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Topic: Rumford fireplace

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In the News (Wed 20 Jun 18)

  Rumford fireplace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rumford fireplaces are tall and shallow to reflect more heat, and they have streamlined throats to eliminate turbulence and carry away the smoke with little loss of heated room air.
Rumford wrote two papers detailing his improvements on fireplaces in 1796 and in1798.* He was well known and widely read in his lifetime and almost immediately in the 1790s his "Rumford fireplace" became state-of-the-art worldwide.
Rumford fireplaces are generally appreciated for their tall classic elegance and their heating efficiency.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rumford_fireplace   (373 words)

 Castaic Brick ::: Leader in Brick and Clay Products for every Industry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The performance of a fireplace is primarily governed by three factors: fuel combustion, air pressure differential between the firebox and the top of the chimney and temperature differential between air in the room of the fire and that at the top of the chimney.
When the fireplace is constructed on a slab-on-grade it is usually necessary to thicken the slab under the fireplace to support the loads from the fireplace and chimney.
Draft of the fireplace is affected by the dimensions of the firebox opening, the shape and cross-sectional area of the flue and the height of the chimney.
www.castaicbricks.com /specifications_19design.htm   (7098 words)

 Columbus Coal & Lime Co.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
In houses with rooms or crawl spaces below the fireplace, this hearth extension is usually cantilevered and constructed of self-supporting reinforced concrete or "corbel slabs" supported by a masonry stem wall the same size as the wall surrounding the firebox.
Rumford fireplaces are usually about as tall as they are wide but you can vary the height by the number of firebrick courses laid.
When you get the backup block to the top of the fireplace opening, if you are building with the segmented throat system, continue to lay block on each side of the firebox to carry the steel angle which supports the throat tiles.
www.columbuscoal.com /main/news.php?strFunc=display&strID=22   (2125 words)

 Yestermorrow Design/Build School   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Lord Rumford wrote two papers detailing his improvements on fireplaces in 1796 and in 1798.
He was well known and widely read in his lifetime and almost immediately in the 1790s his "Rumford fireplace" became state of- the-art worldwide.
Rumford fireplaces were common from 1796, until about 1850.
www.yestermorrow.org /courses/acw/rumford.htm   (128 words)

 NewStandard: 11/13/99
The science may sound complex, but the fireplace's operation is fairly simple: The tall, shallow firebox, with its angled sides, reflects more heat than standard fireplaces, and its height allows much of the smoke to be burned up as it rises through the flames.
Cerny included three Rumford fireplaces in his design for a house with 10- to 12-foot ceilings that is now under construction.
Rumfords are a little more expensive to install than conventional masonry fireplaces because of the craftsmanship involved, he says.
www.s-t.com /daily/11-99/11-13-99/t07ho135.htm   (895 words)

 Rumford fireplaces
The intention of good fireplace design is to attain as complete combustion as possible and remove the remaining by-products of combustion while leaving as much heat as possible for the comfort of the occupants of the home.
In some of my earlier fireplaces I would use white refractory cement along the breast and even after years of burning, the breasts of these fireplaces remain perfectly white proving the air curtain that is created.
The taller fireplace opening allows more of the flame exposed to the room which not only contributes more heat to the living area but allows the beautiful flame to be seen and enjoyed.
www.hart-pagosa.com /html/rumford_fireplaces.htm   (1086 words)

 Rumford Fireplace   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Rumford recognized that it was the radiant heat generated by a fireplace that actually warmed the room.
So Rumford designed a much shallower fireplace with an opening that was both taller and wider with wide spread covings (sidewalls of the firebox) to reflect a greater amount of the radiant heat into the room.
A traditional fireplace is equipped with an angled fire back and a lower lip to create a place for the room air and the smoke to roll their way up through the damper and out the chimney.
www.bobvila.com /ArticleLibrary/Task/Building/Rumford.html   (514 words)

 Masonry Magazine: Fireplaces & Chimneys
First introduced by Count Rumford in the 1790s, Rumford fireplaces were a means of improving the heating capabilities of their traditional large, bulky ancestors.
Applying his knowledge of heat to the fireplace, Count Rumford reasoned that the traditional masonry fireplace was not as efficient as it could be because it did not reflect much heat back into the room.
His first change to the traditional fireplace of the day was to move the rear firebox wall closer to the front of the fireplace.
www.masonrymagazine.com /12-04/fireplace.html   (1089 words)

 One Hot Fireplace | THIS OLD HOUSE
The Rumford fireplace, built in the sanctuary where the altar used to be, was to be the focal point of the enormous living room.
In the mid-1700s, Count Rumford (born Benjamin Thompson in Woburn, Massachusetts), the fireplace's creator and namesake, realized that the only useful heat generated by a fireplace is radiant heat, and that in traditional fireplaces, much of this heat mixes with smoke and goes right up the chimney.
But Rumford's real genius was straightening the fireback and rounding the front wall of the throat, essentially creating a nozzle—like an inverted carburetor—that shoots smoke up through the damper and out the chimney, wasting less heat in the process.
thisoldhouse.com /toh/knowhow/interiors/article/0,16417,212539,00.html   (538 words)

 Desert Botanical Garden: THE DESERT HOUSE: Rumford Fireplace   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Rumford's fireplace maximizes heat output by increasing the firebox opening, decreasing depth and installing back and side walls built with refractive firebrick and sodium silicate mortar at angles to reflect heat more effectively throughout the room.
Fireplace throat and smoke shelf layout differ significantly in Rumford's design.
Use of fireplaces in the Phoenix area is limited because of the concern that open fires decrease air quality, and many winter days are classified as no-burn days, making the fireplace unavailable for use.
www.dbg.org /center_dl/fireplace.html   (263 words)

 Vancouver Gas Fireplaces: Cutting Edge Technology from T & C
The Town and Country direct vent fireplace provides a totally open look as there are no panels or louvers on the top or bottom or at the base of the fireplace.
This means the fireplace opening is flush with the floor level, allowing finishes to be brought right to the edge of the aperture on all four sides.
One of the drawbacks associated with other direct vent fireplaces is found in the lazy, shorter flame, thus defeating the goal of replicating a real wood fire.
www.vangasfireplaces.com /Files/townandcountryarticle.html   (553 words)

 rumford fireplace   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The cooking fireplace and bread oven pictured above was built in 1990 and is a pretty good reproduction of a Williamsburg style working fireplace circa 1760 except that the fireplace is a Rumford...
Rumford fireplaces are described as "having a rounded breast, and a straight back", and...
RUMFORD FIREPLACE Historical Fireplace Design Rumford fireplaces were common from 1796, when Count Rumford first wrote about them, until about 1850.
www.fireplaceplace.info /rumfordfireplace   (898 words)

 Cooking Rumford   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
After about 1760 ovens were built to one side of the cooking fireplace more like the one at the top of the page, rather than in the fireback, probably because so many cooks caught their hair or clothing on fire reaching over the fire to use the oven.
The style of the fireplace, of course, predates Count Rumford but there were many of these workhorses built in summer kitchens all over the east and midwest up through about 1850, often coexisting with Rumford fireplaces in the main house.
This fireplace is a five foot wide, four foot tall Rumford fireplace and has an efficient rounded throat and smaller flue than its 1760 ancestor would have had so it won't be too inefficient.
www.superiorclay.com /oven/articleoven.html   (1448 words)

 Authentic Stone & Brick   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
This fireplace is constructed of heavy bluestone, tightly fitted and mortarless.The outside bluestone chimney has rich hues and a tinted grout.
The inside fireplace is done in local fieldstone and the outside fireplace is coursed ledgerock.
This modern see through fireplace is constructed of ground-face concrete block, the red firebrick used in the firebox gives a nice contrast.
www.interisland.net /asb/fireplace1.html   (337 words)

 Options Magazine - Winter 2002 Issue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Today, fireplaces have come full-circle: once a necessity to keep warm and cook food, they are now a statement of self-expression.
The advantages of a masonry fireplace are the customizing capabilities and durability, allowing it to burn wood for long periods of time.
Count Rumford, born Benjamin Thompson in 1753, is credited with the design of the modern open masonry fireplace.
www.optionsmag.com /issues/winter_2002/f_hearth.htm   (1338 words)

 Contracted to a Rumford: The Rumford Fireplace
Instead of using the large fireplaces then popular, Rumford decided that small fireplaces with small intense fires with their sides arranged with widely angled coving to radiate as much heat as possible were the ideal shape.
By 1854 Rumford fireplaces were regarded by the famous American writer, Thoreau, along with plaster walls and Venetian blinds as among the comforts taken for granted by civilized men.
The Rumford fireplace is still very popular in England and America, especially in rooms with high ceilings where it features as an elegant centerpiece.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/8665/111170   (492 words)

 Count Rumford corner fireplace (from RimJournal: art and adobe brick, Mexico, the American Southwest, poetry, fiction ...
A Rumford fireplace is shallow with a tall front opening (3 times the depth) to allow maximum radiation of the heat before it is lost up the chimney.
A corner fireplace radiates heat into all areas of the room; whereas, a fireplace in the wall leaves two of the four corners cold.
Rumford fireplaces are well known in New Mexico, but I had a hard time finding a builder in Tucson.
www.rimjournal.com /mudhouse/fireplac.htm   (747 words)

Below is a description of how a first-time amateur is building a Rumford fireplace to comply with California seismic code.
Remember that the framing must be kept 2" away from the fireplace all around, and the gap will be covered with flashing.
Since the footing still needs to be built up to the level of the house slab, brick will be laid around the edge, and filled with concrete.
www.kuffelcreek.com /rumford.htm   (488 words)

 Rumford Specifications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Modern Rumford™ fireplaces must be supported on non-combustible concrete or masonry foundations or on approved engineered systems with high-strength insulation over engineered wood or steel supports.
The intake can either draw air from within the house, if the opening is exposed in an adequately ventilated room (and the building jurisdiction allows for the substitution of conditioned make-up air), or it can be connected with an intake duct to draw air directly from the exterior or ventilated crawl space.
A built-in butterfly fireplace damper is provided as a standard component of the Modern Rumford™ fireplace system.
www.thefriendlyfire.com /rumford_specifications.htm   (755 words)

 Fireplaces/Prairie House/Hometime
One of the last rough-ins was the installation of the new fireplace in the master bedroom.
It was attached to the drywall around the fireplace unit with a surface variation created by planing down the backs of alternating tiles.
One comment made about gas fireplaces is that the gas jets don't really match the glow of a wood fire, but the technology is rapidly improving with ceramic logs and rock wool strategically placed to heat up and glow red like hot coals and embers when the unit's on.
www.hometime.com /projects/howto/prairie/pc2phr6.htm   (870 words)

 Rumford: Like It Used To Be
Rumford fireplaces are more like they used to be than ever before.
So he made a fireplace that had a big, tall and wide opening and was very shallow with widely splayed covings or jambs to reflect as much radiant heat out into the room as possible.
Because the Rumford firebox is tall, the gasses driven off the fire in a Rumford fireplace stay hot for a long time - long enough to attain secondary combustion.
www.rumford.com /articleRumford.html   (1987 words)

 Articles - Benjamin Thompson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford (in German: Reichsgraf von Rumford), (26 March 1753 - 21 August 1814), was an Anglo-American physicist and inventor whose challenges to established physical theory were part of the 19th century revolution in thermodynamics.
Thompson was an active inventor, developing improvements for chimneys and fireplaces and inventing the double boiler, a kitchen range, and a drip coffeepot.
The Rumford fireplace is considered to be a very thermally efficient way to heat a room.
www.hilore.com /articles/Benjamin_Thompson   (1181 words)

 Rumford fireplace built by Connell, Inc. in Charlotte, NC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Rumford fireplace built by Connell, Inc. in Charlotte, NC Connell, Inc
Those who love a wood fire will appreciate a large Rumford fireplace (42"x42") designed by Connell, Inc. Personal experience has shown that you can expect a single arm load of split white oak to generate a room full of heat that will last throughout an evening.
Because a Rumford fireplace is shallow, we build an extra large, floor-level brick hearth to protect the floors.
www.4x8.com /home/home/old2/fire.htm   (111 words)

 Mother Earth News Forum - Building a fireplace.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
There are several elements in fireplace design and construction which aren't intuitive, you can't guess at it, you can't make it up as you go along, and you can't change it once it's finished.
Between the time this fireplace idea first sprang into mind, and when I got serious about laying the blocks there were several design changes...and the thing got MUCH bigger.
The fireplace I'm building is on an outdoor patio, and it's for sitting around with friends with wine and cheese on cool Autumn and Spring evenings.
www.motherearthnews.com /forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1300   (1706 words)

 The Maxci Fisher House, Hollis New Hampshire
Features include five fireplaces, one which includes the beehive oven, each rebuilt with the original English, or “ballast”, bricks, beaded paneling, original wide board flooring, and 9/6 “cottage style” true divided light windows with randomly placed antique wavy glass that offer the tilt-in feature for maintenance.
Once again, brown coat plaster walls replicate the look of the old horsehair plaster, and a Rumford fireplace completes the coziness of the bedroom.
The master bath has its own Rumford fireplace in front of a luxurious, freestanding air-jet European styled tub sitting on an oriental “YATAK” rug made of hand screened Italian tile.
www.therestoredhomestead.com /MaxcyFisher/maxcyfisher.html   (463 words)

 Rumford Fireplace Plans & Instructions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Rumford Fireplace Plan (one piece throat with table of standard sizes)
Large and/or Modified Rumford Plan (segmented throat system with table of standard sizes)
Three Rumfords, Bread Oven and a Furnace Flue
www.rumford.com /plans.html   (88 words)

 Fireplaces: Rumford Fireplaces, Fireplace Inserts, Ventless Fireplaces, Gas Logs, Gas-Fired Fireplaces
Fireplaces: Rumford Fireplaces, Fireplace Inserts, Ventless Fireplaces, Gas Logs, Gas-Fired Fireplaces
Rumford Fireplaces, Fireplace Inserts, Ventless Fireplaces, Gas Logs, Gas-Fired Fireplaces
Distributor of Rumford fireplaces & masonry chimneys: wood-burning fireplaces, fireplace screens, chimney pots, fire brick & clay flue lining; restoration of 18th- & 19th-century fireplaces; construction of new Rumford fireplaces.
www.period-homes.com /phdb255.htm   (417 words)

 Modern Rumford   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Conversely, nothing is more frustrating and irritating than a fireplace that fills a room with smoke and lets logs roll into the coffee table.
The Modern Rumford™ is tested and proven to be much cleaner than traditional masonry fireplaces and are certified in three western states.
The MR48-1 and the MR54-1 surpass the minimum requirements of Washington State fireplace regulations and are also certified in some regulated parts of Colorado and California.
www.thefriendlyfire.com /modern_rumford.htm   (377 words)

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