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Topic: Rural municipality

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  The Center for Rural Pennsylvania
A municipality is rural when the population density within the municipality is less than 274 persons per square mile or the municipality's total population is less than 2,500 unless more than 50 percent of the population lives in an urbanized area, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau.
At the municipal level, 1,655 municipalities are rural, or 64 percent of the state's 2,567 municipalities.
Using this definition, it's possible to have an urban municipality in a rural county and a rural municipality in an urban county.
www.ruralpa.org /rural_urban.html   (446 words)

  Enschede - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Enschede or Eanske in the local dialect (Twents) is a municipality and a city in the eastern Netherlands, in the province of Overijssel, in the Twente region.
The municipality of Enschede consisted of the city of Enschede until 1935, when the rural municipality of Lonneker, which completely enclosed the city was annexed after the rapid industrial expansion of Enschede, which had begun in the 1860's and involved the building of railways and the digging of the Twentekanaal.
The city is cooperating with the nearby municipalities of Almelo, Borne and Hengelo as Netwerkstad Twente.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Enschede   (1222 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Statistics Canada
Parish - rural territories in Quebec (Parish municipalities) and New Brunswick
Rural municipality - rural territories in Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Subdivision of unorganized - unorganized rural territories of Newfoundland and Labrador
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Statistics_Canada   (435 words)

 Rural Municipality Act, 1989 (Repealed)
R-26.1 RURAL MUNICIPALITY, 1989 (b) appoint a returning officer to hold an election to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term; and the provisions of this Act with respect to elections apply, with any necessary modification, to an election held pursuant to this section.
R-26.1 RURAL MUNICIPALITY, 1989 (3) When a person is appointed to act as reeve or councillor pursuant to this section, the person who was previously elected to that position shall cease to hold office.
R-26.1 RURAL MUNICIPALITY, 1989 (d) subject to subsections (3) and (4), remuneration for each day necessarily occupied by the member in the performance of other duties associated with the municipality, if that work has been previously authorized to be performed by a resolution of the council, and for the distance necessarily travelled in that respect.
www.canlii.org /sk/laws/sta/r-26.1/20060927/whole.html   (4985 words)

 RM of Portage la Prairie
The Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie was incorporated in 1879.
It is the largest municipality in Manitoba with an area of approximately 864 square miles.
The City of Portage la Prairie is located in the center of the Rural Municipality.
www.rm.portage-la-prairie.mb.ca   (301 words)

 Estonica : State : Rural Municipality, Town and City
Rural municipalities as communal self-government units were formed when serfdom was abolished in the province of Estonia in 1816 and in the province of Livonia in 1819.
The borders of rural municipalities coincided with the borders of manorial estates and there were many rural municipalities without an integral territory.
Rural municipalities started to take over the responsibilities formerly discharged by squires; however, squires maintained their control over rural municipalities.
www.estonica.org /eng/lugu.html?menyy_id=1263&kateg=39&alam=48&leht=3   (1136 words)

That is, as rural governments became well organized, their chiefs compelled the cities to form part of a national unity.
In the nineteenth century, the English county government was reorganized by parliamentary statute and the Local Government Act of 1933 systematized the internal organization of the transformed counties, known as administrative counties by contrast with the older historic counties (shires).
The issues of municipal politics in a council-manager city are more often relevant to city problems than are the issues in a mayor-council city because the manager, unlike the mayor, usually does not have direct connections with a political organization.
www.grazian-archive.com /politics/PolOrganization/PO_C07.htm   (11765 words)

 Rural Municipality Signing - Highways and Transportation - Government of Saskatchewan
Supplementary signing required off the highway is the responsibility of the rural municipality in which the road or portions of the road requiring additional signing is located.
Rural municipalities with a permit will be allowed to install approved rural crime watch signs adjacent to provincial highways within their boundaries.
Supplementary signing required off the highway is the responsibility of the rural municipality in which the road or portions of the road requiring additional signing is located and must be in place prior to the installation of the fingerboards.
www.highways.gov.sk.ca /Default.aspx?DN=db2a0760-540b-4283-9bca-c551d03d594f   (429 words)

 Town of Killarney Manitoba and Rural Municipality of Turtle Mountain
Daily operation of the Town of Killarney and the Rural Municipality of Turtle Mountain is administered by a joint staff at the Civic Office located at 415 Broadway Avenue.
Located along the United States Border, the Rural Municipality of Turtle Mountain is easily accessible by Provincial Trunk Highways 3 and 18, and boast of population of 1143.
The Rural Municipality of Turtle Mountain was incorporated in 1882.
www.killarneymanitoba.com /townandrm.htm   (588 words)

 Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba
From a geographical perspective, the municipality is situated approximately 1.5 hours north east of Winnipeg, where prairie farmland in the west meets the boreal forest and granite outcropping of the Canadian Shield in the eastern portion of the R.M. Today the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet encompasses approximately 460 square miles of land.
The R.M. of Lac du Bonnet shares borders with the Rural Municipalities of Brokenhead and St. Clements to the west; the Rural Municipalities of Reynolds, Whitemouth and L.G.D. of Pinawa to the south; and the Rural Municipality of Alexander to the north.
Due to the demographics and geographical composition of the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet, the issues facing the Municipal Council are varied.
www.lacdubonnet.com /rm/strategicplan.html   (3123 words)

 Gimli Manitoba - Rural Municipality of Gimli
Blessed with a picture postcard setting, the Rural Municipality of Gimli is the largest urban center on the west shore of 300-mile long Lake Winnipeg.
Approximately five miles wide, the municipality is bounded on the east by the lake and on the west by verdant farm land.
The Town of Gimli was part of the R.M. until 1908 when it was incorporated as a separate municipality, It was surrounded by the rural municipality on three sides, forming a compact urban area where the two Gimli local governments worked in cooperation to provide many services to residents and cottagers.
www.rmgimli.com /about_us_detail.asp?ID=1   (589 words)

 MRD Frequently Asked Questions - Dissolution of an Urban Municipality
A: The rural municipality is responsible for preserving all of the village documents.
To avoid conflict, it is important for the village and rural municipal councils to discuss these details prior to dissolution.
A: All employees of the village continue as employees of the rural municipality until decisions are made regarding their status.
www.municipal.gov.sk.ca /div/faqs/dissolution.html   (789 words)

 Rural Municipality of St Andrews, Manitoba
In January of 1994 the Rural Municipality of St.Andrews purchased 53 acres of agricultural land adjacent to the St.Andrews Airport.
The second reason was to encourage economic development within the municipality and thereby enhance the tax base.
The municipality took the 53 acres and subdivided it into a road system and nineteen adjoining industrial lots.
www.rmofstandrews.com /dyk.asp   (351 words)

 RM of St. Anne - Home
Anne is at the centre of the Eastman region of Manitoba and at the crossroads of major highways.
The municipality is located only 20 minutes to the east of Winnipeg just off the four-lane Trans Canada Highway and only about 10 minutes north of Steinbach - 'The Automobile City' - just off the four-lane PTH 12.
Anne, which is completely surrounded by the municipality, hosts many commercial establishments such as a financial institution, hotel, grocers, restaurants, automobile repair and hardware.
www.rmofsteanne.com   (276 words)

The Department of Municipal Affairs of the Province of Mani- toba, rules that the lands of the Indian Reserve are exempt from all taxation, but that the "Right, Interest, or Estate in such land" is liable to taxation.
5, supra, the municipality assessed tax, but owing to the storm of protest that followed, the lands described in the leases in question were transferred to the "Exempt" section of the tax roll.
library2.usask.ca /native/cnlc/vol07/291.html   (2068 words)

 Manitoba Community Profiles - Community Profile:R.M. of Springfield
Lying on the edge of the Red River Valley, the municipality is mostly composed of flat agricultural prairie.
First created as the Rural Municipality of Springfield-Sunnyside in 1873, the Rural Municipality of Springfield is the oldest municipality established in the Province of Manitoba.
With many residents of the Rural Municipality of Springfield commuting to Winnipeg to work, the area has become known as a "bedroom community".
www.communityprofiles.mb.ca /cgi-bin/csd/index.cgi?id=4612047   (503 words)

 Manitoba Community Profiles - Community Profile:R.M. of St. Francois Xavier
The Rural Municipality of St.Francois Xavier is located in southcentral Manitoba, approximately 34 kilometres west of Manitoba's capital city, Winnipeg.
The municipality finds itself on the northwestern corner of the rich central prairie plains, surrounded by rich prairie land and the scenic banks of the Assiniboine River.
St.Francois is a municipality steeped in rich native folklore and legends.
www.communityprofiles.mb.ca /cgi-bin/csd/index.cgi?id=4610052   (682 words)

 Rural Municipality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
At the northerly tip of the municipality lies Katepwa Lake, one of a chain of four lakes commonly referred to as the "Fishing Lakes".
We are the home of the PFRA Shelterbelt (Tree Nursery) which was established in 1902 to do research and to provide the required tree materials to assist homesteaders and other land owners in the growing of shelterbelts.
The Rural Municipal Council is dedicated to preserving its agricultural base while enhancing the rural way of life through improving its road network, zoning controls and guidelines, encouragement for economic development and diversification to our area (member of the Trans Canada RDC), and joint participation in areas of library service, recreation, fire/emergency response, hospital/ambulance service.
www.townofindianhead.com /drural.htm   (406 words)

 ThePasArea.com - The Rural Municipality of Kelsey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
The Rural Municipality of Kelsey is located just outside the surrounding area of The Pas, Manitoba.
The R.M. of Kelsey's boundaries stretch 120 km from south of the Town of The Pas and as northerly as Cranberry Portage.
The Rural Municipality is a collection of communities, which form a very effective jurisdiction.
thepasarea.com /kelsey.php   (397 words)

 Estonia Diary Part 2 (5-Sep-2003)
Saarde is a rural municipality in the county of Parnu, based on a former parish.
The main sources of economic activity in the rural areas are based on primary resources: agriculture, forestry and timber processing, fishing and fish processing, peat industry, tourism is important in the main town.
The plan is produced in co-operation with all of the municipalities and, in Parnu County, all municipalities have signed up to support and implement the county plan.
www.ruralgateway.org.uk /cgi-bin/item.cgi?id=283   (2301 words)

 Rural Municipality of Cornwallis - History
BEING A BYLAW of the Rural Municipality of Cornwallis to provide for fire fighting, fire prevention, the related regulation of fire and other hazards, the adoption of the Code, and for establishing, continuing and operating an emergency service for the Municipality, and to be known as the “Fire Prevention and Emergency Services By-Law”;
AND WHEREAS section 264 of the Act provides that “Every municipality must provide fire protection services within its boundaries to reduce the danger of fire, which may include education programs, inspections of property, the installation of alarms, instructions on fighting fires, the provision of fire fighting equipment and a fire protection force”.
The Municipality hereby adopts the Code as part of this by-law, and the whole thereof, save and except such portions as are hereinafter deleted, modified or amended, is hereby incorporated as if fully set out at length herein.
www.gov.cornwallis.mb.ca /bylaws_item.aspx?id=10   (1377 words)

 Rural Municipality of Macdonald
One of the oldest municipalities in Manitoba, the RM of Macdonald's past generations experienced all of nature's wrath and hardships.
Located southwest of Winnipeg and covering approximately 1,106 square kilometers, the Rural Municipality of Macdonald extends from Fort Whyte, over the Perimeter Highway to the towns of Oak Bluff, La Salle, Domain, Osborne, Brunkild, Sanford, and Starbuck.
The municipality has access to major railroads, and by road is accessible by the Perimeter (Oak Bluff), Highway #3 (Sanford, Brunkild), Highway #2 (Starbuck), and Provincial Road 330 (La Salle, Domain, Osborne).
www.rmofmacdonald.com   (384 words)

 Gender: listen to the voices of...
She lives in the municipality of Gornji Vakuf - Uskoplje, an area that is famous for its forest vegetation.
Once a prosperous Austro-Hungarian military stronghold, it is now a poor rural municipality on the country’s border, with a population of only 2,500.
After the collapse of the Soviet system, her salary was reduced to a tiny fraction of what she had been receiving and she was forced to look elsewhere for work to support her family.
www.ruralpovertyportal.org /english/topics/gender/voices.htm   (1248 words)

 Rural Horizon, Winter 2006
Rural and Small Town Canada Analysis Bulletin is a joint project between Statistics Canada and the Rural Secretariat on behalf of the Canadian Rural Partnership.
Census data offers comprehensive information on agriculture from the township or rural municipality to the national level, on topics ranging from livestock numbers, crops, and organic farming to manure management and even farm‑related injuries.
In the same time span, the percentage of rural farm population as a percentage of the total rural population dropped from 7.1 percent to 6.4 percent in Quebec.
www.rural.gc.ca /team/qc/bulletin2006/hr_hiv_e.phtml   (2790 words)

The RM is located in Townships 4, 5, and 6 Ranges 22,23 24, 25 and 26 West of the Second Meridian.
There are three school divisions within the Municipality and they each have authority to set their own mill rate.
The main industry of the Municipality is Agriculture, however there is a large coal mine located at the south western tip of our land base.
www.rm40.com /community.shtml   (268 words)

 The City of Winnipeg Amendment, Municipal Amendment and Consequential Amendments Act
(iii) the territory of an adjoining municipality or part of an adjoining municipality is transferred to the city.
6.1 For the purposes of this Part, the area or boundary of a city, town, village or rural municipality in a regulation is sufficiently described if it is indicated on a map adopted or incorporated by reference in the regulation.
38.3(1) Where the inhabitants of a part of The City of Winnipeg are incorporated as a new rural municipality, the by-laws in force in the territory of the new rural municipality immediately before its incorporation continue in force in the new municipality until repealed or amended by the council of that new municipality.
web2.gov.mb.ca /laws/statutes/1992/c00292e.php   (1403 words)

 Gimli Manitoba - Rural Municipality
Situated on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, the RM of Gimli includes the former Town of Gimli in forming one dynamic municipality that is rich in culture and business.
Located within both a rural and urban setting the RM of Gimli has all the services you require to operate a business and raise a family.
The Rural Municipality of Gimli is a great place to locate or start a business.
www.rmgimli.com   (124 words)

 Rural ABM — eThekwini Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Rural areas, particularly in developing and underdeveloped societies, around the world are traditionally characterised by abject poverty and unemployment.
Over one-third of the city is rural in nature, containing less than 5% of the population living on communal land.
The rural areas of eThekwini were selected as one of the five areas where the Area Based Management (ABM) approach can be piloted within the eThekwini Municipality.
www.durban.gov.za /eThekwini/Municipality/abm/rural   (187 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Before lost war, Rural Japan had some governance with balanced structure of community former municipality before amalgamation and municipality that consisted of the 3-25 communities.
Meiji restoration destroyed the structure under this system.¡(€€óŸ¨:(Short history of rural governance in Japan before 1950s)¡;;Ÿ¨nMeiji restoration in 1868 Opened door to the foreign countries, Need of centralization for against the foreign pressures, Restructured local feudal lords and communities.
Town and village are typical rural, and city includes large rural areas.
nre.concordia.ca /__ftp2004/powerpoint/tweed_2004/Structural_Change_of_Rural_Governance_in_Japan_20041019.ppt   (804 words)

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