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Topic: Saavik

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Saavik - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
Lieutenant junior grade Saavik was a Starfleet cadet in early 2285, and served aboard the USS Enterprise as navigator under Admiral Kirk during the Genesis crisis.
Later that year, Saavik was transferred to the USS Grissom, where she further studied the Genesis Planet along with Kirk's son David Marcus.
Saavik is serving on Vulcan as a Starfleet recruiter, and Valeris approaches her to enlist.
memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/Saavik   (1006 words)

 Saavik - Memory Alpha - A Wikia wiki
Lieutenant junior grade Saavik was a Starfleet cadet in early 2285, and served aboard the USS Enterprise as navigator under Admiral Kirk during the Genesis crisis.
Saavik is serving on Vulcan as a Starfleet recruiter, and Valeris approaches her to enlist.
Saavik's history before Star Trek II was mentioned in two issue of DC's first comic series, #7 ("Pon Farr: The Origin of Saavik") and #8 ("Blood Fever"), and was expanded upon in Marvel Comics's Star Trek: Untold Voyages series, as well as the Pocket Books novel The Pandora Principle.
www.memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/Saavik   (917 words)

Saavik's background was never explored on screen, but has been fleshed out in novels and comic books, though it should be noted that none of these sources are considered canon.
According to the novels and comics, Saavik was born on Hellguard, an abandoned Romulan colony.
Saavik and David Marcus (son of Admiral James T. Kirk), subsequently were assigned to the research vessel USS Grissom to study the newly formed Genesis Planet.
www.sfcrowsnest.com /scifinder/a/Saavik.php   (1345 words)

 [No title]
Saavik went out of her way to avoid him the past few days, and had even went as far as switching shifts with Commander Chekov to avoid being anywhere near him, where he could pick up on her thoughts or see the condition she was in.
Saavik had made her mind up long ago that the only way she would accept him was by his own admission, not pity, guilt or honor.
Saavik knew that the intensity of the meld would bond them together for the rest of their lives, never breaking unless one were to die.
members.tripod.com /~PirateKing/spocksaavik/bonded.html   (5793 words)

 Saavik - Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki
Saavik was a half-Romulan/half-Vulcan who overcame her difficult childhood to become a successful Starfleet officer and wife to Ambassador Spock.
Saavik was born on the planet Hellguard in 2264.
Saavik was given an excellent upbringing on Vulcan and soon embraced the Vulcan way of life, but decided that she wanted to follow Spock into Starfleet and entered Starfleet Academy in 2281, assigned to live in Residence Complex Three.
startrek.wikia.com /wiki/Saavik   (1252 words)

Saavik, who had spent the last dozen years warily skirting the edges of whatever group she was supposedly a part of, made no effort at first to socialize.
The child Saavik had met few humans, and those she had met disturbed her intensely by exhibiting many of the characteristics that she was trying to eradicate in herself.
Saavik looked up at her, for the first time uncertain; she had taken the baby from his sister without a thought for his mother's wishes in the matter.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/cgadziko/SG6Lnara.html   (6086 words)

 Saavik - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lieutenant Saavik is a fictional character in the Star Trek universe.
Clowes writes that Saavik's name is of Romulan origin and means "little cat." In Pandora Principle, Saavik, unlike the other half Vulcan, half Romulan child survivors, refuses a DNA test that would identify her Vulcan relatives.
A rare expression of emotion by a Vulcan is displayed when Saavik is seen shedding a tear during the eulogy for Spock by Kirk.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Saavik   (1521 words)

Saavik followed the Human around the rock to the half-cave where Spock was now writhing and moaning to himself in confused pain.
Saavik held out her hand towards him, her index and middle fingers extended and pressed together.
Saavik's body tensed, and she began to run, leading them away from David and Spock.
www.squidge.org /~peja/startrek/PiecesOfNight.htm   (1516 words)

Saavik is aware of her responsibilities and the helmsman have no choice but to follow orders.
Saavik raises the shields and informs Uhura to inform the Klingons that they are on a rescue mission.
Saavik is clearly distressed by her performance to the Admiral.
www.startreklibrary.com /MOVIES/wrathofkhan.htm   (1521 words)

 Television Without Pity » Enterprise » Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Saavik realizes they're in over their heads, and tells Sulu to get them outta there.
Saavik orders Spock to fire all phasers, but Spock tells her there's no power to the weapons.
Saavik asks permission to speak freely, and says that she doesn't think the simulation was a fair test of her command abilities because it was a no-win situation.
www.televisionwithoutpity.com /articles/content/a2423/index-1.html   (787 words)

 Saavik and Spock/Saavik fanfiction stories and fan art - Spock and Saavik.com: Site Map
Saavik is lost and confused, unable to reconcile the two halves of her parentage.
Saavik is injured while defending one of the Federation's treasures, and is stunned by her rescuer.
Saavik is sent to the school planet Akadem to prepare her for real life.
www.spockandsaavik.com /sitemap.htm   (3182 words)

 Paul Gadzikowski - DOCTOR WHO/STAR TREK crossover - Transformations, Chapter 3
Enterprise log, supplemental: With the revelation that Lt. Saavik is half Time Lord, the Doctor has volunteered to take her in the TARDIS to discover her true past.
Saavik at least had changed into civilian clothing of the target time.
Saavik was convinced, or at least resigned in the manner of junior officers throughout space and time; but the Doctor said, "That's not as easy as it sounds, you know.
members.iglou.com /scarfman/m3.htm   (1445 words)

 Paradise Recovered: Spock's Requiem, a StarTrek: Other fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Saavik felt in her heart a deep, searing pain that cut to the core of her being and eventually consumed her.
Saavik's very blood seemed to pulse with melancholy as she escorted her former mentor down the long hallways to the transporter room.
Saavik had succeeded in transforming the terrible might of the phaser into a benevolent force before it entered the body of her beloved mentor.
www.fanfiction.net /s/945575/1   (11347 words)

 Saavik - Memory Alpha - A Wikia wiki
Saavik wurde in "Star Trek II: Der Zorn des Khan" von Kirstie Alley gespielt.
Ursprünglich sollte Saavik auch den Part der Verräterin in Star Trek VI übernehmen, die Rolle wurde aber in Valeris umgeschrieben.
Saavik wird im Fandom als Top-Kandidatin für die Ehefrau von Spock gehandelt, dessen Hochzeit, zumindest die des Sohnes von Sarek, in TNG: "Botschafter Sarek" erwähnt wurde.
www.memory-alpha.org /de/wiki/Saavik   (594 words)

 Amazon.ca: Duty, Honor, Redemption: Books: Vonda N. McIntyre   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Spock doubted that Saavik would ever use the phrases with warmth, any more than he would, but she had modified her original icy disinterest, which had come dangerously close to contempt.
Spock noted with approval Saavik's understanding of the support level she could expect from each of her subordinates.
Saavik snapped around with one quick frowning glance, but recovered her composure immediately.
www.amazon.ca /Duty-Honor-Redemption-Vonda-McIntyre/dp/0743496604   (1641 words)

 The Note
He always had to be careful that he rose before he allowed himself to fall asleep, comfortable in the familiar surroundings in the house where he had grown up.
"Um," acknowledged Saavik, too engrossed in whatever book she had chosen from the wall of antique books facing the overstuffed chair on which she sat.
He wondered that she had picked up his mother's typical response, and that Saavik so reminded him of his mother, there in the chair with her legs covered in a colorful afghan of his mother's handiwork.
members.shaw.ca /pat_w/The_Note.htm   (717 words)

 A Saavik fanfic story on Kerjen - Star Trek: And To All A Good Night by Stacey C.
Saavik found herself holding her breath until all ten small feet were planted firmly on the foyer floor.
Saavik stood, all eyes on her, until she realized what her part apparently was to be.
Saavik opened her mouth to correct him as to the contents of the box when she noticed the teasing gleam in Santa’s eyes.
www.kerjen.net /ststories/saavik-good-night.htm   (3994 words)

Saavik stuck out her tongue and slid it between those lips, stopping after an inch or so.
Saavik hadn't mentioned it before, but she knew that if she was going to agree to a bond with this person, a life-promise, she needed to come clean on the subject of Spock's Genesis pon farr.
Saavik took her hand and clasped it tightly in both of her own.
www.squidge.org /~peja/startrek/Experiment_Farfalla.htm   (1810 words)

 Paul Gadzikowski - DOCTOR WHO/STAR TREK crossover - Transformations, Chapter 1
When their intrusive intelligence gathering at the time of the outpost's destruction had yielded nothing on Saavik or her parents, Kirk had suggested approaching the problem from the other end of time: backwards from the point when Spock on Pike's Enterprise had discovered her here.
Saavik had been planted here for the Enterprise to find - with, apparently, false memories of the first decade of her life.
Saavik was waving her hand in front of her younger self, to no reaction.
www.iglou.com /members/scarfman/m4.htm   (2067 words)

 STARTREK.COM : Biography
Saavik admitted to Admiral Kirk, who presided over her simulation, that "there was no way to win" it.
Saavik later served on the Enterprise, under Admiral Kirk's command, while the ship battled the vengeful Khan.
It was there on the Genesis Planet that Saavik had the unfortunate duty of reporting to Admiral Kirk that his son, David Marcus, "died most bravely".
www.startrek.com /startrek/view/library/character/bio/1113877.html   (151 words)

 Saavik fanfiction by Farfalla   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Saavik appears at Kirk's cabin after Spock's death with a startling revelation.
Saavik, exhausted after Genesis, cannot leave the planet in her nightmares.
Saavik is returning to normal after she hears that Kirk 'n' Spock are back together after the fal-tor-pan.
www.cosmicduckling.com /saavik.html   (282 words)

 Scifi and Fantasy Forum: Movies: Do you think that Saavik from ST II and III is a Romulan/ Vulcan hybrid
From the latest edition of Star Trek: The Magazine, the writers of ST II originally wrote in the story and script that Saavik's mother was the Romulan commander seen in "The Enterprise Incident" and her father was Spock.
She had a lot of trouble adjusting to the Vulcan way of life, suppressing emotion, etc. because she grew up in a terrible environment and was used to displaying her emotions with great enthusiasm.
Anyway, most sources are agreed that the others originally wanted Kirstie back to reprise Saavik, and that she would have liked to do it, but they disagree as to why it wasn't possible.
speculativevision.com /forum/messages/13/1491.html   (457 words)

 The Women Of TOS: Lt. Saavik
Example of a typical Saavik scene: In ST2, Kirk notices that she is wearing her hair differently one day, and he comments on it.
At one point, on the Genesis planet, Saavik feels constrained to engage in some Vulcan-style touchy-feely shenanigans with the youthful animated corpse that later matures into Spock's body - on the grounds that the child is experiencing Pon Farr [which is of course ridiculous and anti-canonical].
The Saavik of ST2 and the Saavik of ST3 and 4 might as well be two different characters, because they have virtually nothing but their name/rank in common.
allyourtrekarebelongto.us /saavik.htm   (645 words)

 [No title]
SAAVIK: -- the raiders are pursuing this creature, the BERTSAL.
SAAVIK: May I respectfully remind the Captain, new Starfleet regulations explicitly state that a starship captain may not place himself in unnecessary danger.
SAAVIK: And my pointing out the risks, on a mission in which you were going to see Dr. Volland again, evoked emotional memories of an old argument unresolved.
www.bcpl.net /~wilsonr/enemies.html   (4350 words)

 Saavik and Spock fanfiction stories on Kerjen.net
What Good Came From It When Sarek attempts to bring together Saavik and the family of the woman who cared for her on Hellguard (character from the novel, Pandora Principle), they face the paradox of what good could have come from the pain of that terrible colony.
Saavik learns who her Romulan parent is, and Spock seeks to keep them apart.
Saavik responds to Spock's letter, daring to tell him what he is to her.
www.kerjen.net /st.htm   (2046 words)

 Paul Gadzikowski - DOCTOR WHO/STAR TREK crossover - Transformations, Chapter 1
Kirk was expecting no more than confirmation of the rendezvous with Grissom - for transfer of most of the trainee crew, and of David and Saavik so they might conduct an investigation of the Genesis planet from a proper science vessel instead of from a kindergarten - but Morrow had a surprise up his sleeve.
Beside him - in the barbarically splendid robes of a Klingon ambassador - was what Starfleet had taken to referring to internally as a "new" Klingon; which were primarily characterized by a high forehead with a bony vertical crest that was as individual as a fingerprint.
As Kirk, Nyssa and several of the bridge officers approached, the Doctor took the celery from his lapel and held it under Saavik's nose, while laying his other hand on her forehead.
www.iglou.com /members/scarfman/m1.htm   (1772 words)

 [No title]
Saavik, true to her promise, had recorded a message almost every single day since Uhura had said goodbye to Spock and his little ward at the Dantrian spaceport.
Saavik's little lizard, the same small creature that had crawled into Uhura's bed her very first morning there as if in welcome, the favorite pet that had been the cause of many searches and many bug-hunting expeditions, lay stiffly across his hand.
When she returned to Saavik's room, Spock was back on his feet as though nothing had happened, holding a handful of rocks and digging through the top drawer of the dresser.
members.tripod.com /~TSU_Campus/Wildcat/wc_ttos.html   (20422 words)

Saavik is shocked as the Admiral never faced that situation, but faced death.
Kirk further elaborates Saavik's curiousity by stating that if transmissions are monitored, they should use discreet method while communicating, which means that hours could be minutes, and minutes could be hours.
Saavik reminds the Admiral that the nebula is filled with static discharge, that will render both the shields and tactical useless.
www.startreklibrary.com /MOVIES/wrathofkhan5.htm   (1861 words)

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