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Topic: Sabu (wrestler)

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

 Inside Pulse v2 .::. [TNA] Taping Results from Tonight in Orlando (Spoilers)
Abyss and Father James Mitchell made their way into the ring of barbwire to call out Sabu.
Bobby 'the Brian" Heenan, former wrestler Dale Torborg and Chicago White Sox catcher AJ Pierzynski were brought to the ring.
Abyss took the barbwire chair from Mitchell and hit Sabu in the head with it. /article.php?contentid=44847&rv=1   (2378 words)

Sabu is one of the least consistent wrestlers out there, and as a result, it’s become quite a challenge to tell if booking him with a particular wrestler will leave the fans going home happy or wondering why they spent their money on a 39-year old has-been.
Over the course of his 20-year career, Sabu is one of the few wrestlers who have remained true to their roots and haven’t given into the “smark” fanbase’s pressure to modify his persona and speak more frequently.
Unlike several high-profile wrestlers who previously debuted for TNA as big-time players, but dropped to the lower level of the card within mere weeks (such as D’Lo Brown), Raven has maintained his spot in the upper echelon of TNA and is definitely over enough to be engaging in such a high-level feud. /doi/pages/specialsubmits/ravensabu.html   (5954 words)

 Hayabusa's Bio
Hayabusa would manage to hit a 450 Firebird but not really get to show off his real arsenal in the match as Hayabusa and Shinzaki would be sent through a table at the same time by Sabu and Rob Van Dam causing Sabu to get the pinfall over Shinzaki.
Hayabusa this time would manage to finally put away Oya as he would successfully defend the FMW Double Titles with the Falcon Arrow as it would be the first time Hayabusa was able to defeat Oya in a singles match since winning the FMW Brass Knuckles Title on June 26, 1995 against Oya.
Hayabusa would turn down the offer to remain loyal with FMW, and although he would stopped being booked by AAA, he would be earning $500 a week guaranteed by FMW before FMW would make a deal with EMLL to start booking Hayabusa for their shows. /Hayabio.html   (5954 words)

 Obsessed With Wrestling
Sabu is a good wrestler too, and hits very high risk arial moves!
Now Hayabusa is not a wrestler that uses weapons like most you would asume to be hardcore, but the fact that day in and day out he would put his body on the line with so many high risk moves is one reason he is on this list.
Plus he was one of my favourite wrestlers, he can take alot, and he gives alot, got to be his best moment when he smashed the chair into Ravens head when he was handcuffed in the cage. /columns/misc/paulk01.html   (5954 words)

 Hayabusa's Bio
Hayabusa would manage to hit a 450 Firebird but not really get to show off his real arsenal in the match as Hayabusa and Shinzaki would be sent through a table at the same time by Sabu and Rob Van Dam causing Sabu to get the pinfall over Shinzaki.
Hayabusa would then be taken to an ambulance for the hospital for x-rays on his neck, and find out that he cracked a vertebra, but would be able to continue wrestle.
Hayabusa is dumped into the barbwire net with glass in it and is severely injured as he is pinned by Matsunaga. /Hayabio.html   (5954 words)

 Chris Beniot
Chris Benoit is one of the best wrestlers in the world, he has it all high-flying, brawling ability, and he is a very good technician.
It is a tournament where the wrestlers are divided in two groups, fighting against everybody in the group, the wrestlers get points for victory and draw, the two best from each group advance to the semifinals, where it turns into a knock out tournament.
Chris' first opponent in ECW was none other than Sabu, the match ended, when the refereee stopped the match, when Sabu began to cough up blood. /wrestling/New_Folder/chris_beniot.htm   (5954 words)

 eWrestling News [Major **SPOILERS** For TNA's Turning Point PPV]
As most know by now, TNA has been feuding Sabu and Abyss for months now with Sabu losing the majority of the matches.
Copyright: 2000-2004, We are in no affiliation to the WWE or the Wrestlers of the WWE
You can expect the team of Lance Hoyt, Jeff Hardy, Andy Douglas, and Chase Stevens to go over in the pre-show match tonight. /cgi-bin/headlines/9805.shtml   (347 words) ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) - Barely Legal: DVD: Raven,Sabu,Taz,Rob Van Dam,Dudley Boyz
Watching this match you wonder how either of these guys became professional wrestler.
Taz vs. Sabu - From these two I expected better, Sabu is one of my all time favs and Taz always outs on a good show.
Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull 2 - Worst match of the night, boring horrible wrestling from both men. /link.dvd/ef9c6Weeffcs1f3b29T/AM   (2021 words)

 Oliver Copp's TNM Homepage
Hogan/Savage vs. 7 wrestlers, WCW Uncensored (2576 points),
WCW vs nWo (5338), Sabu vs Taz (4970), Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels (4948), ManKind vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley (3129), Dreamer/Sandman vs. Sabu/Van Dam/Lawler (2743), Chris Benoit vs Kevin Sullivan (2526), WWF VS WCW (2054), Vince McMahon vs. Eric Bischoff (1974), Jim Cornette vs Everyone (1810)
Chris Chetti (2508), Mortis (2365), Don Frye (1312), Reckless Youth (1295), Prince Iaukea (1098), Glacier (1091), Naoya Ogawa (1042), Dennis Rodman (418), Ernest Miller (358) /awards/1997   (2021 words)

 SoCal UNCENSORED Forums - Huge ass article on the Raven vs. Sabu feud in TNA
Sabu is one of the least consistent wrestlers out there, and as a result, it’s become quite a challenge to tell if booking him with a particular wrestler will leave the fans going home happy or wondering why they spent their money on a 39-year old has-been.
Sabu, therefore, is as real as real can be, and he possesses a mystifying demeanor that makes a feud with one of the very few wrestlers who can come even close to matching his excessively reserved persona (one of whom is Raven) all the more intriguing.
Sabu and Taz were working a rivalry that would climax at ECW’s inaugural Pay-Per-View, Barely Legal, in April 1997, and even after that match, they continued feuding for most of that year (and then resurface in 1999). /board/showthread.php3?t=6731   (6071 words)

Sabu is years beyond his prime, watch some old ECW tapes and he is a million times better than he is now, no disrespect to Sabu but he isn't half the wrestler he was years ago.
Yes Sabu and Triple Bitch do have that in common Bundy, but, all Bitch will do is get and lose championships whereas Sabu will build a real legacy(even though he already has).
Vince could really use Sabu if he really chooses to as he can with all of his other talent. /Content.aspx?ID=2223   (648 words)

 Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills Cemetery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hard Boiled Haggerty, professional wrestler, actor; aka H.B. Haggerty
Stan Laurel, comedic actor, half of the famous comedy team "Laurel and Hardy."
Bonny Lee Bakley, murdered wife of actor Robert Blake /wiki/Forest_Lawn,_Hollywood_Hills_Cemetery   (648 words)

 January 27 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1993 - André the Giant, professional wrestler and actor (b.
1992 - Allan Jones, actor and singer (b.
1920 - Tony Martinez, Puerto Rican actor (d. /wiki/January_27   (648 words)

 TNM - The Wrestling Simulator
I don't think that the now repetitive and boring Sabu (who has dropped a lot since his good days) is the best International wrestler.
This award shall be given to the wrestler who proved to be the most important part of the company he worked for.
Then again, it may very well be that many just voted on hearsay... /awards/1998/award3.html   (648 words)

 eWrestling News [TNA Genesis PPV Results (11/13/2005)]
Mitchell grabs the steel chair wrapped in barbed wire and tells Abyss to continue his attack on Sabu.
Mitchell talks down to the new "major acquisition" coming to TNA tonight and that he could never take out the monster Abyss.
James then gets one of the hockey sticks, but Roode gets the tag and gives him an electric chair off the rope. /cgi-bin/headlines/9409.shtml   (7246 words)

 Wrestlefest III
Only the Harris brothers and the Double J’s are left in the hunt for the Tag Team titles as Raven, Sabu and Sandman are still brawling with Punk and Dinero on the entrance ramp to the backstage area.
He proposes that they gang up on the wrestlers and make sure he is in the final two, since he's got the best chance to win.
Ron Harris and Killings lock up first in a collar and elbow tie up, but Ron is able to gain an advantage by pushing Killings into a corner, and while the ref counts for the break, Ron hits a knee shot to the lower abdomen just above the belt. /wrestlefest/wrestlefest3.html   (7246 words)

 Gameguru Mania - Gaming, Software, Hardware and Technology News
To play as Sabu, simply choose the wrestler "David Heath".
Complete all of the leagues with a Heavyweight wrestler.
Complete the Neo-Strong Wrestling league with any wrestler. /cheat.php3?cheat=6633   (231 words)

That same night, Taz beat Sabu for the Television Title, then later lost the belt to J.T. Smith.
Later that night, the Tazmaniac, Kevin Sullivan, Killer Kyle & the Heavenly Bodies lost the "Rage In A Cage" match to Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Brian Lee & the Rock 'n' Roll Express.
Later that night, the Tazmaniac & Sullivan defended the ECW Tag Titles, winning over Keith Shearer & Mikey Wellbody, then were later defeated by Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond. /Wrestling/bios/tazz.html   (2072 words)

 Pro Wrestling Elite
In his first two years as an active wrestler, he was already wrestling the likes of Sabu for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.
In 2004, Harry Smith was seen in this part of the country for the first time as part of Major League Wrestling, teaming with then partner TJ Wilson as the Stampede Bulldogs.
Son of the late great Davey Boy Smith, and nephew of Bret Hart, and the late Owen Hart, Harry Smith had wrestling all around him growing up. /herosmith.htm   (582 words)

 sandmanfan111's Xanga Site
I want Sabu to win badly, but they are putting over Jeff Hardy as a big main event wrestler, so Jeff Hardy is our winner here tonight.
Andy Douglas also played part by taking out Chris Harris but the numbers game took part as Gail Kim got on the ring apron and held the referee.
A1: A great wrestler and someone who gave back to the fans the same enjoyment I got when I was growing up watching wrestling. /sandmanfan111   (7356 words)

 Oliver Copp's TNM Homepage
Shawn Michaels (8246), The Undertaker (6543), Sting (5889), Sabu (4579), Ric Flair (3782), Dean Malenko (3527), Diamond Dallas Page (3510), Owen Hart (3360), Shane Douglas (2857)
Bret Hart takes on Hulk Hogan and makes him submit to the Sharpshooter (730), nWo is destroyed by Sting, Luger, DDP, etc. (671), Sunny returns to managing (630), Shawn Michaels loses WWF title to Steve Austin (604), Starcade - Sting throws away the trenchcoat and comes out with pink tights, the whole works.
WWF gang feud (10619), Goldust/Marlena/Pillman triangle (5756), The Announcers Think That the Fake Sting Is Real (4656), nWo (3748), WWF's use of Bret Hart after Survivor Series (3219), Crow Sting (2741), Goldust/Luna Vachon angle (2631), Fake Stings (2168), Ahmed joins and quickly leaves the NOD (1770) /awards/1997   (7356 words)

 Older WWF Video Clips
Sabu tables Funk at Born To Be Wired.
Michaels and Razor in their WM 10 Ladder Match.
Doc Hendrix (Freebird Michael Hayes) singing "Bad Street U.S.A." /~bkellogg/oldwfvid.html   (337 words) ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) - Hardcore History: DVD: Cactus Jack,Chris Benoit,Shane Douglas
Buy the DVD version, as it has a great promo from Steve Austin before he became the badass Stone Cold character, along with wrestler profiles for those not so familar with the now defunct ECW.
Tommy Dreamer Vs. Brian Lee - Scaffold match - A Scaffold match is where 2 wrestlers battle on a cakewalk 15ft or so over the ring, first one thrown off loses.
Some crazy spots in this match from both wrestlers made this a surpring good barbed-wire match. /shopping/amzredir-B00005LOLK   (2063 words)

 Smash Wrestling - Wrestler Profile
At Born to be Wired, Sabu took on Terry Funk in his first ever American Barb Wire match.
In January ECW held the first ever three way dance at 'The Night the Line was Crossed.' Sabu, Terry Funk, and Shane Douglas went to a sixty minute time limit.
In what many say is the most extreme match in ECW history, Sabu pinned Terry Funk for the world heavyweight Championship. /smashwrestling/wrestlerprofile.shtml   (10202 words)

 Terry Brunk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Terry Brunk (born December 12, 1964 in Detroit, Michigan), better known by his stage name, Sabu, is an American professional wrestler, currently working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.
Sabu first post-injury appearance was at Hardcore Homecoming where he defeated Terry Funk and Shane Douglas in a three-way barbed wire rope match.
On December 12, 2004, A Night of Appreciation for Sabu was held to raise funds for Sabu. /wiki/Terry_Brunk   (1049 words)

 View from the Rising Sun by Masanori Horie--"The Gladiator" Mike Awesome
Sabu and Paul Heyman brought Mike to ECW at the end of 1993.
Mike and Sabu have been good friends since then.
The August 1990 issue of The Wrestler (page 18) has "Introduction: Mike Awesome." He says he's more than just another bodybuilder who decided to step through the ropes; he's a wrestler with the skills to go a long way. /smokyrobmoore/jp101199.htm   (1542 words)

 Backyard Wrestling Cheats - XBox - Video Game Cheats -
Successfully complete talk show mode once with any wrestler, then win Club Beatdown in talk show mode with Sabu to unlock Jamie Madrox.
Successfully complete talk show mode once with any wrestler, then win Truckstop Turmoil in talk show mode with Karnage to unlock El Drunko.
Successfully complete talk show mode with any wrestler to unlock Madman Pondo. /games/cheats/xbox/3971.html   (616 words)

 Terry Funk
Funk may be old, he may be a drunken wacko, but he is a sweet wrestler.
Funk has made Masked Nazi go out cold and lose consciousness before, he has made Sabu go into dream land more than your fingers can count, he has delivered the move to Swamp Fox and put him out.
Another Sabu and Funk bout has been anticipated for SOOOO long. /funku.htm   (262 words)

 Smash Wrestling - Wrestler Profile
However, Sabu was in Japan when the match took place, and he had to be substituted by Rick Steiner.
The fans were so outraged by this, that Sabu was publicly fired by Paul E. No longer part of Extreme Championship Wrestling, Sabu went back to wrestle in Japan.
He teamed with Rick Ciassio as the Fantastic to hold the Motor City Wrestling ICW U.S.Tag Titles in November of 1986. /smashwrestling/wrestlerprofile.shtml   (10202 words)

 tOA: the Other Arena, Biography
Rob then fired back at the audience with such a force that the crowd almost choked, here is what Rob said: "I sold out to myself by putting my boots on and getting in the ring tonight, after obviously being chosen as a second-line wrestler to fill for somebody injured.
Fortunately Rob and Sabu won the match and regained the ECW Tag Team Title, which obviously got to Rob's head, because ever since then he wants to be announced as ¾ of the ECW Tag Team Champions.
During the event Rob was the star of the show, he won his first round match and was supposed to take on Sabu in the semi-final, but that was vetoed by Fonzie. /htm/cgi-bin/biography.cgi?robvanda   (10202 words)

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