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Topic: ST506

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  ST506 interface
The data transfer rate of the ST506 with MFM is 625K bytes per second.
The problem is that with the RLL method, you need a higher grade media (disk surface) and the timing is more critical.
The data transfer rate of the ST506 with RLL is 937K bytes per second.
www.footefamily.org /train/st506.htm   (565 words)

  Acorn Archimedes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The first models were released in June 1987, as the 300 and 400 series.
The machines differed primarily in that the 400 series included more expansion slots (four instead of none, although a 4 slot backplane could be added to the 300 series) and an ST506 controller for an internal hard drive.
Both models included the Arthur OS (later versions to be called RISC OS, see below), BBC BASIC and an emulator for Acorn's earlier BBC Micro, and were mounted in two-part cases with a small central unit, monitor on top, and a separate keyboard and three-button mouse.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Acorn_Archimedes   (1239 words)

 ComputerBase - Lexikon: ST506
Die ST506-Schnittstelle wurde 1982 von der Firma Seagate für ihre 5¼-Zoll-Festplatten ST506 (5 MB) und ST412 (10 MB) entworfen und galt lange Zeit als De-facto-Standard.
Mit der ST506 können bis zu vier Laufwerke adressiert werden, und sie verwendet zwei verschiedene Kabel.
Das A-Kabel (34-polig) wird von Laufwerk zu Laufwerk durchgeschleift (daisy chain) und muss am Ende (auf der letzten Festplatte) terminiert werden.
www.computerbase.de /lexikon/ST506   (325 words)

 HwB: ST506/412 Connector
Also known as MFM or RLL since these are the encoding methods used to store data.
Seagate originally developed it to support their ST506 (5 MB) and ST412 (10 MB) drives.
The first drives used an encoding method called MFM (Modified Frequency Modulation).
www.cc86.org /~pjf/hwb/co_ST506.html   (99 words)

 Hard Disk Drive Guide - History
In 1980, Seagate Technology introduced the first hard disk drive for microcomputers, the ST506.
It was a full height (twice as high as most current 5 1/4" drives) 5 1/4" drive, with a stepper motor, and held 5 Mbytes.
I cannot remember exactly how much it cost, but it plus its enclosure, etc. was well over a thousand dollars.
www.duxcw.com /digest/guides/hd/hd2.htm   (615 words)

In the most modern methods it is possible to distinguish several identical bits lying one next the other.
Frequency Modulation (FM) - method used in first types of disks with ST506, ESDI interface.
There is a distinguishing symbol between each bit.
www.atlguide2000.com /hardware/index.php?act=view&aid=128   (1074 words)

 datex | Emulador de disco duro, ESDI, Micropolis, Maxtor XT1085, DEC RD54 RK05 RK07, MFM ST506 ST412, Pertec, SMD SMDE, ...
Emulador de disco duro, ESDI, Micropolis, Maxtor XT1085, DEC RD54 RK05 RK07, MFM ST506 ST412, Pertec, SMD SMDE, tape drive, lector de cintas
Emulador de cinta magnética se llama igualmente tape drive emulator.
renovación de disco duro, Digital Equipement DEC RD54, RD 54, Western Digital (WDC), Seagate, IBM, Toshiba, Maxtor, Quantum, reparar, cambiar, sustituir el disco duro, ESDI, micropolis 1325, maxtor XT1085, SMD SMDE, pertec, intercambio estándar de disco duro, sustitución discos duros, DEC RK05, RK07, MFM ST 506 412, MFM ST506, viejo disco duro, hard disk antiguo.
www.datosexpress.com /emulador/emuladores.html   (478 words)

 Toggit Certification Home for MCSE CCNA A+ study guides and test prep
The electronic control circuitry is located on the drive itself, thus eliminating the need for a separate harddisk controller card.
See also Enhanced Small Device Interface; Small Computer System Interface; ST506 Interface.
A new high-capacity residential and business service from Sprint that allows customers to simultaneously make a phone call, send/receive a fax, and access the Internet using a single connection.
www.toggit.com /Library/pedia/techno.asp?Term=i&Techno=Letter   (8237 words)

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