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Topic: Romulus Augustus

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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Romulus Augustus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Romulus Augustus' deposition traditionally marked the end of the Roman Empire, although the Eastern Roman Empire survived until 1453 and the Western Roman Empire had all but collapsed by the time of Romulus Augustus' reign.
Romulus' father Orestes was a Roman citizen, originally from Pannonia, who had served as a secretary to Attila the Hun and later rose through the ranks of the Roman army.
Romulus was either a child or in his early adolescence at the time of his appointment, though he acted merely as a figurehead to his father's rule.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Romulus-Augustus   (3459 words)

 Roman Empire - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
Romulus Augustus (475-476*) *Julius Nepos was recognized as "Western Roman Emperor" until his death in 480.
Augustus, leaving no sons, was succeeded by his stepson Tiberius, the son of his wife Livia from her first marriage.
The last western emperor, Romulus Augustus, was deposed in 476 by Odoacer, the half Hunnish, half Scirian chieftain of the Germanic Heruli.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/r/o/m/Roman_Empire_411e.html   (8602 words)

 Britain.tv Wikipedia - Roman Empire
Augustus was granted the authority of a tribune (tribunicia potestas), though not the title, which allowed him to convene the Senate and people at will and lay business before it, veto the actions of either the Assembly or the Senate, preside over elections, and gave him the right to speak first at any meeting.
With maius imperium, Augustus was the only individual able to grant a triumph to a successful general as he was ostensibly the leader of the entire Roman army.
Augustus was a scion of the gens Julia (the Julian family), one of the most ancient patrician clans of Rome, while Tiberius was a scion of the gens Claudia, only slightly less ancient than the Julians.
www.britain.tv /wikipedia.php?title=Roman_Empire   (9320 words)

 Lecture 12: Augustus Caesar and the Pax Romana
Augustus reduced the size of the army and the remainder were stationed in the provinces.
Augustus tried to turn Rome into a world capital and taught the Romans to identify their destiny with the destiny of all mankind.
After the death of Augustus, Tiberius (42 B.C.-A.D. 37; emperor, A.D. 14-37), the stepson of Augustus, became the leader of the state.
www.historyguide.org /ancient/lecture12b.html   (4472 words)

Augustus was a title given to certain powerful Roman politicians from the time of Octavianus (Augustus Caesar) to the 5th century A.D. It roughly corresponds to the popular modern idea of "Roman Emperor", although in later times it often only applied to the Western part of the empire.
Augustus Caesar, Roman Emperor and the first emperor to hold the title Augustus.
Romulus Augustus, the last of the Western Roman Emperors.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/au/Augustus.html   (130 words)

He is best known to history as the man who deposed the last Roman emperor in the West, Romulus Augustus, in 476.
Romulus Augustus was sent to retirement at Lucullanum at the Bay of Naples.
Unlike many of his predecessors, such as Ricimer, he chose the latter route, returning the western imperial regalia to the emperor Zeno in Constantinople, along with a letter asking to be confirmed as dux of Italy.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/od/Odoacer.html   (252 words)

 Romulus Augustus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
His father Orestes, the commanding general of the Roman army, installed Romulus on the throne after deposing the emperor Julius Nepos.
Augustus was a common cognomen at the time.
Romulus was compelled to abdicate the throne on September 4, 476.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Romulus_Augustus   (1333 words)

 Romulus Augustus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Romulus was either a child or in his early adolescence.
Romulus founded a monastery that lasted for hundreds of years, but he does not appear to have lived to see the restoration of Roman authority in Italy in 536.
Romulus Augustus is the main character of Friedrich Dürrenmatts play Romulus der Große (translated to English as "'Romulus"''), which revolves around the last days of Romulus' emperorship.
romulus-augustus.kiwiki.homeip.net   (667 words)

 Davis: Augustus Deified or Denigrated?  The Political Subtext of Anchises' Speech in Aeneid Book VI
Augustus Caesar's Res Gestae, completed in 14 AD, depicts his wide range of military, political, and cultural achievements and ends with the principles on which he claims to have acted: virtus, clementia, iustitia, and pietas.
Augustus, for example, is primarily discussed in period of the kings rather than the principate.
Thus Augustus is defied and because of this is denigrated.
www.camws.org /meeting/2005/abstracts2005/davis.html   (687 words)

 Roman Emperors - DIR Romulus Augustulus
Romulus commonly has been considered to be the last emperor of the western empire; with names like "Romulus" and "Augustus", it would have been difficult indeed to resist doing so.
Romulus was indeed the last, and perhaps even the least significant, of the "shadow" or "puppet" emperors of the west.
Romulus, commonly called the diminutive "Augustulus" because of his youth, was named emperor by his father, Orestes, after the latter had revolted against Julius Nepos.
www.roman-emperors.org /auggiero.htm   (2548 words)

 Last Roman Emperor -- Romulus Augustulus
Romulus Augustus, you will note, was, ironically, a combination of the names of Romulus, Rome's founder and first King, and the assumed title of Augustus, which had been given by the Senate to Octavian, Rome's first Emperor.
When the first mistake was revealed, Orestes, the new barbarian commander-in-chief and the father of Romulus Augustus, chased Nepos to Ravenna (by then a sometimes capital of the West) and then completely off the peninsula to Dalmatia.
Little Romulus was spared because of his tender years and was sent to live with relatives as a virtual prisoner on an imperial estate near Naples.
www.mmdtkw.org /VRomulusAug.html   (1008 words)

 History of Art: Art of the Roman Empire
During the reign of Augustus (31bc-ad14), imperial art - whether in the context of public celebration or in the form of portraits of the sovereign - imperial art was promoted at even,' social and economic level and exported to the most distant bounds of the empire.
The principal representation of Augustus and other images of him are cast aside by the artist, who shows the disturbing truth, far removed from the image favoured for propaganda purposes - the signs of an unhappy adolescence, the mental turmoil of an ageing man who, behind the unyielding mask of power, never reached full maturity.
Augustus ordered the wearing of an unusually large toga as a sign of a civis romanus and this style found keen acceptance among the freedmen who could thus assert the privileges they had won.
www.all-art.org /history100.html   (3832 words)

 Ancient History Bulletin 9, 1995: Deification of Roman Women, Marleen B. Flory
Augustus advertised himself as a second Romulus, and Romulus was a significant prototype for his own deification, including the establishment of Augustus' translation to heaven as a significant aspect of all such ceremonies in the future.
This act showed the importance of the family of Augustus in Rome's political life and subtly suggested that the domus Augustus was also a domus divina by the juxtaposition of the statues of the first divus and his living relatives, probably Livia, Tiberius, Germanicus, and Drusus the Younger.
Augustus, however, earned his divinity as savior of the state not by virtue of the special name he possessed, even if that name gave him a special charismatic aura.
www.albany.edu /faculty/lr618/ahb-9-3e.html   (4000 words)

 Romulus Augustus
Romulus Augustus was the son of Orestes who once had been an assistant to Attila the Hun, and who had at times been sent on diplomatic visits to Constantinople.
Romulus Augustus, the last emperor of Rome, was a target of much mockery, already in his own day.
The reason for the troubles was that in other parts of the western empire landowners had been obliged to hand over possession of up to two thirds of their estates to allied Germans within the empire.
www.roman-empire.net /collapse/romulus.html   (558 words)

 Ancient Rome - WOI Encyclopedia Italia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Romulus, whose name inspired the name Rome, killed Remus in a quarrel over where their new city would be located, and became the first of seven Kings of Rome.
Lepidus was exiled, and when Augustus defeated Antony and Cleopatra of Egypt at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC, he became the undisputed ruler of Rome.
In 410, the city of Rome itself was sacked, and in September 4, 476, the Germanic chief Odoacer forced the last Roman emperor in the west, Romulus Augustus, to abdicate.
www.wheelsofitaly.com /wiki/index.php/Ancient_Rome   (5189 words)

 Rome Roman
Four months after it was finished, Romulus invited the neighboring Sabine tribe to a harvest festival where the Romans abducted more than 600 of their daughters at sword point since there was a dearth of women in the new city.
The conquest of Egypt by Augustus ushered in a period that became known as, "Pax Romana", the Peace of Rome.
Romulus and Remus, the founders of the city of Rome were the sons of the god Mars.
www.blessingscornucopia.com /Rome_Roma_Roman_Ancient_Civilization.htm   (4696 words)

 Augustus — Infoplease.com
Ernest Augustus - Ernest Augustus, 1771–1851, king of Hanover (1837–51) and duke of Cumberland, fifth son...
Frederick Augustus I, 1750–1827, king and elector of Saxony - Frederick Augustus I, 1750–1827, king (1806–27) and elector (1763–1806) of...
Augustus' resting place.(the area surrounding Caesar Augustus' mausoleum and the Ara Pacis, or Altar of Peace, to be renovated)(Brief......
www.infoplease.com /ce6/people/A0805331.html   (233 words)

 Bryn Mawr Classical Review 98.1.26   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
According to B., the task that Ovid set himself, therefore, was this: Augustus had tried to impose a unifying theme on the calendar (as he did on other areas of Roman culture and politics) by inserting many Julian commemorations into it.
Romulus' appearance in Augustus' funeral cortege proves no more that he claimed descent from Romulus than Pompey's appearance there proves that Augustus was Pompey's descendant.
It could be argued just as easily that this would have been offensive to Augustus, especially in the late stages of his reign, as he was trying to put the messy memory of the civil wars behind him and the Roman people.
ccat.sas.upenn.edu /bmcr/1998/98.1.26.html   (3181 words)

 Mr. Dowling's Romulus and Remus Page
Romulus and Remus decided to establish a city on the Tiber River, but the brothers could not agree on a location.
Signs from the heavens decreed that each brother would build a city, but Romulus’ city would be much larger.
Remus was upset that Romulus had built his city, so he climbed over the wall.
www.mrdowling.com /702-romulus.html   (214 words)

 Augustan Building in Rome
Marcellus, Augustus' nephew, provides awnings for the Forum (he dies and is the first to be buried in the Mausoleum Augusti)
Augustus: obtains a decree for a Temple of Mars Ultor on the Capitol, a repository for the Parthian Standards until the completion of his Forum Augustum
Augustus: the Census, extension of the Pomoerium, division of the City into fourteen Regiones (maybe done in 7), delimitation of the banks of the Tiber
www.csun.edu /~hcfll004/augbuilc.html   (822 words)

 Romulus Augustus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Romulus Augustus was the last named emperor of the Roman empire.
With Orestes dead, Odoacer decided to spare the life of Augustus on account of his age but stripped him of his titles and exiled him to a rural estate to live with relatives.
His imperial dress and other related accoutrements were packed and sent to Zeno, the eastern emperor, along with several senators and they were made to hand over his resignation along with terse notice to the effect that Rome no longer needed an emperor.
www.dirtyoldcoins.com /natto/id/raug.htm   (245 words)

According to legends, twins Romulus and Remus were fathered by the war god Mars and born to a Latin princess.
The king assumed they would die, but Romulus and Remus were found by a female wolf who fed them her own milk.
Augustus, in fact, was quick to take control of the infrastructure of the gladiatorial entertainment business (the Roman state, for example, owned the schools where gladiators trained).
www.modernights.com /AND/historyrome   (5477 words)

 Romulus Augustus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
'''Flavius Romulus Augustus''' (460s/470s – after 511), often called Romulus Augustulus, was the last of the Western Roman Emperors.
The proclamation was not accepted by the rival Eastern Roman Emperors Zeno and Basiliscus.
He is frequently known by the nickname "Romulus Augustulus." The Latin suffix -ulus is a diminutive; hence, Augustulus effectively means "the Little Augustus." However, he ruled officially as Romulus Augustus.
romulus-augustus.iqnaut.net   (576 words)

 the Bluer Jack
The Faithful draped blue cloth from the top of the Cathedral of San Januarius, and within, the body of young Romulus Augustus lay shrouded by a blue and white cerement of his own devising.
It was the last Monday before the Feast of the Resurrection [Ostara] in the four hundred eighty-fourth year of the Vulgar Era: Blue Monday, and the deposed, murdered Last Emperor of the West had come to his funeral.
Allegedly because he was a 'harmless-looking and handsome young boy' (he was about 15), Romulus Augustus was given a pension and sent to live in Naples, instead of being executed as most ex-monarchs and potentially revengeful sons were in those days.
www.geocities.com /bluerjack/bluerjack.html   (591 words)

 Latin II, Second Half Unit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The history of ancient Rome is said to have begun (by our method of counting years) in the year 753 BC with the legendary founding of the city by Romulus and Remus, two twin brothers who, having been exposed in infancy lest they usurp the throne of their kingly grandfather, were raised by a she-wolf.
A good friend of Augustus, his monumental history of Rome prior to his own time was called Ab Urbe Condita and was guided by the thesis that what had made Rome great was the courage and self-sacrifice of her past heroes, many of whom were common citizens.
His account of the years from the death of Augustus and afterwards is an invaluable source of information and moving in its appeal to the sanity of former times.
cdis.missouri.edu /previews/6427/lesson01.htm   (5123 words)

 The Last Legion (2006)
Imprisoned by rebels on the island-fortress of Capri, Romulus, aided by the clever strategies of his teacher Ambrosinus (Sir Ben Kingsley) and the heroic skills of his legionnaire Aurelius (Colin Firth), escape the island.
Part fact, part legend, "The Last Legion" is an action/ adventure story surrounding the Fall of the Roman Empire and its last emperor, 12-year-old Romulus Augustus, who would rule for a day before losing all that he loved: his family, his home, and an empire that once stood for truth and honor.
There, Romulus will fight alongside his friends to make his last stand for Rome and take his first steps to becoming the man and the king who started the Arthurian legend.
www.firthfriends.com /lastlegion/index.html   (308 words)

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