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  Salt Lake City | Hotels | Real Estate | Restaurants | Nightlife | Attractions
Salt Lake City has developed a lively restaurant scene thanks to new talented chefs, a happening downtown, locally grown fresh produce and vegetables and savvy diners.
Among Salt Lake City's draws are its quality of life, high salaries and technology sector, as well as its emergence as a logistics and distribution center for the western U.S. Our job listings are a good place to start and employment search in the Salt Lake City, Orem or Park City areas.
Salt Lake City travel guides, including travel books, dining guides, maps and Salt Lake City-specific specialty guides for both business travelers and tourists in Salt Lake City, Utah.
www.saltlakecity.com   (871 words)

  What is Salt?
Sodium chloride (1 2 3 4 5 6) or common salt is the chemical compound NaCl, composed of the elements sodium and chloride (1 2 3 4).
Salt occurs naturally in many parts of the world as the mineral (1 2) halite (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) and as mixed evaporites in salt lakes.
Salt even arrives on earth from outer space in meteors and its presence on the planet Mars makes scientists think life may exist there (in fact, scientists speculate that salt-loving bacteria live in underground water on Mars -- as they have survived in suspended animation for 250 million years in Texas).
www.saltinstitute.org /15.html   (1160 words)

 BBC NEWS | Health | Medical notes | Salt
The move is designed to cut average daily salt intake in the diet, as too much salt is linked to high blood pressure, which in turn can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
Salt is a commonly occuring mineral, the technical name of which is sodium chloride.
Salt is added to processed foods to aid preservation and to improve taste.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/health/medical_notes/393201.stm   (884 words)

  salt - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Salt (compound), also sodium chloride, chemical compound that has the formula NaCl.
Salt (diet) chemical compound, sodium chloride (NaCl), a vital constituent of the human body.
Salt is used to enhance the flavor of foods and to...
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=salt   (182 words)

 Cook's Thesaurus: Salt
Salt connoisseurs, though, often prefer to use Kosher salt for cooking, and sea salt for table use.
Specialized salts include pickling salt, which is free of the additives that turn pickles dark and the pickling liquid cloudy, and rock salt, used primarily to de-ice driveways and make ice cream.
Salt aficionados counter that French sea salt has a much softer and fresher flavor than ordinary table salt, and that the difference is worth it.
www.foodsubs.com /Salt.html   (2149 words)

 Salt   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Salt, which gives us sodium chloride, has been the subject of a number of studies pertaining to the vegan diet.
A COMA report on nutrition calculated that the average consumption of salt in Britain was around 9g per day, and it recommended that this should be reduced to 6g, with a proportionate reduction for children.
If after a couple of weeks of recording your salt intake you find it is from 3-5g daily, then it is reasonably safe, but if it is higher then you should take steps to reduce it in order to safeguard your long term health.
www.vegansociety.com /html/food/nutrition/salt.php   (850 words)

 Salt seasalt ocean salt unrefined sea salt page Seasalt's Hidden Powers
The extent of the salt famine reported by Henri Pirenne caused human flesh to be sold on the open-air markets and created an epidemic of crazed people who, to replenish their salt, drank blood from the neck artery of the person they had just slain.
Salt is vital to the extraction of excess acidity from the cells in the body, particularly the brain cells.
Salt is vital for the clearance of the lungs of mucus plugs and sticky phlegm, particularly in asthma and cystic fibrosis.
curezone.com /foods/saltcure.asp   (5171 words)

Culinary salt is only a minor use by tonnage, but is the most common form in which salt is known to the public.
Indeed, impure salt and salt of less uniformity generally command a premium, as in "sea salt." These salts may have bitter overtones that are prized.
Pure salt is transparent, with an index of refraction of 1.5443 for the Na D line, very similar to that of glass.
www.du.edu /~jcalvert/phys/salt.htm   (3798 words)

Salt, always used for the seasoning of food and for the preservation of things from corruption, had from very early days a sacred and religious character.
The Orientals used it to cleanse and harden the skin of a newborn child (Ezekiel 16:4); by strewing salt on a piece of land they dedicated it to the gods; in the Jewish Law it was prescribed for the sacrifices and the loaves of proposition (Leviticus 2:13).
The other salt is exorcized and blessed in the preparation of holy water for the Asperges before high Mass on Sunday and for the use of the faithful in their homes.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/13403b.htm   (356 words)

 Salt seasalt ocean salt unrefined sea salt page Seasalt's Hidden Powers
Salt is most effective in stabilizing irregular heartbeats and, Contrary to the misconception that it causes high blood pressure, it is actually essential for the regulation of blood pressure - in conjunction with water.
Salt is vital to the extraction of excess acidity from the cells in the body, particularly the brain cells.
Salt is vital for the clearance of the lungs of mucus plugs and sticky phlegm, particularly in asthma and cystic fibrosis.
www.curezone.com /foods/saltcure.asp   (5250 words)

Salt made the world go round - - the purpose is to collect evidence to support the theory that common salt and its short supply from the then known sources had catastrophic influence on the development of ancient civilizations.
The relationship of mankind to salt is ancient, as salt is a substance indispensable for maintaining life.
Students view salt under varied magnifications, make detailed observations, and begin to construct the understanding that materials may be composed of parts that are too small to be seen without magnification.
42explore.com /salt.htm   (1832 words)

 Cool Hunting: Salt
The undisputed salt of choice for chefs, connoisseurs and food snobs the world over, this French salt from the marshes of Guerande in Brittany is hand-harvested by "paludiers" (salt harvester craftsmen), who sweep the top of the evaporating sea water only on perfect rain-free days in July and August when the sea is calm.
A rose-colored salt called Himalania ($13) is harvested from a marine fossil formed during the Mesozoic era in the foothills of the Himalayas.
This striking fl clay salt from Cyprus ($31) has a similar flavor structure to the Hawaiian red clay salt and is the perfect yin to balance out the yang of any post-modern presentation—try it on the rim surrounding a pomegranate margarita.
www.coolhunting.com /archives/2006/10/salt_1.php   (1375 words)

Salt comes in a number of different varieties, and very little of what is produced in the U.S. is intended for use in food.
This type of salt comes in large chunky crystals and is intended primarily for use in home ice cream churns to lower the temperature of the ice filled water in which the churn sits.
The reason it is called "solar" and sometimes "sea salt" is that it is produced by evaporation of sea water in large ponds in various arid areas of the world.
waltonfeed.com /grain/faqs/iif4.html   (1073 words)

Salt was taxed by governments from the ancient Chinese and Romans to late medieval Burgundy, where salt was taxed at more than 100% as it came from the salt-works.
Salt was a state monopoly, the Salzmonopol, "the brightest jewel in the possession of the Hofkammer," and around 1700 provided about 10% of the total revenue of the state.
Salt was "il vero fondamento del nostro stato." Always, the Venetians were willing to exercise raw power to foster their control of salt.
www.geology.ucdavis.edu /~cowen/~GEL115/salt.html   (4048 words)

 Salt - Better Health Channel.
Salt is a chemical compound that combines sodium and chloride.
Some people believe that salt has to be replaced during hot weather or strenuous exercise to avoid muscle cramps.
Salt is needed by the body to help regulate fluid levels.
www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au /bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/Salt?OpenDocument   (1066 words)

 Microsoft Speech - Speech Application Language Tags (SALT)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The full specification for SALT is currently being developed by the SALT Forum, an open industry initiative committed to developing a royalty-free, platform-independent standard that will make possible multimodal and telephony-enabled access to information, applications, and Web services from PCs, telephones, tablet PCs, and wireless personal digital assistants (PDAs).
SALT (Speech Application Language Tags) is a small set of XML elements, with associated attributes and DOM object properties, events, and methods, which may be used in conjunction with a source markup document to apply a speech interface to the source page.
A SALT recognition may be started by a browser event such as pen-down on a textbox, for example, which activates a grammar relevant to the textbox, and binds the recognition result in the textbox.
www.microsoft.com /speech/evaluation/speechtags   (827 words)

 Salt and Pepper Shakers Best Sellers at Home 'n Gifts
The salt and pepper shakers at Home 'n Gifts would make lovely dinner table accessories that are sure to liven up any meal.
So whether your shopping for discount priced salt and pepper shakers to add to your kitchen decor, or are searching for unique gift ideas for that someone special, you'll find just what you're looking for in the Home 'n Gifts online store.
These pleasantly plump chefs will hold salt and pepper in their rotund bellies.
salt-pepper-shakers.home-n-gifts.com   (537 words)

 History of Salt and its Production
he entire area around those salt works was frequently enveloped in a heavy, choking cloud of smoke.
or centuries salt makers used conical wicker basket moulds called barrows to make their lumps, which then had to be crushed before the salt could be used.
Workers had to 'lump' the salt and their job was known as 'lumping'.
www.british-salt.co.uk /history.htm   (419 words)

 Amazon.com: Salt: A World History: Books: Mark Kurlansky   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Salt's decline in conserving food, which changed the amount of salt we consume directly, came about due to increased world trade, displacement of rural populations into cities, and, of course, war.
According to him, dissatisfaction with the salt tax led to the American and French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution came to be because of salt, and salted foods allowed the world to be explored.
After reading "Salt: A History" by Mark Kurlansky, I have a greater appreciation of the everyday items around me. I had never would have imagined that salt (which I try to avoid, personally) brought nations to war over and over again and was even partially responsible for the discovery of America.
www.amazon.com /Salt-World-History-Mark-Kurlansky/dp/0142001619   (2356 words)

 FoodTale: SALT
Sea water is evaporated, and rock salt is mined--so important is salt for the flavor of food, the needs of the diet, and even digestion (by increasing the hydrochloric acid content of digestive fluids).
Salt is the only rock directly consumed by man. It corrodes but preserves, dessicates but is wrested from the water.
Its trans-Saharan trade, for example, began on the Mediterranean coast, where salt was dried in salt pans, and went by caravan, oasis to oasis, along the Sahara desert to southern forests--returning with gold dust, ivory, goat skins, and slaves.
www.soupsong.com /fsalt.html   (1412 words)

 [No title]
Problem is, not only do we add table salt to just about everything we eat, sodium is used to preserve many foods.
Original Himalayan Crystal Salt contains all of the natural minerals and trace elements that are found in the human body.
Using Original Himalayan Crystal Salt at your table helps to re-mineralize the body with 84 minerals and trace elements essential to good health—and not found in table or sea salt.
www.jigsawhealth.com /products/himalayan_salt.html   (732 words)

 Salt Lake City Yellow Pages - Yellow Pages LTD
Criminal Defense Attorneys in Salt Lake City UT
Fountains, Ponds, Statuary in Salt Lake City UT
Funeral & Cemetery in Salt Lake City UT
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 Salt Lake Tribune - Salt Lake Tribune Home Page
Salt Lake Tribune - Salt Lake Tribune Home Page
Romney: Religious tolerance would build a nation blessed by 'symphony' of faith
Defying steep odds, the two immigrants have established stores alongside dozens of other ethnic businesses clustered near 3500 South and Redwood Road.
www.sltrib.com   (654 words)

 Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce :: Home
Your guide to Salt Lake’s unsurpassed recreation, accommodations, and lifestyle -- including how to order a hefty Relocation Packet.
Clad in their trademark white jackets, the Salt Shakers are the most visible representatives of the Salt Lake Chamber.
Questar, Salt Lake County, Rocky Mountain Power, Wells Fargo, Zions Bank
www.saltlakechamber.org   (169 words)

 Salt Lake City UT Hotels: Discount Salt Lake City Hotel Reservations
Salt Lake City UT Hotels: Discount Salt Lake City Hotel Reservations
Salt Lake City UT hotels from the City-State Hotels network and guides.
Choose from hotels located in any one of the city's regions such as Surrounding Areas, Salt Lake City, South Suburbs, Downtown, Airport, Park City Mountain Resort, Our goal is to provide up to the minute info to all hotels we serve in Salt Lake City UT.
www.ut-salt-lake-city-hotels.com   (148 words)

 Salt Lake City Real Estate - Salt Lake City Homes For Sale
If you are looking to purchase a new home then my New Homes for Sale page details the different developments currently being built in and around the Salt Lake Valley.
Are you moving to Salt Lake and want to know what there is to do in and around the Salt Lake area then checkout the Useful Salt Lake Information page.
Are for looking at homes for sale and are fed up of continually searching through the entire list of homes currently on the market then why not let me do it for you.
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 Fly Fishing in Salt Waters Magazine
Fly Fishing in Salt Water's exclusive Podcast series!
Original content videos from Fly Fishing in Salt Waters
Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine is published by Bonnier Corporation, © 2007
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