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In the News (Mon 18 Feb 19)

  SUV ROLLOVER- Information and News on SUV Rollovers
SUVs are supposed to be able to carry a heavy load of people, equipment, etc, over any type of terrain.
Given a real world scenario, the SUV would probably have cargo, multiple passengers, etc. This extra weight would definitely lower the ratio to dangerous levels if an accident were to occur at normal highway speeds.
SUV rollovers are almost three times more likely to occur than the average passenger car, and government tests indicate the most stable SUV is still more unstable than the most unstable car.
www.suvrollovernews.com   (1241 words)

  Sport utility vehicle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SUVs are often used in places such as the Australian Outback, Africa, the Middle East, Alaska, Northern Canada and most of Asia, which have limited paved roads and require the vehicle to have all-terrain handling, increased range, and storage capacity.
SUV clubs often promote this ideal and a commercial manifestation of this can be seen in the number of tourism operators dependent on SUVs for their activities, Australia being a strong example.
This is in part because the collision of an SUV with a pedestrian tends to impact the chest, while the collision of a car with a pedestrian tends to impact the knees.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/SUV   (3176 words)

 Crossover SUV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A crossover SUV (also called CUV for Crossover Utility Vehicle) or XUV (not to be confused with GMC's Envoy XUV) is an automobile with a sport utility vehicle appearance but is built upon a more economical and fuel-efficient car-based platform.
Traditionally, SUVs were heavy-duty truck-based appliances, with body-on-frame construction.
The Subaru B9 Tribeca is a dedicated 3-row SUV redesign starting with the Legacy platform, while the popular Honda Pilot is a redesign of the Honda Odyssey minivan, and the Honda Ridgeline is a crossover pick-up truck.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Crossover_SUV   (820 words)

 SUV - Uncyclopedia
The SUV is the latest installment in a long line of motor vehicles originally developed as penis replacements.
The SUV was used during the Iraq war to aid the American Special Forces to look under all types of rocks to find weapons of mass destruction which were never found.
Owners of SUV's would have you believe that this TLA stands for "sport-utility vehicle", but it is unclear exactly which sport they could possibly be referring to (possibly penis wielding).
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/SUV   (546 words)

 SUV Environmental Concerns   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
SUVs represent a paradox to consumers - television advertisements present them as a way to return to nature, yet they actually accelerate existing environmental problems.
In fact, some SUV, like the massive Ford Excursion, are so large that they no longer qualify as "light trucks," and are not subject to any kind of fuel economy standards.
SUV drivers are not to blame for the lower fuel economy and emissions standards that these vehicles enjoy, and SUV drivers are not to blame for automaker's lack of innovation and improvement.
www.suv.org /environ.html   (2571 words)

 SUV Rollover Attorney Sport Utility Vehicle Accident
Because SUVs are often taller than regular passenger cars but not wider at the wheelbase, maneuvers that would not cause a regular car to roll over often can cause an SUV to rollover.
SUV rollover accidents accounted for just 3 percent of all U.S. auto accidents in 2001, but caused nearly a third of all vehicle-occupant fatalities, and an SUV occupant was more than three times as likely to die as a result of a rollover as an occupant of a passenger car.
SUV rollovers lead to fatalities because passengers are often thrown from SUVs.
www.defectiveautomobile.com /suvrollover.html   (351 words)

 Why SUVs Suck and Why Do So Many People Buy SUVs
One side of the debate we have the pro SUV crowd that feels that the larger size of the SUV is a measure of safety, and that it is anti American to tell others what they should or should not drive.
The only thing an SUV is suppose to have is 4x4 capability which is useless in urban settings and for the most part SUVs on the market lack a true low gearing ratio, solid axle and ladder frame, sliders, etc. necessary for true outback vehicles.
If an SUV is suppose to be able to be used in the bush, then why build a unibody (I’ve been in south america, central asia, etc., where a typical SUV with a unibody sold in the states would fall apart).
www.phaster.com /road_trips/suv_review_why_they_suck.html   (2372 words)

 Urban Dictionary: SUV
SUV sound soccer mom car hummer jeep minivan truck 4x4 bitch cherokee gas american asshole cell phone hemi milf off-road piece of shit remuera battletank soccer soccermom terrorist toyota uav ugly volvo whore
The lack of structure mandated for real passenger vehicles allows the 'SUV' to cave in upon rollover, while even the cheapest passenger car is legally required to have a roll cage in the roof structure.
There is a new generation of vehicles marketed as suv or hybrid vehicles, these are not as dangerous, being based on minivan or car chassis-engineered for use on paved surfaces.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=SUV&defid=202648   (651 words)

 SUV truck accessory custom interior discount   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
We are in love with the new Nissan Xterra SUV for its utilitarian features, beefy styling attitude, and strong safety standards.
SUV Parts - Consists of interior, exterior and engine accessories for many different SUV makes.
SUV Specialties - Shows the products such as custom wheels, mirrors and grill guards offered by retailer.
www.wheelsdirect2u.com /suv_accessory.htm   (800 words)

 AlterNet: Bumper Mentality
He says, too, that SUV drivers generally don't care about anyone else's kids but their own, are very concerned with how other people see them rather than with what's practical, and they tend to want to control or have control over the people around them.
Affluent and often socially liberal, baby boomers have embraced the four-wheel-drive SUV as a symbol of their ability to defy the conventions of old age, of their independence and "outdoorsiness," making the off-road vehicle a force to be reckoned with on the American fltop.
In their attempt to appear youthful and hip, SUV owners have filled the American highways with vehicles that exact a distinctly human cost, frequently killing innocent drivers who would have survived a collision with a lesser vehicle.
www.alternet.org /story.html?StoryID=14839   (1108 words)

 SUVs - Best SUV, SUV Reviews, Best Small SUV
The Honda SUV has three rows of seats; both the second and third rows are split 60/40 and can be folded flat.
Hybrid SUVs like the Ford Escape Hybrid are covered in greater detail in our separate report on hybrid cars.
These SUVs do not appear to excel in any one area, according to critics, but they are generally competent both off-road and on.
www.consumersearch.com /www/automotive/suv-reviews   (1436 words)

 R.I.P. SUV?
SUV sales this year are tracking to fall at least 200,000 units short of 2000 levels.
The SUV is far from dead, but just as SUVs gave minivan buyers a new and more-fashionable alternative, CUVs will continue to have the same effect on the SUV market.
As we've seen with SUVs and CUVs, the choice broadly runs on two paths: so-called “full-time” AWD systems that always deliver torque to all four wheels, and the part-time variety that in normal operation drives the wheels of just the front or rear axle.
wardsautoworld.com /ar/auto_rip_suv_2   (3513 words)

The full-size SUV’s have similar frames to trucks and a lot of them are boxed frames instead of C-frame, so they are strong.
The largest SUV’s are the longest ones that are available in 3/4 tons, which are the Chevy Suburban, GMC Yukon XL and Ford Excursion.
The bottom line is you can safely tow the right horse trailer with a properly equipped SUV when it’s matched properly with a receiver hitch, weight distributing hitch, engine, transmission and rear axle ratio, within the weight limit capacity set my the manufacture.
www.mrtruck.net /suvtoo.htm   (1934 words)

 SUV Rollover Accident Attorneys: San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers
SUV accident lawyers at Casey Gerry Schenk Francavilla Blatt and Penfield LLP may be able to help if you or someone you know has been seriously injured in a Ford Explorer recall rollover crash, the wreck of a GM SUV or an accident of your passenger car with any brand of SUV.
SUVs may be unsafe for those who ride in them and extremely hazardous to occupants of normal passenger vehicles involved in accidents with SUVs.
This is due to the disparity in the SUV's greater weight, added height, and the tendency of the higher, heavier SUVs to ride over the safety "crumple zones" of most cars and penetrate the passenger compartment.
www.cglaw.com /apg_pg18_SUV_Rollover_Accidents.html   (863 words)

 "SUV research, news, reviews and towing." Amazing Reports on Buying the Right SUV.
The bottom line is you can safely pull a horse trailer with a properly equipped SUV when it’s matched properly with a receiver hitch, weight distributing hitch, engine, transmission and rear axle ratio, within the weight limit capacity set my the manufacture.
SUVs are among the most popular and safe vehicles on the road, and will continue in their popularity, as these fun and exciting innovations make their way to the marketplace in the next couple of years.
SUV's are classified as a truck by the U.S. government.
www.mrtruck.net /suv.htm   (5907 words)

 SUV Report - Global Warming - Sierra Club
Switching from driving an average car to a 13mpg SUV for one year would waste more energy than if you...
When it comes to wasting energy, SUVs are unrivaled.
SUVs are four times more likely than cars to roll over in an accident and three times more likely to kill the occupants in a rollover.
www.sierraclub.org /globalwarming/SUVreport   (279 words)

 60 Minutes : The Thrill Of The SUV
By and large, SUV owners seem a contented lot, lording it over the common herd, proud of the status symbols they captain to the shopping mall or the grocery store.
The whole SUV myth is histerically funny to people like me, who would not have one as gift, as they are utterly useless for real "off-road" work.
Fascist outfits like "Earth on Empty" are people we might assume were bullied when younger, and see the SUV as some kind of warped bullying manifestation of their past "that must be stopped" as much as Godzilla.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/945521/posts   (4117 words)

 Armed Liberal: SUV's   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The smell of carb solvent is actually kind of pleasant to me (even though I wear gloves now when I handle it), and one wonderful thing about Tenacious G is that she doesn't go ballistic when I wash small parts in the kitchen sink.
I drive an SUV and the reason I do so is because I am a oversized person and a bit of a clausterphobic.
That puts me in a minority I am sure--most don't even go offroad with their SUV, it is my understanding, but mine seems to steer towards mud and dirt--I like to reward it as often as possible.
www.armedliberal.com /archives/000579.html   (2871 words)

 Car Rants: WHY I HATE SUVs
There are too many SUVs on the road and the vast majority of them are driven by the wrong people for the wrong reasons.
But if, like almost all SUV drivers, you simply need to take yourself, (occasionally) one or more human passengers and a little bit of inanimate stuff from point "A" to point "B" on paved roads, this automobile design became outdated 20 years ago at the latest.
But they don't ask themselves whether being in the SUV may have contributed to the accident in the first place: With a higher center of gravity, poor handling and terrible stopping power due to the extra mass of the vehicle, I think this is a real factor in a lot of accidents.
www.gregburch.net /cars/suvs.html   (1149 words)

 Biggest SUV Navistar International 7300 CXT Dwarfs All SUVs
This is the biggest baddest suv I've ever seen.
It does bother me however that SUV drivers haven't a clue how badly their vehicles handle (most sporting 150 year old suspension tech) or how badly they will hold up in a crash.
SUV occupants are at a slightly higher risk of death than occupants of other vehicles.
www.marketingshift.com /2004/09/biggest-suv-navistar-international.cfm   (3389 words)

 SUV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
This particular segment is steadily growing and currently stands at approximately 20 per cent of the total car market vehicle sales in the region.
The Armada is the first Japanese fullsize SUV from Nissan, seating up to eight people in three rows.
In Dubai for the multiple launch was Nissan’s senior vice president, Shiro Nakamura, who described the event as a landmark in the company’s history, both regionally and internationally.
www.nissan-me.com /suv_coverage   (1002 words)

 SUV takes plunge in Hawai'i Kai - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper
Campanella was giving his wife a driving lesson when she overcompensated and drove into the pool.
Pat Campanella, left, and Mark Peacock shared a laugh after Campanella's SUV was removed from Peacock's mother's pool.
Mimi Campanella, who has a learner's permit and is enrolled in driver's education, was crossing the intersection at Kamilo Street and Niumalu Loop and overcompensated for an oncoming car, her husband said.
the.honoluluadvertiser.com /article/2004/Jun/29/ln/ln22a.html   (396 words)

 BLAST @ explode.com : SUV Drivers: Kill 'Em All : The Irreverent Webzine
Commuting on Highway 101 I have a recurring vision of myself, a 30-year-old woman who tries to avoid killing ants and spiders, smashing the windshields of random cars or trucks with a baseball bat.
On the road, an anger-provoking beast I have grown to despise the most is the gas-gulping sport utility vehicle (SUV), a yuppie, hey-Biff alternative to the cookie-baking soccer mom's minivan.
Other than the road hogging 18-wheeler, the obnoxiously named SUV is the new terrorizing tank of the highway, growing in size and popularity with every new model.
www.explode.com /rr/90s-suv.shtml   (598 words)

 DAILY EDITION: Nov. 19, 2003 - The Car Connection
SUV and trucks with the worst gas mileage also provide automakers with the highest per-unit profit.
But with the growth in large personal-use SUVs like the Hummer H2, Lincoln Navigator, and Chevy Tahoe, the code has had the effect of incentivizing realtors, accountants and other independent business owners to buy gas-guzzling SUVs instead of more fuel-efficient passenger cars or even smaller SUVs.
The lithium-ion battery being used in the project is expensive to replace, justifying the work on perfecting a power system that keeps the battery active for longer than the 30,000 miles seen in previous electric-vehicle efforts.
www.thecarconnection.com /index.asp?article=6619   (1474 words)

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