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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  How to Make a Smore - wikiHow
The traditional s'more is made with marshmallows, graham crackers and a few pieces of chocolate.
For a 'classic smore' (this is a recipe passed through my family) you can roast the whole smore (don't melt the marshmallow first) over the fire, although this is harder (you have to skewer the whole smore) it is tastier!!!
When the s'more is fully assembled, let it sit for a few seconds.
www.wikihow.com /Make-a-Smore   (724 words)

Another great aspect with smores is the social atmosphere it creates.
Get the simple ingredients, have people over (or even surprise them with the smores entertainment), and it will be a great story to tell (who burned a whole mashmellow, you got mashmellow stuck onto their face, the chocolate dripping everywhere, and of course, the amazing tast that will keep everyone still talking!
Smores is essentially a simple treat that can be made indoors and out.
www.smores.ws   (291 words)

  Jim Shore and other collectible gifts
S'more fisherman has on a green cap with a big ole fish on the front...
S'more holds her song book while keeping warm in her pink ear muffs and green scarf.
Proud to be an American this happy little Smores is waving the flag while most likely singing Oh beautiful for spacious skies or perhaps holding it for a troop of scouts to recite the pledge of Allegiance.
www.lacehaystack.com /product1.cfm?cat=SMR   (1356 words)

 Campfire Cooking, Smore Recipes
Cookie Smores Recipe: Roast 2 large marshmallows over campfire, then carefully transfer onto a shortbread cookie that has been dipped on the back side in chocolate (Keebler Stripped Fudge Cookies work wonderfully well).
Nilla Elf Smore Recipe: Roast one large marshmallow and carefully transfer to the bottom-side of a nilla wafer cookie to which 1 square of Hershey's chocolate has been added.
Smore Popcorn Cake Recipe: Substitute graham cracker with a popcorn cake for a different crunchy explosion.
www.intothewoods.us /ThisOldTent/camping-smores.html   (132 words)

 Honda-Tech.com: Smore dat spension tak bout R kaas........
Honda-Tech.com: Smore dat spension tak bout R kaas........
Honda-Tech.com » Road Racing/Autocross » Smore dat spension tak bout R kaas........
Re: Smore dat spension tak bout R kaas........
www.honda-tech.com /zerothread?id=285747   (5739 words)

 Haba Smore Oompa Toys Baby Toys & Wooden Toys
Smore from Haba meets or exceeds safety specifications set forth by ASTM International.
Smore from Haba meets or exceeds safety specifications set forth by the the BSI.
My daughter loves these smores and they have been the perfect ending to many meals we have shared in her kitchen.
www.oompa.com /cgi-bin/category.cgi?item=HA1523&source=shoppingcom   (315 words)

 Gail Showalter - Seeing U Through Speaker, Educator, Art for Disabled & Visually Impaired, Christian,  ...
SMORE for Women may combine information about you that we have with information we obtain from business partners or other companies.
SMORE for Women does not provide any personal information to the advertiser when you interact with or view a targeted ad.
SMORE for Women lets other companies that show advertisements on some of our pages set and access their cookies on your computer.
www.seeinguthrough.com /privacy-new.aspx   (860 words)

 Smore (S'More) Recipes for Camping: Creative, Fun and Unique Smores (S'Mores) Ideas for Kids
Smores are such a campfire tradition that it is almost mandatory that you make smores when you camp with kids.
Take your family's smores to the next level with these fun and creative smores recipes for camping kids.
The copyright of the article Smore (S'More) Recipes for Camping in Family Adventures is owned by Kelby Carr.
familytravel.suite101.com /article.cfm/smores_recipes_for_camping   (483 words)

 Honda-Tech.com: Road Racing/Autocross: Smore dat spension tak bout R kaas........
Honda-Tech.com » Road Racing/Autocross » Smore dat spension tak bout R kaas........
Re: Smore dat spension tak bout R kaas........
Chicagoland IL « Re: Smore dat spension tak bout R kaas........
honda-tech.com /zerothread?id=285747   (5661 words)

 DECUS Essential Tools Collection, 1996 for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX (VS0174)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
SMORE - DCL Command "More" Utility (c) Copyright 1994, Chris Olive ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SMORE was created to provide a Unix "more" equivalent over the output of any DCL or foreign activated command.
SMORE simply reads from the mailbox, writes a screenful of records, provides the standard -- More -- prompt, and waits for a keypress.
If that logical is set, SMORE will truncate records to the length of the output device (terminal).
www.decus.org /libcatalog/document_html/vs0174_132.html   (516 words)

 Sculpey Clay Projects - Smore Guy
Turn Smore Guy upside down and use the pointed end of a paintbrush to make a hole in the center of the smore.
This is done so smore will sit sturdy and straight on the pen.
Place a thin layer of TLS on top of pen before attaching the smore, this helps in the “gluing” process.
www.sculpey.com /Projects/projects_SmoreGuy.htm   (595 words)

S'More Reading deals with the romantic side of life...we believe in love and all it entails.
So if you are finding it hard to tell someone you love how you feel come to S'More Reading.
We help you customize your wedding vows to be kept as a keepsake for years to come.
www.smorereading.com   (114 words)

 S'mores, Smore Ornament, Smores Dinnerware, ornaments
ORIGINAL S'mores ornaments, figurines and dinnerware brings the best of childhood memories, the crispy crunch of graham crackers topped with melting hersheys chocolate and marshmallows inspires family traditions of fun.
S'mores Original set of 2 Santa's, one is holding a cookie with milk and the other is holding a sign that says '' I Believe In Santa!'' Item SM952658.
S'mores Please bears around the campfire cooking Smores, one of the baby bears is eating a Smore and the other baby bear is simply just waiting for his!
www.flyingcloudgifts.com /product.cfm?CID=9   (385 words)

 Smores (Goodbye...)
We are running out of material to use...there are only so many ways you can use the word "Smore" XD The less material we have, the less funny the strips get, and it's very clear as the latest comics are nowhere near as funny as the older comics.
We don't have enough viewers anymore...if we had more people viewing this comic, we'd be more inclinced to continue it.
I was hoping we could make it bigger, which was why I was going to release the Smores Newsletter on the 50th comic, but all that work was going to waste, so I figured I'd end this now.
www.drunkduck.com /Smores   (259 words)

 Smore pictures and videos on Webshots
they were all makin smores with a smore maker
Indoor Smores on the stove w/ marshmellow fluff- our mo...
Shaela hookin me up with her first smore...
www.webshots.com /search?query=Smore   (162 words)

 World's Largest Smore
In honor of its centennial, Coleman set a new world record for the world’s largest s’more.
1,200 pounds of s’more was more than enough to serve the 800 employees attending the celebration.
It was constructed using 4,514 chocolate bars, 10,800 marshmallows and 21,600 graham crackers.
www.coleman.com /coleman/smore.asp   (90 words)

 :: NASA Quest > Archives ::
The opportunity to send email questions to the men and women of the SMORE team is available now through January of 1997.
We are grateful to the SMORE folks for generously volunteering their time to support this service.
Those that remain unanswered are sent to the SMORE team.
quest.arc.nasa.gov /smore/updates/smore10.html   (1737 words)

 Amazon.com: Hershey's Smore's Maker: Toys & Games   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Hershey's S'mores Maker takes away the smoke, the ashes, and the mosquitoes, leaving you with the simple gooey pleasures a graham cracker, a chocolate bar, and a marshmallow can bring.
The Hershey's Smores Maker looks like a campfire but has a bulb inside that safely heats the marshmallow to just the right temperature and gooiness to satify kids and adults.
I bought this for my 24 year old self, mostly because I remembered camping out and making s'mores over a real campfire and wanted to share a little bit of that with my 5 year old without worrying about building a fire in the backyard.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0002GN6JY?v=glance   (1247 words)

 Gail Showalter - SMORE Spiritual Ministry Offering Retreats & Encouragement for Women
Though she is happily remarried, her heart’s desire is to offer seeds of guidance to single moms.
Her passion for single moms motivated her to establish SMORE’s, a Spiritual Ministry Offering Retreats and Encouragement.
Gail is available to serve as a facilitator for the implementation of a Single Mom Saturday retreat program in your church.
www.smoreforwomen.org   (386 words)

 Smore Maker - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review
As kids, who didn't love S'mores - those fun-to-make, campfire sandwiches, oozing with marshmallows and bars of sweet chocolate, nestled between crunchy squares of golden graham...
Crunchy Graham crackers, creamy Hershey's chocolate and gooey marshmallows were meant to go together.
Features: Portable design allows the S'mores Maker to be used on just about any stable surface.
www.nextag.com /smore-maker/search-html   (151 words)

 NC PromisedLand TG Smore   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Smore is a stylish doe that is the result of a.line breeding on SGGCH Little Orchard Pure Charm 8*M E92.
She freshened with a very nice udder, which is no surprise, since she does come from outstanding mammary backgrounds on both sides of her pedigree.
Smore just a few days after her first freshening.
www.promisedlandfarm.net /Smore.htm   (121 words)

We are so glad you have found us and look forward to filling your order.
At Smore Teats we take the quality of our products very serious and strive to bring the freshest and best tasting products from our kitchens to your door as fresh as when it left us.
We strive to ensure that all our treats live up to our name and you really do want "smore".
www.smoretreats.com   (340 words)

 smores - eat it - do it - family.ca
smores - eat it - do it - family.ca
Camping would be simply a snore without the tradition of the smore.
Place it on a graham cracker, add 2 squares of chocolate on top and another graham cracker to complete your Smore Sandwich.
www.family.ca /doit/eatit/smores.php   (43 words)

SMORE is designed to enable users to markup HTML documents in OWL using Web Ontologies.
Error Highlighting and Prevention: SMORE identifies and highlights invalid triples in the triple table, preventing the underlying ontology from becoming invalid, and helping the user correct errors.
Built-In HTML Editor: SMORE incorporates the Ekit HTML editor, allowing the user to perform basic editing of HTML documents as they are being marked up.
www.mindswap.org /2005/SMORE   (330 words)

 TNT: Line Workers Wire Smore Christmas Ornament
These cute little marshmallow electrician SMORE Christmas ornaments are 2.5" round with a 2" full color printed insert with a protective clear top layer.
Each Line Worker Wires Smore S'more Power Christmas ornament comes with a gold hook for hanging and is individually bagged.
Smores are those ooey, gooey, marshmallow treats that you bake over the campfire...remember graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate?
www.technotetime.com /items/all-products/gifts-for-electrical-electronics-trades-and-hams/gifts-for-electrical-power-linemen/line-workers-smore-ornament-detail.htm   (232 words)

 Beef Smore Recipe - Recipes To-Go
Food should not be a merchandise, to be bought and sold as jewels are bought and sold by those who have the money to buy.
The whole of nature, as has been said, is a conjugation of the verb to eat, in the active and in the passive.
The leaves of the rosemary plant are available in both fresh and dried varieties and the stems make easy skewers that add a ton of flavor to shish-ka-bobs.
www.recipes-to-go.com /meat/Beef-Smore.html   (560 words)

 Nudum Pactum: Please, No sMore!
After pre-melting the marshmallows (which he put directly on a grill), he wrapped the pre-assembled smores in tin foil and threw them on a grill.
Bobby Flay made grilled coconut smores with gourmet marshmallow.
I might study 18 hours a day, but I'll still go for a drink after class.
nudumpactum.blogspot.com /2005/06/please-no-smore.html   (236 words)

 Brackets   (Site not responding. Last check: )
(9) 5- 9 Bout: 14 -Jerimiah Bossart SMORE-------+
Bout: 92 -Joey Shaver BRWN-------------+ Bout: 155 -Jerimiah Bossart SMORE------- -Bye--------------------------+
Bout: 73 -Erik Frund SMORE-------------+ -Erik Frund SMORE-------------+
www.wpial.org /stuff/finalbracketsaa2.htm   (2277 words)

 Recipe Double Chocolate Smores
Tear off four 6" lengths of heavy-duty foil, fold each in half to form a 9 x 6" rectangle, and spray with oil.
one s'more in the center of each rectangle and seal the packets.
Grill the packets for 4 minutes or until the marshmallows have melted.
www.napoleongrills.com /Webshare/Recipes/recipe_double_chocolate_s.htm   (127 words)

 Your Basic Smores Recipe | Recipezaar
Smores got their name from the phrase; "Give me Some more!" A favorite for around the camp fire.
They could hardly believe their good luck, but it was a camping tradition.
Now he enjoys making 'perfect' s'mores for others and with his insulin pump he is able to eat 2 or 3 of them in one sitting.
www.recipezaar.com /64984   (454 words)

 HERSHEY'S Kitchens: Recipes: S'Mores
CHOCOLATE BANANA S'MORE: Place slices of banana on top of chocolate bar; proceed as above.
CHOCO-CHERRY S'MORE: Cut two maraschino cherries into slices; place on top of chocolate bar; proceed as above.
RASPBERRY S'MORE: Spread thin layer of seedless red raspberry preserves on graham cracker.
www.hersheys.com /recipes/recipes/detail.asp?id=4939&page=1&per=25&keyword=smore   (255 words)

 Smore Dancing, movies, travel, laughing, kwando, wh
Smore: Honesty is a necessity, all else is neg.
About Me Looking for someone serious, but who also knows how to have fun.
Lets face it, first dates can be nerve wrecking, so make the most of it and enjoy yourselves!
www.plentyoffish.com /member609503.htm   (147 words)

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