005 in Bucharest.
PMI Romania Chapter is honored to invite you to attend at the "Performance Management" Symposium which will be held on the 15th of February 2005 in Bucharest.
www.pmi.ro   (706 words)

 Human Rights Watch: Europe and Central Asia : Romania
Today in Romania, gays and lesbians are routinely denied some of the most basic human rights guaranteed by international law.
Since the fall of the Ceausescu regime in 1989, Romania has experienced a dramatic increase in xenophobia and racist propaganda characterized by an increasingly vocal press and right-wing political parties.
Despite the reforms following the 1989 revolution in Romania, the laws regulating prison life are largely unchanged and many of the prison personnel remain the same.
hrw.org /doc/?t=europe&c=romani   (851 words)

 Romania Maps - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
Romania - Economic Activity from the CIA Atlas of Eastern Europe 1990 (127K)
Romania - Land Use from the CIA Atlas of Eastern Europe 1990 (135K)
Romania - Population Density from the CIA Atlas of Eastern Europe 1990 (116K)
www.lib.utexas.edu /maps/romania.html   (149 words)

 Romania - Photos, Maps, Videos, Flags, Facts, More -- National Geographic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Romania lies on the Black Sea coast of southeastern Europe.
The Carpathian Mountains and the Transylvanian Alps divide the country into three physical and historical regions: Wallachia in the south, Moldavia in the northeast, and Transylvania in the country's center.
Romania joined NATO in 2004, and is planning to join the EU as early as 2007.
plasma.nationalgeographic.com /places/countries/country_romania.html   (478 words)

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