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Topic: Safeway

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  SafeWay Hydraulics, Inc. Hydraulic Couplings
Quick Action Hydraulic Couplings for Industrial, Agricultural and Mobile Equipment from SafeWay Hydraulics, Inc.
Our field-proven and complete line of quick connect/disconnect hydraulic couplers have a broad range of applications in every industry where a fast and dependable fluid connection is required.
SafeWay quick couplers have a solid reputation for smooth operation without leakage, and with minimum restriction of fluid flow during system operation.
www.safewayhyd.com   (156 words)

  Safeway   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The Safeway system is skillfully crafted to deceive their customers and to fraudulently chisel away their money on selected individual line items.
But I say it's intentional deception on Safeway's behalf -- and nobody at the home office is going to change my mind on that, regardless of how they spin it, or how much of their juvenile pathological logic they try to interject as a smoke screen.
But the difference at Safeway is, the chances of you catching them at their cheating is greatly reduced by the mere fact that they've polluted the receipt with all of the Club Card rebate complexity.
www.langenberg.org /safeway.html   (7458 words)

 Operations - environment   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Safeway's operations lead to the generation of liquid and solid waste materials and the company has a Duty of Care to take all reasonable steps to keep waste safe.
Safeway is also involved in a LINK programme to look at the feasibility of a low temperature absorption refrigeration system which will use low grade exhaust heat to power the refrigeration plant.
We are encouraging our Safeway brand suppliers to transfer to alternative chemicals with reduced ozone depletion potential and where no viable alternative exists, to adopt practices which minimise the opportunity for loss or release of such chemicals to the atmosphere.
production.investis.com /safewayplc/csr/environment   (2649 words)

 CNN.com - Sainsbury may bid $5bn for Safeway - Jan. 13, 2003
UK supermarket group J. Sainsbury said on Monday it is considering making a £3.16 billion ($5.1 billion) bid for Safeway, which has already agreed to be sold to smaller UK rival William Morrison.
U.S. retail giant Wal-Mart is also expected to make a bid for Safeway, the UK's fourth biggest food retailer which has been losing market share to it bigger rivals, according to media reports.
Shares in Safeway (SFW) rose 6.4 percent to 297.77 pence in midday trading on Monday in London, while Sainsbury (SBRY) fell 3.5 percent to 246.75 pence and Morrison (MRW) was down 2.9 percent to 185 pence.
cnn.com /2003/BUSINESS/01/13/safeway.bids/index.html   (470 words)

 WA Employment Security - Safeway and WorkSource Announce Hiring Partnership   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Safeway supermarkets are forming a statewide partnership with WorkSource to recruit workers for Washington stores.
Miller said Safeway seeks to employ workers who are committed to customer service, teamwork-oriented, dependable, and demonstrate initiative and integrity in their work.
Safeway is committed to diversity and gives back to communities where it operates.
fortress.wa.gov /esd/portal/info/Safeway   (527 words)

 Safeway Inc. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Safeway Inc. (NYSE: SWY), a Fortune 500 company, is North America's second largest supermarket chain, with over 1800 stores located throughout the central and western United States and Canada.
Safeway, with financing supplied by Merrill Lynch, then began to aggressively acquire numerous regional grocery store chains, including MacMarr (a California chain also assembled by Charles Merrill), the Sanitary Grocery Company of Washington D.C., Daniel Reeves of New York, and Burd Stores of Kansas City.
Safeway Australia was sold to the Australian-based Woolworths Limited in 1985.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Safeway_Inc.   (1844 words)

 Settlement Agreement -Among The United States of America and Timothy Fox, Michela Alioto, and The Disability Rights ...
Safeway personnel (or staff retained specially for this project) shall be properly trained to conduct the survey in a manner acceptable to Safeway and its ADA Consultant.
Safeway shall represent that it has reviewed records sufficient to provide it with good reason to believe that it was not previously required by the ADA to remove such barriers in connection with any prior alterations.
Safeway agrees that any nonconforming elements that should have been modified pursuant to the ADA in connection with prior alterations of its existing stores will be brought into compliance with the Standards within two years from the submission of Safeway's ADA Survey Reports to DOJ and DRC, except as otherwise set forth.
www.usdoj.gov /crt/ada/safeway.htm   (8006 words)

 Safeway: Community Caring
Safeway and most of the event sponsors are among more than 40 employers that participated in the job fair, along with SunTrust Bank, the Metropolitan Police, Sunrise Assisted Living and Washington Hospital Center.
In keeping with that philosophy, Safeway's largest annual contribution is generally made to fighting hunger and, during 2003, the company provided more than $4.8 million in donated food and funds to food banks and other feeding organizations.
Safeway's Eastern Division has been recognized by four separate local agencies since 2003 as their Employer Of The Year for the company's hiring practices benefiting persons with disabilities.
www.safeway.com /community_caringeastern.asp   (1888 words)

 CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Business :: Dominick's parent nixes $4 drug plan
The Pleasanton, Calif.-based Safeway also plans to open a new store format, and generate greater revenue by selling a wide variety of gift cards, Safeway CEO Steve Burd said Thursday during a conference call with analysts.
Despite Safeway's positive outlook, analysts were disappointed in the short-term results, as Safeway reported profit jumped 42 percent in the third quarter ended Sept. 9.
Safeway's stock plunged as much as 7 percent before ending the day Thursday at $29.11, down 42 cents.
www.suntimes.com /business/94996,CST-FIN-safeway13.article   (460 words)

 Safeway Inc. :: Safeway Applauds California Governor and Legislature on New Law Curbing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
This decision positions Safeway in the vanguard of GHG emissions management and environmental policy as the first retailer in North America to join the Exchange and commit to legally binding reductions of its greenhouse gas emissions.
Safeway is also implementing an innovative strategy to reduce overall corporate energy consumption by implementing new cost-effective building designs, process improvements and demand side management technologies in its stores.
Safeway has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Partnership and the State of California for these innovative environmental programs which are making a significant contribution to reductions in overall carbon emissions and corporate energy consumption.
sev.prnewswire.com /retail/20060927/LAW04927092006-1.html   (718 words)

Safeway has also been offering products not typically associated with a grocery store such as lawn furniture and electronic equipment, Muckle said.
And Safeway is not only bringing a new shooping area, it’s bringing about 150 jobs — some of which have been filled by Safeway employees from other locations, Muckle said.
While Safeway is getting ready for customers to make their way through its doors, some local grocery stores are getting ready for customers to make their way out of theirs.
www.doverpost.com /PostArchives/10-10-01/pages/safeway.html   (667 words)

 Sustainable Business Insider Article
Since the two chains attract a similar demographic, Safeway decided to compete head to head by introducing organic foods that are competitively priced with conventional foods.
This month, O Organics was introduced throughout Safeway's chain of 1,775 stores in the United States and Canada.
In an interview with Reuters, James White, Safeway's senior vice president of corporate brands, said O Organics is the broadest range of organic products offered by a major retailer other than Whole Foods Market.
www.sustainablebusiness.com /features/feature_template.cfm?ID=1321   (257 words)

 Starbucked.com - Consumer Activism is for Everyone
The case we have against Safeway hinges in large part on the sexual orientation remark made to me and my partner on the evening of October 13th, 1999, by Rory, the P.I.C.at Safeway that evening in Pinole.
According to your letter and statements to me the other evening, your case against Safeway involves sexual harassment by Rory of Safeway store employees, which according to you is being currently handled by your union on behalf of several of your fellow female same store employees.
If however, you feel that proceeding against Safeway independently would be more to your liking, that is understandable.Please feel free to use our statements by subpoena in court for your case, as we will do in our case against Safeway.
www.starbucked.com /index.php?page=safeway   (557 words)

 Third Extension of and Addendum to Settlement Agreement Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and The District of ...
By no later than October 15, 2004, Safeway will provide a report to the United States documenting which of its stores are (and which are not) in compliance with the new construction and alterations requirements of the ADA or, for stores subject to barrier removal requirements, the requirements of Paragraph E of this Agreement.
Safeway reaffirms its agreement that it is readily achievable for Safeway to eliminate barriers to access at all of its stores in a manner that complies with title III of the ADA and, at a minimum, with Paragraph E below.
If the United States believes that Safeway is not in compliance with this Agreement or any requirements contained herein, the United States agrees to notify Safeway in writing of the alleged noncompliance and attempt to seek a resolution of the matter with Safeway.
www.usdoj.gov /crt/ada/safeway04.htm   (1710 words)

 Safeway halts bank growth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Safeway has had to halt expansion of its Safeway Select Banks because its banking partner is having financial problems.
Safeway had started to build a Select Bank in that space, but plans for that location are now in limbo.
Meanwhile, Safeway is going ahead with its SmartCheck program, which lets customers pay for groceries with their red club card, which was originally was designed to give discounts.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2002/09/19/BU176000.DTL   (717 words)

Safeway led the Richmond grocery market from the 1960's to 1985, when it had 26.5% of the local grocery market share (it had been as high as 30% in the early 1980's).
In 1986, at the same time they were acquired by KKR in a leveraged buyout, Ukrop's passed them for the lead and their share declined steadily down to 12% in 1993.
Later, a few of the former Safeway locations passed to Hannaford when they entered the market by buying several The Grocery Store locations, and these locations passed to Kroger when Hannaford left the Richmond market.
mysite.verizon.net /vzeplboj/id15.html   (210 words)

 Making a Difference - The Safeway Foundation
Since the founding of Safeway in 1926, our philosophy and vision remain the same – provide value for our customers and give back to the communities we serve.
Established with an initial grant by Safeway Inc. in 2001, The Safeway Foundation follows through on its vision with the creation of the Safeway Foundation.
The Safeway Foundation is making a difference by improving the quality of life in the communities we work and live.
www.safewayfoundation.org   (85 words)

 Responsible Shopper Profile: Safeway
What Safeway won't mention is its role in maintaining unfair terms of trade and its struggle to keep employee benefits at a minimum.
Safeway and other grocers purchase thousands of tons of foodstuffs each year, putting them in a position to dictate prices to producers around the world.
Safeway achieved a score of 71 on the Human Rights Campaign 2005 Corporate Equality Index which rates large corporations on policies that affect their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees, consumers and investors.
www.coopamerica.org /programs/rs/profile.cfm?id=284   (1674 words)

 Safeway International
Safeway Inc. announced the release of a new “micro-campaign”—an advertising effort developed to leverage the company’s expanded relationship with the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association (LPGA).
The Safeway International, presented by Coca-Cola, to be held March 15-21,2004 at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club, outside Phoenix, AZ, will feature 72 of the top 75 players on the LPGA money list from 2003, according to the latest field list available.
Volunteers are being sought for the upcoming Safeway International LPGA golf tournament, scheduled for March 18-21, 2004 at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club in the southeast valley.
www.safewaygolf.com /international/latest_updates.asp   (1193 words)

 Safeway   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Safeway is a popular grocery store chain that has been in business since 1915.
Safeway is a family friendly environment with dedicated employees.
Best of all, Safeway is located in Vail, Colorado home of the largest ski resort in North America.
www.councilexchanges.org /winter_roadshow2005/safeway.html   (97 words)

Safeway has found a new and innovative way to shop for groceries.
The screen has suggestive sells that could be useful to you.
  I believe that Safeway is using a innovated strategy of IT, because not only has it created a new produced to include IT component but it has created a new market with the help of IT components.
cs1.mcm.edu /~hopkinss/safeway.htm   (481 words)

 Safeway signs at Mission Bay - San Francisco Business Times:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Safeway has signed at lease at Mission Bay, where it plans to build a 33,000-square-foot supermarket.
Safeway is the first major chain grocer to commit to the South of Market area, which has experienced a residential building boom during the last three years.
Safeway will try a new urban format in the location.
www.bizjournals.com /sanfrancisco/stories/2001/12/17/daily38.html   (450 words)

 Safeway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Safeway plc, a former subsidiary of the American chain, now a part of Wm Morrison Supermarkets
Safeway Stores (Ireland), a Northern Ireland-based joint venture between Safeway (UK) and Fitzwilton Group, now part of ASDA
Safeway Australia, a former subsidiary of the American chain, now a subsidiary of Woolworths Limited
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Safeway   (133 words)

 Safeway News
Safeway has just issued a recall ofmore than a dozen types of bread manufactured by the Pleasanton-based company based on concerns that they may contain "wire fragments from production machinery." That is one...
Safeway Inc. has recalled of a cornucopia of Safeway-brand bread after customers found pieces of wire in loaves they had purchased.
Safeway Inc. announced Friday that it is voluntarily recalling several of its private-label bread products sold at Safeway and Pak 'n Save stores in Northern California and in Northwest Nevada.
www.topix.net /com/swy   (891 words)

 The Cerebral Catalyst
Whatever the reason, these people are doomed to live as perpetual outsiders: mothers who wheel their children up and down the aisles like automatons, middle-aged men with lost looks on their faces staring at the fifteen kinds of mayonnaise that Safeway offers, trying to make the right choice.
I will be welcomed as part of the family at Safeway stores in Denver, in Seattle, in Honolulu, at sixty-one locations in the Greater Los Angeles area alone.
I like to carry my groceries in one of the red plastic baskets that Safeway provides, even though a shopping cart is easier, because I like to feel their heft.
www.cerebralcatalyst.com /flaming02.htm   (2700 words)

 GoVeg.com // Corporate Campaigns // Victory: PETA Wins 'Shameway' Campaign!
In doing do, Safeway became the first grocery-store chain—and the first Fortune 500 company—in U.S. history to pledge to make much-needed improvements in the living and dying conditions of farmed animals.
Under PETA and Safeway's agreement, Safeway committed to immediately implementing unannounced audits at Seaboard Farms in Oklahoma, a major supplier of pig meat, where a PETA undercover investigator caught on videotape the fact that screaming pigs were beaten, bludgeoned, and slammed against the floor.
Safeway has pledged to stop working with suppliers that fail audits, and the company continues to work cooperatively with PETA in order to improve the lives and deaths of the animals it sells.
www.goveg.com /corp_shameway.asp   (271 words)

 CNN.com - Tesco joins Safeway bid queue - Jan. 22, 2003
Tesco, Britain's biggest supermarket chain, is considering making an offer to buy Safeway it has said, joining a long queue of bidders.
Leahy said he didn't think it was likely competition authorities would allow the four major UK supermarket players to be reduced to three via a Wal-Mart or Sainsbury bid, but if a break-up of Safeway occurred he wanted to be involved.
Analysts expect a successful bid to be in the range of 330-340 pence but see the matter largely in the hands of competition authorities.
cnn.com /2003/BUSINESS/01/22/safeway   (471 words)

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