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Topic: Royal Air Force

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  RAF Royal Air Force Museum - aircraft, military aviation pictures & information
Royal Air Force Museum London is situated on the historic site of the London Aerodrome and houses over 100 aircraft from around the world.
RAF Museum London is Britain's only national air museum dedicated to aviation and has a total collection of well over two hundred aircraft; over a hundred full-size aircraft from all over the world are displayed under cover on the historic site of the original London Aerodrome.
RAF Museum Cosford aims to preserve an important part of Britain's national aviation heritage and to display it for future generations.
www.rafmuseum.org.uk   (0 words)

  Royal Air Force - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
The RAF was formed on April 1, 1918 and has taken a significant role in British military history since then, playing a large part in World War II and in conflicts such as the recent war in Iraq.
The Air Force Board (AFB) is the management board of the RAF and consists of the Commanders-in-Chief of the Commands, together with several other high ranking officers.
RAF squadrons are somewhat analogous to the regiments of the British army, in that they have histories and traditions going back to their formation, regardless of where they are currently based, which aircraft they are operating, etc. They can be awarded standards and battle honours for meritorious service.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Royal_Air_Force   (3899 words)

  Royal Australian Air Force - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is the air force branch of the Australian Defence Force.
The RAAF's main operational formation, the First Tactical Air Force, comprised more than 18,000 personnel and 20 squadrons; it had taken part in the Philippines and Borneo campaigns and was scheduled to participate in the invasion of the Japanese mainland, Operation Downfall.
The RAAF Roundel is based on that of the Royal Air Force, with the central circle replaced by a Kangaroo, a symbol of Australia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Royal_Australian_Air_Force   (1876 words)

 United Kingdom: Royal Air Force
An interim flag was produced to represent the Royal Air Force at the armistice celebrations; a 'white ensign' with an overall dark blue St George's Cross, the Royal Air Force eagle in the centre of the cross, and a royal crown above it on the vertical arm of the cross.
Royal Air Force Ensign is to be hoisted daily at the Headquarters of the force, Headquarters of area and independent commands, from airships, and at stations and units given in the appendix to this Order.
The Queen's Colour for the Royal Air Force is in the form of the Royal Air Force Ensign, with the Royal Cypher in gold, ensigned with the Royal Crown in proper colours in the centre.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/gb-raf.html   (4502 words)

 Royal Air Force - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The RAF is the oldest independent air force in the world, formed on April 1, 1918.
RAF squadrons are somewhat analogous to the regiments of the British army, in that they have histories and traditions going back to their formation, regardless of where they are currently based, which aircraft they are operating, etc. They can be awarded standards and battle honours for meritorious service.
RAF personnel who have risen to prominence either by their actions whilst serving, or subsequently are detailed at List of famous Royal Air Force members.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Royal_Air_Force   (3598 words)

 Royal Air Force - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Royal Air Force (often abbreviated to RAF) is the air force branch of the UK Armed Forces.
The RAF is the oldest independent air force in the world, first formed on April 1, 1918.
The decision to merge the two units and create an independent air force was a response to the events of World War I which was the first war in which air power proved to be decisive.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Royal_Air_Force   (3909 words)

 Royal Insight > Out and About > The Royal Auxiliary Air Force
The Queen paid tribute to the courage and devotion to duty of men and women serving as RAF reservists at a reception to mark the 80th anniversary of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.
He had only been commissioned by the Royal Auxiliary Air Force for 6 months and, although he had received intensive military training, he had not had time to attend his commissioning course at the RAF College, Cranwell, in Lincolnshire, before being deployed.
The Royal Auxiliary Air Force owes its origins to Lord Trenchard's vision of an elite corps of civilians who could serve their country in their spare time.
www.royal.gov.uk /output/page3841.asp   (546 words)

 Canada's Air Force, History
The authorized establishment of the active Air Force on the day of the RCAF's birth was a modest 68 officers and 307 airmen; actual strength was 61 officers and 262 airmen.
The annual appropriation for the Force was almost quintupled during these years, rising from one and one-half million dollars between 1924 and 1925 to seven and one-half million dollars in 1930.
Prior to 1932, the RCAF was unique among the air forces of the world in that the greater part of its work was essentially non-military in character.
www.airforce.forces.gc.ca /hist/inter_war_e.asp   (2367 words)

 Air Force Technology - Hawk - Trainer / Light Combat Aircraft
A derivative of the Hawk 100, the mk 127/128 LIFT lead-in fighter is in service with the Royal Australian Air Force and the Canadian Air Force and has been ordered by South Africa, Bahrain and the UK.
In March 2004, the Indian Air Force signed a contract for the purchase of 66 Hawk 115 aircraft.
The Hawk 200 is a single-seat, lightweight multi-role combat aircraft for air defence and ground attack missions.
www.airforce-technology.com /projects/hawk   (957 words)

 Royal Air Force   (Site not responding. Last check: )
On April 1, 1918 the RAF was formed by amalgamation of the RFC and the RNAS under the supervision of the Air Ministry.
The end of the RAF presence in the east of Asia came in 1971 when the Far East Air Force was disbanded on October 31.
In the 21st century the RAF is trying to keep up with the technological lead of the United States Air Force.
usapedia.com /r/royal-air-force.html   (1145 words)

 Forsvarsnett: The Royal Norwegian Air Force   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Air Force is organised into main air stations, air stations and air defence stations.
The five air stations are situated at Gardermoen, Andøya, Sola, Bardufoss and Rygge.
The air force’s contribution is organised into separate units depending on the type of craft or branch.
www.mil.no /languages/english/start/facts/airforce   (150 words)

Apart from providing crucial support in joint military operations with ground troops, the courageous men of the Air Force also performed superbly in several aerial battles, were fought over enabling the country to achieve air superiority against fierce enemy opposition until a truce was arranged by Japanese mediators ended the armed conflict in May 1941.
The primary mission of the Royal Thai Air Force is "to prepare and employ air power in defence of the Kingdom of Thailand".
In this age of air power, the RTAF is reaponsible for both the area air defence and point air defence.
www.geocities.com /RainForest/7153/rtafday.htm   (2581 words)

 Wolverhampton City Council - Royal Air Force
With 53,700 staff, the Royal Air Force is responsible for protecting the UK's airspace and supporting the Royal Navy and Air Force in peacetime and combat.
The RAF is currently deployed in the Falkland Islands, Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq.
RAF Cosford, located 10 miles west of the city, is a major training facility for the Royal Air Force.
www.wolverhampton.gov.uk /government_democracy/central/armed_forces/raf.htm   (262 words)

 Royal Air Force - United Kingdom Nuclear Forces
RAF Bomber Command with HQ at High Wycombe was responsible for all light, medium and heavy bomber units.
Air power remains a fundamental component of warfighting capability, complementing maritime and ground forces, and providing an offensive capability in its own right which will be enhanced by the increasing precision of air-delivered weapons.
It is planned that the RAF will share with the RN the operation of a single aircraft (the Future Carrier Borne Aircraft) to replace the Sea Harrier and Harrier GR7, for which the Joint Strike Fighter will be a strong contender.
www.fas.org /nuke/guide/uk/agency/raf.htm   (511 words)

 The Development of Royal Air Force   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He outlined his views on the future of the RAF in a memorandum of August 1919, writing that “hostilities ceased before the evolution of the independent Air Force had reached a point which enabled sure deductions to be drawn as to the value of independent aerial operations.
Air control was carried out in what can only be described as an artificial environment, one that would hardly exemplify the environment that would confront the RAF in operations against a major enemy.
That the Air Staff contemplated it at all was a response to public and governmental reaction to the prospect of a mutual bombing contest in which impairing civilian morale became the ultimate objective of both sides.
www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil /airchronicles/apj/apj98/spr98/scot.html   (8138 words)

 The Royal Australian Air Force
The forerunner of the Royal Australian Air Force, known as the Australian Flying Corps, was dispatched to Mesopotamia on 8 February 1915.
The Australian Air Force's commitment to the war in Vietnam was an integral part of the 7th Air Force.
Administration of the Defence Force is the joint responsibility of the CDFS and the Secretary of the Department of Defence.
www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil /airchronicles/aureview/1977/mar-apr/burt.html   (3486 words)

 RAF Lakenheath - Home
Royal Air Force Lakenheath, United Kingdom, is located 70 miles northeast of London and 25 miles from Cambridge.
RAF Lakenheath is the largest U.S. Air Force-operated base in England and the only U.S. Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) F-15 fighter wing.
ROYAL AIR FORCE LAKENHEATH, England -- Col. Robert G. Hontz assumed command of the 48th Inpatient Squadron in a ceremony July 19.
www.lakenheath.af.mil   (0 words)

 The 'Royal Canadian Air Force' (RCAF)
The Royal Canadian Air Force was originally designated the Canadian Aviation Corps (CAC) in 1914, and was thus called until April 1, 1924 when the official designation was updated to the 'Royal Canadian Air Force'.
The air war was won by the stamina and air power of these three countries, and a multi-national contribution of many other countries.
It's close co-operation with the United States Air Force is instrumental in it's ability to keep it's air space free of enemy insurgents and free of illicit drugs.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/canadas_military/73739   (404 words)

 Royal Saudi Air Force
The Royal Saudi Air Force [RSAF] was established in 1950 during the reign of Abd al Aziz.
United States influence, emanating from the air base at Dhahran that was leased by the United States from 1952 to 1962, was also pivotal to the early development of the Saudi air force.
In 1972 the first of 114 Northrop F-5s were delivered to the RSAF and, as of 1992, the air force still used three squadrons of later versions of the F-5 in the fighter-ground attack role, one squadron for reconnaissance, and a number of aircraft as advanced jet trainers.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/world/gulf/rsaf.htm   (1549 words)

 Royal Australian Air Force in WW2
The Royal Australian Air Force was expanding when war broke out, having 12 squadrons formed or in the process of forming.
The massive expansion of the forces required extensive administrative, training, supply and maintenance services, and there was also a strong commitment to 'home defence', so many men and most women who volunteered for the RAAF never got the chance to serve overseas.
To assist in meeting the demand for manpower within Australia, the RAAF formed the Women's Australian Auxiliary Air Force in 1941, recruiting women to serve in administrative roles and to perform routine maintenance on aircraft, serving alongside men, in non-operational units (mostly training establishments) in Australia.
www.diggerhistory.info /pages-air-support/raaf-ww2.htm   (923 words)

 Royal Air Force Tartan
Initially Arthur designed the Air Force Tartan in 1988 as a tribute to those who served in the Royal Air Force until it was endorsed by the Air Ministry in 2001 as official dress for the RAF pipe bands, there after it became the Royal Air Force Tartan.
A percentage of all sales for products using the Royal Air Force Tartan design is given directly to the RAFA charity fund.
As other RAFA branches come on board we hope that the RAF tartan could be adopted as the official branch dress for trousers and skirts.
www.kamrafa.co.uk   (0 words)

The RAF Ensign dates from 1920, after the Royal Flying Corps (Army) and the Royal Naval Air Service were amalgamated to form an independent air arm.
The RAF ensign is flown instead of the Union Jack over RAF installations and it also serves as the flag of the Chief of the Air Staff.
It was based on the design of the RAF ensign, with the roundel displaced to the lower fly and the crowned Royal Cypher added.
tmg110.tripod.com /british4.htm   (387 words)

 AIR POWER STUDIES :: King's College London at the Royal Air Force College   (Site not responding. Last check: )
AIR POWER STUDIES :: King's College London at the Royal Air Force College
Established in 1920 the Royal Air Force College is the world's oldest and most prestigious air force officer training college.
Its sister colleges are the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (for Army officer cadets) and the Britannia Royal Navy College.
www.airpowerstudies.co.uk /royalairforcecollege.htm   (97 words)

 Royal Air Force History WebRing
A webring dedicated to the history and aircraft of the Royal Air Force.
To bring to the attention of Air historians and others the important role played by 205 Group Bomber Command based in Italy during WW2.
Covers all the Royal Navy and RAF air stations linked to British and Commonwealth FAA and naval aviation history, with 1000 pages about Royal Navy squadron units, aircraft, aircraft carriers, museums, research and veteran memorial honour rolls.
g.webring.com /hub?ring=royalairforceair   (328 words)

 Royal Australian Air Force Flags
In 1981 the RAF roundel on the RAAF Ensign was changed into the red kangaroo roundel.
The 'Flags of Australia' chart [vau83] said that the new RAAF ensign was approved by King George VI in December 1948 to replace the RAF Ensign in use in Australia since 1922.
Used by both Royal Australian Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force as fin flash and based of one of the RAF flashes.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/au^airfe.html   (841 words)

 Air Force - List of Items - MSN Encarta
Air Force - List of Items - MSN Encarta
(RAF), military air force of the United Kingdom.
The Royal Air Force is responsible for the protection of the United Kingdom and its...
encarta.msn.com /refedlist_210034845_18.2/Royal_Air_Force.html   (32 words)

 British Royal Air Force
At the start of the Battle of Britain, which lasted from July 10th to October 31st, 1940, the Royal Air Force was
The greatest set back for the RAF at the start of the battle was the lack of qualified and experienced pilots.
Royal Air Force held on and kept Germany from completing the preliminary stages of what was planned to be "Operation Sealion", the German invasion
www.danielsww2.com /page3.html   (1053 words)

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