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Topic: Rudolf von Sebottendorff

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 The Crisis of the modern World, the New World Order and Kali Yuga
Sebottendorff claimed his mission was to reveal certain arcane secrets thereby reviving the forgotten Ancient Wisdom, while simultaneously launching a counter to what he saw as the malevolent forces engulfing Europe.
Sebottendorff believed that the esoteric tradition of Islam, particularly Sufism, was the purest stream of Ancient Wisdom and that it had nourished European occultism through the Rosicrucians, alchemists and authentic Freemasons of the Middle Ages.
Sebottendorff often spoke of the rediscovery of some lost thread of knowledge that once was "a torrent which nourished everything at the time of primitive Christianity, and which in the Middle Ages gave rise to the most marvellous civilisations".
www.geocities.com /integral_tradition/hitocc.html   (4309 words)

 Rudolf von Sebottendorf
Rudolf von Sebottendorf was the alias of Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer who also occasionally used another alias, Erwin Torre.
He was an important figure in the activities of the Thule Society, a post-World War I German political organization that was a precursor of the Nazi Party.
Thule agents infiltrated armed formations of the Communist Party in Munich and plotted to destroy the party, hatching plans to kidnap the party's leader, Kurt Eisner, and launching an attack against Munich's Communist government on April 30, 1919.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/biography/Sebottendorf.html   (436 words)

Rudolf Glauer, son of a railroader and a housewife, was born in Silesia in 1875.
Von Sebottendorff’s intention was to help anybody practice the system due to the detailed and practical description in his book.
Even if von Sebtotterdoff’s indications are many, there are still numerous unsolved questions about certain aspects of the Science of the Keys; and when the book (finished in 1916) was published in Europe in 1921, various fervid esoterists went to Turkey to find the answers, asking directly the mysterious Beni el Mim.
lucidzahor.1hwy.com /von.htm   (1688 words)

 Lapis Magazine Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Von Sebottendorff picked up a flagging weekly suburban newspaper called the Munich Observer, which in due course became the Nazi party's daily organ.
Von Sebottendorff started the paper very much with a view to attracting young people to his own brand of occult and anti-Semitic ideas.
But von Sebottendorff was also mindful of the fact that he had to reach out beyond the educated middle classes; he had to get through to the working class.
www.lapismagazine.org /archives/L05/goodrick-clarke.html   (4488 words)

 Rudolf Glandeck von Sebottendorff
Sebottendorff later established another occult society in Munich on August 17, 1918 as a cover identity for the Germanenorden: the Thule Gesellschaft, named after the mythic northern island home of the white race: Ultima Thule.
Sebottendorff’s real association with Freemasonry is difficult to determine, although it appears that he was initiated into an irregular body of the Rite of Memphis under the Grand Orient of France.
Sebottendorff believed that the esoteric tradition of Sufism was the purest stream of wisdom and that it had nourished European occultism through astrologists, Rosicrucians and authentic freemasons of the Middle Ages.
freemasonry.bcy.ca /anti-masonry/sebottendorff_r.html   (1916 words)

 Thule Society
The Thule-Gesellschaft (Thule Society) was founded in 1918 by Rudolf von Sebottendorff.
It was instrumental in the foundation of the Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei (German Workers Party) which later became the NSDAP (Nazi Party).
It had members from the top echelons of the Party, including Rudolf Hess and Alfred Rosenberg, though not Adolf Hitler.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/th/Thule_Gesellschaft.html   (92 words)

 The New Age Files - Biogs and Info - Thule Society
Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorf was the alias of Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer (November 9, 1875 — May 8, 1945), who also occasionally used another alias, Erwin Torre.
Rudolf von Sebottendorf was deeply influenced by Sufi mysticism, other Eastern philosophies, and in particular, the writings of Madame Blavatsky.
Von Sebottendorf eventually became the prime mover behind the Thule Society, which was one of the most important precursors of the Nazi Party, although the Nazi Party itself, once it had become ascendant, suppressed the Thule Society.
thenewagefiles.shadowweb.info /biogs_info/thule_society.php   (652 words)

 The Impending Joyous Passage Of Yasir Arafat
One man: Rudolf von Sebottendorff, founder of the "Thule Society" which had a political branch, the German Workers Party (DAP), which was later renamed in "National Socialist German Workers (or Labour) Party".
Sebottendorff, a born German, went to Turkey as a young man and indeed became a Turkish citizen.
Very well possible, since Rudolf von Sebottendorff was born as Rudolf Glauer and "received" the new name in Turkey...
www.rense.com /general59/theimpendingjoyous.htm   (1845 words)

 Thule Society - TinWiki.org
Sebottendorff was very wealthy, although the origin of his fortune is unknown.
Some biographers have stated that his real or European name was Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer, (or Blauer) and that he was also involved in the violent Bavarian political scene and in various attempts to market a prototype armored vehicle or tank.
Although Adolf Hitler himself was not a member, he received support from the group, and one of its members, Dietrich Eckart, actually coached him on his public speaking skills.
tinwiki.org /wiki/Thule_Society   (622 words)

The suggestion came in the form of fake astrological advice passed on to the gullible Rudolf Hess, who was already under the delusion that only he could talk the British into peace with Germany, and that it was his destiny to do so.
You quote Rudolf Hess's statement at the Nuremberg Trials about how he himself was a made a victim of such mind control techniques, and how he believed that the prosecution witnesses at the trial had been hypnotized because of their "glassy and dreamy eyes".
Rudolf Hess, Hitlers deputy; Heinrich Himmler, the fuhrer of the SS; Alfred Rosenburg, a Nazi philosopher and Haushaufer, the chief Nazi geo-politician, were all seriously involved in occult theories and doctrines.
www.whale.to /b/levenda.html   (12205 words)

 wais:germany: turkish-german relations: rudolf van sebottendorff november 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
But perhaps there is no better and more uncomfortable reminder of that special relationship than the strange story of Rudolf von Sebottendorff (1975-May 8, 1945), the founder of the esoteric Thule society.
Von Sebottendorff lived in Turkey until 1914, and became a Turkish citizen.
Sebottendorff took up residence again in Istanbul, returning to Germany on and off during the war.
www.stanford.edu /group/wais/Germany/germany_041122_turkishgermanrelations.htm   (278 words)

Sebottendorff ran notices in the press, became involved in a newspaper argument about Freemasonry, and in July issued invitations to join the struggle for "Deutschland den Deutschen" mainly against the Jews, as well as against egalitarianism.
When Sebottendorff bought the paper in the summer of 1918, it had existed since 1868, with interruptions and changes of name, a cheap newspaper presenting largely local items, with a middle-class.
Sebottendorff's political interference led to his removal from Oberland by its military leadership about the middle of May; the free corps was later taken over in part into Epp's regular formation, Schiitzenbrigade 21.
www.helsinki.fi /~pjojala/Thule.html   (5429 words)

Guido Karl Anton List, better known as Guido von List (1848 - 1919) is well-known in runology due to his authorship of "Secret of the Runes." Some people consider him a völkisch author and an important figure in runic revivalism in the late 19th, early 20th Century.
The Thule Society (German: Thule-Gesellschaft) was originally the Studiengruppe für germanisches Altertum 'Study Group for Germanic Antiquity.' The Thule Society was founded August 17, 1918 by Rudolf von Sebottendorff, as the Munich branch of the Germanenorden, a secret society a.k.a.
Von Sebottendorff later claimed that the Germanenorden pressed him to emphasize political and nationalist socialist angles.
rexcurry.net /guido-von-list-runes-swastika.html   (1004 words)

 Dietrich Eckart
He moved to Berlin in 1899, where he wrote a number of plays, often with autobiographical traits; however, despite becoming the protegé of Graf Georg von Hülsen-Haeseler, the artistic director of the royal theatres, he never was successful as a playwright, a failure for which he blamed society.
Later on, he developed an ideology of a “genius higher human,” based on earlier writings by Lanz von Liebenfels; he saw himself in the tradition of Arthur Schopenhauer and Angelus Silesius, and also became fascinated by Mayan beliefs, but never had much sympathy for the scientific method.
Moving back to Munich, Eckart joined the Rudolf von Sebottendorff's right-wing Thule Society in 1913 and became politically active; in 1915, he also wrote the nationalist play "Heinrich der Hohenstaufe" ("Heinrich of the High Baptism"), in which he postulated a claim to world leadership for the German people.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/biography/Eckart.html   (443 words)

 Nazi Origin: The Hidden Origins of Nazism
Sebottendorff (Serbottendorff or Sobottendorf) founded the notorious right-wing Thule Society and in 1918 purchased the Munchener Beobachter, a weekly Munich newspaper which he transformed into an anti-Semitic scandal sheet and the Thule Society's official publication.
Sebottendorff's Thulist aim to revive pagan "Aryan" culture, symbolism, and mythology held that Sufism is "the development of the Primaeval religion of the Aryan race." Both the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons of Europe find the ultimate source of their teachings in the Orient.
In a 1922 lecture, the founder of Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner said that the legend of the Holy Grail had been "coarsened and corrupted over in Asia by Turkish influence." For publicly linking Hitler with Ottoman Freemasonry, Steiner became one of the world's most persecuted mystics.
www.blackraiser.com /nazorigM.htm   (3568 words)

 THE HOLOCAUST - Timebase 1910-19   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Pohl tells Sebottendorff he first became interested in the esoteric study of the runes through Guido von List, and that he is convinced racial miscegenation, especially with Jews, was responsible for obscuring the "Aryan's" knowledge of the mystical powers of the runes.
Philipp Stauff and Eberhard von Brockhusen are principle officers of the Berlin province.
Sebottendorff offers to publish a monthly Order periodical and is formally elected Master of the Bavarian province.
www.humanitas-international.org /holocaust/1910-19t.htm   (20494 words)

 The Thule Society
With the victory of the Nazi Party, the occult tradition was carried on in the Third Reich mainly by the SS, who Reichsfuhrer, Himmler, was an avid student of the occult.
An SS occult research department, the Ahnernerbe (Ancestral Heritage) was established in 1935 with SS Colonel Wolfram von Sievers at its head.
A frequent visitor to Landsberg Prison where Hitler was writing Mein Kampf with the help of Rudolf Hess, was General Karl Haushofer, a university professor and director of the Munich Institute of Geopolitics.
www.bibliotecapleyades.net /sociopolitica/sociopol_thule01.htm   (2227 words)

 The Occult and the Third Reich--Alan Skaggs
List was the first popular writer to combine völkisch ideology (völkisch being an extreme German nationalist movement of the time) with occultism[5], and he thought of himself as the link with an ancient race of Germanic priests and wise men called the Armanen, whose holiest symbol had been the swastika.
Sebottendorff was an authority on astrology and divining rods, and was happy to expound on these subjects.
Furthermore, after Rudolf Hess’ failed mission to England in 1941 landed him in prison for the duration of the war, Himmler then became second in command of the Third Reich.
www.smu.edu /ecenter/discourse/AlanSkaggs.htm   (3736 words)

 Rudolf von Sebottendorf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
'''Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorf''' was the alias of Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer (November 9, 1875 – May 8, 1945), who also occasionally used another alias, Erwin Torre.
Glauer allegedly committed suicide by jumping into the Bosphorus on May 8, 1945.
Sebottendorff, Rudolf von Sebottendorff, Rudolf von Sebottendorff, Rudolf von de:Rudolf von Sebottendorf nl:Rudolf von Sebottendorf
rudolf-von-sebottendorf.iqnaut.net   (476 words)

 Welcome to COUNTERMEDIA — Information Beyond The Mainstream
Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff, the chief architect of the Thule Society, was born Rudolf Glauer in Silesia in November, 1875.
It is the Hyperborean equivalent of the Ark of the Covenant of the Israelites.
“As was well known in Party circles, Rudolf Hess was in poor health for many years and latterly increasingly had recourse to hypnotists, astrologers and so on.
www.geocities.com /countermedia/hitler.html   (4290 words)

 LEP: Hitlerism vs. Odinism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Baldur von Schirach, leader of the Hitler Youth, assured German parents that "it is my purpose neither to re-erect in the forests of Germany heathen altars and introduce our youth to any kind of Wotan's cult, nor in any way to hand over young Germany to the magical altars of the herb-apostles..."
In 1933, Rudolf von Sebottendorff was arrested and exiled.
But the full power of the state was not focused on religious minorities until the 9th of June 1941 when the head of the security police, [Reinhardt] Heydrich, banned a large number of spiritual practices.
www.runestone.org /lep4.html   (1077 words)

 Amazon.com: "Rudolf Glauer": Key Phrase page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Rudolf Glauer, the founder of the Thule Gesellschaft, began to run from the room in panic but Eckart grabbed hold of him...
Von Sebottendorf's real name, however, was Rudolf Glauer, a German adventurer who had been living in Turkey since 1901,...
It was a symbol used by the Thule Society founded in 1918 by Adam Rudolf Glauer, or Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf, as he called himself.
www.amazon.com /phrase/Rudolf-Glauer   (526 words)

 Interview with Levenda
In that same year, occult researcher Guido von List began The List Society part of a then-developing “völkish” (folkish) movement extolling the virtues of Norse heritage - heritage which could be traced by reading the Edda, a compilation of Icelandic legends which Hitler would later take great interest in.
The Thule Society organized a citizen rebellion, which was joined by the 20,000-member Freikorps, and together they marched, “beneath a swastika flag, with swastikas painted on their helmets, singing a swastika hymn.” By May 3, after much bloodshed and destruction, the Communists in Munich were defeated.
They used esoteric Judaica purely as a key to other mysteries, as a tool and not as an element of their “faith.” Crowley may have been a qabalist, for instance, but by no stretch of the imagination was he a worshipper of the Jewish god.
www.angelfire.com /folk/albion/Levenda.html   (9075 words)

 ipedia.com: Thule Society Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The Thule-Gesellschaft was founded August 17, 1918, by Rudolf von Sebottendorff.
The Thule-Gesellschaft (Thule Society) was founded August 17, 1918, by Rudolf von Sebottendorff.
It had members from the top echelons of the party, including Rudolf Heß and Alfred Rosenberg, though not Adolf Hitler.
www.ipedia.com /thule_society.html   (189 words)

 Third Reich History: May 24
Popp first observes "the new lodger" his wife has rented to, he is glad to see that Hitler is "far from shabby." His wife finds Hitler to be a well mannered "Austrian charmer." He registers with the police as a painter and artist (example above) residing at Schleissheimerstrasse 34.
His forces enter the town of Hazelbrouck, cuts the British and French lines of retreat from Belgium to Dunkirk, and barely misses capturing the commander of the BEF, General Lord Gort.
Kleist is told in emphatic terms to return to the opposite side of the canal, which he does.
members.tripod.com /dailytrh/0524.html   (1707 words)

 Order of Thulé - Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums
It was created by the baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff on August 17, 1918, at the origin like groups ancient studies.
About 1923, Rudolf Hess, income in Munich, become one of the organizers about Thulé, whose Hermann Göring is one of the most famous members.
Whereas Adolf Hitler is the exoteric figurehead on the side, one will find Rudolf von Sebottendorf on the side esoteric.
www.unexplained-mysteries.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=55232   (894 words)

 P2 - The Nazi Party, the Thule Society, the Occult, and German Freemasonry
The next day, an obituary appears in Sebottendorff's Munchener Beobachter--a newspaper which a year later become the official Nazi propaganda sheet, the Volkishcer Beobachter[Under Alfred Rosenberg]--giving the names of the seven murdered cultists and laying the blame on the doorstep of the Red Army.
It is a well known fact that it was Rudolf Hess who introduced Haushofer to Adolf Hitler, and also that the professor frequently visited the Führer while he was writing Mein Kampf in Landsberg Fortress prison after his failed Munich putsch in 1923.
Following Haushofer's suggestion, Rudolf Hess astonished the world by flying alone from Germany to Scotland and parachuting near the state of the Duke of Hamilton to contact some British members of the Golden Dawn and deliver a peace proposition.
www.freemasonrywatch.org /P2.html   (11257 words)

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