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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

 International Society for First World War Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The history of the Ruhleben camp offers an excellent example of an (all-male) community at war, and in particular allows us to examine the kinds of solidarities and prejudices that can emerge in modern human conflicts.
Although the majority of the inmates stuck together and helped to form an impressive internal administration for the camp, class distinctions of a peculiarly British nature soon began to emerge, and were exacerbated by worsening conditions as the war continued.
Since the inmates at Ruhleben were civilians, but were held as prisoners of the German military, questions also arise about the social and psychological impact of war on non-combatants and their families.
doc-iep.univ-lyon2.fr /wwi/article.php3?id_article=69   (645 words)

 Royal Horticultural Society - Publications: The Garden November 2004
The racecourse at Ruhleben, near Berlin, became a internment camp for British civilian internees from November 1914 to November 1918.
At Ruhleben internment camp on the outskirts of Berlin, 50 internees formed a horticultural society in September 1916 and immediately applied to the RHS for affiliation.
At Ruhleben prison camp two flower shows were staged, exhibits judged and, in true RHS tradition, music was played by the camp’s orchestra.
www.rhs.org.uk /(j1f0jjrglwb2in55wx0iyrqy)/Learning/publications/pubs/garden1104/societywar.asp   (1967 words)

 Ruhleben -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The Ruhleben barracks (in German Ruhleben Kaserne) is part of the German Naval establishment located in (additional info and facts about Plön) Plön, (A breed of dairy cattle from northern Holland) Holstein, (A republic in central Europe; split into East German and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990) Germany.
Thus, on 19 July 1915 Albert Kamps started the Ruhleben Express Delivery, which soon monthly handled roughly 6 000 pieces of mail between the prisoners.
Although this postal service had been pre-approved by the Camp Commandant, it was prohibited on 3 April 1916 and Kamps was sentenced to solitary confinement.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/R/Ru/Ruhleben.htm   (356 words)

 [No title]
Ruhleben Here beginneth a new chapter in the history of a captive Colonial… I fully expect to be a truly interesting personage… You may imagine how the ingenuity of several thousand men succeeds when they have practically all their time to themselves!
Following the signing of the Armistice, the restrictions on the movements of the prisoners of Ruhleben were practically abolished and MacMillan was able to attend several concerts in Berlin.
It was at Ruhleben that MacMillan had acquired a taste and developed a talent for orchestral conducting.
www.collectionscanada.ca /4/6/m7-40-e.txt   (11103 words)

 Prisoners Of War   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
In Ruhleben the educated prisoners volunteered to teach the ignorant: two hundred and ninety-seven different educational courses were offered to those who desired to improve their minds.
His report showing that the official diet of the prisoners in Ruhleben was a starvation diet incensed the German authorities to such fury that they forbade him to revisit Ruhleben.
At Ruhleben there was a hospital which in spite of many representations was never in proper shape.
www.oldandsold.com /articles30/germany-10.shtml   (7761 words)

 AIM25: University College London: Prichard Lecture
Administrative/Biographical history: Following the outbreak of World War One in 1914, male English civilians living in Germany were interned at Ruhleben, a former race track situated between Berlin and Spandau.
Within the prisoner of war camp an English 'colony' was created, including a school, dramatic and musical societies, library, sports leagues, shops, and an internal mail service.
Scope and content/abstract: Typescript copy of lecture, given at the Ruhleben camp in Germany, on Greek and Byzantine art.
www.aim25.ac.uk /cats/13/4205.htm   (134 words)

In order to accomodate the masses, a train station called Ruhleben was built on the outskirts of the city.
Ruhleben was the very first processing station to be conceived and operated on a joint basis by the HAPAG and the North German Lloyd Companies.
When Marlene Dietrich left Berlin the barracks of Ruhleben were no longer in operation.
www.routes.de /linksammlung/004BL.htm   (463 words)

 Ruhleben internment camp postage stamps, +forgery detection
They were from the beginning gathered in Ruhleben (map), then a village 10 km west of the centre of Berlin, near Spandau.
All the Ruhleben postage stamps were hand-made, with rubber stamp dies, on pre-gummed paper.
Due to wear two dies, A and B (since about 10 Sept.), were used for all of the five stamps (and the stationery) of the first issues.
www.filatelia.fi /forgeries/ruhleben.html   (1125 words)

 first cut books :: mcsweeney's   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
And so begins a journey into the heart of wartime Berlin, and a plunge into a harrowing year of solitary confinement and then inprisonment at Ruhleben, an internment camp that is now considered the model for Germany's concentration camps.
Lost to obscurity for over eighty years, Pyke's extraordinary book is a college student's sharp-tongued travelogue, a sober meditation on imprisonment and escape...
Suddenly an airport is not merely an airport, it is “the cleanest airport in the world” and the vanguard of Western culture’s quest to subjugate and dominate nature.
www.firstcutbooks.com /mcswys3.htm   (514 words)

 Two German Prison Camps
Ruhleben is a race-track on the outskirts of Berlin, and a detention camp for English civilians.
The place was not as suited for a prison as the high land of Zossen, the stalls with their four bunks were dismal enough, and the lofts overhead, with little light and ventilation, still worse.
There were still a few minutes before the play began, and we walked through some of the barracks with the commandant, a tall, bronzed officer of middle age, with gracious manners, one of those Olympian Germans who resemble their English cousins of the same class.
www.greatwardifferent.com /Great_War/Prison_Camps/Prison_Camps_01.htm   (1775 words)

 Ruhleben: A Prison Camp Society - Ketchum, J. Davidson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Toronto, Canada University of Toronto Press 1965 very good good The author was studying music in Germany in 1914 when he was caught by the war and interned for four years in the prison camp at Ruhleben.
The experience led him to the study of psychology.
After Dr. Ketchum's death in 1962, Robert B. MacLeod wrote the Foreword and Postscript which set the study in perspective.
www.groundzerobooksltd.com /store/002956.htm   (111 words)

 Stamp2.com - Articles : Cinderella
Two miles west of Berlin is the Ruhleben Race Track, which was used prior to the outbreak of WWI to billet 1,200 Russian labourers.
The camp was small, only 20 acres in size, and consisting initially of nine brick and two wooden stables with haylofts.
However, the German Authorities external to the camp got to hear of the post, illegally organised under Reichpost regulations as of April 1, 1900, and on April 3, 1916 the RXD was closed down and all stock of stamps and stationery were impounded.
www.stamp2.com /articles/cinderella/cinderella3.asp   (563 words)

 KAS Ploen, Bricks & Mortar
This estate, Ruhleben Farm, comprised most of land bordering the North Eastern shores of the Grosser Plöner See.
One particular portion, stretching about a mile southwards from the north-east corner of the lake, and lying at right angles to the Eutiniger Strasse was of little use agriculturally to the owners of Ruhleben Farm.
When therefore the Nazi Naval authorities approached the owner of the strip of land with a view to his selling, it is not surprising that he was ready to part with it, though by all accounts he was able to command a heavy price.
www.kas-ploen.org.uk /HardStuff.htm   (1441 words)

 McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Paul Collins Week: "I Wouldn't Want to Wipe Out in a Spectacular Manner": An Interview ...
The most recent title, To Ruhleben — And Back, follows the adventures of Geoffrey Pyke, who, as a teenager in 1914, convinced a London newspaper editor to let him travel to Germany as a war correspondent.
With English as She is Spoke and To Ruhleben — And Back, even people who are not familiar with the Portuguese language or with World War I escapes could pick it up and get something out of it.
In Ruhleben, it is Pykrete, a frozen material composed of sawdust and ice, and in your memoir there are doorknobs made of hemacite, a mixture of sawdust and blood.
www.mcsweeneys.net /2003/04/30collins3.html   (2476 words)

 Ruhleben Berlin Charlottenburg Spandau Stendelweg Fliesswiese Hempelsteig Murellenweg Brombeerweg Jasminweg ...
Ruhleben Berlin Charlottenburg Spandau Stendelweg Fliesswiese Hempelsteig Murellenweg Brombeerweg Jasminweg Machandelweg Biedermanweg Wacholderweg Murellenteich Murellenschlucht Murellenberg Stadion Olympiastadion U-Bahnhof Ruhleben UBahnhof UBahn Wiese Entchenteich Friedhof Ruhleben
Wir möchten Ihnen hier möglichst viel über unser "Dorf" in der Großstadt erzählen und Ihnen anhand von Bildern, Stadtplanauschnitten und Videosequenzen zeigen, wie schön und atraktiv Ruhleben als Wohngegend und für Kinder zum Auf- und Heranwachsen ist.
Das Siedlungsgebiet Ruhleben ist aus einem Spandauer Vorwerk hervorgegangen; erste Erwähnung fand es zur Zeit des Dreißigjährigen Krieges als "wüst liegendes Vorwerk", später als "Neues Vorwerk", 1704 findet sich erstmals die Bezeichnung Ruhleben.
home.ngi.de /hartmann/ruhleben   (1764 words)

 Private Press   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Scarce.The fourth issue of this WWI periodical printed by and for the British POWs in Ruhleben POW Camp.
In Ruhleben Camp No. 5 Made in Germany by T.A Barton for the Education Committee of the Engländerlager f_r Zivilgefangene, Ruhlebe, Berlin.
Scarce.The sixth issue of this WWI periodical printed by and for the British POWs in Ruhleben POW Camp.
www.sotherans.co.uk /Catalogues/PrivatePress/Riccardi-Zamorano.html   (4919 words)

 US Installions Details
Through the 1970s, Ruhleben Fighting City was very small, consisting of a dozen one and two story buildings located within a one square mile wooded area.
Ruhleben Fighting City was renovated and enlarged during the 1980s.
The revised Ruhleben Fighting City sat near the original one with an old yellow Berlin U-Bahn wagen sitting between on a rail way track.
www.berlin-brigade.de /us-ins/us-ein1.html   (3001 words)

 Untitled Normal Page
In those days it was usual for volunteer working gangs to go out of Ruhleben dragging carts, accompanied by a German soldier, for the purpose of bringing into the camp manure, gravel, and soil for the camp gardens.
As it was desirable for us to escape from camp in the early afternoon, so as to be able to leave Berlin that night, we were glad to avail ourselves of the opportunity of escaping with the help of one of these gangs.
Good men and true were plentiful in a camp like Ruhleben, and it was the work of only a few hours to get together a working gang of men who could be trusted to see little and say less.
www.greatwardifferent.com /Great_War/Great_War_Great_Escapes/Great_War_Great_Escapes_02.htm   (4599 words)

 Powell's Books - To Ruhleben—And Back by Geoffery Pyke
And so begins an odyssey into the heart of wartime Berlin, and a plunge into a harrowing year of solitary confinement and imprisonment at Ruhleben, a horsetrack-turned-internment camp that is now considered the model for Germany's concentration camps.
Starving and freezing, British prisoners housed in Ruhleben's horse stables tried to recreate productions of The Mikado from memory, and held university classes in the face of disease and a tyrannical commandant.
After an escape in broad daylight, and a perilous dash across the German countryside to the Dutch border, Pyke returned home at the age of 20 to write To Ruhleben—And Back, the first eyewitness account of a German concentration camp.
www.powells.com /cgi-bin/partner?partner_id=27576&cgi=product&isbn=0971904782   (296 words)

 The String Quartet in Canada - Chapter Four
He attended the Bayreuth Festival from late July to August, was in Nuremberg from late August 1914 to March 1915 and then was interned at Ruhleben, a racetrack near Berlin which had been converted into a civilian prisoner-of-war camp, for the remainder of the First World War.
Keith MacMillan notes that since the composition was never performed in Ruhleben, despite the presence of a good string quartet and an active musical life there, it may not have been completed at that time.
In Ruhleben, MacMillan wrote a number of fugues for string quartet on subjects used in previous Oxford Mus.D. examinations.
www.utoronto.ca /icm/thesis4.html   (14948 words)

 To Ruhleben and Back by Geoffrey Pyke
Originally published in 1916, TO RUHLEBEN AND BACK is a highly entertaining true story of World War I by a young English journalist, Geoffrey Pyke, who went to Berlin to cover the war.
After some adventures in Berlin, he is captured by the Germans and placed in solitary confinement until he is transfered to Ruhleben, a camp for British enemy civilians.
Although the prisoners are confined and sometimes subjected to harsh treatment, they create a fascinating culture, including improvised theater and newspapers.The last section of the book is taken up with the narrator's escape from Ruhleben and Germany.
home.earthlink.net /~copaceticcomicsco/Ruhlben.html   (221 words)

Even more epic, the seventeen-minute “Ruhleben” cruises through the nether regions of some remote galaxy, though Rawell's exotic thai flute adds a more earth-bound touch to its distant meanderings.
Tracks like “Siemensdamm” and “Ruhleben” sound much like Monolake's material—one could easily imagine the steely showers percolating throughout “Jessner Strasse” being credited to Robert Henke in a Blindfold Test, for example—though that doesn't greatly surprise given the musicians' shared obsession with music software and dub-techno styles.
In fact, it's not a promising sign when Studio Pankow dedicates an album to “the mighty Nord Modular” and follows song titles with software details (Cubase, Logic Audio) but you'd be remiss in dismissing Linienbusse as a collection of mere technology fetishism.
www.textura.org /archivespages/qrst/studiopankow.htm   (273 words)

 www.uitvaart.nl . . . . . Nieuws
In de middag volgde een bezoek aan Krematorium Ruhleben.
Het cremaotorium, gevestigd in wijk Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf te Berlijn werd gebouwd in 1972.
Krematorium Ruhleben beschikt wel over 2 aula`s voor afscheidsplechtigheden.
www.uitvaart.nl /nieuws_459.html   (272 words)

 Collection Items - Prisoners of War
Sketch of a cell door at the Ruhleben Concentration Camp, Germany
Sketch of the interior of a cell at the Ruhleben Concentration Camp, Germany
Photograph of a group of internees at Ruhleben Concentration Camp
www.slsa.sa.gov.au /saatwar/PrisonersofWar_list.htm   (116 words)

 Ruhleben   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Hidden in a forest near the Olympia stadium at Murellenberg in Berlin, Ruhleben is a small town for around one to two thousand inhabitants.
After the Allies departure from Berlin, this substitute city was passed over to the civil German order forces.
After cavalry and British occupation troops, now police troops travel from all over the country and pay a fee to storm houses, abseiling from simulated helicopter s, or assignments on the 1st of May. Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler photographed this "Fighting City" in Berlin Ruhleben.
www.learningfrom.com /korpys.html   (161 words)

In 1914, thousands of British civilians and merchant seamen, along with foreigners from other nationalities, were interned at the hastily constructed prisoner of war camp at Ruhleben racecourse by Spandau, near Berlin, Germany.
Sources trawled for information on the inmates include Ruhleben based websites on the internet, printed publications, the National Archives catalogue in London, issues of the Ruhleben Camp Magazine, sales on E-bay of Ruhleben related memorabilia, and many, many more.
Below: The racecourse at Ruhleben, home to some four thousand civilian POWS in the First World War.
ruhleben.tripod.com   (185 words)

 In Ruhleben Camp. No. 3 July 11th 1915 - RUHLEBEN CAMP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Berlin, Made in Germany by T.A Barton for the Education Committee of the Englanderlager fur Zivilgefangene, Ruhleben.
Articles include 'Interview with the oldest inhabitatn of Ruhleben: Our Camp Commissioner chats with Mr.
Oldun', You can just about see the name of the owner on top edge of front cover, on some issues this is clearer than others but I think it says Louis Miller, Barrack II.
antiqbook.co.uk /boox/hob/5161.shtml   (170 words)

 Rare Books - Important Acquisitions - National Library of Scotland
In Ruhleben Camp, No.1, June 6th 1915 - No.9, October 1915, Xmas number, 1915 and The Ruhleben Bye-Election, July 1915 [subsequently The Ruhleben Camp Magazine, Volume I, No.1, March 1916 - No.4, August 1916 & Volume II, No.5, Xmas 1916 - No. 6, June 1917].
Contents of In Ruhleben Camp: No.1, Sunday, June 6th 1915; No.2, Sunday, June 27th 1915; No.3, Sunday, July 11th 1915; No.4, August Bank Holiday Number 1915; No. 5, August 15th 1915; No.6, August 29th 1915; No.7, September 12th 1915; No.8, September 1915; No.9, October 1915; Xmas Number 1915; The Ruhleben Bye-Election, July 1915.
This fairly comfortable life the prisoners enjoyed became undone when the Ruhleben postal system they had introduced was declared illegal by the German Post Office.
www.nls.uk /collections/rarebooks/acquisitions/index.cfm?startRow=241&SORTBY=acqdate   (4427 words)

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