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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Rose Nadler - Lostpedia
Rose is a well-meaning, caring woman who was supposedly healed from her fatal illness after arriving on the island, similar to Locke.
However, Rose told him to keep it, revealing that she was going to lie and say she had been healed in order for Bernard to enjoy the little time he had left with her, without constantly trying to save her.
Rose along with Bernard and Desmond (Season 2) are the only recurring characters that have received flashback episodes, with her and Bernard being the first.
www.lostpedia.com /wiki/Rose   (1307 words)

  Rose - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The roses have significant value and interest for those growing roses in tropical and semi-tropical regions, since they are highly resistant to both nematode damage and the fungal diseases that plague rose culture in hot, humid areas, and capable of blooming in hot and humid weather.
Roses are ocassionally the basis of design for rose windows, such windows comprising five or ten segments (the five petals and five sepals of a rose) or multiples thereof; however most Gothic rose windows are much more elaborate and were probably based originally on the wheel and other symbolism.
Rose perfumes are made from attar of roses or rose oil, which is a mixture of volatile essential oils obtained by steam-distilling the crushed petals of roses.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rose   (2775 words)

 Axl Rose - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rose became deeply attached to Seymour's son, Dylan, and tried to be a good father figure for the child, as there had been none in his own life.
Rose himself came to be seen as strange and aggressive when he caused long performance delays and challenged Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain to a fight during the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards, after Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, jokingly asked Axl to be the godfather to their daughter, Frances Bean.
Guns N' Roses were scheduled to show at the Rock In Rio festival in Lisbon, in early 2004, but this appearance was cancelled in official message by Axl Rose, who apologized to the fans blaming guitarist Buckethead because of his departure.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Axl_Rose   (4235 words)

 botanical.com - A Modern Herbal | Roses - Herb Profile and Information
Roses were scattered at feasts of Flora and Hymen, in the paths of victors, or beneath their chariot-wheels, or adorned the prows of their war-vessels.
Although the Rose was highly esteemed in the dawn of history, it does not appear that it was then submitted to the still, the method of preserving the aroma being to steep the petals in oil, or possibly to extract it in the form of a pomade.
Rose hips were long official in the Pritish Pharmacopceia for refrigerant and astringent properties, but are now discarded and only used in medicine to prepare the confection of hips used in conjunction with other drugs, the pulp being separated from the skin and hairy seeds and beaten up with sugar.
www.botanical.com /botanical/mgmh/r/roses-18.html   (8214 words)

 Rose Wilder Lane   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Rose Wilder was born December 5, 1886, in De Smet, Dakota Territory, the first child of Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder.
To protect Rose from contracting this dreaded disease, she was sent to live with Laura's Pa and Ma for several months.
Rose was very independent, and after her graduation in 1904, she learned telegraphy and got a job with Western Union in Kansas City, and three years later, in Mount Vernon, Indiana.
webpages.marshall.edu /~irby1/laura/rose.html   (1250 words)

 Roses, Rose bushes, Rose gardening, Rose plants, and everything rose related   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A site devoted to roses and all that is rose related, including selecting, buying, breeding, caring for and exhibiting.
We have cataloged over 28,000 roses and have more than 42,000 photos along with thousands of rose nurseries, public and private gardens, rose societies, authors, breeders, hybridizers and publications from all over the world.
Rose and gardening related companies, organizations and individuals are welcome to join HelpMeFind - use the "New Listing" option found on the appropriate listing tab.
www.helpmefind.com /rose   (136 words)

 Rose - LOST
Rose tells Bernard that she was recently in remission, but the cancer has come back.
Rose is at first reproachful, but agrees to see him in the end.
Rose is more weary than disappointed, and decided to tell Bernard that she was healed.
lostwiki.abc.com /page/Rose   (679 words)

 HMS Rose - Sail Training - The Tall Ship Sailing Adventure of A Lifetime   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Rose provides a unique opportunity to experience things from a point of view that is next to impossible to find in today's modern world.
Rose is licensed as by the U.S. Coast Guard as a Sailing School Vessel.
Rose meets or exceeds all safety requirements for a vessel of her size and class.
shakti.trincoll.edu /~jconstan/hmsrose/home.html   (282 words)

 Rose Bowl Tickets, 2007 Rose Bowl Tickets On Sale Now
Nicknamed "The Greatest of the All," The Rose Bowl, in association with the Tournament of Roses, is one of the most celebrated sporting events in the Nation.
The Rose Bowl has been the setting for many classic games in college football beginning with the first Rose Bowl game, which saw Stanford beat Michigan by a score of 49 to 0 in 1902.
The Rose Bowl is played at Rose Bowl Stadium, located on the UCLA campus, which is right in the heart of Pasadena, CA.
www.tickco.com /sports_football_rose_bowl_tickets.htm   (517 words)

 Thematic Essay: The Rose
The first record of an authentic European rose is a highly stylized one in a fresco at Knossos in Greece; it dates from the sixteenth century B.C. It is possible that Central Asia is the home of the rose.
According to Ambrose, the thorns of the rose were a reminder of human finitude and guilt as the roses in the Paradise Garden had no thorns.
The rose is a metaphor waiting to happen, and peoples have always ascribed to it some aspect of the mystery of life.
arts.ucsc.edu /GDead/AGDL/rose.html   (789 words)

 Titans Tower: Rose Wilson/Ravager
Rose Wilson/Ravager Quick Bio: As long-lost daughter to Deathstroke the Terminator, Rose Wilson's ninja-like reflexes were enhanced by flashes of precognition, allowing her to see her opponent's next move.
Rose's first act as his new student is to slay the former Ravager, so she could become the new one.
Rose visits Slade in the hospital to inform him she is leaving him and the Titans to live with a friend of her mother's; Sarge Steel objects, but Rose nonetheless leaves the Titans and her father.
www.titanstower.com /source/whoswho/rose.html   (4849 words)

 The Rose (1979)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Rose is an alcoholic and a former drug user and she has a tough past from growing up in Florida.
Rudge thinks Huston is just another hanger on but Rose thinks she has finally met her true love.
Ponderous handling of the material by Rydell but with Midler's gut wrenching performance it becomes a film that is ultimately unforgettable.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0079826   (755 words)

 All-America Rose Selections - Rose History; The All-America Rose Selections is a non-profit association of rose growers ...
All-America Rose Selections - Rose History; The All-America Rose Selections is a non-profit association of rose growers and introducers dedicated to the introduction and promotion of exceptional roses.
All-America Rose Selections formed in 1938 to test new rose varieties to determine which, if any, could be recommended to the public.
One of the most popular roses of all time, "Peace," was smuggled to the United States from occupied France in 1945.
www.rose.org /site/epage/13598_429.htm   (234 words)

 Rose & Rose | Washington, DC Lawyer | Employment | Appeals | Class Actions
Rose and Rose is suing Federal Express on behalf of present or former full-time couriers, over age 40 with at least 10 years experience, who are experiencing (or experienced) age discrimination.
Rose and Rose sues the FDIC for age discrimination.
Rose & Rose represents consumers who were charged for Child Riders to Life insurance policies after their children were too old to be covered.
www.roselawyers.com   (434 words)

The most notorious of the rose foliage diseases are fl spot and powdery mildew, which can severely damage most of leaves and impair the plant's ability to produce a bounty of large, beautiful blooms.
Roses are having a hard time with these hot temperatures but summer prune them in September for beautiful fall bloom in cool temperatures.
A: The "Yellow Rose of Texas" according to the history was NOT a flower but a lady-of-the-night who kept Santa Anna "occupied" to delay battle so that reinforcements could arise.
aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu /plantanswers/trees/rose.html   (2655 words)

There are already quite a few directions as to folding a rose but this one in particular is different.
While other origami roses use the conventional origami paper, this one requires creased paper (a very stretchable and flexible kind).
Be careful not to press too hardly on the circled part or else the rose will not have the opulent effect at the end.
www.opane.com /rose.html   (213 words)

Highly sought after, Rose has lent her voice to recordings by such artists as: Matt Mays, Jill Barber, In-Flight Safety, The Heavy Blinkers and Edie Carey.
Rose often has audiences in tears one moment and belly laughs the next.
Rose has created a home for her new record by forming her own label Old Farm Pony Records (drawn from the first track and oldest song on the album)- which she hopes will be home to more artists in years to come.
www.myspace.com /rosecousins   (1186 words)

 Eileen Rose - Long Shot Novena : album review
New Englander and 10-year UK resident Eileen Rose follows up her critically acclaimed debut, Shine Like It Does, with this accomplished and developed record, rooted firmly in Nashville but with branches pointing in lots of directions.
The opening downbeat title track, featuring a simple almost dirgey arrangement of hand claps, guitar chords and Rose's varied and warmly human voice backed by synths, is a song of escape, of "floating away".
Rose has supported Ani DiFranco and Alabama 3 live and she's signed to the same label as The Strokes.
www.musicomh.com /albums/eileen-rose.htm   (556 words)

 Kiss From A Rose: The Rose McGowan Fan Site
Rose is sporting a new hair color for this season, explained as a mishap with a potion.
When Rose showed up at the premiere of the new race car flick, Driven, she suprised a lot of people: she had a new hair color and a new guy on her arm.
Rose's small but interesting part has her as a half cat half woman who befriends Fraser's character in "Down Town".
lavender.fortunecity.com /dale/536   (432 words)

 Rose Bowl History - 2005 Rose Bowl Game History
He finished his Rose Bowl football career with 20 receptions for 216 yards and three touchdowns, breaking the previous Rose Bowl record of 14 catches by UCLA's J.J. Stokes 1994.
This was his 3rd of the football game, tying the football Rose Bowl record.
You can buy 2006 Rose Bowl tickets in pasadena california we hope you enjoyed our 2005 rose bowl history make sure you buy rose bowl tickets early as this will sell out fast don't be left in the cold and miss the rose bowl game.
www.freewebs.com /sportslinks/rosebowl.htm   (2258 words)

 IBM developerWorks : Rational software developer resources
Rose for Linux evaluation: This evaluation edition of Rose for Linux will let you see for yourself just what it's capable of.
Rose discussion forum: For Rose users and developers who are exploring the wonders of visual modeling in general.
Visual Basic and Visual C++ Templates in IBM Rational Rose: In this white paper, VB and VC++ templates in IBM Rational Rose are examined, along with code constructs containing common class members and their derived behavior which can be captured and easily applied to any class.
www.ibm.com /developerworks/rational/products/rose   (626 words)

 The White Rose   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The members of The White Rose worked day and night, cranking a hand-operated duplicating machine thousands of times to create the leaflets which were each stuffed into envelopes, stamped and mailed from various major cities in Southern Germany.
Today, there are many memorials of the White Rose throughout Munich and their story is known to every German.
The White Rose may have been silenced too early but their words echo on...
www.jlrweb.com /whiterose   (1002 words)

 All-America Rose Selections; The All-America Rose Selections is a non-profit association of rose growers and ...
All-America Rose Selections; The All-America Rose Selections is a non-profit association of rose growers and introducers dedicated to the introduction and promotion of exceptional roses.
All-America Rose Selections is an association of growers dedicated to the introduction and promotion of exceptional roses.
Since 1938 the AARS seal of approval has graced outstanding new rose varieties that have withstood the test of time – and Mother Nature.
www.rose.org   (114 words)

 Travels with the Tall Ship Rose
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, the Rose operated as a sail training vessel from 1985 to 2001.
Thousands of people from all over the world experienced adventure at sea aboard the Rose as she ranged from her homeport in New England as far north as Labrador and as far south as Grenada, into the Great Lakes as far west as Duluth and east to the Atlantic coast of Europe.
Also available for sale directly from the artist is a limited edition print, HMS Rose 2002, by Scott Kennedy.
www.tallshiprose.org   (284 words)

 Nova Scotia, French Acadian and Scottish Genealogy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Also, because the Rose's who dsecend from Hugh of Scotland are the most numerous Rose line in the US we felt it would be wise to include a sample from a substantiated descendant from him also.
In order to contact the Robert Rose of CT and Hugh Rose of Scotland descendants we applied to Christine Rose of the Rose Family Association and she was able to help us.
The Rose Project at this time is close to 350 participants, and as such, is among the largest of the projects in the U.S. with the Houston company handling many family projects.
users.andara.com /~grose   (1321 words)

 Amazon.com: Rose: Books: Jeff Smith,Charles Vess   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Unknown to Princess Rose (young Gran'ma Ben), the strange dragon is actually the minion of the Ancient Enemy called the Lord of the Locust.
Rose boasts the kind of lush, layered and highly detailed art that has always excited my eyes and drawn my imagination into whatever stories he illustrates.
Rose does everything in her power to try to defeat the dragon and eventually turns to her advisor for direction, who tells the princess how to eliminate the dragon but at a terrible price.
www.amazon.com /Rose-Jeff-Smith/dp/1888963115   (1612 words)

 Rose Family Association Nationwide
The Rose DNA project started with some Rose descendants of Samuel Rose of Dutchess County, New York and Bennington Co., Vermont who embarked upon a DNA project to prove whether he was of the Dutch Roosa family, or the Scottish,or English Rose family.
(Rev. Robert Rose of Virginia for instance Šis descended from the 8th Baron of Kilravock; various other Scottish Šimmigrants are connected.) Though the Rose Family Association traces Roses of all nationalities, the Scottish family with their long line from Kilravock and their history as a peaceful clan fascinates all by the name.
His research proved that Rose gave testimony in several court cases in which Rose confirms that he was unmarried, and in which he gave testimony to establish the death of a number of those who were at the Alamo in the final days of the siege.
ourworld.cs.com /Christine4Rose   (4822 words)

 Doctor Who (2005): Rose - TV.com
She tries to help as he seeks out the Nestene Consciousness, an alien who is controlling living plastic in an attempt to take over the world.
Rose is shown to work at a department store called Henrik's, according to both a banner over the entrance and signage inside the store.
Rose obviously has an affinity with the role of Dinner Lady.
www.tv.com /episode/407892/summary.html   (915 words)

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