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Topic: SMS Seydlitz

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

 News | Gainesville.com | The Gainesville Sun | Gainesville, Fla.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
SMS Seydlitz was a 25,000 ton battlecruiser of the Imperial German Navy, built at Hamburg, Germany, and commissioned in May 1913.
Seydlitz was heavily damaged herself, being hit by twenty-one heavy shells and one torpedo and suffering 98 men killed and 55 injured.
Thereafter, the Seydlitz was extensively lightened by removing as much equipment from her as possible, including her guns, and refloated so that she could limp into port.
www.gainesville.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=SMS_Seydlitz   (610 words)

 German Navy Ships--Seydlitz (Battle Cruiser, 1913-1919)
On 24 January 1915 Seydlitz was flagship of the German battle cruiser force in the battle of the Dogger Bank, losing two gun turrets and nearly 160 crewmen in a major ammunition fire.
Seydlitz's forward hull was largely filled with water, reducing her freeboard at the bow to almost nothing, and she made port with great difficulty.
SMS Seydlitz is leading, at left, with Moltke is next astern followed by the two remaining Lutzow class ships (Hindenburg and Derfflinger).
www.history.navy.mil /photos/sh-fornv/germany/gersh-s/seydlitz.htm   (562 words)

 WSW 1:700th SMS Seydlitz
Ablaze and decks awash as she took on 5,000 tons of water, Seydlitz somehow made it back to Wilhelmshaven, where she was repaired and made seaworthy.
Alas, Seydlitz met her end when she was scuttled at Scapa Flow in 1919.
Torpedo nets (Seydlitz carried them in 1916, the year of her Jutland encounter and the fit depicted by the WSW kit) are molded into the hull casting, as are anchors, chains and deck fittings.
www.steelnavy.com /WSWSeydlitz.htm   (698 words)

 SMS Seydlitz - Großer Kreuzer der Kaiserlichen Marine
S.M.S. Seydlitz erreichte dem schweren Treffer einen Salventakt, der wohl unerreicht sein dürfte.
SMS Seydlitz zerschossen nach der Skagerrakschlacht in Wilhelmshaven
S.M.S. Seydlitz, Geschützrohr an der Marine-Gedächtniskirche in Wilhelmshaven
www.deutsche-schutzgebiete.de /sms_seydlitz.htm   (819 words)

 Digital Hartlepool History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Seydlitz was a 24,988-ton battle cruiser of the German High Seas Fleet built at Hamburg, Germany, and commissioned in May 1913.
On 24 January 1915 Seydlitz was flagship of the German battle cruiser force in the battle of the Dogger Bank, losing nearly 160 crewmen in a major ammunition fire.
In the battle of Jutland, on 1 June 1916, Seydlitz's forward hull was largely filled with water, reducing her freeboard at the bow to almost nothing.
www.digital-hartlepool.com /historic/timeline/struggle/strug2.htm   (192 words)

 SMS Seydlitz - Definition, explanation
SMS Seydlitz was a 25,000 ton battlecruiser of the Imperial German Navy, built at Hamburg, Germany, and commissioned in May 1913.
At the battle of Dogger Bank, 24 January 1915, in World War I she was the flagship of Admiral Franz von Hipper.
After the armistice she was escorted to Scapa Flow where she was scuttled with the rest of the High Seas Fleet on 21 June 1919.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/s/sm/sms_seydlitz.php   (197 words)

 Seydlitz Information
Seydlitz is the name of a family of Prussian nobility.
Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz (1721-1773), Prussian general of the cavalry
The SMS Seydlitz was a 25,000 ton battlecruiser of the Imperial German Navy, built at Hamburg, Germany, commissioned in May 1913 and scuttled in 1919.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Seydlitz   (134 words)

 First World War
Completed in May 1913, SMS Seydlitz was one of Germany's greatest First World War battle cruisers.
Shipping more than 5,000 tons of water, Seydlitz nonetheless managed to escape back to the German naval base at Wilhelmshaven and - after undergoing extensive repairs - continued to serve with the German navy.
It was scuttled along with the rest of the German fleet at Scapa Flow on 21 June 1919.
www.nationalarchives.gov.uk /pathways/firstworldwar/battles/p_seydlitz.htm   (94 words)

 German battlecruiser SMS SEYDLITZ, Explosion 1919 RPPC - (eBay item 260082015794 end time Sep-27-07 20:24:51 PDT)
SMS Seydlitz was a 25,000 ton battlecruiser of the Imperial German Navy, built at Hamburg, Germany, and commissioned in May 1913.
She was named after Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz, a Prussian general during the reign of King Frederick the Great At the Battle of Dogger Bank (1915), 24 January 1915, in World War I SMS Seydlitz was the flagship of Admiral Franz von Hipper.
Seydlitz was heavily damaged herself, being hit by twenty-one heavy shells and one torpedo and suffering 98 men killed and 55 injured.
cgi.ebay.com /German-battlecruiser-SMS-SEYDLITZ-Explosion-1919-RPPC_W0QQitemZ260082015794QQihZ016QQcategoryZ921QQcmdZViewItem   (423 words)

It is debatable whether any other ship of this era could have survived such punishment.
Seydlitz after Jutland, guns removed to prevent her sinking.
1:350th SMS Seydlitz is a one-piece full-hull model.
www.steelnavy.com /Seydlitz.htm   (511 words)

 Imperial German Navy in World War I - Großen Kreuzer Seydlitz
Though outwardly similar to the Moltke-class, SMS Seydlitz was built with a longer but slimmer hull than SMS Moltke, with greater compartmentation and armor - her belt armor was on par with contemporary battleships.
In return SMS Seydlitz damaged HMS Lion so severely that she had to be towed home.
At Jutland SMS Seydlitz was in the thick of it again, credited (with SMS Derfflinger) with sinking HMS Queen Mary.
german-navy.tripod.com /sms_bc_seydlitz.htm   (551 words)

 Into The Great White Open – Main Story Line Part One – Leavin
SMS Panther was detached and closest to the Danish shore.
SMS Amazone, which was to join his formation after the termination of the current operation.
SMS Ariadne, sunk in the Battle of the Bight.
www.thequickbluefox.com /ITGWO-ms-1.html   (3913 words)

 Battle of Jutland (Skagerrak)
SMS Derfflinger shifted fire from the H.M.S. Lion to her sister H.M.S. Queen Mary, lying third in the line, and straddled her.
The SMS Seydlitz was hit by a 21-in torpedo which tore a hole 13 ft x 39 ft in her side up forward, but despite heavy flooding which cut her speed the German battle-cruiser kept her station in the line.
At Dogger Bank in 1915 SMS Seydlitz was almost destroyed when a plunging shell penetrated a turret and the resulting cordite flash killed every one in two turrets and only quick flooding of the magazines prevented the ship being lost.
www.warships1.com /index_history/HSI_Jutland.htm   (3392 words)

 Battle of Dogger Bank (1915) at AllExperts
The British fire was concentrated on two of the German ships, Hipper's flagship battlecruiser SMS Seydlitz at the head of the line and the old Blücher at the rear.
At 09:30 Seydlitz was hit by a 13.5-inch shell from Lion, which penetrated the working chamber of her after turret barbette.
The Germans took the lessons of the battle to heart, particularly the damage to the Seydlitz which revealed flaws in the protection of her magazines.
en.allexperts.com /e/b/ba/battle_of_dogger_bank_(1915).htm   (1135 words)

 Die Geschichte Deutsches Schlachtschiffes von der Seydlitz Klasse
History of the German Battleships of the Seydlitz class dreadnought battleships of the Imperial German Navy during world war I. Due to our poor German, please allow 3 weeks for messages to be placed on noticeboards if message is in English please allow 1 week.
After a variety of emails regarding this photograph and whether it was Seydlitz of Von Der Tann, we have had a majority of about 95% confirming this wreck to be Seydlitz giving a variety of reasons and have therefore come to the conclusion that this is Seydlitz.
The Seydlitz was to all intent and purposes an enlarged Moltke class Battle cruiser.
www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk /seydlitz.htm   (1331 words)

 The British Battlecruiser Concept. - Tanknet
Seydlitz was under repair from damage received during Dogger Bank until April of 1915.
SMS Derfflinger was also hit by only 3 shells but the damage was such as to not even receive mention in many accounts of the battle.
Brittain claiming that in addition to sinking the AC SMS Blücher, that one BC (likely SMS Seydlitz) was also sunk and a second (likely SMS Derfflinger) was a blaze. /forums/index.php?act=findpost&pid=301479   (2794 words)

 Amazon.com: Profile for seydlitz89   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Frederick William von Seydlitz was Frederick the Great's formidable commander of cavalry in the Seven Years War.
The name comes up repeatedly in German history, Friedrich Nietzsche corresponded with a couple named von Seydlitz and Walter von Seydlitz-Kurzbach commanded the LI Army Corps at the Battle of Stalingrad where he fought on as long as he could, then surrendered his troops and promptly volunteered to organize a resistance against Hitler.
In the First World War, a Battlecruiser christened SMS Seydlitz fought at Jutland and survived the battle in spite of near crippling damage only to be scuttled by her own crew at Scapa Flow after the war.
www.amazon.com /gp/pdp/profile/show-detail/A1O26ASMY3RL3C?ie=UTF8&mode=aboutMe   (349 words)

 SMS SEYDLITZ   (Site not responding. Last check: )
SMS Seydlitz era un battlecruiser da 25.000 tonnellate del blu marino tedesco imperiale, ha costruito a Amburgo, Germania ed incaricato nel mese di maggio 1913.
Dopo che il armistice lei escorted a flusso di Scapa dove scuttled con il resto di alta flotta dei mari il 21 giugno 1919.
It is licensed under the GNU free documentation license.
www.facteri.com /wiki/it/sm/SMS%20Seydlitz.htm   (201 words)

 UK Diving
The wreck of the SMS Dresden is unique in that it is the only cruiser to rest on port side.
This is the C Gun on the SMS Dresden, a Köln-class light cruiser built in 1918.
The SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm used to lie upside down, but as time passes this great hulk of a wreck is rolling over.
www.ukdiving.co.uk /photography/articles/caught_time.htm   (767 words)

 Furness Wargamers: Battle of Dodgy Bank
Crossing the Germans T, Seydlitz soaked up most of the damage, before confusion hit the British battleline.
This manoeuvre exposed the Derfflinger to the attentions of the three battlecruisers, which led to her mortal wounding.
sms moltke.hit ratio 25%, received 18 hits resulting in damage to stern.
www.furnesswargamers.co.uk /news.php?extend.4   (718 words)

 Battlecruisers - WW1 Naval Combat
SMS Von der Tann Laid down 1908, completed 1911.
SMS Moltke, Goeben Laid down 1908-1909, completed 1912.
SMS Derfflinger, Lutzow Laid down 1912, completed 1914-1915.
worldwar1.co.uk /battlecr.htm   (242 words)

 SMS Seydlitz - bedeutung definition erklärung glossar zu SMS Seydlitz   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Die SMS Seydlitz war ein Schlachtkreuzer der deutschen Kaiserlichen Kriegsmarine.
Die Seydlitz war ein Schwerer Kreuzer der deutschen Kriegsmarine.
Die Seydlitz war 1914 ein Hilfsschiff im deutschen Ostasiengeschwader unter Vizeadmiral Graf Spee.
sms_seydlitz.lexikona.de /art/SMS_Seydlitz.html   (171 words)

 SMS Seydlitz at Jutland
As always at the beginning of an operation, all watertight doors were thoroughly examined, every piece of apparatus tested and spare parts broken out to be handy in emergencies.
At first, we could continue to follow the battle- cruiser SMS Moltke, but soon we had to slow down, for water began to come over the forecastle as our bows settled.
But we made it and arrived in the early morning of June 3 off Wilhelmshaven locks, where we were welcomed by hurrahs from the crews of the battleships anchored there.
www.gwpda.org /naval/jut01.htm   (2749 words)

 Taucher.Net - Scapa-Führer
Die Bergungen begannen mit dem Erwerb der Schlachtschiffe SMS Hindenburg und SMS Seydlitz sowie 20 weiterer Zerstörer durch Ernest Cox.
Die SMS Kaiser war mit einer Tiefe von 45m eines der tieferen Wracks und wurde nach der SMS Seydlitz angegangen.
Schlachtschiffe SMS Bayern, SMS Grosser Kurfurst, SMS Kaiserin, SMS Friedrich der Grosse und Schlachtkreuzer SMS Derfflinger
www.taucher.net /edb/scapak7.html   (881 words)

 SMS in Germany (Deutschland)
SMS mobile network operators in Germany (Deutschland) include:
In Germany (Deutschland), the GSM mobile station is often referred to as a "Handy".
Please contact Argos Press Pty Ltd to request permission to reproduce, broadcast, adapt and communicate content from this web site (for example this glossary entry on SMS in Germany (Deutschland)).
www.argospress.com /Resources/sms/smingerman.htm   (67 words)

 German Battleships
Bismarck by Randall Wilson Under attack by swordfish from HMS ark Royal, Bismarck heels to port as she is struck by a torpedo in the Stbd.
Saw Seydlitz badly damaged by three 13.5 inch shells one coming from HMS Lion which caused major damage by exploding as it went through the stern turret which caused a fire that ignited 62 complete charges.
The Seydlitz was torpedoed either by HMS Petard or HMS Turbulent.
www.militaryartcompany.com /german_battleships.htm   (2335 words)

 Feldgrau.net :: View topic - I am seeking Good Line and Top Drawings of SMS Seydlitz
I am seeking Good Line and Top Drawings of SMS Seydlitz
I am looking for some good line and top view drawings of the Battlecruiser SMS Seydlitz.
It has excellent line drawings of the Seydlitz.
www.feldgrau.net /phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=13458   (228 words)

 SMS Lutzow
SMS Lutzow at the Opening of the Battle of Jutland by Anthony Saunders
Also seen in the painting are Moltke and Von der Tann.
Admiral Hippers flagship SMS Lutzow followed by Derfflinger and Seydlitz.
www.naval-art.com /sms_lutzow.htm   (191 words)

 Warfleet.net | Home of Enigma: Rising Tide   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Konig, Grosser Kurfurst, Markgraf, Seydlitz, Lutzow, and Derfflinger were hit in this exchange.
SMS Lutzow, SMS Seydlitz and SMS Derfflinger were hit again, and Hipper turned away.
During the ensuing engagement, Lutzow was sunk and Seydlitz and Derfflinger suffered severe damage before the British once again chose not to follow the retreating German fleet.
www.warfleet.net /history/rl_jutland.htm   (2692 words)

 Randall Wilson Battle Cruiser Seydlitz
The Seydlitz after the battle of Jutland during the first world war.
A magnificent battlecruiser the Seydlitz became the flag ship to the High Seas Fleet Scouting Force.
On the 24th of November 1918, after the armistice she was interned at Scapa Flow where her crew on the 21st June 1919 scuttled her.
www.military-art.com /dhm855.htm   (505 words)

 Deutsche Kriegsmarine : SMS "Seydlitz"   (Site not responding. Last check: )
SMS "Seydlitz", eine verbesserte Version der "Moltke" Klasse (SMS "Moltke" und "Goeben", wurde im Mai 1913 fertiggestellt).
Die Bewaffnung war weitgehend identisch, die "Seydlitz" war jedoch 13,8 m.
Die "Seydlitz" nahm 1916 an der Skagerrak Schlacht teil, aus der sie schwer beschädigt zurückkam.
www.westfront.de /275.htm   (215 words)

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