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Topic: Royal Hospital Chelsea

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  Royal Hospital Chelsea - Museum - 24 Hour Museum - official guide to UK museums, galleries, exhibitions and heritage
The Royal Hospital Chelsea was founded in 1682 by King Charles 11 as a homee for old or wounded soldiers.
The exhibition shows the history of the Chelsea Pensioners with a scale model of the Royal Hospital, records dating back to its foundation, a mock up of a residential room, as well as medals and uniforms.
A small pavilion, designed by Sir John Soane (who was also the architect of other buildings at The Royal Hospital), has a display illustrating the history of the gardens as an 18th Century pleasure resort.
www.24hourmuseum.org.uk /museum_gfx_en/AM16862.html   (552 words)

  CHELSEA - LoveToKnow Article on CHELSEA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Chelsea was noted at different periods for two famous places of entertainment, Ranelagh (q.v.) in the second half of the 18th century, and Cremorne Gardens (q.v.) in the middle of the 19th.
Chelsea was formerly famous for a manufacture of buns; the original Chelsea bun-house, claiming royal patronage, stood until 1839, and one of its successors until 1888.
The Royal Military Asylum for boys, commonly called the Duke of Yorks school, founded in 1801 by Frederick, duke of York, for the education of children connected with the army, was removed in 1909 to new quarters at Dover.
23.1911encyclopedia.org /C/CH/CHELSEA.htm   (1187 words)

 Royal Hospital Chelsea   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Royal Hospital was founded by King Charles II, who issued a Royal Warrant authorising the building of the Hospital on December 22, 1681, in order to make provision for old or injured soldiers.
In 1694 a Royal Charter was established for a direct naval equivalent to the Royal Hospital Chelsea.
The Statue of King Charles II The 229 cm (7ft 6in.) statue of King Charles II which stands in the central court (the Figure Court) of the Hospital was cast in copper alloy by Grinling Gibbons in 1676, and originally stood in the precincts of Whitehall Palace.
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/royal_hospital_chelsea   (738 words)

 SocietyGuardian.co.uk | Society Guardian | Plans to soldier on
Next month, the hospital goes public with its first major fundraising campaign to rebuild and equip a new infirmary and modernise the long wards.
Karen Smith, the hospital's director of nursing, explains that a new infirmary is urgently needed to comply with national care standards.
The Chelsea Pensioners' Appeal, chaired by the Marquess of Salisbury, expects to raise the majority of funds from the great and the good.
society.guardian.co.uk /societyguardian/story/0,7843,1584547,00.html   (392 words)

The Chelsea Royal Hospital is one of those institutions, like the Tower of London, that have not quite shed their primordial British belligerence, or dwindled into the harmless tourist fodder of double-decker buses and fl taxicabs.
The Chelsea Hospital and its in-pensioners are one of those corners of British public experience -- of which there are too many to enumerate here -- that British writers prefer to leave well alone.
So that, in walking down Royal Hospital Road in Chelsea, when you see one of these red-coated codgers, you do not photograph his uniform or funny hat, but look him in the face, and see for a moment the impression of famous battles.
www.eri24.com /news625.htm   (1134 words)

 Men in Scarlet -- 2000
The wartime heroism of Chelsea Pensioners over the past three centuries was recognised in a thunderous Son et Lumière at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.
As shocking an event as any occurred at the hospital, itself, in 1945 when a V2 rocket hit the same corner that a German bomb had struck in 1918 in one of the last air raids of the war.
Just how resilient the Chelsea Pensioners can be was proven by the 101-year-old Donald Macleod who, it was reported at the Royal Hospital in 1789, had walked from Inverness to London.
www.djdchronology.com /meninscarlet2000.htm   (1255 words)

 Telegraph | Gardening | Chelsea 2004: the ultimate example of service with a smile
How the Royal Hospital came to be founded is a long and complicated story; but the pivotal figure was Sir Stephen Fox, who had served Charles II in exile and whom the King appointed as Paymaster to the Forces.
Today the Royal Hospital stands, as Charles II intended it should, as a symbol of a nation’s gratitude to its soldiers; a lasting symbol, too.
Royal Hospital Chelsea remains, as King Charles intended, the heart of a nation’s sense of obligation to men who have given the best part of their lives to its defence.
www.telegraph.co.uk /gardening/main.jhtml?xml=/gardening/2004/05/25/gpen25.xml&sSheet=/gardening/2004/05/25/ixgmain.html   (1666 words)

 The Royal Hospital Chelsea
There are few institutions in the United Kingdom with an unbroken three centuries of service and none of them is so close to the heart of the nation as "The Men in Scarlet", the Chelsea Pensioners, and their home, the Royal Hospital Chelsea.
Founded in 1692 by King Charles II and intended for the 'succour and relief of veterans broken by age and war', the Royal Hospital, with its Grade 1 listed buildings, still serves its original purpose and intends to continue to further its role well into the 21st Century.
Learn about the architecture and history of the Royal Hospital Chelsea and find out how to make arrangements to visit.
www.chelsea-pensioners.co.uk   (260 words)

 The Chelsea Flower Show | Royal Hospital Chelsea | London
So it seems only right that the Chelsea Flower Show should be shaking off its old fuddy duddy image and drawing in fans other than those ladies that take sneaky clippings whilst on daytrips to National Trust properties.
Each May Chelsea comes alive with beautiful flowers from around the world - from the most perfect red rose you're likely to have seen to those exotic and colourful tropical plants that you know would die within minutes at the hands of a horticultural amateur.
In 2005 Chelsea promises to be better than ever, with exhibitions from the world's top gardeners, appearances from personalities and the chance to pick up great plants and sundries from the most important names in garden accessories.
www.mychelsea.net /chelsea/fashion-flowershow.htm   (378 words)

 About the Royal Hospital Chelsea
Among his misdemeanours, he diverted funds intended for completing the Royal Hospital to the building of a “small but lavish” house (sadly demolished in the 19th Century) in the grounds and he was allowed to appropriate about 1/3 of the Royal Hospital’s land for his own uses at an annual payment of £5.
Wren’s magnificent formal gardens, which provided a vista from the Royal Hospital to the River Thames and included canals gazebos and summer houses (one each for the Governor and Lieutenant Governor), were all swept away from 1850 to 1868 when the Chelsea Embankment was constructed.
Parts of the hospital were heavily damaged, with some loss of life, by enemy bombing in 1918, reconstructed in 1923 only to be destroyed again by a V2 rocket in 1945.
chelsea-pensioners.co.uk /subpages.asp?SubID=1   (2055 words)

 PRO Records Information Leaflet No. 123 - British Army Pension Records
Documents relating to the transfer to the Royal Hospital Chelsea of the payment of Ordnance pensions can be found in WO 49/268-269 and cover the years 1833-1844.
Pensions awarded by the Commissioners of the Royal Hospital Chelsea are to be found in two series of admission books, (1) pensions awarded for disability, 1715-1882, in WO 116, (2) pensions awarded for length of service, October 1823 - December 1913, in WO 117.
Additional information about both in and out-pensioners of the Royal Hospital Chelsea can sometimes be found in the Board minutes and papers, WO 250 and the Invaliding Board minutes and papers, WO 180, especially where appeals were made against decisions as to eligibility for and rate of pension.
barns.ill.fr /hewat/ri123.htm   (5904 words)

 JS Online: Chelsea's petal power
If You Go The Chelsea Flower Show is held in London each May on the grounds of the Royal Hospital (tube stop Sloane Square).
Chelsea, held this year May 23-28, may be the ultimate in garden tourism, but more than 10 million Americans each year do a garden-related activity while on vacation, according to the Travel Industry Association of America.
So you may imagine Chelsea is full of old ladies with green thumbs and eccentric gents in tweed and straw hats.
www.jsonline.com /dd/destnat/jul05/337942.asp   (818 words)

 The Royal Family > The Queen's Golden Jubilee > Jubilee Journal > Bodyguards Parade
This means that the hospital, which has no colour, standard or guidon, can display it on formal occasions.
The special chair features the Royal coat of arms and a design incorporating the crest of the Royal Hospital Chelsea.
The Royal Hospital Chelsea was founded in 1682 by Charles II for 'the succour and relief of veterans broken by age and war'.
www.royal.gov.uk /output/Page1524.asp   (504 words)

 About Us - History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Royal Hospital Chelsea was founded by King Charles ll in 1682 as a retreat for veterans of the regular army who had become unfit for duty, either after 20 years service or as a result of wounds.
Because the royal revenue was inadequate for the needs of the country, Charles received no help from the Treasury for this ambitious project.
Responsibility for the future hospital was taken up by Sir Stephen Fox, who had been Paymaster General for many years, and he purchased the land for the hospital.
www.veteransagency.mod.uk /about_us_folder/history_chelsea.htm   (346 words)

 Royal Hospital Chelsea, Chapel Choir
Royal Hospital, Chelsea has built an enviable reputation as one of the finest church and chapel choirs in London.
The English Renaissance school is also represented regularly at the Royal Hospital by music from Orlando Gibbons and Thomas Weelkes; the Italian school by Palestrina and Lotti; Spain by Victoria and Esquivel; and the Flemish school by Lassus and Peter Philips.
Soldiers at the Royal Hospital were originally obliged to attend two services every day.
www.guildmusic.com /artists/royalhoc.htm   (331 words)

 SIR PATRICK GRANT - LoveToKnow Article on SIR PATRICK GRANT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
From Calcutta he directed the operations against the mutineers, sending forces under Havelock and Outram for the relief of Cawnpore and Lucknow, until the arrival of Sir Colin Campbell from England as commander-in-chief, when he returned to Madras.
On leaving India in 1861 he was decorated with the G.C.B. He was promoted lieutenant-general in 1862, was governor of Malta from 1867 to 1872, was made G.C.M.G. in 1868, promoted general in 1870, field marshal in 1883 and colonel of the Royal Horse Guards and gold-stick-in-waiting to the queen in 1885.
He was governor of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, froln 1874 until his death there on the 28th of March 1895.
84.1911encyclopedia.org /G/GR/GRANT_SIR_PATRICK.htm   (346 words)

 Veterans Information Pack   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Royal Hospital Chelsea was founded by Charles II in 1682 as a refuge for old soldiers and
Although there continues to be a military flavour with a small amount of ceremonial, the Royal Hospital is essentially a care home in central London with over 300 resident Chelsea Pensioners, where the principles of comradeship and freedom from care are paramount.
Royal Hospital on a four day trial visit at no cost and at no obligation.
www.veteransagency.mod.uk /vetsinfo_pack/fact_sheet_cat19.htm   (249 words)

 royal institute of british architects -- royal institute of british architects   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This "royal institute of british architects" information is definitely "cutting edge." Whenever you want to come back to this fun "royal institute of british architects" site just click here and you'll be blown away by what happens next.
Institute Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland Royal Institute of British Architects Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Royal Society of Ulster...
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland Royal Institute of British Architects Royal Institute of Navigation Royal Institution Of Chartered...
www.rayarchitect.com /royalinstituteofbritisharchitects   (2993 words)

 Chiswick Lifeboat
General Sir Jeremy Mackenzie GCB OBE, Governor of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, handed over the lifeboat to the RNLI on behalf of the Chelsea pensioners.
The boat was officially named by Bert Spurdin a Chelsea pensioner resident at the Hospital.
Chelsea Pensioner is one of several lifeboats based at four RNLI lifeboat stations located along the Thames since 2 January 2002.
www.chiswickw4.com /info/conrnli3.htm   (276 words)

 The Royal Bath and West Showground - Trader Details: Royal Hospital Chelsea
The Royal Hospital Chelsea was founded in 1682 by King Charles II as a home for soldiers who were unfit for further duty because of injury or old age.
At the start of the 21st Century The Royal Hospital still continues to provide a caring, comfortable and secure environment, with excellent medical facilities for some 350 old soldiers.
This is the oldest part of the Royal Hospital and was begun by Wren in 1682.
www.bathandwest.com /virtualtradestand_314.php   (418 words)

 British history articles
In 1692, the hospital officially opened to retired and wounded soldiers, the residents soon became known as In-Pensioners.
In recent years, the hospital has invited The Dairy Council to source the donations of cheeses and host the ceremony.
Today the hospital is home to about 350 veterans with a way of life dedicated to preserving their honourable heritage.
www.history.uk.com /articles/index.php?archive=32   (597 words)

 Royal Horticultural Society - RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2007
Every year, for five days in May, the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, are transformed into the fabulous show gardens, inspirational small gardens and vibrant horticultural displays that make up the world’s most famous flower show.
The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is the first event of the summer season and showcases the finest examples of horticultural excellence, created by the best garden designers, plantsmen and plantswomen.
The smaller gardens, which often act as a platform for up and coming designers, are split into four different categories - the stylish and bold chic gardens, courtyard gardens, which are for rural or semi-rural settings, roof gardens and city gardens, which are sanctuaries for urban dwellers.
www.rhs.org.uk /chelsea/2007   (467 words)

 What's New on Manfred Mann's web site
He was awarded the Church Music Scholarship at the Royal Hospital Chelsea for the year 2002-2003, when he also studied piano (with Julian Jacobson) at the Royal College of Music.
The Chapel Choir of the Royal Hospital Chelsea
T he Royal Hospital Chelsea was founded by King Charles II in 1682 as a retreat for veterans of the regular army.
www.manfredmann.co.uk /whats_new/sleeve.htm   (1489 words)

 RED*EPICURUS eat . drink . learn . play   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The annual Chelsea Flower Show in London, England, might interest even the most jaded souls.
Since its inception in 1913, the Chelsea Flower Show has evolved into the most prestigious horticulture show on the planet.
Organized by the Royal Horticultural Society, the absolutely fabulous four-day Show signals the unofficial start of the English summer social season.
redepicurus.com /2002/cfs2305.html   (222 words)

 Roger's Gardens - America's Most Beautiful Home and Garden Store   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Although the site at the Royal Hospital Chelsea has scarcely increased, the influence and expectations of the Show have grown enormously.
In all that history of the Show, the hosts, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, have never had their own Showgarden.
Chelsea Flower Show is such a special occasion, this year exceeding all expectations for design, colour, unusual plants, ornaments, sundries and so much more.
www.larryfraga.com /chelsea_flower_show.asp   (960 words)

 Topiary Art   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Chelsea Flower Show was first held in 1888 in the Temple Gardens on the Embankment.
Unfortunately, because of a relentless stream of other commitments, the only Royal unable to attend and enjoy the vast array of floral tributes was the Queen herself.
At the heart of Chelsea is the exhibition of plants by nurserymen and amateurs - although the number of amateurs represented today is proportionately much smaller than in the early years.
www.topiaryart.com /library/010chelsea/rhs.html   (947 words)

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