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Archdiocese of Rouen was curtailed in 1802 by giving the Archdeanery of Pontoise to the Diocese of Versailles; the Deaneries of Pont Audemer and Bourgtheroulde, and a part of the Deanery of Périer, to the Diocese of Evreux; several parishes of the Deanery of Aumale were annexed to the Diocese of Beauvais.
Rouen, is one of the finest specimens of calligraphy of the Middle Ages.
Rouen in 1666 by the Minim Barré and the priest Antoine de Lahaye, and the Sisters of the
www.newadvent.org /cathen/13208b.htm   (2684 words)

  Rouen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is in Rouen that the English burnt Joan of Arc in 1431.
Rouen and 36 suburban communes of the metropolitan area form the Community of Agglomeration of Rouen Haute-Normandie, with 393,621 inhabitants in it at the 1999 census.
Rouen was the chief city of the Secunda Provincia Lugdunensis under Constantine.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rouen   (1031 words)

 Rouen travel guide - Wikitravel
Rouen [1] is the capital of the French region of Haute-Normandie and situated on the River Seine, approximately 90 minutes drive north-west (135 km) from the centre of Paris.
From Paris, Rouen is approximately an hour and a half's drive (135 km) north-west from the centre of the French capital, the fastest route including the A13 motorway (note: this a toll road).
Rouen Cathedral (la cathédrale de Rouen) [2] - the facade of the cathedral was famously painted by Claude Monet at various times during one day - like his Haystacks series of paintings, capturing the subject in a variety of lights.
wikitravel.org /en/Rouen   (736 words)

 Archbishop of Rouen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Archbishop of Rouen is Primate of Normandy and one of the fifteen Archbishops of France.
The suffragran dioceses of Rouen in the Middle Ages were Évreux, Avranches, Sées, Bayeux, Lisieux, and Coutances.
The seat of the archbishop is the 11th century Gothic Rouen Cathedral, which was heavily damaged during World War II and later rebuilt.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Archbishop_of_Rouen   (219 words)

 Rouen. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Of pre-Roman origin, Rouen was the victim of repeated raids (9th cent.) by the Norsemen.
From 1499 to 1789, Rouen was, with interruptions, the seat of a provincial parlement.
Rouen suffered severe damage in World War II; its port and much of the city had to be reconstructed.
www.bartleby.com /65/ro/Rouen.html   (268 words)

 HeraldNet: Rouen still settling in with Hawks   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Rouen has a less subtle sense of humor than Feagles, the prankster, and also has a higher golf handicap (not by much: his seven is only slightly higher than that of Feagles, who always hovered around two).
Rouen's poise and veteran savvy are big reasons why he made the team this year.
Rouen was still unemployed in late July, when the Seahawks brought him in to compete with Rodney Williams for a roster spot.
www.heraldnet.com /Stories/03/9/10/17460854.cfm   (872 words)

 Rouen, Normandie, Normandy ,France   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Inspite of the heavy destruction during WWII (reconstruction complete), Rouen is still a most favorite tourist destination because of its magnificient gothic churches, museums and rich cultural and historical heritage.
After the Edict of Nantes in 1685 over half of the population left Rouen, which did not regain prosperity till the renaissance of the textile industry in the 18th century.
The clock was originally on the belfry but the people of Rouen wanted to make it more conspicuous and so in 1525 built the arch to incorporate it.
www.centralia.ctc.edu /~vfreund/FrenchResources/Frenchslides/Normandy/Rouen/RouenA.html   (254 words)

 Rouen Hotels | Venere.com
Campanile Rouen Sud hotel is located in Cléon, and provides easy access to Rouen city centre, as well as to numerous attractions in Normandy, thanks to the vicinity of the motorway.
Rouen invites you to discover the region, known for its lush green landscapes and historical heritage.
The Comfort Hotel Rouen Sud Cléon Restaurant le Seinomarin is situated 15 km away from the historic town of Rouen, with its famous Joan of Arc square and the Robert de Ciable castle.
en.venere.com /hotels_rouen   (839 words)

 Rouen readies for start - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Rouen, 34, was cut Oct 29 by the Denver Broncos, who would have owed him more than $1.1 million, if he was on the team next season.
Rouen signed with the New York Giants, but he was cut because of problems holding for kicker Matt Bryant.
Rouen left the Giants as the fifth-ranked punter in the NFC, with a 42.5-yard average.
www.pittsburghlive.com /x/tribune-review/sports/steelerslive/s_108999.html   (500 words)

 Seahawks' Rouen pinning opponents down
Tom Rouen hardly looked like the answer during training camp and the preseason, as the former Denver Bronco struggled first with being "out of the league" for almost seven months before signing with the Seahawks in late July and then with the directional style of punting preferred by special teams coordinator Pete Rodriguez.
Rouen's average of 42.3 yards may rank only eighth in the NFC, but his net average of 38.3 is seventh-best in the league.
Rouen is just glad that Bannister is on the receiving end of his punts.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /football/141217_hawk25.html   (692 words)

 The Seattle Times: Seahawks: Hawks punter Rouen roots for Olympic friends
Tom Rouen is married to a former Olympian and is friends with two current ones.
Rouen was engaged to swimmer Amy Van Dyken between the 1996 Games in Atlanta and the 2000 Games in Sydney.
Rouen knew exactly what she meant — thinking about a comeback, another round of workouts and early risers, another chance to feel the same way Gardner felt atop the podium.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/seahawks/2002008274_hawk18.html   (862 words)

 Rouen Revisited Home
In Rouen Revisited, we present an interactive kiosk in which users are invited to explore the façade of the Rouen Cathedral, as Monet might have painted it, from any angle, time of day, and degree of atmospheric haze.
Ultimately, the interpretation which Rouen Revisited affords is a dynamic one, forged in the mind of the user when she creates, using the multidimensional interface, her own Rouen Cathedral composition.
We traveled to Rouen in January 1996, where, in addition to taking a set of photographs from which we could generate the model, we obtained reproductions of Monet's paintings as well as antique photographs of the cathedral as it would have been seen by Monet.
acg.media.mit.edu /people/golan/rouen   (1728 words)

 Rouen   (Site not responding. Last check: )
THREE great historical figures are associated with the Normandy city of Rouen: Gustave Flaubert, who was born there; Joan of Arc, who was burned there; and Claude Monet, who painted there.
Monet's contribution to Rouen's reputation was notable, in fact: his 30 pictures of Rouen's gothic cathedral, each done in different tones and under different light, are among his masterworks.
Rouen took on new luster during the XVIth century and again during the Industrial Age.
www.geocities.com /BourbonStreet/1781/France/Normandy/rouen.html   (230 words)

 Rouen, France
The ancient capital of Normandy, it is now chief town of the Haute-Normandie region, the see of an archbishop, France's largest river port and one of its largest seaports, situated at the highest point on the river navigable by seagoing vessels.
In spite of the heavy destruction it suffered during the Second World War Rouen is still one of the great tourist centers of northern France, with magnificent Gothic churches and richly stocked museums which fully justify its style of "museum city" (ville musée).
The dramatist Pierre Corneille (1606-1684) and the novelist Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880) were born in Rouen.
www.planetware.com /france/rouen-f-hn-rou.htm   (351 words)

Rouen is, of course, perhaps best known as an inspiration for the Impressionist painters and no visit to the city would be complete without a visit to the Fine Arts Museum which houses a superb collection of paintings.
However, it is not the only museum in Rouen and two collections of special interest are the unique and world-famous museum "Le Serc de Tournelle", home to an extraordinary collection of more than 15,000 pieces of ironwork and filigree and the Ceramic Museum which retraces the development of Vieux Rouen faience pottery.
Rouen is a town for all seasons where the past mingles imperceptibly with the present and will no doubt continue to be so for a long time to come.
www.rouen.cci.fr /connect-proinvest-2003/rouen.asp?Lang=GB   (499 words)

 Cruise Critic Destinations: Paris (Rouen)
Victor Hugo called Rouen "the city of a hundred spires." Like Paris, the city is divided by the Seine, and like Paris, Rouennais refer to each side as Rive Gauche (Left Bank) and Rive Droite (Right Bank).
Rouen is also a terrific jumping-off point for other great haunts in Normandy -- marvelous places like Giverny (31 miles/50km), Honfleur (44 miles/72km) and Dieppe (36 miles/58km).
The airport is located about 5.5 miles/9km from the center of the city and easily accessible from in and out of the town's center and port by shuttle buses (to and from the SNCF station) or by taxi.
www.cruisecritic.com /ports/newport.cfm?ID=121   (1589 words)

 A Medieval House in Rouen - Self Catering Holiday in Normandy, France   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Old Quarter is still the heart of the city but Rouen is also a modern metropolis with superb restaurants, excellent department stores and boutiques, and a lively night life.
It is served by an airport and the convenience of a Metro (subway).
Rouen is the perfect French city in its own right and is also a great base from which to explore Normandy and the rest of northern France.
www.romulus2.com /rouen   (262 words)

 Rouen Ducks
The French know them as Rouen fonce (dark) as opposed to the Rouen Clair, which are lighter-coloured birds with one different colour gene.
The drakes have the brilliant green head and white collar of the mallard, but the body feathers are a bit darker, and should lack any white feathers on the flank as it approaches the tail.
Rouen do take a year and a half to reach their full size.
www.ashtonwaterfowl.net /rouen_ducks.htm   (417 words)

 The Seattle Times: Seahawks: After release, Rouen kicks his way back
This wasn't the first time a Rouen faced retiring from the peak of competitive athletics because of injury.
Teammates call Rouen by the nickname "Steady Tom." The kind of guy who fits in well in locker rooms, who gets massages and acupuncture like clockwork for his punting leg, who goes snowshoeing in the offseason to build leg strength.
Rouen is playing in his third Super Bowl the season after being replaced and released.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/seahawks/2002772709_rouen31.html   (827 words)

 American Livestock Breeds Conservancy: Rouen Duck   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Lincoln of Worcester brought Rouens to the United States and the breed soon became popular as a colorful, general-purpose farm duck.
The Standard Rouen is a massive duck that reaches weights of between 8 and 10 pounds.
Rouens are docile birds that are valued for their meat.
www.albc-usa.org /waterfowl/rouen_duck.htm   (575 words)

 Siege of Rouen: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Rouen (pronounced in french, sometimes also) is the historical capital city of normandy, in northern france, and presently the capital of the upper normandy...
The hundred years war was a 116-year-long armed conflict between the kingdom of england and france, beginning in 1337 and ending in 1453....
From about 1415 Rouen had been strengthened and reinforced by the French and it was the most formidably defended place that the invaders had yet faced.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/s/si/siege_of_rouen.htm   (661 words)

 Rouen, Siege of (1418-19) - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Rouen, Siege of (1418-19)
Siege of Rouen, the capital of Normandy, France, by Henry V of England from 30 July 1418 to 19 January 1419.
There were no assaults, but the slow strangulation of blockade; Henry received the city's surrender when the defenders were reduced to starvation.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Rouen,+Siege+of+(1418-19)   (201 words)

 PORT OF ROUEN VALLEE DE SEINE - FRANE, Sea transport and logistics
The bulk carrier Cape Shanghai, stopping over from 8 to 12 September at Sea-Invest at Grand-Couronne, has set four new nautical records for Rouen: length (289 metres), width (45 metres), deadweight (175,000 tonnes), inward cargo (76,507 tonnes of coal).
A perfect stopover, demonstrating the Rouen harbour's technical and commercial prowess.
In each terminal category, a data sheet is now available for each terminal, including a map, contact list, and the sectors involved, and the brochures published by the Port Authority on the subject are also mentioned.
www.rouen.port.fr /EN/index.jsp   (206 words)

 ABC News: Seahawks' Rouen Ready for 3rd Super Bowl   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Rouen is 2-0 in the NFL's big game, winning twice with Denver, and is fortunate to be in the position of kicking in the Super Bowl again.
Despite his experience and proven consistency, Rouen was jobless after being cut by the Carolina Panthers at the end of training camp.
Rouen spent the 2003 and the start of the 2004 season with the Seahawks.
abcnews.go.com /Sports/wireStory?id=1547727&CMP=OTC-RSSFeeds0312   (438 words)

 Rouen France - hotels, accommodation & restaurants - French Holidays - IndigoGuide
Rouen, capital of Upper Normandy, is synonymous with museums, Gothic cathedrals, half-timbered houses, church spires and Joan of Arc.
The top-end restaurants in Rouen tend to charge more at the weekends than during the week because that is when families go out for dinner.
Bars in Rouen are plentiful and vary from the glam La Luna, with its salsa and South American theme, to the techno and drum 'n' bass of Le Café Curieux.
www.indigoguide.com /france/rouen.htm   (551 words)

 Poultry Breeds - Rouen Duck   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Mallard duck is the ancestor of almost all domestic breeds of ducks and clearly that of the Rouen.
The Rouen was developed in France and was admitted to the American Standard in 1874.
The Rouen is one of the more common non-commercial ducks in the U.S. Its market seems to be growing since it produced leaner meat than the Pekin, the standard commercial duck in the U.S. Exhibition Rouens do not have the production qualities that production types do.
www.ansi.okstate.edu /poultry/ducks/rouen   (206 words)

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