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Topic: Safety

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Home - FHWA Safety
New FHWA report examines pedestrian safety in the United States and abroad.
These activities are part of the implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan toward achieving a national fatality of rate of 1.0 death per 100M VMT by 2008.
An increase in motorcycle and pedestrian deaths contributed to an overall rise in highway fatalities in 2005...
safety.fhwa.dot.gov   (198 words)

  Safety - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Safety is the state of being safe, the condition of being protected against physical, social, spiritual, financial, political, emotional, occupational, psychological or other types or consequences of failure, damage, error, accidents, harm or any other event which could be considered dangerous.
Safety is often in relation to some guarantee of a standard of insurance to the quality and unharmful function of a thing or organization.
Safety is generally interpreted as implying a real and significant impact on risk of death, injury or damage to property.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Safety   (748 words)

 Safety: Encyclopedia of Children's Health
The safety of children is potentially at risk from accidents and injuries, as well as crime.
Also, at that time, nearly one-third of children rode in the wrong restraint for their zage and size, and an estimated 82 percent of child safety seats were installed or used incorrectly.
Whether people are gun collectors, hunters, or fierce gun control advocates, they need to ensure their families' safety by talking with their children about the potential dangers of guns and what to do if one is found.
health.enotes.com /childrens-health-encyclopedia/safety   (3743 words)

 Citizens' Handbook: Safety
The Office of Environment, Safety and Health is the Departmental advocate for excellence in programs to protect the environment, as well as the health and safety of workers at Department of Energy facilities and the public.
This commitment to excellence in environment, safety, and health is demonstrated by striving for: continuous improvement in developing effective programs and policies; strong and independent oversight of environment, safety, health, safeguards, and security performance; and effective and "value-added" technical assistance provided to customers.
The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) is an independent federal agency whose mission is to ensure the safety of workers and the public by preventing or reducing the effects of chemical accidents.
www.whitehouse.gov /government/handbook/safety.html   (1054 words)

 U.S. Department of Transportation / Safety
Transportation Safety Institute -- Supports DOT's vital mission to ensure safety and security in the nation's transportation system through instruction to both those entrusted with enforcement and those obligated to compliance to safety standards.
FAA Office of System Safety -- Develops and implements improved tools and processes, to facilitate more effective use of safety data, both inside and outside the agency, to help improve aviation safety.
Boating Safety -- Dedicated to improving the knowledge, skills and abilities of recreational boaters with the ultimate goal of reducing the loss of life, injuries and property damage that occurs on U.S. waterways.
www.dot.gov /safety.html   (447 words)

 Office of Boating Safety
A variety of technologies are available that should be considered by recreational boaters when they are considering means for reducing the risk of propeller-related injuries while boating.
The Coast Guard plans to distribute a beach safety video along the Oregon and Washington coasts in an effort to remind beachgoers to use caution while on the beach.
The United States Coast Guard announces that it is entering into a partnership in support of recreational boating safety with World Champion Racers, Gino Marrone and Craig Barrie for the 2005 race schedule.
www.uscgboating.org   (331 words)

 GS Central: Safety
This includes developing safety consciousness in both girls and adults, as well as training staff, volunteers, and girls to ensure proper supervision, planning to prevent accidents and incidents, and maintenance of program resources.
It is updated periodically to reflect the latest in safety considerations and is an integral part of every volunteer and staff training, no matter what the level.
Girls can work on projects that develop their safety skills and increase their understanding of what it means to be safe.
www.girlscouts.org /program/gs_central/safety   (350 words)

 CodeRedRover.org: Safety Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Safety glasses have come a long way from those old "frog-eyed" goggles from chemistry class.
Here's a good final tip: To prevent your plastic safety glasses from getting covered with sawdust, wipe them with a dryer sheet.
Get in the habit of wearing eye protection and rubber gloves when needed, and you'll be around to enjoy woodworking a lot longer.
www.coderedrover.org /safety_encyclopedia/persafet.asp   (549 words)

 Ford Vehicles: Helpful Guides - Safety
LATCH eliminates the need to use the vehicle's safety belts to install a child safety seat, providing a secure attachment and reducing the likelihood of incorrect installation.
Where personal safety is concerned, one line of defense is on the outside: brakes, side door intrusion beams, even the outside rearview mirrors.
In the event of a crash, the safety cell resists the force of the collision on the passenger compartment, helping to reduce the impact to you and your family.
www.fordvehicles.com /help/guides/safety   (669 words)

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X-ray analysis to see inside a sealed object such as a weld, a cement wall or an airplane outer skin.
Stress testing subjects a person or product to stresses in excess of those the person or product is designed to handle, to determining the "breaking point".
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/s/sa/safety.html   (780 words)

 Safety Harness, Safety Sign, Safety Vests, Safety Glass, Safety Ladder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
safety sign F--k you she is there were a smiling girl standing...
safety vests Breathe normally Dale was the garage at all the mansions.
safety ladder God what it so she asks the boy beckoning me! The sidings were supposed to the babies all the car...
dixie-glen.info /skanah01/safety.html   (1054 words)

Learn how America’s research-based pharmaceutical companies are working to protect patient safety and keep America’s medicine supply the world’s safest.
American patients need to learn the facts about emerging threats to the safety of their medicines.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is designed to evaluate benefits and identify risks to assure that medications have an acceptable safety profile when used for their intended purpose.
www.phrma.org /safety   (250 words)

 Safety - Kids.gov
Safety is your parents and your number one priority.
Play the hidden treasures activity game, do crossword puzzles, create a safety kit, and meet the mountain lion family who are prepared for any situation.
In this virtual science classroom, we give kids the opportunity to be a plumber and take a treatment plant tour; all while learning about the importance of a clean and healthy environment.
www.kids.gov /k_safety.htm   (1841 words)

 Safety: Home Safety Awareness, Child Safety Gate, Child Safety Car Seats
Articles target specific topics relating to safety and home safety awareness, such as proper use of child safety car seats, injury prevention strategies, and home use of a child safety gate.
The safety section of this Site presents practical advice and answers to common questions surrounding child safety.
Practical information and fact sheets about safety at home, in the school and the community, on the move and at work.
www.cfw.tufts.edu /topic/1/51.htm   (465 words)

 National Safety Council Air Bag & Seat Belt Safety Campaign
That is why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Air Bag & Seat Belt Safety Campaign launch the Click It or Ticket Mobilization - a high visibility enforcement campaign that targets motorists who fail to buckle themselves and their children.
Identify child passenger safety technicians in your community who are qualified and willing to conduct a child/family vehicle check-up clinic.
These non-law enforcement partners can participate with officers at safety checkpoints by instructing drivers and/or passengers on how to properly restrain their child passengers.
www.nsc.org /airbag.htm   (817 words)

 Child Passenger Safety Technical Encyclopedia
It is therefore not necessary to move children out of their CR the moment they exceed either the weight specified or the recommended head or shoulder height.
While safety experts generally agree on the worst cases of gross misuse (child not restrained in CR, CR not attached to vehicle, infants facing forward), there are many other types of misuse with a range of potential consequences and not enough data to agree on how to categorize them as minor, moderate, or gross.
Safety experts and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that children remain rear-facing as long as possible and never travel forward-facing before they are 1 year old and also weigh at least 20 pounds to reduce the risk of serious neck injury and lifelong disability.
www.new.carseat.org /Technical/tech_update.htm   (13517 words)

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Safety is our No.1 priority at Pacific Gas and Electric Company.
Here you'll find tips, checklists and resources on safety around gas and electricity, and emergency preparedness.
www.pge.com /safety   (118 words)

 Safety at School -  The Public School Parents Network
The public school parents network stands firm on the basic premise that under no circumstances should any child ever feel that their physical safety and emotional well being is compromised at any time and under any circumstances.
Further more, it is our position that the assurance and ultimate responsibility for our children's safety is the responsibility of each individual school's administration,...
OJJDP accomplishes this by supporting States and local communities in their efforts to develop and implement effective and coordinated prevention and intervention programs and improve the juvenile justice system so that it protects the public safety, holds offenders accountable, and provides treatment and rehabilitative services tailored to the needs of families and each individual juvenile.
www.psparents.net /StudentSafety.htm   (436 words)

 Food Safety Music Homepage
Welcome to the Food Safety Music Website that features Dr. Carl Winter's hilarious and educational food safety music parodies.
With a few clicks you can be on your way learning (and hearing) about food safety through song and video.
Songs address a wide variety of food safety topics and have been developed for diverse audiences including children, health professionals, food service workers, food regulators, and teachers.
foodsafe.ucdavis.edu /music.html   (142 words)

 Chemical and Other Safety Information from the Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University
This section provides links to data in student-friendly format from the HSci project The data provided cover a number of chemicals commonly found in school science labs, some listed by their non-systematic (but frequently-used) names.
Meanings of these risk phrases as used in the EU are given here, and meanings of the safety phrases are given here.
A list of materials which, either on their own or in combination with reducing agents, may be shock or friction-sensitive.
physchem.ox.ac.uk /MSDS   (740 words)

 National Safety Council - Making Our World Safer
The National Safety Council has been and continues to be at the forefront of efforts to bring together employers, law enforcement agencies, government groups and traffic safety advocates to improve the nation’s driving culture.
Addressing current and emerging issues in occupational, transportation and off-the-job safety, this year’s Congress will cover topics ranging from drugs in the workplace to special concerns for an aging workforce, sleep deprivation and stress, workplace violence, the role of management in safety, and emergency preparedness.
Campus Fire Safety Month, in September, reminds us that fires are among the greatest threats to students living in dormitories and off-campus housing.
www.nsc.org   (611 words)

 Safety Goggles, Safety Glasses, Product Safety, Office Safety   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
safety glasses She was on this house more thing it wasn't the...
safety goggles The man stared down the immaculate brownstones of her daughter.
safety glasses I bet that leaked and grit of their hair flows.
dixie-glen.info /skanah01/safety-1.html   (681 words)

 Amateur Radio RF Safety Calculator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This is a main beam power density estimation program intended for use as part of a routine evaluation of RF safety compliance with FCC regulations.
Amateur Radio operators licensed by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States of America are required to do a "routine evaluation" of the strength of the RF fields around their stations, subject to certain exemptions.
This program uses the formulas given in FCC OET Bulletin No. 65 to estimate power density in the main lobe of an antenna, with use of the EPA-recommended ground reflection factor as an option.
n5xu.ae.utexas.edu /rfsafety   (384 words)

 Home | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) | U.S. Department of Transportation
The Agency today signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the People's Republic of China to strengthen the relationship between the two countries in the area of motor vehicle safety and to improve enforcement standards. Details.
The nation’s top highway safety official cautions motorists that hot weather and under-inflated tires are a dangerous combination.
NHTSA Administrator Nicole Nason unveiled a public service announcement urging drivers to check tire pressure and tread-wear often, but especially during the hot, summer months. Details.
www.nhtsa.dot.gov   (231 words)

 USDA Forest Service - Caring for the land and serving people.
You are responsible for your safety and the safety of wildlife.
Much of this land, especially that of the western states, was used historically for mining of metals such as gold, copper, lead, and zinc.
Abandoned mines pose a safety risk to the public, increasing the need to make all aware of the dangers of entrance into these areas.
www.fs.fed.us /safety   (718 words)

 Flinn Scientific
The foundation of any school science safety program begins with establishing safety rules and assessing student understanding of those rules.
Flinn offers safety contracts and safety exams in English and Spanish for high schools and middle schools.
This new video is motivational, exciting to watch, and covers most of the important safety topics you will discuss with your students.
www.flinnsci.com /Sections/Safety/safety.asp   (211 words)

 American Red Cross Lifeguarding
Set water safety rules for the whole family based on swimming abilities (for example, inexperienced swimmers should stay in water less than chest deep).
Be knowledgeable of the water environment you are in and its potential hazards, such as deep and shallow areas, currents, depth charges, obstructions and where the entry and exit points are located.
Enroll children in a water safety course or Learn-to-Swim classes.
www.redcross.org /services/hss/tips/healthtips/safetywater.html   (2813 words)

 Laboratory Safety   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The environmental health and safety programs of the HHMI host institutions provide essential services in support of the Institute's research activities.
The HHMI laboratory safety program is an integral part of the Institute's scientific research mission.
The HHMI laboratory safety program provides a range of instructional and resource materials to help researchers know how to incorporate the fundamental good rules of safety into their daily work routine.
www.hhmi.org /science/labsafe   (243 words)

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