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Topic: Sacrificial anode

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Repair of corroded reinforcement in concrete using sacrificial anodes - Patent 6022469
A unit as recited in claim 11, wherein the anode is enclosed in a block of precast concrete or mortar containing the electrolyte and the anode has a connector for connection to the reinforcement.
The anode or anodes may have a relatively large surface area and for example could be a mesh or wire (or wires) extending adjacent to the periphery of the repair site.
As well as introducing sacrificial anodes and an electrolyte of high pH to a structure during a repair, potentially along with an alkali-silica reaction inhibitor, this invention is also applicable to the construction of new reinforced concrete articles or structures and to the improved protection of existing ones.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6022469.html   (3907 words)

  Anode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Diagram of a zinc anode in a Daniell's cell.
Sacrificial anodes are particularly needed for systems where a static charge is generated by the action of flowing liquids, such as pipelines and watercraft.
The opposite of an anode is a cathode.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Anode   (669 words)

 Sacrificial anode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A sacrificial anode, or sacrificial rod, is a metallic anode used in an electrochemical process where it is intended to be dissolved to protect other metallic components.
One example is the galvanic anode used in a cathodic protection system, where the intended purpose is to prevent corrosion of the protected metal (such as a ship's hull, an oil pipeline, or a hot-water heater's tank) by being more electronegative than the desired metal.
Another example is the anode in an electroplating process, whereby the metal from the anode replaces the metal depleted from the plating solution as it is deposited on the cathode.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sacrificial_anode   (250 words)

 (WO/2003/027356) CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Since sacrificial metal anodes tend to passivate in the alkaline environment of concrete, it is necessary to provide an activating agent to maintain the anode in an electrochemically active and conductive state.
The sacrificial anode 10 is electrically connected to a reinforcing bar 18 by a connecting wire 20 to allow the flow of protective current to the reinforcing bar.
In this embodiment, the anode is free to expand and move in a direction opposite to the active face of the anode.
www.wipo.int /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=03/27356.030403&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (4080 words)

 ! Anodes : sacrificial, impressed current : cathodic protection anodes
This sacrificial anode is electrically connected to and placed in the same electrolytic area of the structure.
The sacrificial anode becomes the anode of the established dissimilar metal galvanic cell, and the structure to be protected becomes the cathode.
The current from the sacrificial anode is intense enough to oppose or prevent the positive current from leaving the anodes in the structure to be protected.
www.epsipl.com /productspg.htm   (551 words)

 (WO/2000/026439) CONNECTOR FOR USE IN CATHODIC PROTECTION AND METHOD OF USE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Field of the Invention This invention relates to the cathodic protection of steel in reinforced concrete employing a sacrificial anode, more particularly to an electrical connector for connecting the sacrificial anode to the reinforcing steel it is intended to protect and to a method for the installation of the anode.
To be effective the sacrificial anode is made of a metal which has a more negative electrode potential than the steel to be protected so that it will corrode in preference to the steel.
The electrical contact between the connector and the anode is preferably provided by having the anode in the form of a block which has been cast (by cast we mean allowing the liquid metal to solidify to form the block) around a portion of the length of the elongate connector.
www.wipo.int /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=00/26439.000511&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (1594 words)

 Anode Summary
The polarities of the anode and cathode are reversed in comparison to their assignments in voltaic cells, but the function of the anode, being the site of oxidation, and of the cathode, being the site of reduction, is the same.
In cathodic protection, a metal anode that is more reactive to the corrosive environment of the system to be protected is electrically linked to the protected system, and partially corrodes or dissolves, which protects the metal of the system it is connected to.
Sacrificial anodes are particularly needed for systems where a static charge is generated by the action of flowing liquids, such as pipelines and watercraft.
www.bookrags.com /Anode   (1310 words)

 Sacrificial Anode Specifications
Although anodes are commonly referred to as "zincs" the proper anode for use on the Marinette hull is actually a specially developed aluminum alloy with the designation of KA90 or SEALLOY 150.
KA 90 and SEALLOY 150 were the anodes that the boats were supplied with from the factory.
Anodes should be bolted to bare metal with Stainless Steel bolts.
www.marinetteclub.com /anodespec.htm   (193 words)

 Extruded Rod and Ribbon Magnesium Anodes for Cathodic Protection
For magnesium anodes to provide protection, a positive electrical connection must be established and maintained between the anode and the structure being protected.
These anodes come standard with an epoxy cap to protect the wire to anode connection and are typically used for hanging in steel water tanks.
These anodes are typically used for service risers and come with 5 feet or #12 THHN solid wire attached to the anode for connection to the riser.
www.farwestcorrosion.com /fwst/anodgalv/timminco01.htm   (1391 words)

 KI Report 2000:7
In summary, it can be said that electrically conductive paint anodes and sprayed sacrificial anodes of zinc have a considerably shorter lifespan (10-20 years) than coated titanium anodes (ca 50 years) under normal operating conditions.
Anode systems of electrically conductive paint anodes and sprayed zinc anodes are normally cheaper and easier to install than titanium-coated net anodes.
With respect to operating costs, the sprayed zinc anodes are maintenance-free while electrically conductive paint anodes and titanium-coated anodes require supervision and control measurements of the cathodic protection.
www.corr-institute.se /english/reports/rep00_7e.html   (843 words)

 Sacrificial Anodes: What keeps water heaters from rusting out
The single most important factor in whether a water heater lives or dies is the condition of its sacrificial anode.
An anode's life depends on the quality of water, the amount of use the tank gets and the quality of the tank.
Anode rods of all types can be purchased on our product page.
www.waterheaterrescue.com /pages/WHRpages/English/Longevity/water-heater-anodes.html   (1012 words)

 Sargam Metals : Aluminium Alloys India,Zinc Alloys,Chemical Analysis,Aluminium Sacrificial Anodes Chennai,Zinc ...
Higher the current capacity, lower is the consumption of the anode and hence, consumption rate of the anodes in kgs/amp.
The only restriction is that in oil carrying cargo tanks the use of aluminium anodes is restricted to a height where the potential energy of the anode is less than 28 kgfm.
For the anodes to function effectively the resistance to current flow should be minimum in the contact area.
sargammetals.com /sacrificialanodes.htm   (621 words)

 Oilfield Glossary: Term 'anode'
Half of an electrolytic corrosion cell in metal is called the "anode," from which metal dissolves, often leaving pits.
The anode is the part of a corrosion cell in which oxidation occurs.
Anodes (often made of Mg or Al metal) are sacrificed intentionally to protect a steel system, such as a buried pipeline or offshore platform.
www.glossary.oilfield.slb.com /Display.cfm?Term=anode   (86 words)

The possibility of the old water heater anode rod becoming broken off, and then falling to the bottom of the water heater (and then bouncing around whenever water travels inside the water heater) is what will deteriorate the water heater tank lining very quickly.
Anode rods that come installed with water heaters generally will be made of magnesium or aluminum that is wrapped around a steel core wire.
That is the theory of the anode rod.
www.plumbingsupply.com /anoderods.html   (1153 words)

 Zinc-Mesh Jacket System Improves Corrosion Control
When coupled together in a common electrolyte (chloride saturated concrete), the sacrificial anode and the reinforcing steel become a circuit and the current flows from the zinc anode to the steel cathode until it is sufficiently polarized or in electrical equilibrium.
The life span of the anode is then regulated by the current flow of the system and the consumption rate of the anode being used.
The zinc mesh anode and fiberglass forms are commercially produced in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, design life, and to varying levels of protection as might be required by job specifics.
www.betterroads.com /articles/nov02f.htm   (2016 words)

 Magnesium Elektron Modular High Performance Magnesium Anode
The anode is unique in its design in that it is made up from a series of large segments, each having a specially formulated metallurgical structure to ensure that the electrochemical performance is the same across the whole anode.
The results show that the anode material consistently produced an output of greater than 1000 A-hrs/kg at all three current densities and demonstrates that the performance of the Elektron Modular anode is not adversely affected by variation of current density.
The demonstration anode was subjected to independent testing by Saudi Aramco, who attached it to one of their many well heads located in the Arabian Gulf.
www.farwestcorrosion.com /fwst/anodgalv/elektron-modular-anode.htm   (869 words)

 It's no sacrifice - BoatPoint Australia
In the case of sacrificial anode replacement, procrastination is more than just the thief of time: it's the thief of your boat's integrity.
That's why propeller anodes are bolted to the prop casting or clamped to the shaft, and metal rudder anodes are bolted directly to the rudder metal.
The voltage generated by these anodes cannot 'overprotect': cause damage by having excessive anode material, because the maximum voltage generated is the voltage of the anode itself.
boatpoint.ninemsn.com.au /portal/alias__boatpointau/tabID__200856/ArticleID__119752/Default.aspx   (1469 words)

 Articles - Anode   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Outside the cell, where the current consists mostly of electrons flowing in wires, the flow of electrons is always from the cell´s anode to its cathode.
In, a metal anode that is more reactive to the corrosive environment of the system to be protected is electrically linked to the protected system, and partially corrodes or dissolves, which protects the metal of the system it is connected to.
When the charge on the system is reversed, the electrodes switch functions, so anode becomes, while becomes anode, as long as the reversed charge is applied.
www.centralairconditioners.net /articles/Anode   (607 words)

 Road Talk, Vol. 10, Issue 1
The recent development and commercial availability of new sacrificial anode technologies prompted the MTO to install and evaluate three new sacrificial anode systems to determine their potential for future ministry use.
The three proprietary systems utilizing zinc anodes - Galvashield mesh and strip anodes and a Galvostrip anode - all operate on the same principle: two dissimilar metals are electrically connected and current flows from the more "active" metal to the more "passive" due to the difference in their electrical potential.
Based on their potential to reduce the costs of long-term monitoring and system maintenance and to enhance the durability of Ontario's bridges, sacrificial anode systems may eventually replace impressed current systems as the standard for cathodic protection throughout the province.
www.mto.gov.on.ca /english/transtek/roadtalk/rt10-1   (4022 words)

 Sacrificial Zincs by Don Casey
This piece of metal is called a sacrificial anode, and most often it is zinc.
There is an unfortunate misconception that a sacrificial anode can be mounted anywhere, even hung over the side on a string, and it will still perform its appointed duty.
Typically, these include at a minimum a sacrificial trim tab (intended to warn you of depletion by a change in steering), a zinc plate or two attached to the gear case or the anti-ventilation plate, and perhaps anodes in the exhaust cavity and in the cooling-water jacket.
www.boatus.com /boattech/casey/23.htm   (933 words)

 KI Report 1998:1
The dominating resistance in the circuit for reinforced concrete construction in sea water is the extension resistance of the anode which in turn is influenced by e.g the geometry of the anode and the resistivity of the electrolyte.
In dimensioning of cathodic protection with sacrificial anodes of reinforced concrete constructions in brackish water, consideration should also be given to extension resistance of the reinforcement.
Thermally sprayed sacrificial anodes with applied current have been used in the USA for cathodic protection of the steel reinforcement in concrete constructions.
www.corr-institute.se /english/reports/rep98_1e.html   (963 words)

 BoatUS BoatTECH Guides: Types of Marine Corrosion
Electrons flow from the anode, the metal that is more chemically active (the aluminum drive unit), via the external conducting path to the cathode, the metal that is less chemically active (the stainless steel prop).
The corrosion potential of a sacrificial anode is a characteristic value for that metal, and it does matter if you have one piece of the metal or 100 pieces.
The anodes will not provide corrosion protection when the boat is removed from the water, therefore the drive unit should be flushed with freshwater to remove saltwater and pollutants prior to storage.
www.boatus.com /boattech/MarineCorrosion.htm   (3143 words)

 Welcome To Home Energy Magazine Online
Another indicator for both gas and electric heaters is the sacrificial anode rod.
The rods on the right are unused anode rods; the far one, with a hollow PVC section, is designed to be installed as a secondary anode in the hot water outlet port.
Anodes should be checked every three or four years if water is normal and every one or two years if water is acidic or artificially softened.
homeenergy.org /archive/hem.dis.anl.gov/eehem/96/960510.html   (4179 words)

 Tanklets: Water heater anode rods and longevity
But in the first case, the sacrificial anode is consumed very slowly, and in the second, for some reason the anode plates over exposed steel areas with calcium carbonate.
My limited understanding about the electrochemistry of sacrificial anodes is that they must be electrically connected to the metal they are protecting, i.e.
Thirties and 20s tend to last longer that 40s and bigger because the anode is the same size in all of them, but the interior surface area it is protecting is smaller.
www.waterheaterrescue.com /pages/WHRpages/English/Troubleshooting/Tanklets/anodes-and-longevity.html   (2047 words)

 Cathodic Protection   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The buried anodes and the pipeline are both connected to an electrical rectifier, which supplies direct current to the buried electrodes (anodes and protected cathode) of the system.
Instead of corrosion of the anodes, some other oxidation reaction, that is, oxygen or chlorine evolution, occurs at the anodes, and the anodes are not consumed.
The voltage differences between anode and cathode are limited in sacrificial anode systems to approximately 1 V or even less, depending on the anode material and the specific environment.
www.mtec.or.th /th/research/famd/corro/cathodic.htm   (1188 words)

 Anode rod depletion indicator - Patent 6903540
When the anode depletion causes a predetermined amount of the core wire to be exposed, fluid contained in the storage tank flows in the hollows or flutes of the core wire.
The ammeter is indicative of the galvanic current induced in a circuit from the anode, through the water to the interior surface of the tank, and through the low resistance connection of the anode to the tank.
In this particular embodiment, the replacement of the anode is based on the replacement of the anode when the exposure of core wire is 6 inches long from either end of the anode, because several manufacturers of anodes recommend replacement when 6 inches of the core wire becomes exposed at either end of the anode.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6903540.html   (4686 words)

 Corrosion Prevention through Cathodic Protection
Sacrificial anodes are usually made of an alloy of magnesium, zinc, or aluminum.
The selection of an alloy for a sacrificial anode must be made with consideration for the electrolyte in which the anode and the structure are placed.
In this type of system, the anodes are installed within the electrolyte around the structure and are connected to the positive output terminal of the rectifier.
www.cpsolutionsinc.net   (500 words)

 Rad Cap Products   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
By attaching a sacrificial anode to the radiator cap you eliminate E.M.E., (Electrolytic Metal Erosion).
As the anode draws the electrical current out of the system it also pulls the impurities commonly found in water and coolant mix.
As the anode is drawing the impurities out of the system, it is allowing the water, coolant mix to dissipate the heat much faster, thus allowing the vehicle to run cooler.
www.radcapproducts.com /q-n-a.html   (345 words)

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