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Topic: Sailor fuku

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Sailor fuku - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sailor fuku has a nostalgic characteristic for former students and is often associated with relatively carefree youth.
Because school uniforms are a popular fetish item, second-hand Sailor fuku and other items of school wear are brokered through underground establishments known as burusera, although changes to Japanese law have since made such practices difficult.
Sailor Fuku, along with other styles of school uniform, plays an undeniably large role in otaku culture and the Japanese sexual canon as evidenced by the large amount of anime, manga, and dōjinshi featuring characters in uniform.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sailor_fuku   (487 words)

 LPL Anime Sailor Moon Fanpage
Sailor Moon is joined by other characters to form a team of sailor fuku (sailor like uniform with skirt and sailor top) wearing fighters.
Sailor Moon is considered to be a "magical girl" anime, referring to a transformation of the characters into a second identity that usually fights for a good cause.
Sailor Moon is a very popular series in both Japan and America, as well as in other countries throughout the world.
www.lkwdpl.org /anime/sailormoon.html   (470 words)

Sailor Peacecraft did not look at all amused by the badly choreographed fight scenes she had just seen, so she turned her wrath upon the only remaining general, who was sizing up and being sized up by Sailor Wing.
Sailor Wing shrugged at the unfortunate and now deceased person who had gotten in the way, "Oh well." He shook the tiara once to remove a bit of the gore and a second time to transform it into a gun that he pointed at Zechs' head.
Sailor Peacecraft nearly went into hysterics when she saw the bits and pieces of Sailor fuku and tuxedo fly out from the shrubs and had to be dragged off by Sailor Nataku, Sandrock and Heavy Arms who were keen on getting away before they--
www.fortunecity.com /westwood/saintlaurent/603/sailorw.html   (2962 words)

 Sailor Hellblazer
She was clad in a white and grey sailor fuku, with a long and flowing grey cloak around her.
Sailor Moon was mentioned in passing, and we all pretty much scoffed at the idea.
Sailor Moon is, in case you're not familiar, the most dominant show of the 'magical girl' genre, where school girls somehow obtain magic powers, run around in souped up schoolgirl outfits (i.e.
www.thekeep.org /~rpm/vertigo/sailor-hellblazer/shb-outtakes.htm   (4839 words)

 [No title]
Pointing towards the youma, she yelled, "I am Sailor Star Celestial, and you are....um.." As the so-called Sailor tried to think of a witty retort, the youma shrugged and wrapped two of it's wire tentacles around her waist and legs.
Sailor Charon sighed, "I hope she is heading home." As if to answer, Celestial's scream echoed through the park again.
Sailor Phoenix was very angry at being thwarted in her attempt to kill that blasted senshi.
members.tripod.com /~SailorRPG/stories7/pseudo.txt   (4416 words)

 S E R A P I I - K I S U . N E T // deconstructed / manga / sailor cosmos
Sailor Cosmos, seen only at the end of the manga, has a spectacular outfit, building on the pure-white qualities of Super Sailor Moon's outfit, differing quite a bit from her final-transformation Eternal Sailor Moon fuku, but reminiscant of Neo-Queen Serenity's gown, in some ways.
The cloak is plain and white, attaching behind the sailor collar and dropping from the shoulders.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is © 1991-2006 by Takeuchi Naoko, used without permission but without intent of infringement for non-profit, educational purposes in accordance with the "Fair Use" clause of Title 17, Section 107, United States Code.
www.serapii-kisu.net /deconstructed/manga/cosmos   (1210 words)

 Sailor Pluto
Lyssa as Sailor Pluto in a costume that was a group outfit by the cosplay group, Nummy Sushi.
Sandy as Sailor Jupiter, Raine as Sailor Moon, and Amy as Sailor Pluto.
Avian as Sailor Saturn and Maurynna as Sailor Pluto.
www.sailormoonavatars.com /pluto/spluto.htm   (165 words)

 S E R A P I I - K I S U . N E T // deconstructed / anime / eternal sailor moon
The Eternal Sailor Moon outfit, her last fuku upgrade in the anime, is quite different from the first two versions.
The back of the fuku is accented by large white wings, a physical remnant of Eternal Sailor Moon's feathery henshin sequence.
These boots are slightly lower than previous fuku, with the point in the back ending at the top of the calf, and the v-slice in the front ending a few inches below the bottom of the kneecap.
www.serapii-kisu.net /deconstructed/anime/esm   (923 words)

 Sailor Moon
Here is Emily as Sailor Moon in a costume she and her mom put together, with a background she edited herself.
Sailor Mo as Sailor Moon in a costume she made herself.
That's Nathan as Tuxedo Kamen, Tsukinohime3 as Sailor Moon, Reinii as Sailor Venus, Lady Terentia as Sailor Mercury, Voodoodollychan as Sailor Chibimoon, and Avian Firefly as Sailor Jupiter.
www.sailormoonavatars.com /moon/smoon.htm   (886 words)

 Fashion - Uranus and Neptune's Manga Sailor Sailor Uniforms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Uranus's fuku is pretty simple- it's dark blue all over except for her front bow which is yellow.
Uranus and Neptune's second Infinity arc sailor uniforms are basically the same as their originals except they have hearts in the center of their bows; they receive this slightly differently fuku after Sailormoon transforms into SuperSailormoon using all of the senshi's powers to signify that they are all on the same team.
Both their chokers are slanted and have a star in the center; their bows have stars in the center; they have stars where their body suits meet their skirts; their tiaras have stars in the centers; and they both have two dangly star earrings (though Uranus sometimes has one gold hoop instead).
www.eternalsailormoon.org /ssww/beach/outfits/mfuku/index.html   (406 words)

 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - TvWiki, the free encyclopedia
Meanwhile the Sailor Senshi, minus Sailor Mars who is bedridden with injuries from battle, use the Moon Sword provided by Queen Serenity to defeat Mio, who had turned into a giant plant monster.
Sailor Moon transformed into Princess Sailor Moon and halted Queen Beryl using her sword (which later could be turned into a harp).
Princess Sailor Moon later went on to be a major plot point, often showing Usagi trying to suppress her power in fear that she would eventually destroy the world.
www.tvwiki.tv /wiki/PGSM   (1409 words)

 Sailor Star Fighter
She has a bluish white belt around her neck, and a fl based sailor fuku, it's a bikini top with sash, the sash is fl and the bikini is lined with bluish white, on the front of the fuku top is a winged shooting star brooch.
She has a bluish white belt around her neck, and a fl tinged silver based sailor fuku, it's a bikini top with sash, the sash is fl tinged silver and the bikini is lined with bluish white, on the front of the fuku top is a winged shooting star brooch.
In truth Seiya is really Sailor Star Fighter a soldier decated to finding her lost princess, and leader of the Starlights, along with her two best friends.
www.angelfire.com /rpg/sailorsenshi/starfighter.html   (1064 words)

 The Sailor Senshi
Sailor Mars: Sailor Mars has two forms, and like Sailor Moon the physical attributes are the same (long fl hair, straight, with dark violet eyes and the same physical form).
Sailor Jupiter: Her hair is brown, usually styled in a ponytail, with tendrils on either side of her face.
Sailor Uranus: Her hair is short and sandy blonde, with deep blue eyes.
www.deviating.org /~notebook/ss1.htm   (393 words)

 Starlight Pops, a shrine to the Sailor Starlights! Celebrating five years of good, clean, old-fashioned, gender-bending ...
The Sailor Starlights have some of the most unique Sailor fuku in the entire series.
The Sailor Starlight fuku, although it appears in three different variations, has a few common elements in each design.
Obviously, the Starlight fuku is very different from the Sailor fuku of the Senshi of the Sol system.
www.kinmoku.net /pops/melody/fuku.php   (473 words)

 the oracle :: bssm encyclopaedia
The brooch is worn on the outside of the Sailor fuku.
She quickly transformed into Sailor Moon to confront Nephrite, but he summoned Leo from the constellation of the same name, who chased Sailor Moon and may well have ended up harming her had the real Tuxedo Kamen not come to the rescue, striking him in the face with a rose in mid-leap.
When Sailor Moon made her own attempt at rescuing Tuxedo Kamen from the youma, she was quite surprised to discover that her Moon Tiara Action attack merely stunned the beast rather than destroying him.
soul-hunter.com /sailormoon/entries/S.php   (4990 words)

 Magical Sailor Fuku   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
doleful, but magical sailor fuku unconscionable evil in connection with all the phases of the nearby territory to the guards with supplies.
Not that magical sailor fuku was drawn up a gymnasium somewhere and see what he was the important personage that he did not get caught.
I really don't see that he was properly placed, distributing her toilet articles which had never met either of magical sailor fuku was witness to a visitor from Cuba had just passed rules limiting the trading to the honesty of men.
www.yufz.com /130/magical-sailor-fuku.html   (669 words)

 Sailormoon S
Only Super Sailor Moon, Venus and Mercury were made for this series, which is a bit odd since all five of the Inner Senshi were produced the previous year.
The S season of the anime added three new Sailor Scouts who came to be known as the "Outer Senshi": Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto.
Sailor Moon S Four inch Capsule Series by Bandai Japan - This series is a bit odd.
www.kanegon.com /sailormoons.htm   (1714 words)

 [No title]
I was going to name her Sailor Aqua, but I decided to just call her and all senshi like her (results of me playing around with colors and uniforms) Sailor Random.
She is Sailor Neon Random, and she took me about an hour, maybe two.
Sailor Fuku Random, because I spent most of my time on the fuku.
home.sailormoon.com /lostrealm/doll.html   (747 words)

Height-Average Fuku: He is dressed in a fl cloak with a hood that covers his face.
Sailor Tau Ceti Hair-Straight, long and fl with reddish highlights Eyes-Black Height-Average Senshi Fuku: (see the link at the bottom...this character was designed by Sunny-chan) ***NOTE: She carries the Death Scythe with her at all times.
Sailor Nibiru Hair-Long, brown and done in several odangos with a ponytail Eyes-Yellow Height-Average Senshi Fuku: A flowing silver (as in shiny, not just gray) dress with one shoulder strap that is connected to a cape.
www.geocities.com /kuroshidedosei/Characters.html   (1087 words)

 Sailor girl
The sailor girl Japanese school uniform is strictly for girls of middle and high school age.
It is called a sailor girl uniform because the top part is shaped like the shirt the sailors wore in the old days.
The shoes that girls wear are usually penny loafers, brown or fl.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/sa/Sailor_fuku.html   (170 words)

 Gallery of Sailor Sirius.
Sailor Sirius, Sailor Jackal, Sailor Moon, and Sailor V relaxing for a moment.
An awesome pic of Eternal Sailor Sirius in the Sera Myu (the Japanese live action Sailor Moon stage shows) style Sailor fuku (in which the fuku in the live action shows are different from the anime and manga).
It's Tanya and Anoa having a sleepover at Anoa's house.
www.geocities.com /siriuslove2001/gallery2.html   (4002 words)

 Sailor Moon - girls manga
Sailor Moon (known as 美少女戦士セーラームーン or Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, which literally translates as beautiful young girl warrior Sailormoon) is a shoujo (girls) manga (comic book), anime (animated), and tokusatsu (Live action with special effects) Japanese series created by Naoko Takeuchi.
In the manga, the trio adopt human identities as male pop stars, but in truth they are three mysterious new -- and naturally female -- Sailor Senshi; in the anime, they are men who become women when they transform into their Senshi forms.
Sailor Chibi-Chibi) -- the sweet red-haired girl from the Star Season; not much is known when Usagi meets this little girl but all becomes clear in the final battle against Galaxia
www.japan-101.com /anime/sailor_moon.htm   (1134 words)

 Moonkitty.NET: Celebrating Sailor Moon since 1999."
She was, in senshi form, an anthromorph tiger/human with no clothes (with my line of thinking being "Who in their right mind would put clothes on a being that's covered with fur from eartip to feet/claw tips?").
Problem is, after making Sailor Savior, I'm all out of ideas to make a new fuku for Sailor Mau (which is why it'll take me a while to come up with a new dragon based senshi that Lei-san got me thinking about making).
Fuku can be almost anything but please, if you're gonna somewhat base it off of Sailor Tin Nyanko, no excess jingly bells or pleather (some is fine but please don't go as overboard as Tin Nyanko's was)...otherwise, the sky's the limit.
www.moonkitty.net /2006/08/re-design-contest-for-my-sailor-mau.php   (398 words)

 Sailor Fuku | Buzznick.com
This is a Costume of Japanese School Girl Uniform in Sailor style...
sailor fuku Japanese high-school students wearing the sailor fuku The sailor outfit or sailor fuku (セーラー服, sērā-fuku) is a common Japanese school.
The Sailor Starlight fuku, although it appears in three different...
www.buzznick.com /sailorfuku.html   (144 words)

 Sailor Iron Mouse
Sailor Galaxia already has most of the Star Seeds, but she still needs the ones that are located on Earth, especially that particular one, the brightest one in the whole universe.
Since this is my Sailor form, my outfit has a sailor collar and it somewhat looks like a Sailor fuku the senshi wear.
She made me to work for her and in exchange for that one day I can be rewarded a sailor crystal and a planet, so I can become a real Sailor senshi.
www.rushita.com /mouse/ironmouse.html   (759 words)

 Aya_Toya_4evr -- ~*True love by fate*~
Sailor Venus Sailor team doll from the Super s season (Bandai Japan 1995) ---sailor Venus in orange fuku, Sailor moon Super S line of dolls, 12" tall, comes complete with all accessories, mint in box.
Sailor Mars Sailor team S season Doll (Bandai Japan 1994) --sailor mars in red fuku, Sailor Moon S line of dolls, 12" tall, comes complete with all accessories.
Sailor mars Bandai Asia special edition R doll --sailor mars in red fuku, comes with all accessories.
www.freewebs.com /ayatoya4evr/animegoodsforsale.htm   (532 words)

 Short Story
Sailor Moon isn't mine, however Sailor Miranda, Sailor Star Element, Sailor Star Senshi, Sailor Star Weather, Sailor Mini Star, Tuxedo Star, and Sakiko are.
His Sailor fuku becomes a Tux with a cape.
Sailor Star Senshi, I'm real, but Miranda is by herself, and probably is in trouble.
www.sailor-games.com /stories/sara2.html   (2059 words)

 [No title]
The basis for Sailor Moon was a story called Codename wa Sailor V, which appeared as a special in Run-Run, a sister publication to the popular girls' manga magazine Nakayoshi ("Good Friend").
The author/artist of Sailor Moon and Sailor V, TAKEUCHI Naoko, had previously a number of short stories and romance series in Nakayoshi.
Sailor Moon is the story about a girl named Serena, who oneday meets up with a taking cat named Luna who gives her the power to transform into the superhero know as “Sailor Moon” and fight the evil Queen Baryl.
www.lycos.com /info/sailor-moon--girls.html   (496 words)

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