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In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

  Rondo - LoveToKnow 1911   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
RONDO, a musical form originally derived from the rondel in verse; as may be seen, long before the development of instrumental forms, in some of the chansons of Orlando di Lasso.
The sectional rondo was modernized on a gigantic scale by Brahms in the finale of his G minor Pianoforte Quartet, Op.
In fact, the true criterion of a rondo is, as with all real art-forms, a matter of style rather than of external shape.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Rondo   (784 words)

 Rondo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rondo, and its French equivalent rondeau, is a word that has been used in music in a number of ways, most often in reference to a musical form, but also in reference to a character-type that is distinct from the form.
A common expansion of rondo form is to combine it with sonata form, to create the sonata rondo form.
Rondo as a character-type (as distinct from the form) equates to music that is fast and vivacious—normally allegro.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rondo   (451 words)

 Rondo Retreat - Kakamega Rain Forest
Rondo Retreat belongs to the Trinity Fellowship, a Christian society committed to communication and conservation.
Originally, Rondo was owned by a sawmiller who, in 1948, built a house at his wife's request at the base of what was thought to be the biggest tree in the Forest, an Elgon Olive, which still stands today.
Rondo officially came into the hands of the Trinity Fellowship in 1966 which was headed by the Reverend and Mrs.
africanmeccasafaris.com /kenya/safaris/lodges/rondoretreatkakamega.asp   (731 words)

 Ainge Relishes Landing Rondo in Draft | Celtics.com
Rondo thought there was a chance he'd be drafted by the Celtics, but he never really knew it would happen until it actually did.
While Rondo didn't have a fantastic season, Ainge's rankings didn't change by the time June rolled around, and after some wheeling and dealing, the Celtics got their man, acquiring his draft rights in a deal with the Phoenix Suns, who selected him at #21 for Boston.
But Rondo's calling card is his speed, and Ainge expects that it could make him a "special player" in the NBA thanks to the way the game has shifted to an emphasis on perimeter and pick-and-roll play.
www.nba.com /celtics/news/draft-central/notes022906-rondo-press.html   (629 words)

 Musical Forms - Rondo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
C.P.E. Bach's rondos in the series for 'Connoisseurs and Amateurs' are extended leisurely compositions which stand outside the mainstream of the genre's evolution.
The independent rondo for piano was cultivated with yet greater distinction by Mozart (K494 and 511), Beethoven (opp.51 no.1 and 129) and Mendelssohn (Rondo capriccioso op.14).
Haydn began composing rondos in the early 1770s; examples are found in his symphonies, string quartets and piano trios.
w3.rz-berlin.mpg.de /cmp/g_rondo.html   (308 words)

 Rondo Hatton - Biography - Moviefone
A fixture in B-movies of varying quality from 1943 until his death early in 1946, Hatton was a victim of the glandular disorder Acromegalia.
Alas, by the time it was completed, Hatton's health was failing and it wasn't until eight months after his death that the movie opened in theaters; by then, a nervous Universal had sold the film to the Poverty Row outfit Producers Releasing Corporation rather than issue it directly.
Rondo Hatton was never more than a cult horror star in his own time, but during the 1960s and 1970s, with the booming interest in Universal's classic horror movies, he began attracting the interest of scholars and horror movie buffs.
movies.aol.com /celebrity/rondo-hatton/31006/biography   (436 words)

 Rondo — Overview — fracturedSoftware
Rondo - the unique MIDI player for Mac OS X! Unlike other MIDI players, Rondo has been designed to help you follow the music as it plays.
Rondo keeps things simple and makes an excellent practice aid for both professional and aspiring non-score reading musicians.
By popular demand Rondo now includes larger pianos and a library with playlists to help you store, organize and play your MIDI files.
www.fracturedsoftware.com /rondo   (444 words)

Griffin was born at 587 Rondo in 1917 and sold the family home when the I-94 was built.
During his assignment as a beat officer on Rondo he was well respected for his knowledge of community and it’s members.
After the Rondo neighborhood was divided by the I-94 freeway this festival was crated in 1983 by Rondo Avenue Inc. to commemorates the historic neighborhood by bringing old neighbors together.
hamline.edu /personal/dhudson/eng3330/rondo/workspace/footnotes2.html   (7153 words)

Rondo is based on the reconstructed life of Sappho.
What is known as Sappho's poetry is as relevant to audiences in the present as in the 6th century B.C. We discover the artistic importance of Sappho as a woman whose work has been first destroyed and then reinterpreted in so many ways.
Rondo uses the surviving fragments of poems of Sappho.
www.vex.net /rikscafe/Rondo.html   (762 words)

 Rondo Community Land Trust
Rondo CLT is named after Rondo Avenue, a main commerce avenue for the African American community that was renamed Concordia Avenue during the construction of Interstate 94 in the late 1960s.
In 1993 Rondo CLT was incorporated as a publicly supported, tax-exempt organization to serve the neighborhoods of Summit-University and Lexington-Hamline.
Rondo CLT’s Ground Lease states that when a CLT homeowner decides to sell their home, the house is sold to another low-to-moderate income household for the original purchase price plus 25% of any appreciation in the home’s value.
www.rondoclt.org   (810 words)

 About Rondo
Rondo Building Services have been the pioneers in the design of suspended ceiling systems, steel stud drywall partition systems, building board and render finishing sections since 1964.
The name ‘Rondo’ comes from the musical expression for a theme that is repeated in a piece of music.
Originally established by W. Cuckson & Son in 1959 at St Marys NSW as Rondo Zipador Pty Ltd, it was the largest manufacturer of metal zips for the clothing industry in its time before being sold to Scovills.
www.rondo.com.au /rondo/rdo_MainContent.asp?ind=6&smi=61   (389 words)

 Rondo terminals for profitable customer self-service
Rondo is distinguished by its high level of availability, extremely short transaction times and an improved service and maintenance concept.
Rondo 4cashcycle+ has been accepted by the German Central Bank and is ready to start in the euro zone.
On the one hand, this is revealed by the use of the same high-quality technological components such as TFT displays with touchscreen, hybrid card reader, keyboards, etc. Also the configuration of all terminals follows the same system, the technological components are easily accessible and simple to maintain.
www.keba.com /bank/en/rondo/produkte   (340 words)

 NBA Basketball at CBS SportsLine.com
Rondo shot 51 percent from the floor in 2004-05 and 48 percent last season, but he struggled badly from 3-point range and the foul line.
Rondo converted only 27 percent from beyond the arc last season and hit 57 percent of his free throws.
Athletic and versatile, Rondo is an outstanding rebounder, averaging 6.1 last season and grabbing 19 in a game against Iowa.
cbs.sportsline.com /nba/players/draft/1111293   (429 words)

 ortofon rondo
Though the Rondo cartridges are new, they do not have the short and slim shapes that Ortofon introduced with the Kontrapunkts and the Jubliee.
There are three Rondos: the Bronze ($849), the Blue ($699), and the Red ($499), each name describing the color of the cartridge body.
Although all of the Rondo cartridges are constructed of a ground wood and resin composite and weigh about the same, each differs slightly from the others.
www.positive-feedback.com /Issue24/ortofon_rondo.htm   (1887 words)

 SportingNews.com - College Hoops - Kentucky's Rondo enters NBA draft
Rondo said friends in the NBA have told him he's assured of being a first-round draft pick, which would guarantee him a three-year contract, but he's eyeing a lottery selection, which could fetch a far wealthier contract.
Smith says Rondo is attractive to NBA scouts because of his ability to quickly dish the ball to an inside player or beat the defense and drive to the hoop himself.
Rondo said it was a tough decision to leave Kentucky, even though he is confident the time is right.
www.sportingnews.com /yourturn/viewtopic.php?t=79458   (1166 words)

Rondo Sterling is an alternative pop/rock quartet based in Louisville, KY. Since 2003, Rondo Sterling has been perfecting a sound that is artistic and commercial, distinct and universal.
Rondo Sterling’s self-titled EP debuted in May 2005 to critical and commercial success.
Rondo Sterling pens clever songs that are a shade dark in light, pop arrangements.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/rondosterling   (1015 words)

 Kentucky Wildcats, NCAA Division I Mens Basketball - CBS SportsLine.com
Rondo was all of it, because Rondo did all of it.
Rondo was the only one on the floor, which explains the difference in shooting percentages.
Rondo told him to put his hand in the air when he was ready.
cbs.sportsline.com /collegebasketball/story/8309376   (554 words)

 Machines for Sheeting & Laminating, Pastry, Croissants, Pizza, Bread & Rolls, Donut and Thin Dough by Rondo ...
Rondo Doge covers the whole range, from small mechanical sheeters up to fully automated industrial laminating lines.
Rondo Doge can provide you the equipment for producing pizzas meeting your demands in size, performance and degree of automation.
Rondo Doge offers a whole range, from the multifunctional Kombi for the artisan baker to a versatile production line for special breads and rolls.
www.rondodoge.com   (261 words)

 FracturedSoftware Rondo 2.0
Rondo has been designed from the ground up to be simple, uncluttered and easy to use.
Rondo has many innovative features including a vertical piano roll with live scrolling and a pull down playhead with a piano that will play along with the music.
In Rondo, notes play as they scroll under the movable playhead and because this piano is horizontal, it is easy to see what notes are about to play!
www.macmusic.org /software/version.php/lang/en/id/7903   (169 words)

 Rondo "The Creeper" Hatton
Zappa liked to identify himself (and his band) with ugly people, and Rondo Hatton was an ugly film actor of the 1930s and '40s, who suffered from a disease called acromegaly, and thus looked a bit odd.
Rondo may very well have been exposed to chemical warfare agents, but this would in all likelyhood not have given him the special type of brain tumor that causes acromegaly.
Rondo was not really the "ugliest man in movies" even in the 1930s - the movie FREAKS from 1932 sported an all-star cast of real-life side-show attractions, with various deformities and handicaps.
www.lukpac.org /~handmade/patio/misc/rondo.html   (1057 words)

 MPR: Remembering Rondo with music
The Rondo neighborhood is remembered as a close-knit, vibrant, primarily African-American community.
The heyday of the Rondo neighborhood was the 1920s through the 1950s.
Former residents of Rondo remember the neighborhood as one that was culturally rich with art, literature, and, most of all, music.
news.minnesota.publicradio.org /features/2005/09/23_gehrkek_rondo   (724 words)

 Rondo Pools - About Us   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Rondo Pools was started back in 1983 and being a true family business, our company is managed by Robert Rondeau, Judy Rondeau, Steve Rondeau, and Kevin Rondeau.
We've changed our name from Pools by Rondo to Rondo Pools, we've changed from running the business from our home to our privately owned office and design showroom, and we've gone from building just a handful of beautiful pools each year to being one of the finest pool builders in Arizona.
Every member of Team Rondo strives to give you not only the best quality swimming pool, but a stress-free experience that you will be eager to tell your friends and family about.
www.rondopools.com /about.html   (991 words)

 USN Ships--USS Rondo (ID # 2488)
S.S. Rondo, a 7549 gross ton (15,300 tons displacement) freighter, was built at Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 1914 for commercial service under the Dutch flag.
Rondo's final U.S. Navy mission took her to England in late May with a cargo of food.
Built at Rotterdam in 1914, Rondo was seized by the United States in March 1918 and placed in commission on the 29th of that month as USS Rondo (ID # 2488).
www.history.navy.mil /photos/sh-usn/usnsh-r/id2488.htm   (321 words)

 MNHS.ORG | Library | History Topics | Rondo Neighborhood & the Building of I-94
In the 1930s, Rondo Avenue was at the heart of St. Paul's largest Black neighborhood.
African-Americans whose families had lived in Minnesota for decades and others who were just arriving from the South made up a vibrant, vital community that was in many ways independent of the white society around it.
Remember Rondo: Celebrating the People, Their Lives and Times, July 1, 2, 3, 1983: History of Rondo Avenue, written by David V. Taylor.
www.mnhs.org /library/tips/history_topics/112rondo.html   (534 words)

 Musicroom.com - Sheet Music for Musicians - Search Results   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Rondo A Capriccio In G Op.129 [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
Rondo Espressivo (Sonata In B Minor) [Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel]
Rondo In A Woo 49 [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
www.musicroom.com /search.aspx?category_id=store1&searchtype=songtitle&kbid=1708&searchtext=Rondo   (406 words)

 Rondo USA - Bakery Equipment & Food Processing Equipment Machinery Manufacturers
Introducing the NEW Smartline by Rondo designed for producing artisan bread such as Ciabatta, Baguettes, Focaccia, etc.
Rondo USA have been among the leading bakery equipment and food processing equipment manufacturers and systems for over 50 years.
Each product innovation is the result of close cooperation with our customers, frequently at our test bakeries in Switzerland, France, Great Britain and the U.S.A. These bakeries are freely available to our customers for testing new working methods or new products, and also for demonstrations.
www.rondousa.com   (132 words)

After finding that the Rondo commercial was no longer on the web, I found Al’s email address and sent him a message asking where the missing commercial was.
I really liked Rondo it’s not to often that you can brag that you have a drink named after you…..
For all of you remembering RONDO, it is alive and well (in a way).
www.hitormiss.org /2001/06/27/ok-cola-its-hip-to   (1189 words)

Rondo Sterling is an alternative pop/rock group based in Louisville, KY. Since 2003, Rondo Sterling has been perfecting a sound that is artistic and commercial, distinct and universal.
Rondo Sterling was selected to showcase and at the 10th annual Millennium Music Conference and "Much Fun" was featured on the MMC10 compilation CD given to all attendees and participants.
After compiling all recording contract offers Rondo Sterling has decided to record their first full-length album, Sprezzatura, independently to be released in Fall 2006.
www.myspace.com /rondosterling   (603 words)

 Rondo Records Story
Rondo released a variety of music from pop to classical.
PRI wasted no time in making Rondo a clone of their other labels, reissuing material from Tops and other labels they controlled, using the same chintzy, easy-split-seam jackets and generic jacket backs as we knew and loved for the Tops and Golden Tone labels.
The third phase lasted a few years (Rondo was known to be reissuing albums at least as late as 1965), then Rondo was down for the count.
www.bsnpubs.com /pri/rondostory.html   (1014 words)

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