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Topic: SC Freiburg

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  The UEFA Cup 2001/02 - SC Freiburg (GER)
SC Freiburg (GER) - FC Sankt Gallen (SUI) 0:1 (0:0).
Feyenoord Rotterdam (HOL) - SC Freiburg (GER) 1:0 (0:0).
SC Freiburg (GER) - Feyenoord Rotterdam (HOL) 2:2 (1:0).
www.rsssf.com /tablesd/duitec-freiburg02.html   (535 words)

 SC Freiburg 1904-1945
Freiburger FC 18 9 3 6 35 - 36 21 - 15 4.
Freiburger FC 10 5 2 3 25 - 16 12 - 8 3.
Freiburger FC 10 9 0 1 64 - 5 18 - 2 2.
soccer.fan.de /clubs/scf45.html   (961 words)

 SC Freiburg - Wikipedia
SC Freiburg-Spieler feiern Unentschieden gegen Dortmund in der Bundesliga
Stocker ging statt dessen zum SC Freiburg, wo er bis heute Präsident ist.
Präsident des SC Freiburg ist Achim Stocker (* 1935), der seit 1972 der Führungsriege angehört.
de.wikipedia.org /wiki/SC_Freiburg   (1297 words)

 Freiburg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Freiburg has a sunny microclimate and popular opinion has it that Freiburg is the warmest, sunniest city in Germany.
Freiburg was founded in the 12th century by Duke Konrad of Zähringen as a free market town, hence its name, which translates to "Free (or Independent) City".
Freiburg is home to Second Bundesliga football team SC Freiburg, coached by Volker Finke and playing in the Badenova-Stadion (formerly Dreisamstadion).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Freiburg   (1710 words)

 SI.com - Soccer - German Bundesliga - Team Pages - SC Freiburg
Streak: Lost 3 Freiburg were relieved to see the back of the season after clinching only three wins in 34 matches.
Volker Finke's troops were stuck at the bottom of the standings for almost the entire season and never harboured hope of a late comeback.
Freiburg conceded at least three goals half of their matches.
sportsillustrated.cnn.com /soccer/germany/teams/scf   (193 words)

 SC Freiburg History, Players, Team, Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
SC Freiburg is a football club in the German Bundesliga, based in Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg.
The club's greatest success was reaching the UEFA Cup in 1996 and 2002.
Its coach, Volker Finke is the longest serving coach in Germany, coaching Freiburg since 1991.
www.123football.com /clubs/germany/freiburg/index.htm   (73 words)

 BetDevil - Matches - Soccer/Football - Leagues/Cups - International/Domestic/Continental
Away team SC Freiburg have an away record of 0-1-2 (W-D-L) for their 3 away games this season, 1 points from a possible 9.
SC Freiburg's recent points average is 0.67, 4 points from games; SC Freiburg's last 10 league games record reads DWWWDLDDDL while their last 10 away league games read DLLLDWWLDL.
SC Freiburg have not won in their last 6 games.
www.betdevil.com /previews.php?mid=320483   (713 words)

 SC - Webled.com
SC Johnson is a family company that specializes in the development of innovative...
[ SC Johnson is a family company that that has been creating innovative ]...
SC Magdeburg e.V. Magdeburg e.V. 28.11.2006 - Kathrin Zierau · Turnen ges ]...
www.webled.com /SC.htm   (171 words)

 Freiburg Germany | Black Forest | Freiburg-Home.com | in English - List Categories and Articles by B: Root   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Bierhaeusle Hotel-Restaurant is in the Western part of Freiburg in a calm peripheral location, but nevertheless central: 1km to the motorway and with the rapid-transit railway into the old town...
Freiburg is home to hundreds of bars and pubs.
No tour of Freiburg is complete without a visit to the Muenster Cathedral in the heart of the old city.
www.freiburg-home.com /articles/List_Alpha/b/1   (455 words)

 Amazon.de: SC Freiburg. Der lange Weg zum kurzen Pass: Bücher: Toni Nachbar,Otto Schnekenburger   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Auf 303 Seiten befassen sich die beiden kompetenten Sportjournalisten und Allrounder Toni Nachbar (Fußball-Philosoph seinerseits) und Otto Schneckenburger (beide verbringen schon eine geraume Zeit ihres Leben miteinander) mit Ihrem Lokalverein, dem SC Freiburg.
Für einen echten SC Freiburg Fan, aber auch Leute, die sich mit diesem einzigartigen Verein befassen, ein absolutes Muss.
Alles in allem, kann man sagen: Hier steckt alles drin, was es über den SC zu wissen gibt.
www.amazon.de /Freiburg-lange-Weg-kurzen-Pass/dp/3895333352   (271 words)

 SC Freiburg
Der SC Freiburg gehört zu Freiburg, zum Schwarzwald, zu Baden wie die “lange Rote” auf dem Vorplatz des Münster Freiburg.
Ob der SC Freiburg nun in der Bundesliga oder “nur” in der 2.
[Holzi-Freiburg] [Freiburg] [Todesstrafe] [Witz der Woche] [Sitemap] [Eingang]
www.holzi-freiburg.de /html/sc_freiburg.html   (321 words)

 CNN/SI - - Sc Freiburg Team Report - August 25, 2000
However, since the Bavarians are said to be a force at home, coach Finke was pleased with his team's performance, especially because they rallied from a 1-0 deficit: Altin Rrakli had put the home side up 1-0 before Levan Kobiaschwili converted a penalty kick in the 55th minute for the final score.
For Freiburg, converting penalty kicks must be hard: Out of the last 19 tries, just seven found the back of the net...
The draw let Freiburg slide to the fourth rank, but Finke still does not really know where his team stands since the 4-0 trashing of Stuttgart came as a huge surprise.
sportsillustrated.cnn.com /soccer/germany/news/2000/news.frereport.html   (241 words)

 SC Freiburg Frauenfußball | SCF | News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Aufgrund einer tollen Leistung konnten die SC II Frauen nach zuletzt vier Niederlagen in Folge einen verdienten 1:0 Heimsieg über den VfR Engen feiern...
Nach dem Spielverlauf der zweiten Halbzeit geht dieser Sieg für den KSC in Ordnung.
Die Frauenmannschaft des SC Freiburg bleibt nach dem achten Spieltag Tabellenelfter in der Bundesliga.
www.sc-freiburg-frauen.de /news/index.php?cid=10&typeid=0,3,4   (631 words)

 SC Freiburg
The club was originally founded in 1904 as Schwalbe Freiburg, and then went through various name changes, including FC Mars Freiburg and Union.
Success was moderate, although by the 1930s, SCF played in the highest regional league, the Gauliga Baden.
During the French occupation, for some odd reason the club name was banned, so it was called VfL Freiburg until it reverted to SCF in 1951.
www.abseits-soccer.com /clubs/freiburg.html   (383 words)

 FIFA.com The Official web site of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association
The surprise packages were SG Essen-Schönebeck, SC Freiburg, FFC Brauweiler Pulheim and Bayern Munich, who all made it through to the quarter-finals. 
SC 07 Bad Neuenahr provided both the top scorer - Isabell Bachor with six goals - and the best goalkeeper - Kerstin Wasems - whilst SC Freiburg won the fair-play trophy.
Footballers and supporters alike are already looking forward to the next tournament, which is scheduled to take place on 20 January 2007.
www.fifa.com /en/womens/index/0,1625,113881,00.html?articleid=113881   (588 words)

 SC Freiburg - soccer-corner.com - Freiburg fussball links
SC Freiburg - soccer-corner.com - Freiburg fussball links
Official website of SC Freiburg sport and fussball.
Comprehensive stats on Bundesliga fussball for SC Freiburg.
www.soccer-corner.com /Clubs.Germany.1-Bundesliga.Freiburg.htm   (65 words)

 TotalFootballForums.com - We Bring You The Best In Football > SC Freiburg Thread
Sep 25 2005, 10:30 AM yes on the südtribüne are good sc fans too, but the nordtribüne is just better.
So of course i thought Freiburg would be my local side, plus i always thought they were a cool team.
Freiburg is one of the most passionate teams i found.
www.totalfootballforums.com /forums/lofiversion/index.php?t60.html   (2530 words)

 Football results, stats and live scores | SoccerSTATS.com
8 Sep 01 1 - 1 SC Freiburg - Rostock
22 Sep 01 2 - 0 SC Freiburg - Schalke 04
21 Apr 02 3 - 1 SC Freiburg - Kaiserslaut.
www.soccerstats.com /allmatches.asp?league=germany_2002   (2799 words)

 CNN.com - Coulibaly hat-trick shocks Schalke - Oct. 29, 2003
Soumaila Coulibaly grabbed a hat-trick as SC Freiburg went on a four-goal frenzy in extra time to demolish Schalke 7-3 in the second round of the German Cup.
Schalke seemed on course to victory when Sergio Pinto and Filip Troyan reversed a 2-1 deficit for a 3-2 lead in Freiburg.
Earlier, Freiburg led twice from Coulibaly (8th) and Iashwili (42nd), with Christian Poulsen scoring Schalke's first (37th).
cnn.com /2003/SPORT/football/10/29/german.cup/index.html   (314 words)

 SC Freiburg Thread - TotalFootballForums.com - We Bring You The Best In Football
yes i´ve read it on the sc homepage! i don´t why but i think you are a good guy and so i joined here
yes i have a SC season ticket and i stand on the Nordtribüne! the Nordtribüne is the place for the real SC fans
yes on the südtribüne are good sc fans too, but the nordtribüne is just better.
www.totalfootballforums.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=60&st=20   (1114 words)

 SC Freiburg Thread - TotalFootballForums.com - We Bring You The Best In Football
Freiburg must be solid in defense and do some good counters,
Yes, he deserves much worship, when he ends his career.
Congrats to Freiburg, they won at the Lions 1-0 (goal: Aogo by penalty).
www.totalfootballforums.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=60&st=20   (632 words)

 Zandi, player of the Freiburg match
FC Kaiserslautern Midfielder Fereydoun Zandi was named player of the match by the prestigious biweekly Kicker sports magazine following his superb play in his team's 2-1 victory at lowly SC Freiburg.
The German-Iranian playmaker converted a penalty kick in the 40th minute and gave the assist to the first goal in the 24th minute.
Zandi returned to Kaiserslautern's starting lineup for the Freiburg match on Saturday after being dropped from the team Roster since early April.
www.iransportspress.com /?c=127&a=1719   (131 words)

 Zandi returns to Kaiserslautern line-up for Freiburg match
Iran's international midfielder Ferydoon Zandi returns to FC Kaiserslautern's starting formation for Saturday's Bundesliga game at SC Freiburg, after being dropped from the team roster for several weeks, the bi-weekly Kicker sports magzine reported Thursday.
"Freiburg would suit my comeback," said Zandi, referring to the fact that Freiburg is ranked last in the 18-team Bundesliga and is already relegated into the second Bundesliga for next season.
Zandi had been sitting in the spectator stands ever since Kaiserslautern's coach Werner Moser replaced Kurt Jara in early April weeks ago.
www.iransportspress.com /?c=127&a=1705   (138 words)

 Academic Year in Freiburg - Weblinks
Learn about the study abroad opportunities provided by the four universities sponsoring AYF.
Investigate the facilities at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg.
Explore the city of Freiburg and the surrounding region.
www.ayf.uni-freiburg.de /weblinks.html   (115 words)

 SC Freiburg v Karlsruher SC - Asian Handicap Odds - SC Freiburg v Karlsruher SC Betting Odds - Oddschecker   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
SC Freiburg v Karlsruher SC - Asian Handicap Odds - SC Freiburg v Karlsruher SC Betting Odds - Oddschecker
home > sc freiburg v karlsruher sc - asian handicap
SC Freiburg v Karlsruher SC Asian Handicap Odds
www.oddschecker.com /betting/mode/o/card/cp8808x/odds/3415131x/sid/1118059/mbid/24429580   (170 words)

 SC Freiburg Fangemeinschaft e.V.: Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
SC Freiburg Fangemeinschaft e.V.: Info - Webseite für die Fans und Gäste des SC Freiburg.
Anfahrtsplan für das Badenova Stadion (früher: Dreisamstadion), Fan Arbeit, Fanclub Betreung, Spiele und vieles mehr rund um die Fanarbeit der Fußball Bundesliga Mannschaft um Volker Finke.
SC Freiburg Fangemeinschaft e.V.: Fußball Fans in Baden und ihre Bundesliga Mannschaft.
www.fangemeinschaft.de   (53 words)

 AllSports' SC Freiburg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Does the idea of reporting on SC Freiburg appeal to you?
For each of our team sites, we are looking for both fan reporters and a team site manager.
We want stories written for SC Freiburg fans by SC Freiburg fans.
www.allsports.com /bundesliga/scfreiburg   (320 words)

 QonTour.nl :: Feyenoord Ultras
police outside behind the gg stand with freiburg fans
freiburg fans leaving the stadium at 23.15 h, after waiting one hour in the stadium
stewards, police and freiburg fans leaving the ground by train
members.fortunecity.com /qontour/HTML/qmatches_neth_fscf221101.html   (88 words)

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