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Topic: Sacramento River Delta

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  River delta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A delta is the mouth of a river where it flows into an ocean, sea, desert or lake, building outwards (as a deltaic deposit) from sediment carried by the river and deposited as the water current is dissipated.
Deltaic deposits of larger, heavily-laden rivers are characterised by the river channel dividing into multiple streams (distributaries), these divide and come together again to form a maze of active and inactive channels.
Other rivers with notable deltas include the Ganges/Brahmaputra combination (this delta spans most of Bangladesh and West Bengal), the Niger, the Amazon, the Mississippi, the Sacramento-San Joaquin, the Rhine, the Rhône, the Danube, the Ebro, the Volga, the Lena, the Tigris-Euphrates, the Indus, the Krishna-Godavari, the Kaveri, the Ayeyarwady, and the Mekong.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/River_delta   (558 words)

 Sacramento River Delta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is formed at the western edge of the Central Valley by the Sacramento River at its confluence with the San Joaquin River just east of where the river enters Suisun Bay (an upper arm of San Francisco Bay).
The fan-shaped area of the delta converges downstream, rather than diverging, as the two rivers are forced to exit the Central Valley through the Coast Range via the narrow channel known as the Carquinez Strait leading into the San Francisco Bay.
SFGate: Deluge in the Delta (4 Jun 2004)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sacramento-San_Joaquin_Delta   (551 words)

 Sacramento's Delta History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Though the Delta is most commonly enjoyed for its waterways and related activities, it can also be appreciated for its historical value, having many fine, old houses and buildings.
Steam-powered dredges began to be used to move the large volume of alluvial soils from the river channels to construct the large levees.
Delta Atlas provides information for readers who wish to understand the complex interrelationships within the Delta and grasp its significance to the State.
www.sacdelta.com /hist.html   (1736 words)

 Lower Sacramento River @ The Fly Shop®
The Sacramento River was dammed just north of Redding in the early 40's.
The Sacramento River Delta, however, began a catastrophic decline, and one of the most formidable runs of Chinook Salmon in the world was decimated.
Harry Rectenwald, DF & G Fisheries Biologist for the Sacramento River, has explained that the phenomenal trout fishing that has developed on the river in the past decade is another by-product of the cold water: "The growth cycle of resident trout is now extended by thirty percent."
www.adventuresinflyfishing.com /lowsac.htm   (484 words)

 Overview of the Sacramento Valley Bioregion
Sacramento, the home of California's state Capitol, sits at the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers.
Sacramento, with a population of about 400,000, is the bioregion's largest city and ranks seventh in the state behind Fresno, Long Beach, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, and Los Angeles.
Sacramento, capital of the nation's most populous state, is a tourist attraction in itself.
ceres.ca.gov /geo_area/bioregions/Sacramento_Valley/about.html   (860 words)

 AFRP - Upper Sacramento River wild fish (Chinook salmon) tagging. 
Estimate survivorship of CWT'd Chinook from juvenile to adult spawners in the upper main stem Sacramento River.
River water will be provided at a rate of 7-10 gallons per minute.
By coded-wire tagging fall-run Chinook known to be naturally produced in the upper river we can learn about their movements and distribution in the Delta, contributions to ocean and sport fisheries, straying of adults and better understand the interaction of natural and hatchery produced fish.
www.delta.dfg.ca.gov /AFRP/Project.asp?code=1997-20   (775 words)

 New Cosumnes River research partnership announced
On Northern California's Cosumnes River, the only remaining waterway flowing unchecked from the Sierra Nevada to the Sacramento River Delta, a new research project is beginning that is likely to become a model for future river management and restoration across the nation.
The river and its surrounding floodplains support dozens of kinds of native fish, including the endangered chinook salmon and the Sacramento splittail, which is a candidate for the federal endangered species list.
Juvenile salmon and native Delta fish have been observed using the flooded areas to feed and grow, and splittail have used the native vegetation to lay their eggs in the shallow waters.
www.eurekalert.org /pub_releases/1999-12/UoCD-NCRr-051299.php   (780 words)

 The Log
RIVER LANDMARK - Delta King’s bright red stern wheel glistens in the morning sun as an excellent continental breakfast is served in the dining room after a soothing night’s rest in her large staterooms.
In 1952 the Delta King was towed to Kitimat, B.C., Canada, just south of Prince Rupert where she served for several years as a bunkhouse for Aluminum Company of Canada (Alcan) employees working on projects in the vicinity.
The Delta King remained on the bottom at Richmond for the next 14 months until she was raised on June 24, 1982, by Robert Taylor, and Resort and Urban Timeshares, with plans to make her into a timeshare hotel at the Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco.
www.thelog.com /printer/article.asp?c=2411   (1278 words)

 Sacramento River Watershed News
A plan to increase fresh-water pumping from the San Joaquin-Sacramento river delta is pitting Central Valley farmers who want the water for their crops against environmentalists and delta farmers who fear the move will undermine years of fishery and water quality restoration efforts.
River Partners is a nonprofit group doing river restoration, primarily on floodways, to enhance wildlife habitat while maintaining a balance with local economic and recreational needs.
Sacramento Valley irrigators are on the verge of selling billions of gallons of water to Southern California, although details are being kept under wraps until negotiations are done.
www.sacriver.org /news/index.php?action=ShowArchives&period=200412   (4104 words)

 Aerial Photographs of the Sacramento San Joaquin delta
Available as stock aerials are many aerial photographs of the Sacramento San Joaquin river delta in California, including historic aerials of the delta, infrared aerial photographs and aerial maps of the delta and a large archive of current aerial photography of the Sacramento San Joaquin river delta.
Specialized categories are also contained in the archive including an extensive collection of both oblique and vertical infrared aerial photographs of the Sacramento San Joaquin river delta showing levees, vegitation and sediment flows in various portions of the delta and at many of the major submerged islands.
For specific requests for Sacramento river delta aerial photos, delta aerial maps and aerial images of other portions of the Sacramento river delta, please use the pdf research request form.
www.aerialarchives.com /Aerial-Photographs-of-the-Sacramento-Delta.htm   (522 words)

 Sacramento San Joaquin Delta
The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is formed at the confluence of the south-flowing Sacramento River and the north-flowing San Joaquin River.
Many fisheries are in a rapid decline in the Delta, smelt populations are estimated to have declined approximately 90percent in the last 20 years.
Whole-body mercury concentrations are elevated in both Delta smelt in the Sacramento River and inland silversides in the San Joaquin River.
www.fws.gov /pacific/ecoservices/envicon/pim/reports/Sacramento/SacramentoDelta.htm   (610 words)

 Sacramento River Watershed News
People who live in Sacramento's Natomas area will have to wait at least until the end of 2009 and perhaps years longer to get the minimum level of flood safety they were told they had in 1998.
The Sacramento River washed away a lot more riverbank along Glenn County's J levee when it reached high levels recently, edging the barrier dangerously closer to needing emergency repair and prompting the sheriff to seek help from legislators to speed construction of a new levee.
The governor's emergency declaration for Sacramento Delta levees, announced on the eve of the state Republican Party's annual convention, is intended to speed as much as $100 million toward riverfront repairs in places like Labson's neighborhood, which could be swamped by 15 feet of floodwater if luck doesn't hold.
www.sacriver.org /news/index.php?action=ShowArchives&period=200412   (4496 words)

 The Riverboat Delta King - Old Sacramento
The famous Riverboat Delta King of the 20's is beautifully restored and converted to an upscale hotel with a popular restaurant, entertainment, lounge and meeting and banquet facilities.
At the heart of the Delta King is the popular Pilothouse where locals meet for outstanding food served in Sacramento's most attractive setting.
Overlooking the picturesque Sacramento River, the Pilothouse is a "don't miss" dining experience for locals and visitors alike.
www.deltaking.com   (91 words)

 Sacramento River/Delta, Our Parks, Regional Parks, Recreation and Open Space - County of Sacramento, California, USA
Just minutes from the city of Sacramento, the delta area feels like a million miles away from busy city life.
Wandering along scenic Highway 160 throughout the southern portion of Sacramento County, the Delta area is rich in history and folklore.
Located near Sacramento International Airport along the Sacramento River, this facility is a perfect site for boaters and their families.
www.sacparks.net /our-parks/sacramento-river-delta   (346 words)

 Conceptual assumptions of juvenile salmon life-history in the Delta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This greater abundance in wet years may be because fry from the Sacramento River stay upstream in dry years but move downstream and rear in the Delta in wet years.
The greatest area of mortality for smolts migrating through the Delta via the San Joaquin River, based on CWT experiments conducted in 1991, is between Stockton and at its junction with the Lower Mokelumne River (USFWS 1991 Annual Report).
Hanson, Charles A. Evaluation of the Response of Juvenile Chinook Salmon to the Flow Split at the confluence Between Georgiana slough and the Sacramento River, Draft, October 27, 1995.
calwater.ca.gov /Programs/Science/cmarp/a7a8a.html   (1926 words)

 Sacremento Stripers
The Sacramento River valley is broad and flat with numerous farms, and the Sacramento River is wide and lazy in Sacramento and straightened and civilized downstream in its delta.
Between these two rivers, and the Sacramento river delta system, the region is blessed with permanent species such as squawfish, channel, blue, and bullhead catfish,
The 8 pound steelhead also spawn but loiter in the American River and delta region until mid-May. Of course on the heels of the steelheads are the stripers, who run in in all shapes and sizes, not just to spawn, but to feed.
www.combat-fishing.com /sacrementostripers.html   (1270 words)

 Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau: Sacramento CVB
We are pleased that Sacramento was named one of America’s most diverse cities by Time Magazine and know you will enjoy the many cultural amenities to be found here.
The Sacramento region offers fascinating attractions for you to see and experience, including the State Capitol, more than 25 museums, art galleries, local theater, historic Old Sacramento and the Sacramento River Delta.
Sacramento is growing with unmistakable momentum and we look forward to your visit with great pride.
www.discovergold.org /sacramentoCVB/index.cfm   (369 words)

 Talus Collection > Discover Lodi
The Lodi American Viticulture Area is located 100 miles east of San Francisco near the San Joaquin River Delta, south of Sacramento and west of the Sierra Nevada.
Located at the edge of the Sacramento River Delta, the Lodi appellation is known for its classic Mediterranean climate and its distinctive sandy soils that provide the perfect environment for the production of world-class wines.
The Lodi wine region is located 100 miles east of San Francisco near the San Joaquin River Delta, south of Sacramento and west of the Sierra Nevada.
www.taluscellars.com /Overview/Lodi.htm   (530 words)

 Sacramento River --  Compton's Desk Reference - Your gateway to all Britannica has to offer!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
River, northern California, U.S. Rising near Mount Shasta, it flows 382 mi (615 km) southwest between the Cascade and Sierra Nevada ranges, through the northern Central Valley.
It forms a common delta with the San Joaquin River before entering the northern arm of San Francisco Bay.
California's largest river, it is navigable for 180 mi (290 km) and accommodates oceangoing vessels as far as Sacramento.
deskreference.britannica.com /ebc/article-9377412   (148 words)

 Time slows, quiet reigns in this delta - The Boston Globe
The silty sloughs of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers snake through the farmland and run past small towns.
East of the river, much of the town is on the National Register of Historic Places, including old Chinese and Japanese districts.
We hiked in the Cosumnes River Preserve, at the eastern edge of the 1,153-square-mile delta; it boasts a beautiful streamside forest of valley oak.
www.boston.com /travel/getaways/california/articles/2003/06/18/time_slows_quiet_reigns_in_this_delta?mode=PF   (590 words)

 Sacramento, river, United States - Facts from the Encyclopedia - Yahoo! Education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The valley saw the great gold strike of 1848, and many of the cities on or near the river and its tributaries sprang up in the gold rush; Sacramento is the largest.
In recent years the Central Valley project has been developed to use the waters of the Sacramento with greater efficiency, particularly in the fertile but dry San Joaquin southern part of the Central Valley.
Shasta Dam and Keswick Dam on the Sacramento are major units of the project; they also generate electricity.
messenger.yahooligans.com /reference/encyclopedia/entry/SacrmntoR   (218 words)

 Sacramento River Fishing Tips
Sacramento River - Upper - April 26th, 2005.
When: Best fishing is from November to February on this tributary of the Sacramento River..
fishing tips for salmon in the sacramento river website that provides detailed information on fishing tips for salmon in the sacramento river and all types of fishing tips for salmon in the sacramento river resources..
www.fishing-helper.com /searstrolingmotor/sacramentoriverfishingti.html   (228 words)

 Sacramento River Watershed News
A levee break and the subsequent flooding on a Delta island two months ago are to blame for unusually musty water this summer in the Tri-Valley, water officials said.
Just where the American River swings around a bend, there's a swatch of land, prone to flooding and just as easily overlooked, that instead harbors a natural treasure and a legacy to an uncommon woman and her remarkable vision.
Most owners of the 39 homes illegally built on a remote delta island are heeding Contra Costa County's demand that the structures be removed or razed, and demolition of their cherished sanctuaries is expected to start as early as today.
www.sacriver.org /news/index.php?action=ShowArchives&period=200408   (2415 words)

 Map of the District
is located south of Sacramento and West of I-5 in the heart of the Delta Area.
Although rural, we are close to major metropolitan regions including Sacramento, Stockton, Fairfield, and the San Francisco Bay Area.
The major industry is agriculture, utilizing some of the richest farm land in the United States to produce pears, tomatoes, grapes and grains.
www.riverdelta.k12.ca.us /map.htm   (138 words)

 Varifrank: Funny, you don’t hear much about the “Patriot Act” anymore.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the area, Lodi is a small town on the edge of the Sacramento River Delta.
The Sacramento River Delta, like all Deltas in the world are known for one consistent illegal activity, smuggling.
Within 4 miles of the Capitol building sits the ‘Port of Sacramento’, which is attached to the delta by the deep water channel.
varifrank.com /archives/2005/06/funny_you_donat.php   (1193 words)

 sacramento river delta NEWS, THE BUZZ, ARTICLES & MORE
Tracking down the best Free sacramento river delta online isn't an easy undertaking, which is why we planned this search site for you.
Inside Bay Area - SACRAMENTO — Losers in the infrastructure bond war clutter the political scene, from the governor to regular Californians — except for one lawmaker who may swiftly win final OK of $1 billion for levees and seems to be taking over future public...
Water and air rescue crews are working to rescue three occupants of a vehicle, including two children, that plunged into the Delta at River and Vorden roads in Courtland...
sacramentodailynews.info /sacramentoriverdelta   (610 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > State -- Levee break near Stockton floods fields, threatens water quality
The freshwater delta is home to swarms of fish and waterfowl, some of them rare, and provides drinking water to much of California.
That threatened to draw saltwater back into the delta, causing problems for freshwater fish, farmers in the San Joaquin Valley, and cities as far away as San Jose and Los Angeles that get drinking water from the delta.
The federal Bureau of Reclamation quickly cut its water exports from the delta by 80 percent and increased flows from the Sacramento River to stabilize the freshwater supply, said spokesman Jeff McCracken.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/state/20040603-1809-ca-leveebreak.html   (643 words)

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