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In the News (Mon 22 Oct 18)

  Professional Cycling Palmarès Site | Races: Paris - Roubaix
The winner was often alone on the Roubaix velodrome; else he would be the one with most to spare as a small group settled into the last kilometre on the track, a finish further complicating the equation.
Drastic measures were called for; in 1966 the start was moved to Chantilly, 50km nearer Roubaix, which allowed a more circuitous route to the finish, maximising the usage of those cobbles which remained.
The new route did nothing to upset "Mr Paris Roubaix" himself, Roger De Vlaeminck: after achieving his fourth victory in six years, even Merckx was forced to admit, "I have never seen that before.
homepage.ntlworld.com /veloarchive/races/parisroubaix.htm   (694 words)

 Roubaix - Wikipédia
Roubaix (Robeke en néerlandais) est une commune française, située dans le département du Nord et la région Nord-Pas-de-Calais.
L'urbanisation a conduit à la formation d'une agglomération continue entre Roubaix et ses voisines les plus peuplées, Lille et Tourcoing, sans compter les dizaines de communes moins peuplées de la communauté urbaine.
le canton de Roubaix-Ouest comprend une partie de Roubaix et les communes de Croix et Wasquehal (54 911 habitants).
fr.wikipedia.org /wiki/Roubaix   (269 words)

 Paris-Roubaix - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
Famous for rough terrain, the route of Paris-Roubaix is adjusted slightly from year to year as the older roads are resurfaced and the race organisers seek to replace them with other challenging cobbles, to maintain the character of the race - in 2005, for example, the race included 54.7km of cobbled sections.
The race culminates with 1km on the Roubaix velodrome.
The Arenberg area was formerly a coal mining region, and the abandoned mines had caused many sections of the road to subside.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Paris-Roubaix   (733 words)

 Roubaix --  Encyclopædia Britannica
It is situated on the Canal de Roubaix in the plain of Flanders near the Belgian frontier and is united in the north with Tourcoing.
Roubaix obtained its first manufacturing charter in the 15th century.
The community was known as Waterloz in 1030, and the discovery of a golden effigy of Nero in 1864 indicated Roman occupation of the area.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9064210?tocId=9064210   (403 words)

 Roubaix Hotels - Hotel in Roubaix - accommodation and places to stay near Roubaix Nord pas de Calais
Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel in Roubaix for a weekend break, business trip, or special occassion, or are simply looking for budget or discount hotels and accommodation for Roubaix or lodging in Roubaix, we are confident that you'll find a suitable place to stay in Roubaix.
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www.hotels-accommodation-europe.co.uk /town/Roubaix   (552 words)

 www.cyclingnews.com presents the 102nd Paris-Roubaix
The three-time Roubaix winner forced the pace and got a small gap with Bäckstedt in pursuit of Kirsipuu, but this was not the move to win the race.
For Johan Museeuw, who finished his last Roubaix (and penultimate race as a professional), the agony of a race-ending puncture could perhaps be smoothed over by the knowledge that at the end of his storied career he remained just as much a threat in the toughest one day race as he did at his peak.
Entering the velodrome in the company of last year's winner Van Petegem, Museeuw was greeted with a roaring ovation, and as he crossed the line arm in arm with his friend and rival, Museeuw let everyone know that he would go out as he wanted, as the classics rider of his generation.
www.cyclingnews.com /road/2004/worldcup04/roubaix04?id=results   (2277 words)

 Francois De Roubaix   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
François de Roubaix (1939-1975) was a french multi-instrumentalist and composer for commercials, TV series, and about 30 feature-length films.
De Roubaix had a home studio which he used a lot for both experimentation and final tracks.
François de Roubaix died in an diving accident near the Canary Isles in 1975.
www.discogs.com /artist/Francois+De+Roubaix   (143 words)

 Paris-Roubaix: welcome on the official web site
With a comfortable 30sec lead and 5kms to go, victory was to be decided between the remaining four men.
In a breathtaking final lap of the Roubaix Velodrome, Magnus Backstedt made the best of his long legs to grab a historical triumph just ahead of Hoffman and Hammond (first Brit on a Roubaix podium).
Thirty kilometres from the finish line in Roubaix, the two leaders have been caught.
www.letour.fr /stf/roubaix/2004/us   (2131 words)

 Paris-Roubaix 2005 - Welcome on the official web site
This morning, A.S.O. and the town of Roubaix signed an agreement continuing their partnership for the organisation of the next five editions of the Paris-Roubaix cycling race.
This dimension is moreover widely recognised: this race, which remains the greatest of the cycling classics, is also the core of what we are”, declared the town's leading magistrate.
Jean-Marie Leblanc also underlined the importance of this alliance by specifying that “the race and the town are indissolubly linked, both as regards local participation in the maintenance of the region's cobblestone sections and the organisation of the finish in the Roubaix Velodrome.
www.letour.fr /stf/roubaix/2005/us/index.html   (981 words)

 Oh so close: Boonen takes Roubaix ahead of Hincapie   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Hincapie, Boonen and Flecha were the last three standing in a brutal day that saw only 80 men arrive at the Roubaix velodrome of the 191 that started six and a half hours earlier in Compiègne.
Forecasters were calling for rain and strong winds, but a hint of sun welcomed the peloton as raucous crowds turned out to cheer the 191 riders from 25 teams lining up for the Queen of the Classics.
Charging into the Roubaix velodrome, Hincapie was at the front of the trio, not a strong position with a lap-and-a-half to go.
www.velonews.com /race/int/articles/7816.0.html   (2215 words)

 AllRefer.com - Roubaix, France (French Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
AllRefer.com - Roubaix, France (French Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
You are here : AllRefer.com > Reference > Encyclopedia > French Political Geography > Roubaix
Part of the Lille urban area, Roubaix, with adjacent Tourcoing, is one of the largest textile (chiefly wool) centers in France; a national textile school is there.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/R/Roubaix.html   (160 words)

 Paris-Roubaix: welcome on the official web site
The three are on the velodrome, with less than one lap to go.
As they enter Roubaix, pursuit specialist Ekimov tries to sprint away, but Van Petegem and Pieri manage to keep up the pace.
Ten riders are involved in a fall within the pack, notably the Australian Matt Wilson and the Italian Fabio Baldato.
www.letour.fr /stf/roubaix/2003/us   (1199 words)

 Roubaix Hotels - Hotel Accommodation in Roubaix | Nord-Pas-de-Calais France
The Comfort Inn is only 20 minutes from Lille centre and five minutes from Belgium in a peaceful industrial park.
The Balladins Tourcoing Superior Hotel is located in the city of Tourcoing, close to Lille city centre.
With a great range of budget to luxury hotels in Roubaix, with many reviews and thousands of visitors per day, you can be sure to enjoy your Nord-Pas-de-Calais visit.
www.simplehotels.com /en/fr/roubaix   (274 words)

 Notes from the road: Health vs. donuts; Georgia vs. Otter; Roubaix vs. Masters; and The Donald   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
I watched only one hour over its four days - the hour right after Roubaix, which also happened to be the final hour of the tournament.
Sure, the Masters had the benefit of a commercial-free broadcast, but still, the drama and tension over that one hour leading up to the final hole was a sad reminder of what the Roubaix coverage could have been.
While the Masters had the drama, and Roubaix was watchable at best, last night saw an amazing example of a program going from compelling to practically unwatchable in a matter of seconds.
www.velonews.com /news/fea/5888.0.html   (858 words)

 www.cyclingnews.com presents the 102nd Paris-Roubaix
Like the brutal trench warfare in WW1, it's bound to be an pitched battle across the wet and windy cobbled farm roads of Northern France this Sunday, from the Chateau of Compiegne to the Roubaix Velodrome.
Already on the podium at Roubaix in 2002, Tom Terrific may be ready to inherit Museeuw's mantle this weekend.
As for the best of the rest at Roubaix this year runner-up, Dario "Il Toro di Scandicci" Pieri is a major question-mark.
www.cyclingnews.com /road/2004/worldcup04/roubaix04   (1022 words)

 Roubaix: la ville et ses alentours   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Première ville de la métropole lilloise labellisée « Ville d’art et d’histoire » par le ministère de la culture en 2001, comme reconnaissance nationale de la qualité et l’originalité de son patrimoine architectural et historique, Roubaix est riche de sa diversité.
Roubaix – La Piscine – Musée d’art et d’Industrie
Chaque année, Art Point M organise la braderie de l'art dans une usine désaffectée des faubourgs de Roubaix (Métro Eurotéléport).
www.mcarthurglen.fr /france/roubaix/bienvenue/ville_alentours.php3   (131 words)

 Fuji Road Bikes - Roubaix Pro
Roubaix Pro is the steel one, its main frame made from Reynolds legendary 853 Air-Hardened Tubes.
If you live in flat country or you're a pretty strong climber, two is all you need.
You'd buy a Roubaix Pro because you've decided maybe your local club's training rides aren't too fast for you after all.
www.fujibikes.com /2002/usa/html/bikes/road/roubaixpro.htm   (241 words)

 Historique 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Les hommes et les femmes du Vélo Club de Roubaix Cyclotourisme, leurs parents et amis, les bénévoles des Villes d'accueil se mirent en quatre et plus pour accueillir les Forçats de la route et leur faire apprécier au mieux un bout de… paradis des cyclos.
A l'arrivée sur le vélodrome de Roubaix les éloges furent souvent de mise, comme en témoignent également le livre d'or et les nombreux messages reçus via internet.
Commencée à 04h00 à 260 km de Roubaix la journée se termina pour le dernier à 21h05 au vélodrome de Roubaix.
asso.nordnet.fr /vcrcyclotourisme/PRx2004.htm   (492 words)

 Roubaix on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Kids' stuff: combining sturdy materials with spatial clarity, this little nursery school in Roubaix forms a cheerful enclave for its young charges.
Travel France: Take the plunge; An Art Deco swimming pool in Roubaix, praised as the most beautiful in France, has been transformed into an museum.
Policiers fouillant une voiture, mardi, près de Roubaix Un homme arrêté mardi avec onze autres personnes dans la région de.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/R/Roubaix.asp   (507 words)

 Paris Roubaix Cyclo 2006 - Graham Baxter Sporting Tours
The Paris - Roubaix cyclo is a classic cycling event which follows the exact route of the professional event (260km) including a lap of the famous Roubaix velodrome.
After the finish you will be able to check in to the Hotel Ibis in Roubaix where we spend the night on half board basis.
We shall leave Roubaix and travel to Calais for the 12.30hrs sailing to Dover, arriving London 15.00hrs, Birmingham 18.00hrs, Manchester/Sheffield 20.00hrs and Leeds by 21.00hrs.
www.sportingtours.co.uk /events/roubaix.html   (439 words)

 roubaix - Office de Tourisme
Roubaix revisitée :Roubaix Ville Monde, l'Office du Tourisme vous propose un circuit en car qui vous conduira d'une pagode bouddhiste à une mosquée en passant par un temple protestant et une église catholique.
Il a pour vocation la découverte et la valorisation des différentes cultures et communautés représentées à Roubaix au travers du dynamisme et de la diversité du commerce roubaisien.
Visites guidées de Roubaix pour individuels (programme annuel des visites guidées et d'excursions, 50 sorties) et groupes (catalogue sur demande) Séjours, produits spéciaux autocaristes et produits spécialement conçus à la demande des entreprises (C.E.).
www.tourisme.fr /office-de-tourisme/roubaix.htm   (905 words)

 Backstedt a big surprise at Paris-Roubaix   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Alessio's Magnus Backstedt triumphs on the Roubaix velodrome
Magnus Backstedt (Alessio) was as surprised as anyone after realizing a childhood dream by winning the 102nd edition of Paris-Roubaix in a sprint finish on Sunday.
Despite finding himself without teammates after the infamous Arenberg cobbles, U.S. Postal's George Hincapie rode an aggressive race, and made it into a key breakaway with less than 20km to go, but wound up having to settle for eighth place.
www.velonews.com /race/int/articles/5863.0.html   (454 words)

 www.cyclingnews.com presents the 103rd Paris-Roubaix
Sure, it was mostly Hincapie's legs that got him there, but he may have been fresher because his Trek prototype bike was using some new suspension technology from the Wisconsin outfit called SPA (Suspension Performance Advantage).
Hincapie, who was obviously happy enough with the system in testing to use it in battle, commented, "I don't notice it on the road but it glides on the cobbles." Leif Hoste said, "It's really good.
There were some questions whether the SPA prototypes would pass the UCI technical inspection before Roubaix, but Discovery team management and the race officials reached an agreement on the bikes and Hincapie rode the Trek SPA prototype to a superb second place podium finish in the 103rd edition of Paris-Roubaix.
www.cyclingnews.com /road/2005/apr05/roubaix05/tech/?id=/tech/2005/features/hincapie_bike   (650 words)

 Roubaix France   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Below is a list of some of the most popular hotels in Roubaix France.
Information about hotels in Roubaix, France is subject to change at very short notice and confirmation of its accuracy should be sought whenever possible.
Yay France.com is not responsible for breach of contract or any intentional or negligent action on the part of third party suppliers, which results in any loss, damage, delay or injury to you or your travel companions.
www.yayfrance.com /france/France-01-Roubaix.html   (284 words)

 Roubaix Hotels   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
All Roubaix hotels are bookable online with instant credit card confirmation.
If you have any queries or concerns about reserving a hotel in Roubaix, please go to the help page.
For information about travelling to Roubaix or for destination guides about other cities in France, go to our Travel Guides page.
www.yayfrance.com /directory/France-20-Roubaix.html   (301 words)

Depuis plus de cinquante ans, la Section départementale des Archives secrètes de Roubaix œuvre dans l'ombre pour rétablir quelques vérités, trop longtemps occultées (car trop dérangeantes ?) par l'histoire officielle.
Les berges du canal de Roubaix à bicyclette...
De Wasquehal à Roubaix, suivez un guide pas comme les autres le long des berges rendues à la nature et au tourisme.
www.vpah.culture.fr /vpah/nord/roubaix-pr.htm   (609 words)

 À Roubaix, fais ce qu'il te plaît !
À vingt minutes de tramway de Lille, Roubaix fait preuve d'un dynamisme revigorant, loin des clichés misérabilistes qui s'accrochent encore trop souvent à son nom.
Dans le cadre de Lille 2004, le musée présente, jusqu'au 30 mai 2004, Roubaix phare textile : six créateurs (design, couturier, plasticien, etc.) ont travaillé sur les textiles ultramodernes.
Mise en lumière de la porte de Roubaix par l'artiste japonais Keiichi Tahara qui a notamment éclairé le canal Saint-Martin à Paris en 1999 et plus récemment la Bourse du commerce de Paris, pour la deuxième édition de la Nuit Blanche.
www.viamichelin.com /viamichelin/fra/tpl/mag3/art20040201/htm/dest_roubaix.htm   (838 words)

 McArthurglen - Roubaix Centre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
McArthurGlen Boutiques de Fabricants Roubaix boasts over 55 first-class stores, including many of the world’s best-known brands.
Situated in the heart of Roubaix’s town centre on both sides of an attractive, pedestrianised walkway, the centre also has a children’s play-area, a family restaurant and ample parking for over 1,500 cars.
The outlet is the highlight of Roubaix’s ambitious regeneration scheme and central to the larger Lille metropolitan area.
www.mcarthurglen.com /centres/home_europe.cfm?centre=roubaix   (149 words)

 Roubaix hotels, discount and cheap hotels in Roubaix
Roubaix hotels, discount and cheap hotels in Roubaix
Choose from a wide range of quality and comfortable hotels in Roubaix.
All hotels in Roubaix can be reserved online.
www.starstay.com /city-hotels/France/Roubaix_hotels_1.htm   (149 words)

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