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Topic: Rose Tyler

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In the News (Sun 21 Oct 18)

  Tyler Rose Garden
Known nation-wide for its outstanding display of roses, the Tyler Rose Garden is full of breath-taking beauty, especially in the spring and again in mid-October when the Rose Garden is in full bloom for the annual Texas Rose Festival.
Roses, of course, are the main attraction at the garden, though there are several other features in the 14 acre complex that compliment the roses.
Tyler Rose Garden is one of 24 All American Rose Selection (AARS) test gardens in the country where the newest varieties are evaluated over a two-year period.
aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu /county/smith/rose/rose.html   (954 words)

Rose enters with the coffee, asking what they’re going to tell the police, and although she sees the Doctor struggling to remove the arm from his throat, she assumes he’s pulling the same gag that Mickey did.
Rose sets up a meeting with the webmaster, Clive, and Mickey reluctantly drives her to Clive’s home; however, he stays alert in the car outside, ready to rush to the rescue if Clive turns out to be a dangerous online lunatic.
Rose’s suspension of disbelief snaps, and she returns to the car, telling Mickey that Clive was a complete nut after all.
www.drwhoguide.com /who_tv01.htm   (3701 words)

 Pride transforms parcel into park; Effort to preserve waterfront land unites Rose Haven   (Site not responding. Last check: )
But to Tyler and other residents of Rose Haven, a community of about 200 families, it is a symbol of their struggle to stunt development and preserve their bayside flavor.
Tyler said the residents sent letters to the county, and a group went to Annapolis to fight Chaney's proposal.
Tyler, she said, has remained active in the community over the years and has always been willing to mow the grass and build accessories for the park at cost.
www.rosehavenmaryland.com /pages/newsarticles/pride.html   (937 words)

 Tyler Municipal Rose Garden
Roses in the AARS trial garden are evaluated over a two-year period and must be varieties not previously introduced in the United States.
Roses that pass the test and become patented are planted in the Tyler Rose Garden and designated as AARS award winners.
After Labor Day, rose bushes are pruned to produce new blooms for the Texas Rose Festival, so it is advisable to call in September to check the status of blooms.
www.texasrosefestival.com /museum/garden.htm   (643 words)

 Texas Rose Festival
There's the annual Rose parade, the coronation of the Rose Queen and her court, assorted other tours, celebrations and rose-oriented mixers involving both community and the Rose Festival and Museum directors, who been hard at work for months preparing for the grand event.
Roses, in fact, are found in most every space in the city, public and private.The mild temperatures of the region are perfect for growing roses and the city seems to be in bloom most anytime of the year.
Rose growing in Tyler began on a small scale around the turn of the century after a plague wiped out the area's peach crops.
gorvtexas.com /texasrosefest.htm   (417 words)

 Tyler, Texas - TourTexas Travel Destination
Tyler is home of the nation's largest municipal rose garden, the Tyler Rose Garden featuring more than 38,000 rose bushes and over 500 varieties.
The history of the Tyler Rose industry and the Texas Rose Festival are highlighted at the spectacular Tyler Rose Museum.
Tyler boasts 5 historic districts and hundreds of historical markers for the history and architectural buff.
www.tourtexas.com /tyler/tyler.html   (359 words)

 Texas Rose Festival
Every year in celebration of the title the Texas Rose Festival is staged at the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden and gala events and spectacles are held all throughout this beautiful East Texas city.
Founded in 1847, Tyler was named in honor of John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States and architect of Texas' annexation into the Union.
These "Keepers of the Rose" are profoundly proud of their rose heritage, and its demonstrated in their commitment and tribute to the delicate flower.
www.wintertexans.com /tylerrose.htm   (716 words)

 Rose Tyler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rose in turn revealed that she was working for that universe's version of the Torchwood Institute due to her experience with aliens.
Rose was the first television companion of the Doctor with a fully fleshed-out personal life and background that the audience actually saw on screen in her debut story, as opposed to something developed over time.
Rose was able to communicate with her family if she wanted to via her "Superphone", and numerous episodes saw Rose returning to visit with her mother and Mickey, rendering them recurring "pseudo-companions" along the same lines as Captain Mike Yates, Sergeant Benton and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart from the Third Doctor's era.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rose_Tyler   (2112 words)

 USATODAY.com - A rose by Liv Tyler's name   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The flower, officially dubbed the Liv Tyler Rose, is one of the components of the new Very Irresistible Givenchy Sensual Eau de Parfum, which Tyler introduced at an event last week and which will be available at Macy's this August.
So besotted is Tyler with her child that she puts him on the phone to say hello while cooing to him that she's busy doing an interview.
Tyler says she "always dreamt of being a mom, but it's so much more than I ever imagined it would be." Pregnancy and motherhood, she says, has "given me a new feeling of confidence that I've never had in my entire life."
www.usatoday.com /life/people/2005-06-23-liv-tyler_x.htm?POE=LIFISVA   (417 words)

 Welcome to Tyler Men's Garden Club…
Tyler Men's Garden Club is an organization of men and women who enjoy gardening.
The world famous Tyler Rose Garden is home to over 30,000 rose bushes in more than 500 varieties.
Tyler hosts the Texas Rose Festival annually (usually the third week of October) to honor the beauty of the rose and the industry that Tyler is best known for (for more information on the Texas Rose Festival click here).
home.earthlink.net /~tylermensgardenclub   (246 words)

 Tyler Texas Real Estate, Tyler Texas Homes
Tyler, Texas is, indeed, one of the nation's lovlier cities.
Tyler experienced a huge economic boom in the 1930s, when the East Texas oilfield was discovered.
Tyler continued to grow and prosper throughout the second half of the 20th Century.
www.johncmartin.com /tylertexas.htm   (1328 words)

 Luxury Hotel near Caldwell Zoo, Tyler, Accommodation Hotels in Tyler.
From the world famed Tyler Rose Garden and Azalea-coated neighborhood to competition golf courses, traditional districts and countrywide registered museums and strange districts, Tyler offers a individually stress free getaway.
From a well-known rose garden and brick street district, to historic shops and 85-acre zoo...Tyler, located between Dallas and Shreveport, is ideal for your next convention, reunion, group tour or vacation.
Tyler has a variety of museums, famous homes, a nationally Recognized zoo and work of art.
www.tylertravelguide.com /aboutus.htm   (379 words)

 Jackie Tyler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A resident of present-day London and the mother of the Ninth and Tenth Doctor's companion Rose Tyler, she was a recurring character on the programme from 2005 to 2006.
Jackie is a single mother, her husband Pete Tyler having died in 1987 when Rose was "six months old" (according to the Doctor in Rise of the Cybermen) and does not seem to have any form of steady employment.
Coduri appeared as the Jackie Tyler of a parallel Earth in Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jackie_Tyler   (1317 words)

 Tyler travel guide - Wikitravel
Tyler, Texas is the county seat of Smith County, Texas in East Texas, United States.
Tyler is referred to as the Rose Capital of America because of its large role in the rose-growing industry; about 20% of commercial rose bushes produced in the U.S. are grown in Tyler and Smith County and more than half of the rose bushes are packaged and shipped from the area.
The purpose of the Ballet Tyler is to provide opportunities for both dancers and East Texas audiences to experience the fine art of dance at the highest possible quality.
wikitravel.org /en/Tyler   (1346 words)

 rose_lives: Ficathon Story: Brave New Girl
When Rose Tyler switched universes not one single paparazzi vid of her ever made it into the web.
But there would have been little use in hiding her anyway, for she looks and sounds just like the old; the sole difference being that the new, alternate wife appears to be that tiny, oh-so- important bit kinder and more generous.
Rose Tyler smiles, and in a very charming and lively style tells Ariane a short anecdote about how she made her first zeppelin journey to Paris some years ago.
community.livejournal.com /rose_lives/12339.html   (1138 words)

 Mookychick Icon: Rose Tyler
Rose Tyler is the latest companion in the Doctor Who sci-fi tv series.
Rose Tyler's father died when she was six months old and she was brought up on a council estate by her mother.
Whilst working as a shop girl in Hendricks, a big London department store, Rose found herself unemployed and in the company of an alien time traveller when the shop dummies came to life and tried to kill her.
www.mookychick.co.uk /icon/rose_tyler.php   (516 words)

 TPWD: Tyler State Park
History: Tyler State Park is 985.5 acres in Smith County, north of Tyler.
Only 20 to 30 minutes away is Gladewater, "The Antique Capital of East Texas." While you are in the area, visit the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens a unique TPWD facility showcasing aquatic life and sport fishing in Texas.
Directions: Tyler State Park is located 2 miles north of Interstate 20 on FM 14 north of Tyler on Park Road 16.
www.tpwd.state.tx.us /spdest/findadest/parks/tyler   (269 words)

 Lindsay Rose, Tyler Beckes are married in Monterey
Lindsay Rose, Tyler Beckes are married in Monterey
Lindsay Marie Rose, daughter of Emily and Stephen Payne of Wilmington, Ohio, and Phil Rose of Blanchester, Ohio.
Rose is a 2005 graduate of Wilmington Senior High School in Ohio and is also in the Air Force.
www.abcnewspapers.com /2006/may/25wed.html   (114 words)

 rose_lives: Rose Tyler Gen Ficathon
Rose leaned her head against the wall of the lift.
As soon as she crossed the threshold, Rose stopped and stared in shock at someone standing on the far side of the room.
I'll talk to you later, alright?" Rose barely waited for Gwen's "Okay" before going over to talk to Jack, but before she got out more than a "Hello", she was interrupted by the entrance of Pete and the Scottish Director.
community.livejournal.com /rose_lives/11583.html   (1702 words)

 Tyler East Texas Bed Breakfast Inn Lodging Accommodations Rosevine Extended Stay
Located in Tyler, Texas, "The Rose Capital of the World" and Tyler's first Bed and Breakfast, The Rosevine Inn Bed and Breakfast is situated on one of
Tyler, TX with numerous antique and craft shops are only a short distance away.
The University of Texas at Tyler is also located nearby.
www.rosevine.com   (288 words)

 Tyler Texas - Conventions & Visitors Bureau - Visitor Information
From the world famous Tyler Rose Garden and Azalea-coated neighborhoods to championship golf courses, antique districts and nationally registered museums and historic districts, Tyler offers a uniquely stress free getaway.
Located 90 miles east of Dallas on Interstate Highway 20, the city of Tyler lies within a short distance of several lakes and surrounding woodlands.
Tyler has a variety of museums, historic homes, a nationally recognized zoo and symphony.
www.tylertexas.com /cvb/visitors.htm   (288 words)

 A Brief History Of Time (Travel): Rose
Rose Tyler's life is turned upside-down when she encounters murderous living mannequins in the basement of the department store where she works.
With the reluctant help of her boyfriend, Mickey, Rose delves deeper into the mystery of the Doctor, and in the process uncovers a threat to the entire world: the Nestene Consciousness has returned and once again seeks to dominate the Earth.
Rose was broadcast on March 26th, and secured an average audience of 10.8 million viewers -- the highest tally for Doctor Who since a strike-bolstered The Creature From The Pit in 1979, when the television landscape was much less competitive.
www.shannonsullivan.com /drwho/serials/2005a.html   (2197 words)

 Pictures Of Queen Tyler Rose.
Though I never drew a picture of her while she was alive, here is my first attempt at drawing her after she passed away, I didn't know I could do this kind of art.
Tyler was my companion and live model while I was making my fursuit costume, which is not only an example of my artistic skill, but is my personal delineation, I wore my suit when I played a small part in the making of the music video, "Elements Of The Paw" by Sublevel 3.
Sometimes Tyler's ears would prick up when she laid down, little did I know, this would be the last picture taken of her alive.
www.geocities.com /saintlybernard/tyler.html   (249 words)

 Doctor Who (2005): Rose - TV.com
Rose Tyler, a shop girl from London, stumbles across a mysterious individual called The Doctor.
Rose obviously has an affinity with the role of Dinner Lady.
Jackie Tyler's "Man Eating" reputation is subtly hinted at in her very first scene.
www.tv.com /doctor-who-2005/rose/episode/407892/summary.html   (1119 words)

 Rose Tyler must DIE
But as the Doctor (David Tennant), Rose and her mother Jackie (Camille Coduri) investigate Torchwood Tower, a trap is being sprung - an almighty invasion is being put into motion which is set to destroy the whole of modern-day Earth.
Billie Piper said to SFcrowsnest: "Rose and I have gone on the most incredible journey with Russell T Davies and the cast and crew of Doctor Who over the past two years.
The Doctor lives a dangerous life and when Rose joined him on his adventures she was aware of this.
www.sfcrowsnest.com /news/arc/2006/nz10289.php   (493 words)

 Best Area Attraction near Hotel Tyler, Tyler Rose Museum in Texas.
Tyler Travel Guide is a guide to the joys and wonders of the true "Heart of Tyler." Tyler has something for everyone!
Today, the rural areas and small towns that grace the triangle created by the Tyler metropolitan area offer a unique experience to the discriminating traveler.
Still authentic and unspoiled, the part of the Lone Star State that was once an independent nation, remains a beautiful and historic one-of-a-kind travel experience.It is a Rose Capital of America !As You enjoy everything over here.
www.tylertravelguide.com /areaattractions.htm   (159 words)

 Bring back Rose Tyler Petition
This petition is designed as an attempt to bring back the character of Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, to the series of “Dr Who”.
The undersigned believe Rose to be the best possible companion for the Doctor, and were shocked to see her leave the show.
Because Rose is so different from any human the Doctor has ever met, she manages to surprise and challenge him day after day.
www.petitiononline.com /DrRose/petition.html   (392 words)

Please Note: This item may not be returned, only exchanged for another Tyler Rose item.
Tyler Rose Swimwear designs have unique details added to classic pieces.
The Cannes Bikini in Yellow with White Polka Dots is a twist on the yellow polka dot bikini.
www.honeymoonz.com /bikinis.htm   (250 words)

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