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Topic: Rozenburg

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

 Botlek - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Botlek originally was the name of a stretch of the Nieuwe Maas river, part of the Rhine-Meuse delta near the Dutch city of Vlaardingen in the province of Zuid-Holland.
Specifically, it was the name of the strait that separated the island of Rozenburg from the sand bar of Welplaat.
The strait itself was merely the continuation of the Nieuwe Maas, and the stretch of the river south of Rozenburg continued to be called Nieuwe Maas until the confluence with het Scheur formed the Brielse Maas estuary.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Botlek   (177 words)

 Chades' future in jury's hands   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Rozenburg doesn't believe the evidence supported the motive to a level of reasonable doubt, he said.
Instead, Rozenburg argued that Roque had attempted to sexually assault Chades and the woman defended herself.
Rozenburg said he told jurors on Wednesday that if Roque had survived, he might easily be the defendant in a sexual assault case.
www.vvdailypress.com /2004/108626811320276.html   (234 words)

 Kunsthandel Hermine Guldemond, art nouveau-art deco   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Rozenburg (1883-1916), in the town The Hague, can be seen as a leading factory in the earthenware and later porcelain manufactory.
Rozenburg was famous for quality and colours and could satisfy the exigent taste of an international circle of customers.
It was "bon ton" to buy Rozenburg, also the exravagant eggshellporcelain vases and coffee and tea-sets.
www.artnouveau.nl /34txt.html   (95 words)

 Rozenburg -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This last part subsequently was connected to (the rest of) Rozenburg when (Click link for more info and facts about het Scheur) het Scheur was dammed off.
The Hook of Holland bit was extended with a large (Click link for more info and facts about polder) polder called (Click link for more info and facts about Maasvlakte) Maasvlakte, which contains large sea harbours and (Any compound obtained from petroleum or natural gas) petrochemical industry.
Rozenburg is also a village in (Click link for more info and facts about Haarlemmermeer) Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/r/ro/rozenburg.htm   (133 words)

 dutch ceramic marks-factories   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The designs of the pottery were inspired, among others, by the Rozenburg factory.
Haagsche Plateelfabriek Rozenburg N.V. Founded by W. Wolff (Freiherr) von Gudenberg, who had been educated as a painter of plateel at the Porceleyne Fles in Delft.
With the arrival of Christiaan van de Hoef at the factory, Zuid-Holland became one of the 'avant-garde' factories.
members.chello.nl /r.b.rigilink/marksfabr.htm   (2153 words)

 Financials.com - Annual Reports, Stock Quotes and more
The capacity of the Geismar plant will be expanded by 130 million pounds per year to 990 million pounds per year, while the capacity of the Rozenburg plant will be expanded by 220 million pounds per year to 880 million pounds per year.
These expansions are in addition to Huntsman's previously announced investment in an MDI joint venture project in Caojing, Shanghai, China, which is due to come on stream in mid-2006 and will provide an additional 265 million pounds per year of MDI.
Following the completion of the Geismar and Rozenburg expansions and the Caojing joint venture project, Huntsman's total MDI manufacturing capacity is expected to exceed 2.1 billion pounds per year.
www.financials.com /info/story.cfm?StoryNum=1315217   (538 words)

 Art Nouveau in The Netherlands
For instance the firm Rozenburg in the Hague that invented the eggshell porcelain and is well known for its floral designs (Figure right : Rozenburg Egg shell porcelain vases : 1913 Schellink and (2x) 1903 Van Rossum,
Figure left : Rozenburg Egg shell porcelain diner sets by Schellink and Van Rossum in 1907-8 and 1903).
The tile tableaus of Rozenburg and Holland Utrecht are very simillar, but Rozenburg is the firm that invented this eggshell Art Nouveau porcelain style.
perso.wanadoo.fr /artnouveau/en/pays/nether.htm   (849 words)

 T. A. C. Colenbrander
In 1884 he became the artistic director of Rozenburg, an art pottery in The Hague founded in 1883 by Wilhelm Wolff von Gudenberg.
Consequently, his relationship with Rozenburg's board of directors was often rocky.
The smallest model, a saucer, was 2.8 centimeters in height, while the talled vase for 55.8 centimeters in height.
www.io.com /~kunst/artn/colen.html   (1317 words)

 reardon - pafg35 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Ellen Janse was born on 11 Mar 1968 in Rozenburg.
Maarten Janse was born on 31 Jan 1972 in Rozenburg.
Catharina de Jongh [Parents] was born on 13 Aug 1945 in Den Haag.
www.reardon-family.org /pafg35.htm   (468 words)

 VirtualTourist.com - Peter-Martha's Homepage
Hi we living in a small town Rozenburg, close to Rotterdam.
Rozenburg is protect to high (storm) seawater level by the "Maeslant Kering" a sea barrier of an enorms size.
Thx for sharing the interesting fact abt Rozenburg here.
members.virtualtourist.com /m/1f576   (205 words)

 Regina Factory
Most of them were formed in the old Rozenburg moulds but Regina also had their own.
Some of the Rozenburg models (for instance number 57 - a two handled vase) were used with a new pattern.
In her great book “The World of Gouda Pottery”, Phyllis Ritvo says that the oldest model she could find was a ewer in the "Chryso" pattern with mould number 46.
www.goudadesign.co.uk /reginajoop.html   (1262 words)

 ici rozenburg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
To date, I work under supervision from a young ICT Engineer collegue, and we are planning and implementing new Information and Communication Technologies, in the Business Services Department on Rozenburg Site.
(2001) The last 2 years my colleague engineer is Rozenburg / European responsable, and the last to months we have welcomed a new ICT specialist.
(2003) We are implementing a new Fiber Backbone on Rozenburg Site, and again, planning to implement a new PABX.
ourworld.cs.com /familiejansma/johannesjansma/huntsmaniciroz.htm   (277 words)

 S7000 Pics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The vessel is undergoing modifications in its exhaust system: the grey pipes along the crane boom rests are part of it.
Although the vessel is partly hidden behind Verolme buildings and a jack-up rig, the equipment is clearly visible between the two cranes (Verolme ship yard, Rozenburg).
Onboard the S7000 at the Verolme yard in Rozenburg.
www.offshore-vessels.net /s7000.html   (334 words)

 Nitrogen & Methanol: Kemira to close Rozenburg plant.(Kemira Agro's nitrogen production plant in Netherlands)(Brief ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Kemira Agro has announced the closure of its nitrogen production facility at Rozenburg, the Netherlands.
The company says that the plant will be closed before the end of the year, with the loss of 220 jobs.
Rozenburg has 550,000 t/a of ammonia production capacity, together with 230,000 t/a of urea,...
highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?docid=1G1:65103638&...   (184 words)

 dutch ceramic marks-artists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
At Rozenburg, Colenbrander designed ceramics (in his own abstract graphic style) from about 1885 until 1889.
Worked for Rozenburg as painter of eggshell porcelain.
Designed tile paintings for the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam (executed by De Porceleyne Fles) and for Rozenburg.
members.chello.nl /r.b.rigilink/marksoverzicht.html   (2213 words)

 Chemical Week: Belgian Firm Acquires Basell PP Plant.(Domo to buy polypropylene plant in Rozenburg, Netherlands)(Brief ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Belgian Firm Acquires Basell PP Plant.(Domo to buy polypropylene plant in Rozenburg, Netherlands)(Brief Article)
DOMO (OUDENAARDE, BELGIUM) HAS agreed to acquire Basell's 180,000-m.t./year polypropylene (PP) plant at Rozenburg, the Netherlands.
The transaction should be completed on June 1; terms were not disclosed.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1G1:74700711&refid=ip_encyclopedia_hf   (200 words)

Very nice flower frog vase made by the famous Porcelain and Earthenware factory Rozenburg from The Hague.
Although not showing his mark, the style is that of the painter J. van den Bor, who worked for Rozenburg from 1894 to 1901.
A superb condition schaal (fruit bowl) from 1929 in the "Saarma" decor.
www.goudadesign.co.uk /davidcollection4.html   (195 words)

 Rozenburg Den Haag Vase c.1890's
Description: Rozenburg den Haag plateel vase, art nouveau, Holland (the Hague) circa 1890's.
Craquelure of the glaze over the entire piece, appropriate to the age of the piece.
More information on the Rozenburg manufactory is available in the library section at.
www.antiqnet.com /detail,rozenburg-den-haag,624676.html   (207 words)

The various possible locations were evaluated in terms of reliability, shipping traffic, technological requirements, time, cost and wider social considerations such as harmonisation with the landscape and implications for commercial activity.
Construction of 1-meter high dyke on the Rozenburg peninsula from the southern abutment of the New Waterway Storm Surge Barrier towards Rozenburg.
Reinforcement of the southwestern portion of the water defense system around Rozenburg.
www.keringhuis.nl /engels/europoortkering/body.html   (930 words)

 Erik Barents neemt eind 2004 afscheid van Huntsman
Erik has had a distinguished career, having managed the Rozenburg Site since 1988, a role he relinquished only in 2003 when he took up his current regional position.
He has not only been instrumental in the development of Rozenburg as a world-class MDI manufacturing location, but he has also managed the development of a very strong team of professional managers, engineers and technicians, many of whom are now in leading positions throughout our global business.
Erik's contribution to the development of Huntsman Polyurethanes' operations in Europe has been outstanding and he has made significant contributions in ensuring that Rozenburg has become the focus of PU's major European asset development.
www.huntsman.com /pu/index.cfm?PageID=4720   (317 words)

The total site encompasses 85 hectares (210 acres) and it is one of the biggest chemical employers in the Rotterdam port area, with 400 Huntsman Holland employees and 200 contractors.
The MDI-2 plant of Huntsman with a 160 Ktpa MDI production in Rozenburg, was the winner of the first Horti Port Award for the best looking site of the Rotterdam Mainport area.
Huntsman Polyurethanes Rozenburg site won the first Responsible Care award made by the chemical industry in the Netherlands.
www.huntsman.com /pu/index.cfm?PageID=2896   (213 words)

 www.ONTHEWATER.nl   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The ferries between Rozenburg and Maassluis don't have as much capacity as a bridge or a tunnel but it's a very important connection though because it's the most western crossing of the New Waterway.
The nearest crossing is 15 km to the east, the very busy Beneluxtunnel.
On the last picture you can see on of the two drydocked at Niehuis shipyard.
www.onthewater.nl /pont.htm   (78 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Following the N57 I drive past the Deltaworks and past Oudorp in the direction of Hellevoetsluis and then to Rozenburg.
When I arrive in Rozenburg, I cross a big bridge over the harbour and drive alongside the harbour where lots of big oil tankers come.
I get on the road around the village Rozenburg and go to the harbour of the ferryboat to Maassluis.
www.xs4all.nl /~jkrijt/motors/ritten/nl_rond/nl_rond1.html   (519 words)

 GTI - GTI and Huntsman Holland sign multidisciplinary maintenance contract   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The parties have thus extended the contract for the electrical, instrumentation and mechanical maintenance of all process installations of the Rozenburg production location.
GTI will be responsible for preparing, planning, executing and improving the overall maintenance procedures (including shutdowns) and will also be responsible for subcontracting and materials purchasing.
At the Rozenburg production location Huntsman Holland manufactures raw materials and semi-finished products for the polyurethane industry.
www.gti.nl /en/news/Huntsman   (645 words)

 Rozenburg: Politieburo beschoten - Stormfront White Nationalist Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Rozenburg: Politieburo beschoten - Stormfront White Nationalist Community
Onbekenden hebben nacht van zaterdag op zondag een aantal schoten afgevuurd op het politiebureau van Rozenburg aan de Molenweg.
Op het moment van de schietpartij waren er twee politiemensen in het pand aanwezig.
www.stormfront.org /forum/showthread.php?t=97530   (200 words)

 De Beer Europoort Netherlands - Hotel - Restaurant - Conference centre -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
When you follow these signs, coming from Ring Rotterdam, you will always arrive at the hotel.
Hotel Restaurant De Beer Europoort is located on the island Rozenburg at the Europaweg 210.
Approximately 6 kilometres west of the village Rozenburg on the motorway N15.
www.hoteldebeer.com /eng-route.html   (373 words)

 Car rental Rozenburg car rentals Rozenburg cheap car rentals Rozenburg car hire
Carrental4all can help you to car hire in Rozenburg Whether it is one way interstate car rentals Rozenburg.
Cheap car rental in the Rozenburg, Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and Worldwide.
Great rates a great service, and guaranteed best car rental prices in Rozenburg and most Rozenburg cities.
www.carrental4all.com /car-rentals/holland/rozenburg   (237 words)

 Description   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Rozenburg example is the cover illustration on the catalogue ‘Dubbelgebakken.
A Glazed Pottery Vase with Turban-shaped Lid, Rozenburg den Haag, designed by T. Colenbrander, date-coded ‘D’ (1888-89), decorated with an abstract pattern in blue, yellow and green, height with lid 25.5cm, small chip to foot
A Two-handled Vase of Rectangular Shape in Rozenburg egg-shell porcelain 1911-1912, very finely decorated with birds and flowers, stamped ‘Rozenburg den Haag’, painter’s monogram ‘H’ (H. Huyvenaar), height 20cm, small hairline crack to left side of vase
www.shapesauctioneers.com /shapes_interface/Results/results.asp   (1260 words)

The DuPont Engineering Polymers business today announced that it is proposing to close its nylon resin compounding unit situated at Rozenburg, the Netherlands.
In total, 80 jobs would be affected by this proposal.
DuPont Electronic & Communication Technologies is a leading supplier of electronic materials, fluoropolymers, fluorochemicals and imaging technologies.
www.newmaterials.com /news/1144.asp   (347 words)

 Kwartierstaat van (Kind) KORPERSHOEK
Gehuwd 23-05-1873 Rozenburg zh, gehuwd voor de kerk 25-05-1873 Rozenburg zh (nh) met
Gehuwd (1) 29-07-1845 Rozenburg zh met Elisabeth de GEUS (code: vj) (zie 35).
Gehuwd (2) 04-05-1877 Rozenburg zh met Kornelia VERSTEEG, geboren 10-12-1824 Sliedrecht, overleden 09-12-1884 Rozenburg zh, dochter van
home.planet.nl /~jkhoek/kk/kk_00001.htm   (2259 words)

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