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Topic: SSDP

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  Simple Service Discovery Protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SSDP is the basis of the discovery protocol of Universal plug-and-play.
SSDP provides multicast discovery support, server-based notification, and discovery routing.
SSDP uses XML UDP unicast and multicast packets to advertise their services.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Simple_Service_Discovery_Protocol   (112 words)

 UNM School of Law | Student Organizations | Law Students for Sensible Drug Policy | Mission Statement
SSDP advocates the reform of drug policy in accordance with common sense, medical science, and human rights.
SSDP seeks to educate the community on all aspects of drugs - legal, medical, economic, and cultural - so that they may critically evaluate official misinformation and ultimately effect substantial changes in drug policy.
SSDP believes that legal sanctions associated with drug use should be congruous with medical science and commensurate with the harm caused by a drug.
lawschool.unm.edu /organizations/ssdp   (94 words)

At the campus level, SSDP chapters are educating their student bodies by persuading student government leaders to endorse a resolution calling on Congress to repeal the Drug-Free Student Aid Provision.
In some cases, SSDP members have convinced their schools to create scholarship and loan programs to assist those students who are being denied federal aid as a result of the provision.
We at SSDP believe that the line has already been crossed, and that random drug testing of students, simply because they want to join the chess team or the glee club, is a blatant violation of student's constitutional rights.
www.uiucnorml.org /ssdpissues.html   (1265 words)

 Latest News - Students Seek Sensible Drug Policy
SSDP is an organization committed to harm reduction and providing education to people about the societal damage of the war on drugs.
SSDP advocates said they believe that more money should be spent on education, and less on the growing prison system.
SSDP is made up of a varied group of students from all around the country.
www.november.org /stayinfo/breaking3/SSDP-NORML.html   (761 words)

 U-WIRE.com/ACLU, SSDP file lawsuit to repeal drug policy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The SSDP has had some success so far, convincing legislators to partially reform the law so that only students who were convicted while enrolled can be denied aid, as opposed to students who had drug convictions on their records before the law went into full effect in 2000.
SSDP is now involved in a battle with the U.S. Department of Education to get a full repeal of the law.
The ACLU and the SSDP argue the law is unconstitutional because it goes against the "double jeopardy" and the "due process" clauses as stated in the Fifth Amendment.
www.uwire.com /content/topnews041206002.html   (1123 words)

 MAPS Bulletin v14n2: Rites of Passage : Conversation with SSDP Board Chair Matt Atwood
Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is committed to providing education on harms caused by the War on Drugs, working to involve youth in the political process, and promoting an open, honest, and rational discussion of alternative solutions to drug problems in the United States.
SSDP believes it is imperative that all students receive a comprehensive drug education.
SSDP welcomes and values the opinions of all students, especially with regard to how they have been affected by the War on Drugs.
www.maps.org /news-letters/v14n2-html/maps_ssdp_mattwood.html   (798 words)

 Mount Holyoke College-Students for Sensible Drug Policy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Spurred by the SSDP, more than twenty student governments and the Association of Big Ten Students have endorsed repeal of the HEA provision, as have the NAACP, the American Civil Liberties Union and the United States Students Association, among others.
SSDP members write letters in bulk to editors of school and local papers and advise new chapters.
SSDP member Dan Goldman of the University of Wisconsin says that his initial thoughts on getting involved were, "I'm one little kid, what can I do to change the War on Drugs?" Three years later, he says, "I feel like I can do a lot."
www.mtholyoke.edu /org/ssdp/special/rs_article.html   (1614 words)

SSDP accomplishes this by providing for multicast discovery support as well as server based notification and discovery routing.
SSDP, on the other hand, allows the service to inform clients how long they should assume the service is around.
Responses to ssdp:discover requests sent over the SSDP multicast channel/port are to be sent to the IP address/port the ssdp:discover request came from.
ietfreport.isoc.org /idref/draft-cai-ssdp-v1   (5207 words)

 SSDP Takes the Feds to Court
Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a federal lawsuit on March 22, 2006 claiming that this penalty is unconstitutional.
Also on May 26, SSDP and ACLU filed a separate 34-page motion for a preliminary injunction, aimed at preventing the Department of Education from stripping aid from any more students while the court considers lawsuit's claims.
On July 11, SSDP and ACLU filed a 29-page reply brief in support of our motion for a preliminary injunction, as well as a 16-page reply brief in support of our motion for class certification.
www.ssdp.org /lawsuit   (698 words)

 Students for Sensible Drug Policy - Medical Marijuana ProCon.org
SSDP focuses on drug issues with the greatest impact on young and underrepresented communities.
SSDP consists of two separate, distinct entities - Students for Sensible Drug Policy Foundation and Students for Sensible Drug Policy Inc. The former, as a 501(c)3 organization, engages in education and outreach.
SSDP Inc, as a 501(c)4 organization, engages in advocacy, or attempts to effect change to law and policy.
www.medicalmarijuanaprocon.org /BiosOrg/SSDP.htm   (265 words)

 Drug Policy Alliance: SSDP Conference Attendees Press Candidates to Repeal HEA Drug Provision
SSDP, a national organization with over 200 college and high school chapters, recently announced that it has hired Scarlett Swerdlow, co-founder of the SSDP chapter at the University of California-Berkeley, as the organization’s new national director.
“SSDP’s strength is that we have a strong organization in Washington and an amazing grassroots network spread throughout the country,” Swerdlow told the Alliance.
SSDP and the Alliance are part of the coalition working to reform HEA and restore federal loans to all.
www.drugpolicy.org /news/01_21_04ssdp.cfm   (403 words)

 Ssdp proteins bind to LIM-interacting co-factors and regulate the activity of LIM-homeodomain protein complexes in vivo ...
Ssdp proteins bind to LIM-interacting co-factors and regulate the activity of LIM-homeodomain protein complexes in vivo -- van Meyel et al.
Null mutations of the ssdp gene are cell-lethal in clones of
Ssdp amino acids 1-98 are sufficient for interaction with Chip, and removal of amino acids 387-426 of Chip prevents binding to Ssdp but not to the Lhx3 LIM domains.
dev.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/130/9/1915   (7731 words)

 Students of Sensible Drug Policy - UVM Chapter
SSDP Meetings - For this semester meetings will be on Wednesdays at 5:15 PM in Living and Learning Room B-102, starting September 6th.
Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is committed to providing education on harms caused by the War on Drugs, working to involve youth in the political process, and promoting an open, honest, and rational discussion of alternative solutions to our nation's drug problems.
SSDP at the University of Vermont (UVM) was officially recognized by the UVM Student Senate in Fall of 2002.
www.uvm.edu /ssdp   (210 words)

 Feature: SSDP Sues Department of Education in Freedom of Information Act Dispute
SSDP is part of a large coalition of student, academic, professional, and civil rights organizations seeking to repeal the provision.
She instead asserted that SSDP should be denied the fee waiver because it stood to profit from drug legalization.
Her reasoning is worth quoting at length: "A review of the contents of SSDP's web site, and the materials you submitted in connection with your fee waiver request, reveal that the principal goal of your organization is to 'end the war on drugs,'" Clark wrote.
stopthedrugwar.org /chronicle/421/heasuit.shtml   (1721 words)

 SSDP - Protocolinfo
SSDP is Simple Service Discovery Protocol, which helps computers find network devices.
SSDP packets should always be sent to the IP multicast address
Just in case someone (that is, Microsoft) decides to write an SSDP implementation that does not always send to, l7-filter (http://l7-filter.sf.net) provides the ssdp pattern (http://l7-filter.sourceforge.net/layer7-protocols/protocols/ssdp.pat).
www.protocolinfo.org /wiki/SSDP   (88 words)

 [No title]
SSDP Server A resource that advertises services and responds to service queries on behalf of one or more Service Providers.
SSDP Client A resource that locates services of interest by sending out service queries and gathering responses.
SSDP Server Proxy For legacy devices that do not have their own SSDP Servers, a SSDP Server Proxy can be configured to announce services and respond to service queries on behalf of legacy devices.
ietfreport.isoc.org /all-ids/draft-cai-ssdp-v1-01.txt   (2569 words)

 March Madness for SSDP: Drug Czars, Nervous Narcs, and More Resolutions
SSDP national office members joined students and drug reformers to confront drug czar John Walters and a new anti-drug reform student organization in Washington Tuesday night.
UNM SSDP had weeks earlier reached an agreement with DEA agent Finn Selander to debate former Texas police officer and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (http://www.leap.cc) board member Howard Wooldridge at the UNM Student Union last week, according to SSDP member Kevin Killough, who wrote a column about the fiasco for the Daily Lobo on Monday.
Because SSDP had invested such time and effort in the event, the group sought to persuade him to stay.
stopthedrugwar.org /chronicle/328/ssdp.shtml   (1485 words)

SSDP at Colorado State University's Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog]
SSDP seeks to educate the community on all aspects of drugs—legal, political, economic, social, ethical, and medical—so that they may critically evaluate official misinformation and ultimately effect substantial changes in drug policy.
SSDP at Colorado State University has 4 friends.
www.myspace.com /ssdpcsu   (197 words)

 Canadian Space Science Data Portal
Each instrument type is now operated by a University group with responsibility for the collection, transmission and verification of their own data.
The data and/or data products are then provided on the SSDP for public access.
SSDP was funded by ASRA and the CSA.
www.ualberta.ca /~zhijin/SSDP   (260 words)

 Universal Plug and Play - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The fundamental exchange in both cases is a discovery message containing a few, essential specifics about the device or one of its services, for example, its type, identifier, and a pointer to more detailed information.
The UPnP discovery protocol is based on the Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP).
The next step in UPnP networking is description.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Universal_plug-and-play   (1863 words)

 Microsoft Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Client Support
Initialization of the SSDP Client API is started through a call to the exposed interface SsdpStartup (which must be matched by a call to SsdpCleanup).
Because SSDP Discovery uses a multicast frame with TTL of 4, you should also pay attention to the TTL returned by the ping (tracert can also be used for this purpose) command.
Verify the SSDP Discovery Service is running on the Windows XP client and that there are no events in the System log related to it failing.
www.microsoft.com /technet/itsolutions/network/plan/insidenet/sohonet/upnpsup.mspx   (9174 words)

 SSDP @ UTD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
SSDP @ UTD stands for Students for Sensible Drug Policy at The University of Texas at Dallas.
SSDP @ UTD is affiliated with SSDP National but we operate as an autonomous organization with our own agenda and policies.
SSDP @ UTD is open to anyone affiliated with the University of Texas at Dallas, including students, staff and faculty.
www.utdallas.edu /orgs/ssdp/about.html   (272 words)

 Students for Sensible Drug Policy - DARE to Resist the War on Drugs
Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is a grassroots movement of students who know firsthand that the War on Drugs causes great harm to individuals and to society.
SSDP and the ACLU filed a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the law that automatically strips financial aid from any colege student with any drug conviction - including misdemeanor possession of marijuana.
After beating the Department of Education in court over a Freedom Information Act dispute, SSDP has released the number of college applicants in each state who have been denied financial aid due to drug convictions.
www.ssdp.org   (275 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Why is there no response to the ssdp:alive/ssdp:byebye requests sent to the SSDP multicast channel/port?...........13 5.3.3.
Could NTS values other than ssdp:alive/ssdp:byebye be sent to the SSDP multicast channel/port?....................13 5.3.4.
Why didn't SSDP just get a static local administrative scope address rather than a relative address?...............16 8.3.2.
www.upnp.org /download/draft_cai_ssdp_v1_03.txt   (5312 words)

 SSDP under Firestarter? - Ubuntu Forums
Does anyone know what the 'SSDP' Protocol is? It's being blocked by Firestarter, and I'm not sure if it should be or not.
Firestarter blocks outgoing connections to someones SSDP port, googling turns up a mass of windows meesenger items, but nothing to explain why my kubuntu is sending out these things.
SSDP is Simple Service Discovery Protocol aka UPnP, which is a good one to block, even according to MS.
www.ubuntuforums.org /showthread.php?t=15682   (207 words)

Over 80 students called New Mexico senators and representatives as part of a “phone slam.” The slam was one action organized by UNM SSDP as part of a nation-wide effort to educate legislators and students on the reform of the drug provision within the Higher Education Act.
Following the DEA's retreat from a debate with UNM SSDP last Thursday, we have received national attention for our efforts.
The DEA agent had to back out when his bosses over at the DEA told him that a debate with SSDP was a no-no. It turns out that the DEA has a rule forbidding public debates.
www.unm.edu /~ssdp/news.htm   (340 words)

 University Of Michigan Benefits Office
Beginning a new partnership is a change in status that would allow you to make changes to your benefits mid-year.
The tax on the imputed income will be deducted from the faculty or staff member’s monthly or first and second biweekly paychecks of the month.
The Benefits Office has designated a specific staff member who is knowledgeable about and sensitive to transgender persons and the unique benefit related issues confronting them.
www.umich.edu /~benefits/events/ssdp/index.htm   (529 words)

 Seattle Social Development Project (SSDP)
It incorporates both social control and social learning theories and intervenes early in children’s development to increase prosocial bonds, strengthen attachment and commitment to schools, and decrease delinquency.
The Seattle Social Development Project (SSDP) can be used for the general population and high-risk children (those with low socioeconomic status and low school achievement) attending grade school and middle school.
SSDP’s success lies in its combination of parent and teacher training.
www.colorado.edu /cspv/blueprints/promising/programs/BPP17.html   (526 words)

 SSDP :: Students For Sensible Drug Policy
New York's Rockefeller drug laws are a DISGRACE, and we're proud to welcome David Soares, the underdog who in 2004 beat the Albany County Democratic machine and their pro-Rockefeller incumbent DA candidate to the fold.
SSDP National was started only seven years ago but today we are one of over 200 nationwide SSDP chapters.
On February 25, 2006, Columbia SSDP is proud to present "The Science and Politics of Ibogaine, Nature's 'Addiction Interrupter'", a multi-faceted look at local, national, and international developments related to this controversial drug.
www.columbia.edu /cu/ssdp/index.shtml   (535 words)

The UNM chapter of SSDP has tried twice to set up debates with the Drug Enforcement Administration.
This means the organizations should be required to engage in open public discourse on drug policy issues.
The UNM chapter of SSDP is demanding the Office of National Drug Policy Control, the DEA, and other pro-drug war government agencies openly debate drug policy reform advocates on these issues.
www.unm.edu /~ssdp   (329 words)

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